Chanoeka 2013

Elevation for the soul of our dear Klara

Dear friends!

Klara left us to the temple of earth. That's a fact of life ! Since we met and adopt her, we felt, that we add so much joy and light to her soul.  Amutat "Lechaimtolife" aims, meant to bring relief on the suffer on being old, lonely, helpless, on the last years by our love and care to our surviors hearts. This, what Klara has felt , and waited to the visits with open heart. Our adopted survivors are not getting younger. Visits, support and connection, turned to give so much comfort. May her soul be blessed.

You, our friends, make it possible.

Please! keep supporting us on our effort to continue on adopting and comforting  more survivors on the last part of their lives.


After speaking with her family, we have got many warm thanks from her daughters. They said how much she loved the boys and felt like they were as her sons. They expressed their wish that more survivors will get such privilege. Many thanks to Amutat Lechaimtolife, on giving such loving and warm visitors, coming with devotion to do the mission by  understanding the benefit it gives.


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The fourth video shows R.Shachar singing to Klara.
Daniel Braun


Mid November report

November 15, 2013,   Kislew 12, 5774

Dear Friends!

Another week has passed with more active involvement of the volunteers and activists members of our Amuta.

As you can see, the reality around us, looks pretty depressing. Americans draw us back time after time. And, of course, Europe is captivated by the false smile of the Iranian leaders who know how to identify the weakness of the West and its hypocrisy.

Personally, I feel excited with great joy on realizing the view of life visualized by the prophets of Israel, mainly “Haazinu” (Listen) which was spoken by Moses. They tell us that on the End of Days, we will find ourselves alone, without any external support or protection. Almighty leave us alone: "The nation will live all alone".

After being naive for so many years, completely convinced of the false support, we can become reacquainted with the Creator's love and loyalty and the holy Alliance between Him and Israel. We are living in a dark period which is biased. We are bereaved and in the dark. Give us the chance to learn again and to receive the renewed closeness after a thousand years of exile.

We are, as in “Lechaim,” singing the song of praise and hope it reaches heavens. There is the modest outreach of redemption partners, hearts and souls uniting, sacred unity between youngsters and old survivors.

I thank you, once again, happily, for your wonderful support, your loyalty and your love for us.

Yudit and Nikol, the Ch. Embassy. All our friends from: Norway, Holland, Sweden and Singapore. And all of the active partners, joining this blessed project.

Best regards, Daniel

Katzrin: from Ziv (one of the students).

Hi Timik, sorry for my delay. We had a very intensive week (last week).

We have mixed feelings about our mission. It's hard but full of satisfaction. We sometimes feel helpless when we see the difficult situation of some of the survivors. Even with our good intentions and our best efforts, it's impossible to help. We tried to clean one
house, to bring things which can help to another. It feels so good to speak with survivors and to be involved with them; who want companionship. They desire to know that their stories will be passed along and remembered. For us, it is fascinating to be exposed to their intimacy and to hear their stories firsthand. We feel that we get so much from them. Their joy over our youth warms their hearts. Our age is similar to the age they were during the war. It helps us to understand and to be connected to what we hear. The direct connection affects us very much.

Here are some stories from my friends visiting in Genosar:

Izik with 2 students



Amit & Neta: “We are visiting Tzachie and Arie. They are very friendly. We had tea and cookies. The atmosphere was very pleasant. Zhachie told us about her service in the army and about herself. She loves to tell about her warm and large family.”

Shir & Dor: “We visit Ruth. We have a good connection but not deep yet. We plant with her some plants in her garden which she loves. She paints and loves to speak about the Kibbutz and her grandsons.”

Nik & Inbar: “Zivanit & Yossi are very nice. They like to tell about their past in Israel. Zivanit reads her poems. We sit and listen enriching our knowledge.”

Kiryat Shmona:

Nicolai Platok moved to a Health Care Institute in Kibbutz Dan. Recently his health has not been so good. Our visit brought a bit of light to him. He was also happy to see Klara who joined us. She communicates with him in Russian which is most important and with love which is even more important. We brought some cookies and healthy juice. He enjoyed it very much.

Nicolai (in the wheelchair) and left on the picture Clara

Rina also enjoyed our visit. We spend time talking about her survival as a little child during the Shoah. Her youth year (she was three years old when the war started) was in an orphanage in Minsk while her mother was in hiding. Rina thanks the nurse in the orphanage who hid Rina's Jadishness. This helped her to survive. Rina's brother and all of the other Jewish boys in the institute were discovered and killed by the Nazis.

Visit an army base in Katzrin:

Lechaim-to-life was asked by an army base in Katzrin to bring survivor to their base in order to encourage the soldiers and to tell them their brave stories of survival. After coming to Israel, Shlomo served in the army and took part in all the wars after Israel's independence in 1948. Shlomo encouraged the soldiers to be strong and to defend Eretz Israel. The soldiers received us warmly.

Shalom Timek


The boys came full of motivation and in a very upbeat, positive, good mood. They started with Shalom who waited for them. Shalom decided that he is going to train his visitor to be an excellent recruit for the army. He made him run around his house and showed him how to be a weightlifter. Let see results on the end…

We continued to Marta. She was in a very good mood and led a discussion about Barack Obama, encouraged their aliya to Israel and spoke of more important matters. All of this caused her to forget her health problems and other challenges for a while.

Adela met us right after being at the doctor. She shared with us her problems which have recently been affecting her life. We hope that our interest in her facilitates an improvement in her mood a bit.

We met Ida Tzherna and Gershon. They accepted us warmly and told us how they are these days. Gershon had a visitor and he was so impressed by what we are doing. Nadia was the last one who we visited. She is the perfect host with a lot of love and curiosity. She prepared refreshments for us and had planned the stories she shared with us. She says that it feels as if we are her grandsons. We returned very happy and satisfied.

I want to thank them for bringing the “outreach packages” and for their encouragement and hope that they give to our survivors.

Visiting Gad's house in Timrat:

Daniel came in especially in rapid response to Gad's call for help. He came in the morning and lit up Gad's day and lightened his heart by cleaning the yard. It had been neglected and Daniel brought it back to a normal condition. The next day, yeshiva boys came and along with Daniel they completed the work. Gad was so excited from "the noble gesture." He added that he “never met such noble and generous people.” He said that it makes him believe in people again. He expressed his thanks to Amutat Lechaim and said he hopes to maintain a warm connection. 

Riki: “My gratitude for the fast response and reaction and the great help our survivors get from you.”

Shalom to all!

The saloon of Gad

The carrying of the garbage from the garden of Gad

The Yeshiva-team and Daniel, with Gad in the front

Another amazing trip to Haifa!   What made this trip so special was the boys took charge of the trip. I couldn’t make it this time so I asked Simcha to take charge. Simcha is one of the boys in the Aliyah and Integration program at Keshet. He and his family made Aliyah just a few months ago.

Simcha took his role as leader of the trip very seriously and made sure everything would proceed as usual despite the fact I couldn’t make it.

Well, I am happy to report I maybe out of a job! Simcha handled everything superbly! The trip was a huge success! Thank you Simcha!

One of the main goals of the Holocaust survivor program besides being there for the survivors is to teach our boys responsibility and to take charge. These will be future soldiers of the Holy Israeli Army. Many become IDF commanders and officers.

Chaim was assigned to write about his experience.

Holocaust Survivor Trip by Chaim

After getting off the bus, Mickey and I walked into the apartment building and waited for our survivor to arrive, as she was not home yet. Ida, the survivor met us at the door to the building and we started the hard climb up the stairs to the second story, to where Ida lived. It was not a pleasant experience for Ida, being quite old and it took her some time to get up the stairs.

Once we reached the apartment, there was a hot meal waiting on her door, which, she told us, someone makes for her every day. After entering the apartment, which is the smallest apartment I have ever been in, she sat us down and we presented her with the mishloach manot that we brought. She was very happy and the smile on her face resembled that of a young girl who had just been given what she wanted on her birthday.  

As we talked about various topics, I had time to take a look at her apartment. It was very run-down and in bad condition. Paint was peeling off the walls, and it looked a lot like an abandoned building, apart from the furnishings, which were almost as old as the apartment building. The only thing that stood out was, as far as I could tell, her only luxury, a plasma TV. Her entryway was her kitchen, and it only contained a small table-top stove. Her bathroom was tiny, and as far as I could tell, it also served as her dishwashing area. 

Appearance aside, it was a very nice trip. We talked about her life and she expressed her opinions on Israel and her government. We talked about ourselves and our plans to go into the army, and what we were going to do in the future. 

Then she told us that she really could use someone to help her in her day-to-day business, to drive her around and take of her, but she said that she didn't have the money in order to do so, and she was very depressed about that. She wanted to go vote in the elections, but she couldn't because she had no one to take her.

When we announced that we had to leave because the bus was picking us up, she was sad to see us go, and I'm sure she will be looking forward to the following visits, which are very energizing to these Holocaust survivors, including the ones who still have family to visit them. The more these kind of people get visited by people who do not even know them, the better they feel, and they feel like they have something to look forward to, instead of emptiness and boredom.

As you can see this program is doing much more than visiting holocaust survivors. It’s preparing our young people to be leaders of a new generation of Jews in the Land of Israel.

Until the next time!


Pardes Chana!

Today (Thursday), R.Shachar me and Zvia gathered with youngsters from Nevve Michael (school for children on risk). They had in their hands tools for working in the neglected garden of Benyamin. On one full hour, the change was amazing! all the front garden was cleaned and looked much better then before. After speaking with the team they said that" it was for them, the most important work they  ever did "... We decided to it, once a month. Benyamin set watching the group and happy for the pleasant attention he and his environment had.On the end, he smiled and thanked all of us. R. Shachar brought this time, full package of vegetables and fruits. We were splited for two groups, I took  two boys with me to visit Rachmil. He waited for us after cleaning the house to honor us. We prefered to go out and to sit outside speaking with him .Yonatan, one of the boys, herd that Rachmil is painting and told us that he is also painting. The subject, lighted  both of them and ended looking on the pictures hanging in Racmil's house. He told us a bit about his past. When we left him, the boys told me that " they never knew that Romania suffered by the Natiz on the 2nd world war ".

Speaking of hearing first hand stories, I am sure  that they will not forget any more this fact of the History.

The garden of Benyamin, after the cleaning by the students

Rachmil with two paintings, that he painted himself

Chayia waited for us without patience, and as soon as we came she didn't stop to speak and complain. and we were their! for her! to be (may be) the only ear, listening to her during the whole day... the package was accepted with a deep gratitude. She plead the boys to come again... Klara was so happy to meet the girls with Tzvia.  Aliza was delighted to meet again the girls. this time they exchanged Phone Numbers promising to meet again with out us.

All the other survivors has got their package thanking us for it.

We feel, that this new team is going to be a successful experience which will approve more then we could imagine.

Best regards and many thanks for all.


This is our report. Thank you for your attention.

The end of Oktober 2013
November 5, 2013,  Kislew 2, 5774

Dear Friends!

I am happy to report on another intensive two weeks of blessed activities. I would like to remind you what the essence of our project is: connecting hearts! We bring together survivors and persons in financial or other need. But we do so in a very positive manner. We get both sides to feel that they are important and valuable. And indeed they are! We believe in close, personal and serious work throughout the entire year. This results in a healthy connection between the providers and the recipients. The older persons are helped and receive the benefit of care. At the same time, they teach a great deal to the young people who help them. In principle, during the encounters, we always attempt to imbue the people we serve with true Zionist and Jewish values. We refrain from participating in mere “partying” or other celebrating which serve no positive goals. At all times, we follow Torah values and try to practice them in all of our interactions. We believe that our partners benefit from this blessed project and appreciate being a part of it.

This is my chance to thank our amazing partners in Israel and abroad–our dear friends in Norway, the wonderful team in Holland and our dear friends in Singapore and Sweden. And special thanks to the Saxsonians , who were sent through us, for their work on the renovation of four houses in Jerusalem: two in the home for seniors where the boys from The Zion Orphanage are visiting and one at Rachel's house. The fourth house will be finished next week. Many thanks, to Yudit,, from the Christian embassy, for being with us in every possible way for a long time. And to Estie, from the foundation who is giving us the names of the survivors who need our help.

We have made it very clear to our partners from abroad that it isn't possible to film, to make a video or to otherwise create a recorded documentation of these projects because of concerns for privacy.

I would like to remind you that on November 27 we light the first candle of Chanuka. We respectfully request support so that we will be able to provide holiday gifts to our dear survivors. Also, we will be organizing parties for the holiday. More details will come later. We hope that you will be able to help us as much as you can so that we can bring the light of Chanuka to each of our adopted survivors.

On Wednesday Timik visited Tova at her house in Haifa. (Tova is the woman whose yard we cleaned.) Timik brought her plants and flowers for her garden. Tova was very excited and grateful.

Again, many thanks to all the students from the Mechinot, to the soldiers, to the adult volunteers and to Chemdat from the Swiss house for their wonderful cooperation with us.

Best regards,

Pardes Chana:
Here at Pardes Channa we are going through changes. The good news is that slowly we can see how our plans are becoming reality. We are fortunate to have three new volunteers with excellent new ideas. Our survivors gain from that the most. Carmel is a mother of a one-year-old baby girl who joins her during her visits to Rachmil. Last week Carmel surprised Rachmil by taking him to Museum Rekanati in Caesarea. After his visit to the museum, Rachmil told me very excitedly what a marvelous experience it was for him. He also told me how delighted he was about the attention he received from Carmel's sweet little girl. (He never had the pleasure of being a grandfather.)

Aliza received visits from Ronit. They love the time they spend together. Unfortunately, Aliza needed to be hospitalized again on Sunday.  Thankfully she was released on Wednesday. We hope that her condition continues to improve.

Aliza net terug uit het ziekenhuis

Adi is going to visit Chaya and we wish them a good connection.

R. Shachar visited people with his hands full of vegetables and fruits. All of our survivors love him. Each time he visits them, he provides much joy and happiness.
Ruth will not be able to continue to live alone. Her son, Gil, is looking into resident housing for seniors for her. The situation with her is not very clear yet. It is understandable that our dear survivors are getting older and becoming less and less capable of taking care of themselves. They need more attention and assistance. They need to live in better conditions.



Tamara, after half a year medical treatment.
On Thursday, Shachar and I starting with the students from the school for youngsters at risk, accompany us on visits for the first time. We have two boys and five girls. We are going to separate the youngsters so that we would visit more survivors. We believe that this kind of connection can give a great deal of benefit to both sides. It is extremely valuable for the youngsters to spend time with such heroes. And it is very beneficial for the elders to know that the youngsters are learning something from them. They feel productive and useful. We wish all of them good luck in getting to know each other and in developing mutually beneficial relationships.

Tomorrow we will send you our fresh impressions from the first visit.


Lisa Daniel:  1930-2013

Last Tuesday, I received the sad news that Lisa Daniel z''l had passed away during the night. I had last seen her a week earlier in the hospital. She became very weak and although she knew that I was there, she did not want to speak. So, I sat next to her bed for a while and then told her: "I will come back another day, OK Lisa? I love you and I am praying for you". As I left, I did not know that this my last visit.

Many memories have filled my thoughts this past week as I grieved her death.  Her amazing love for life ( "Life is beautiful" was her motto) , her optimism  never ended, whatever the circumstances was . Her artistic heart and mind, and the unique connection that bound our hearts from the first day we  have met, 3 years ago.  

Lisa's parents, immigrated to France from Poland just before she was born. Her father joined the French army at the beginning of the war and was killed soon after. During the last 3 years of the war, in order to survive, she, her mother and younger sister (her little brother was killed while in his mother's arms during the Paris Exodus in 1940), were forced to live, hiding in her uncle's humid cellar. After the war, soon after their return to Paris, her little sister died from the harsh living conditions she had endured during the war.

When Lisa was 15, she joined a Jewish Youth Movement (Borochov) where she met Sigi Daniel z''l one of the leaders. 2 years later, they were married. In 1948, as the State of Israel was reborn, the young couple immigrated on a boat named "Providence". Her husband joined the young Israeli army and she was sent to a kibbutz.

Lisa followed her husband in his missions to France and to Africa during his career in the IDF. While, in Paris, she attended a famous art school and became specialized in portrait painting. She was a gifted and prolific artist who enjoyed painting until a few months ago when her health did not enable her to continue.

Lisa's husband died in 2000 and she missed him very much.  

Lisa was adopted by L'Chaim in 2010 and she enjoyed the young men's visits and the food packages they brought her. In August 2010, she took part in the outing tp Zichron Yaacov organized by L'Chaim and thoroughly enjoyed it. She also was among those who benefited from the wonderful help given through the ICEJ by German volunteers who regularly come to Israel to donate their time to Holocaust survivors. She was always glad when she knew they were coming. She loved their dedication, friendliness and efficiency!  

Lisa was a survivor in the true sense of the word. With amazing strength and determination, and against all odds, she fought her cancer until the last days when she had to be hospitalized. I am grateful to L'Chaim for having stepped in at the last minute and enabled her to spend her last 2 weeks in dignity, in the good care of the Sharay Tzedek Hospital. Her only son has never married. I will miss her, but thankful that our paths has been crossed. I know, that my visits and phone calls meant a lot to her, Yet,  my life is richer now for having known her. May her memory be blessed!


News from the North:

With a great enthusiasm the students visited the shoa survivals in Ginosar. Avi awaited the students already and was so happy. he even remember the students names.

Here follow some highlights from the students:

Sharon:" It is a privilege to know Eliram and his wife. They are charming and we are going to have an amazing year with them.

Yoav and Shachar: " We met our survivor from Savion House, and we had a very special time with him to see his life there and to realize his feelings, expressed on his face."

Hagar and Yair: " We met Chava for the first time. She didn't speak too much, but, we believe that next time she will feel more comfortable to tell and be with us as her friends."

Kiryat Shmona:
Israel was in his best mood and told the students so much about his life. The students, just loved it.

Israel  (utmost right)

Ida, was not well, but our visit brought life and light into her apartment. Her beautiful cat, has got also, a lot of attention from the students.

Anatoly, had his birthday. Klara and Lisa came to visit him, and gave him a present. They had greeted him best wishes from the whole group of survivors in Kiryat Shmona.  

Shaul, was so happy for the visit. He have so much to tell and so much of knowledge. The students love to share with him life issues.

A big smile came on Rosa's face when I entered her garden. Rosa is such a  sweet and thankful woman. Rosa is becoming weaker.

Jafim, is a lonely man and the visits are some of the best moments of his week.

Ela, is a new shoa survivor from Poland. She finally decided to step in to our program and get the visits from the students.

Ela, voor haar huisje

Ela survived the shoa in an orphanage house. After the war, she moved to a kibbutz near Jerushalajim. She had a lonely life. One of her sons has died on the first Lebanon war (on the '80s). Her husband and her other son, both, died recently.  Ela received from "Lechaim" the scooter that Willy used. Willy, since July, stays in an elderly home in Shlomi, far away from Katzrin. We  will continue on  visiting him there.

Rosh Pina:
Both Israel and Blanka, spoke and shared with us her life stories. These stories are incredible. Just to listen and imagine, how she managed and survived. Every visit, the students, hear a little piece of the brave and difficult life of her..   


Best regards,




Shalom to All!

We had another nice visit with our friends in Haifa. Rikki our guide was back with us so we could leave the GPS at home. The GPS is good, but nothing like someone who know the way around. I’m sure, you have heard of the old saying “Man plans and G-d laughs!”  Well, we had a plan of leaving early, but for some reason there had seemed to be traffic issues everywhere that day. So what would have taken us about an hour and a half to get there, took us two hours and a half. But no matter, our troops keep marching on!

We visited our survivors. What was remarkable in this week’s trip, was that the last group of our guys, were supposed to meet us at a park for lunch. To our surprise, they were not there! When we called to see what’s up, they said “We will be there soon.” And hung up. Once again we called after a bit, and they said.” Not to worry we are on our way.”

What? These are teenagers; they are hungry all the time! What’s going on with them?

Upon arrival we just had to know…” We had an awesome visit, Nadia is sooooo, cool! She told us some amazing stories about her life! We can’t wait to come back again!” Was the report by Jake, who was the spokesman for this group.

We can see that this project is helping the guys to be attached to their Jewish roots in such a simple and pure way!

This week, Torah portion is Toldot. Which means “Generations”, and we can easily relate it to our visits clearly. The Torah, lets us know about two distinct nations: Esau and Jacob.  This was the beginning of a great struggle. With the older one Esau, trying to rule over his younger brother: Jacob. But in the end, the Torah teaches us that Jacob will become the master of Esau. We see that this is a long process. Israel was exiled by Esau for over thousand years and we have been suffering at the hand of Esau and Ishmael. Both passed over for the Holy Birthright to lead the world to know who G-d is. Since the day, Jacob had to leave his home because his brother was planning to kill him, to this day, we have running away from Esau. But the time, has come for Jacob to stop running and stand firm and say “No more!” That  is what our visits represent. The old generation of those who suffered at the hand of Esau to the new generation which is standing tall and say:  “No more!” You, our dear readers, are seeing with your own eyes the fulfillment of what Hashem the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, said in this weeks Torah portion, about the transfer of power. No more will we stand by and be herded to the horrid atrocities of the past. We are done with that. Israel is on the rise and you are personally, meeting the new generation of Holy Jews, who are visiting firsthand the old generation and letting them know the time for Israel has come!

Until the next time!


Report : Mid October 2013

17 oktober 2013,  Chesjwan 13, 5774

Dear friends!

As you can see, we have started this year with momentum and a lot of enthusiasm and motivation.

Again, my reminders to the nature of our project: It comes to teach us that when we study Torah we have to put down these studies to earth, sanctifying heaven and earth on action!  We, as a humans, glory of creation, received a great privilege and a great duty with it: the right to choose! We can choose between blessing or cursing, good or bad, life or death, dark or light . The All mighty, ask and beg from us, to choose life! For me, choosing lives,  includes all areas of life: each moment every day.  If I am busy in a sacred creative activity, It makes my whole body and  soul, feeling enthusiasm and  can say a big Y E S, for the melody of my   spirit.  Unfortunately, most of mankind, are not yet, internalized the choice of life,( at least somehow) it is in the hands of the human being. G-d didn't send us to this world to be passive. He need us  to be part of His wonderful creation.

The world we are living in, is Technological and infected in addiction and malignant diseases. But most of all, we have created despondency arising from darkness along thousand of years. We had forgotten our basic sources and to the ordered pine command: to live a healthy lives, to be close with our soul and heart to the skies : heaven and earth connected!

Instead, we have created a modern and comfortable life. Developed technology by commit and programming ourselves. Instead of benefit us, bureaucracy took hold and rigid method replacing the human heart which is thirsty for a touch more than ever. The touch with the noble feeling called  l o v e !

The world's lies, maddening us and cause us to look after happiness not in our own selves: another movie, car, house, new outfit, another vacation and atc'.

We run away methodically, from ourselves and from the ability on getting to know the amazing temple the wonderful tool called: mind, body, soul of the human spirit. We all, have those unique qualities. Unfortunately, only few, realizing or using those treasures.

In "Lechaim", we try our best to raise up and give priority to the human feelings : heart to heart. To bring up written words from the Torah to be done (" And you lived in them"), in the imperfect world we live in.

I look daily on this work called "Lechaim", which shared people in Israel and abroad, Jewish and Non Jewish, and feel the joy of creating a unique and significant work. I feel that the seeds we sow sprout slowly. New song comes to the world, and I am happy to be part of this song. It's a great privilege and joy to be part of this blessed project.

Be blessed, all of you!

These days, another dream comes true. We add to our volunteers forces: students from Jerusalem and Pardes Chana. More details will come on the report.

Again, I want to thank Riki (North), Efrat (south), Yudit (Ch. Embassy), Our supporters from the world and the volunteers who is doing the work face to face with the survivors.

Next week on the 21th of Nov. the first visit by the Boys from the orphan school will be held. We wish Them Good luck.

P.S. : Next week the Saxsonian group will start to renovate in Jerusalem.

My best regards,


Pardes Channa:
As Daniel told you, we are on a process of working a bit different than the last 8 years. After connecting the school for children on risk, we  have met the team from the school and agreed on how and who will join our project, It seems to us that a very good connection can be developed there. R. Shachar and me, will take these boys and girls to meet and know our survivors. Next week, we will give introduction for the new group about "Lechaim" and the survivors whom they are going to meet.

Meanwhile, R. Shachar did his visit almost by himself. He brought a package of supplies, and his smile, made all our survivors to be happier.

We have new volunteers, who started to visit Aliza, Ruth, and Rachmil. Ester will be visited by me , Daniel and R.Shachar in the house for seniors in Zichron Yakov. We will help her on financing her visits to the doctors and treatments, thanks to her doner.

We wish the new volunteers, good luck! (Their impressions will be expressed next report).


In Kiryat Shmona:
 Klara and Anatoly, enjoyed the first visit of the students from Mayan Baruch very much. Also Eliahu, new Shoa survivor, from Lybia, whom we had started  to visit, he was so happy with the young students. They brought him joy and good entertainment. He loves to tell stories and to play with ham games!

The survivors (in the middle) Anatoly, Klara en Mordechai

Blanka, Rosh Pina, with students

In Katzrin: the students from the Kfar Hanasi,  were very enthusiastic. The students are amazed how easy it to the Shoa survivors, open their hearts. Shlomo, told them an incredible memories from the camp in Auschwitz.

Introduction of the new group students

Israel with students from Kfar Hanasi

 Katz Yafim, has born in the Gheto in Ukraina. He remembers stories, which, his mother told him from that time. He is an Historian.

Talya is an incredible woman. She is very talented but now also very sick. She overcomes her illness by such a positive way in her spirit .It's really amazing. Her house is a museum of art that she used to make, and her garden is beautiful. For the students, this was an overwhelming experience.

The students from Meitzar have already found their places in the houses of the survivors in Ginosar. Each couple of students is visiting: Izik, EliRam, Moshe, Gava, Avi and Zelma. Both: survivors and students, having such a good time together that it is not easy for them to leave.


Moshe, kibbutz Ginosar

Avi, kibbutz Ginosar, outside at a table.

In Jerusalem: Daniel and me, have visited the Orphanage house for boys in the age of  16-18. It was amazing to realize, how enthusiastic these boys were about our plans of visiting Shoa survivors.

Daniel, gave them a practical lecture from the Tanach, and introduced them our project. We had also, visited two survivors, from a house for elders. This two, will be very happy, to receive the boys from this orphanage.

Teaching from the Tenach to the boys of the orphanage.

Shalom, Timek

Lies and truth, and the world we live in
October 3, 2013,   Tisjri 29, 5774

Dear friends!

As we all see, we are experiencing political upheaval frequently. These days, the president of Iran – Ruchani, who is, no doubt, a wise men, and understand the weakness and the hypocrisy of the western culture. How pathetic it is, that, with a fake smile, you can sell so much garbage to mankind.

The question is why so many people and countries believe for such a clear lies? The reason is, that the western culture based on lies and their gods  are money and power. It is mentioned in the Bible that 'it blinds people".

Many commentators in the Media, interpret the American weakness to accede for a fake smile from an Iranian President, or they are tired of conflicts and wars.The West has never wanted to look with open eyes on tragedies and injustices.

I would say, that it isn't fatigue but blind stupor brain or common sense. It happened along the history and in these days. Hypocrisy when Israel is concerned. it reaches the sky high. ls this a reason for a low moral or disappointment? I see it as opposite. It is a reason for celebration and happiness for those, who have the fire and belief , in the Torah and the Bible of Israel , which are burning in their bones equable. We are in a period,of  the pine plan which directed the Supreme wisdom road to the kingdom of:

1. Raising lie before our eyes in front of  the Supreme Truth.

2. Isolate Israel, to avoid leaning on the arms of  foreign lame duck.

Not to relay on foreigner Gods but on the only one, the Almighty God of  Israel.

But, for that, we need to be truly ready,  to feel in our hearts what we say each time when we pray. We trust with full belief on the Holy G-d since we know ourselves.

It isn't theoretic sentence or empty words, but, pure beauty of the believer, who knows, that without listening for what happens outside in the world in terms of financial, military, politically and etc,. Deep, in our inner sole, there is a corner of awareness, the healthy knowledge, experiencing history of thousand of years,  knowing the eternity of the alliances with the people of Israel.

We have to listen less to the atheists who don't know G-d and they believe on being powerful as it is : "me and my strength, and no one else".

More and more, we need to enter to our silent inner self, where we can put things in their right place, band to experience our belief without any complications. The Jewish nation, had experienced many miracles along their way in the History. We were few and yet, managed to survive miraculously.

We have in "Lechaim", the privilege to have connection with those Shoah winners, who are a walking testament to the strength of the spirit against the exterior strength of the power.

And You, our friends in the world, Jewish and non Jewish, who knows the holy status enacted between the Holy God of Israel and the Israeli nation. We bless you all, for your support, first of all, the people of Israel and of course in "Lechaim's" activities.

This week, Timek and I, had a great experience on visiting three places in one day: Timik met the students from Mayan Baruch and than, both of us accepted the new students from Maitzar on their first visit in Genosar. In the evening, we went to Kfar Hanasie, giving introduction for the new students there. They were very excited and assigned for the project. Next week we are going to meet a group of orphan youth who are going to join our project in Jerusalem.

Next week, me R. Shachar and Rivka, are going to meet in Pardes Chana the staff of a school of children on risk, in order to plan how they can join our project, believing of what good it can give to their young soul.

On the end: we feel positively and a good feeling with the new survivors we have started to adopt.

I want remind you again: those survivors are not unfortunate! They are smart, and very valuable to the youth connecting with them heart to heart.

It is a first grade human project and I thank the All mighty for the privilege of doing this , and thank you my friends , giving us the ability to do this project.

Many Thanks for the good cooperation with Riki in the North, Estie from Jerusalem, Yudit from the Cr. E. and Bruno & Grue.

P.S. On October, we, and the German Saxsonians and Yudit zets will start to renovate more houses. In Haifa, another Yeshiva is going to join us on turning yards to gardens.  


Shalom to all!

Well, it’s was a long but joyful break. The New Year started off with our 2nd visit to Haifa. We had one new survivor added to our visit. Gershon K. He is ninety years young, but suffering not only from his horrid past, but his recent loss of his wife and life mate of sixty-six years. While he was happy to see us, we could see that his heart was broken, as anyone would be after losing a loved one. We did our best to cheer him up, and it seemed to work! He actually laughed at one of my dumb jokes! It’s hard to leave our new friends but, we had others to visit and a long ride home to the Golan.

We discovered that Ida’s cat had died. She was very close to her pet and the boys did their best to comfort her.  Ida lives in a one room apartment with no shower, she sponge bathes from her sink. She won’t let anyone help her fix her place at this point. Hopefully after some time we will be able to work on her apartment. She did request a cat door, as she still has one cat and wants the cat to get in and out of her apartment easier. It’s not easy for her to get around so that would be helpful.

It was a long day and tiring as Haifa is a busy city with narrow, windy roads full of traffic. But the boys stayed strong to their commitment to visit the holocaust survivors and carried on without complaint.

The last visit was with Shalom the Boxer! Zevi and Jeremy wanted to visit Shalom as they were hoping to learn some moves from Shalom. The former Boxing champ gave the boys a few pointers and even demonstrated some of his skills for the boys. Everyone loved it! Shalom is suffering from Parkinson’s disease and it seems to be getting worse. The visit by the boys is very therapeutic for him as it takes his mind of his suffering and he feels young again!

All in all a great day, we arrived back at Keshet at 7:35pm, just in time for dinner!
We are looking forward to our next visit!

Avraham Venismach
Holocaust Survivor Program Manager

Riki Evron writes:
The students from Keshet Yehuda, came in the morning to Haifa, and have started the visits in Neve Shanan (on the south of Haifa). They met 8 survivors bringing a nice package of supplies to each of them. Each visit was 3/4 of an hour , two boys in each house listening, and giving the survivors the feelings that they are here, to give attention and their hearts to the survivors.

On the way back to the Golan, they expressed their positive feelings and what it does for them.

I want to express our gratitude for the wonderful cooperation and the results of this project. It brings a lot of light, hope, and happiness, mainly to the survivors.

Yesterday was the first visit of the new students from mechina Meitzar in Ginosar. After a short introduction, Brigitte took them to the survivors homes. EliRam was waiting the whole day for this beautiful moment. He couldn't believe his eyes when 16 students filled his tiny house. He was so happy.
Also -Moshe and Izik where both  surprised and enjoyed this first visit after a long summer break.   

The students returned with a great satisfaction and enthusiasm back to the mechina.

The same day Timek met with the students of the mechina  Mayan Baruch. They will start first visit next week. Also Kfar Hanasi will start their first visit next week in Katzrin and Rosh Pina.  Daniel gave there his introduction lecture.

The students from both mechina's are very exited about this opportunity that Lechaim-to-life gives them to meet with the shoa survivors and to build relationships through their study program.

Shalom, Timek

Introductie op Ginosar van de nieuwe groep studenten

Eliram's gezellige huiskamertje propvol met jonge mensen

Pardes Channa:
R. Shachar came one day before the holiday of Sukkot and brought a nice package of products and visited all by himself the survivors. (I was on a vacation finely), so he couldn't take pictures.

This week we have started to introduce the new volunteers to the people we have choose for them. Ruth have got the first visit by Adi who is a volunteer and coming from Kfar Glikson which located close to P. Channa. The meeting was warm and we walked under the shade of the high trees in her neighborhood.

Ruth was very happy and was focused and spoke happily with Adi.

Ester Zimering left the house of her daughter for a resident house for seniors. We will continue to visit her by a new volunteer and support her there.

Aliza, was hospitalized and still there. We wish her good health, and as soon as her return back home she will be adopted by a new volunteer.

Rachmil is going to be adopted by a family that want to take him home and to be for him the family which he doesn't have. Let's wish them good luck.

This week I introduced in a midrasiya in P. Channa our project. They can choose one of the social projects and to give their abilities to what they liked. We hope, that some of these girls, will choose our project.

Next week we are going to join the meeting in the school of a child abuse. We are going to build the way how to work with them.

As you see, we are on a process of developing new ways of acting. Wish us good luck.


On the end , finally, We have got the pictures of the beautiful twin girls of Bat El (see the pictures).

Best regards.

Pictures from cleaning at Tova's appartment in Haifa

September 13, 2013,  Tisjri 9, 5774

Shalom dear friends !

This morning, me and Daniel, arrived in Haifa at Tova's apartment early in the morning to overlook the garbage. Tova's apartment is on the bottom apartment house of 5 or more floors, locating on the edge of a hill. For years, the owners of the upper apartments threw garbage from their windows into the front and the back yard of Tova's windows. Tova is the one, who is affected the most, by this bad behaviour of her neighbours. However, nobody of them, listened to her, even the Haifa city council - didn't do anything about this situation. Few days ago, after Daniel's radio program, a lady called Daniel and told him Tova's story. 

Immediately,Daniel came in action and ordered a cleaning company to clean up the place before the most holy day in Israel: Yom HaKipurim. But unfortunately, the private cleaning company declined not to do the job late in the evening (yesterday).

So this morning, we came to do the job our self. With 8 young Yeshiva students. we started cleaning the area around Tova's apartment. With a great joy and enthusiasm. We collected at least 50 bags of garbage and the place looks clean and worthy to look at, as you can see in the pictures.

We all, are so happy with Tova. Very satisfied by cleaning her front and back yard. After so many years. She can now, live a civilized life again!

Many thanks to all the donors who made this project possible!

Lechaim-to-life will take care and will clean the area around Tova's apartment on monthly basis, and we are planing to plant a little garden in her yard, so the place will remain clean and enjoyable.

Enjoy the pictures and warm greetings,


Today (Thursday), Timik, Daniel and eight students, came to Haifa to do the cleaning job in the house yard of Tova, the survivor who we wrote about her surrounding. The cleaning company, who were supposed to do the job, announced on the last minuet   that they can't come today. Efficiently and fast as ever, in the spirit of "Lechaim", it was decided that the work have to be done today! They organized a group of charming students from Kfar Chasidim who came and has captured the heart of Tova  and did the cleaning job till it was neat and clean.
Here are Tova's words, coming from the bottom of her heart, after the work has been done:" As usual I am chatterbox, but today I am speechless. This group of people, very modest but real givers, even their smile prove it. They did a wonderful job, I love each of them and was exciting to get to know them. It is worse to live for such opportunity to get to know those human beings. They worked hard to clean all the  garbage pilled up for years. I feel that I am getting back to live in culture and as human been again. I hope that I am not dreaming and going to wake …. It isn't only what you did, it is a good people on my road . I thank, and still have no words to those who did the work. Keep doing the best for other people and especially for survivors. I wish all of you the best year! Thanks to you, I know, I am no longer alone! It makes me very happy""
On behalf of the north branch of the Holocaust Survivors Welfare Fund, I want to thank Amutat "Lechaim" and wish all the workers: Thank you and Gmar Chatima Tova ! You really earned it!

 Yesterday night , in Pardes Chana, we (Daniel and me ) met volunteers and gave them orientaion about Lechaimtolife. They are ready to start on visiting survivors . It will give the time for R. Shachar and me, to work out the project with children from a very hard background, studying in a very special school, getting to know survivors.

Best regards and Gmar Chatima Tova.

Tova looks out of her kitchen window.

The garden from Tova's kitchen.

The corridor full of trash.

more trash in the backyard.

The cleaning team with Tova

The volunteers working.

Yeshiva studenten cleaning.

The garden is almost clean.

DaniŽl speaks about what they did: Torah in practice.

Tova's view from her window: no trash anymore.

The backyard is clean

IsraŽli flag found in the trash by the students is now put in front of Tova's window.

Report of the mid August

August 17, 2013

Dear Friends!

This week, B.H. I met the new students from Keshet Yhuda. Monday at 18.30, we had our meeting. As each year I was very excited to meet and tell them about our project which they are going to join this year. 10 students will start their visits in Haifa with 10 lonely survivors who long for a real warm and good connection.

I was impressed from the motivation of those boys, at such a period of assimilation in the U.S.A . Each of them, is as a very special pearl being saved.

I am proud to tell you our friends, that along the years of "Lechaim's" existence, few hundreds of youth had passed through our activities yet, the highlight is that almost 100% of the students from Keshet Yhuda who came from North America, England and South Africa who made an Aliya . 100 students, which understood after joining our project, much better, what it means being a Jew and the eternal connection to our /their nation…

On the 25th this month they will start their first visit in Haifa. Avraham Ismach will accompany them, who is a new emigrant himself from N.America, and our partner for years.

Dear R.Sachar, will continue his holy work with a local youngsters from Prdess Channa/Karkur. We are working on it theses days.

Timik our partner and best friend, is returning from his vacation in Holland and will absorb with us the new students from Maitzar(Golan Hights), Kfar Hanasie and Maayan Baruch (Upper Galili). They will start to adopt Katzarin,Kiriat Shmona, Rosh Pina, Genosar and Tibrias.

In Jerusalem, The volunteers continue inpidually and successfully.

In the south:  the adoption in Shderot went well with the girls from the Ulpana.

In Beer Sheva we helped survivors and especially Roza and Rozelia Generally, both of this ladies reached an high age, and yet, each day is new and exciting for them.

It was a blessed year in all terms.

Here, we are giving the stories of 10 new survivors from Haifa whom we start to adopt. We hope that your support our friends, will help us, as you did before in other places, to give them a better life.

This is my chance, once the New year is knocking on our door, to greet all our dear active friends who do daily, for this valued and consistent project which give meaning and happiness to all who is taking part in it. Also, to our partners in Israel and the world, who step with us devotedly along the years, giving us the ability as a little organization, to fulfill qualitatively, our dream and vision. You are the one who understand the beauty of working without any bureaucracy, offices, or excessive administration.  The blessing is hug!  a simple  connection,between one to the other.

Heart to heart! I feel that All mighty loves the way we work, which connecting hearts  in His universe. We have the privilege to this work that needed so much in such a technical, computerized and cold period of time.

Deep from my heart I bless and great all of you.  

Pardes Hanna:

R. Shachar came this time all by himself, dedicated as usual, fulfill the work with my little help. As you can see in the pictures, Aliza is getting better smiling again. she love our visits. Chaya is weak but very happy and waiting for his visits. Benyamin , as usual, lough, sing and happy to break his blistery by our visits. Ruth getting thinner and not very clear in her mind . She is very lonely, and R. Shachar is taking her out, to walk with him in the shadow of the trees near her house.Rachmil didn't feel very well this week, and we almost hospilited him because of pains in his chest and back. After checking what happened we realized that he didn't take his pills proper and this was the reason that he wasn't stabled. Miriam Fuks is already more than 90, and still  speaking very clear and acting with energy and it is beautiful to see. I visit Ester zimering when ever she can accept me.

Thank you R. Shachar for making our survivors happy when you come.

We wish you, to get a good new group from here. Rivka.

Attached, pictures from the store in Holland. All the money they earn, goes to support our survivors.

Daniel Braun

The front of the shop

The winning team that takes care of the shop.


The period "between the times"

18 juli 2013

We have passed the 9th of Av, and now the period of "between the times" from the 9th of Av till the 1th of Elul.  This period, the students who study Thorah are taking vacation from their studies and the daily life. From the 1st of  Elul, start the period which called  the" month of Tshuva On the days of "between the stress", we had experienced a very painful occasions of parents forgetting their little children in the car and because of the heat the babies died. How can we understand that? In my opinion the tension and the stress are the cause of all of that. All the worries and the inhuman tension are impossible for the human mind. People are addict for the overdoing. This is kind of extreme exile which takes us away from ourselves and we are hunted and restless in this demanding world. Dear friends! These are only little example from the self destruction of this commutative world causing the systems to get crazy in our body and our spirit. Solution is very clear: to slow down and to focus on one subject and not more. It's not easy, but if we understand can be cured by understanding for the damage of the tempo of information ruining the waves of our mind. We have to study how to slow and calm down, to breathe life, to experience our inner body without any "noises" around.

Soon, I am going to send, to whom it is interesting, a video explaining deeper by exercises my idea. In my opinion we are on a very interesting period that instead of flying or looking more knowledge, another Guru or another star to clean ourselves from Familiar stressing frames which are not serving the spirit of our times. This is a desirable situation. Over all wisdom.Many people feels stuck, like there is a wall is not letting us to go ahead. It is like being in the desert,  As Shlomo the king has said. We must turn to the New World and G-d. Another word: know less and open up more for the unknown, as it has said by the psalmist of Israel (King David):"To you Glory – hush! Be silent and get to know G-d". Required to slow the pace and souls

My best regards.


Pardes Channa:
R. Shachar and his son Noach, came this time to visit our survivors with full of energy one day before the Brit (ritual circumcision) of the new born of their family. They brought a nice package of some fruits, vegetables, and some dry supplies. Ofcourse, they were accepted with gratitude and blesses.
Noach, was very pleased to meet again the survivors, and wanted to see Chaim Sandrusi (bless his memory) "the teacher"... and was very sad to realize that he is not alive any more. They met Zippora Kartash, and she told them that she is sick and have infection in her lung. Klara, as usual,didn't want them to leave. she is very fond of this visits.


Rachmil, was happy to see me coming to visit him. he is well and appreciate very much the help he gets from "Lechaim". He says that
since we started to support him, his life has changed. He can't ask for more... Boaron family, is grateful for the new connection and the help we give them.

Bij Rachmil thuis

Aliza, is much better, and you can see her, smiling face with us.


Chaya, called me one day before R. Shachar came and asked when they come to visit her? She missed them.


Ester, is well and her health is steady.

Roth, is really isolating herself. but when R. Shachar is coming she is very happy to see him. This time , Shachar took her out to walk a bit with him and Noach.



Many thanks, to all the support that "Lechaim" is giving us here in Pardes Channa.
Thank you R. Shachar and our blessing for your new boy: " This little one will be great (as you are)".


North of the country:
I had the privilege to visit two new survivors in Rosh Pina. The new students from the mechina Kfar Hanasi, will start visiting them after the holidays.
Blanka, 89 years "young ", originally from Hungary. She lives with her daughter. A strong woman and still young in her mind and spirit. She has been in a several camps during the W w 2. She thought that there are no more survivors left, and was happy to hear that there are still some of them alive. She is
looking forward to meet the students.
The other one is Israel. He had to go urgently to see the doctor at the time I arrived. So I spoke with his wife. Israel is originally from Ukraine, but has been sent to the camps in Germany. After the war, he made an Aliah and have married to his wife. She is originally from Iran. Also Israel and his wife will be very happy to receive the students.

The visits in Kiryat Shmona, were as usual.  Klara joined me with my visits. Everybody received the food packages.
Ida, surprisingly, was feeling much better.


Klara's legs, are infected after the operation, and she had to go again to the hospital. This is very hard for her. Ilja, had got stroke and was hospitalised in Zefat. His wife Rachel, goes through a very hard time. Every day, she travels with the bus back and forth. This, cost her a lot of energy and money.
Nikolai, is in a Elderly care home in Zefat. He needs physiotherapy but, doesn't get there, and treatment is poor. This is hard to bear for his wife Zina.
"Lechaim", is helping financially, especially those, who suffer with their health so much.  

In Katzrin, most of the survivors are doing fine. All of them miss the students!

Shlomo and Lilly

Willy is getting older, he has a lot of pains in his legs, but he enjoys form every attention and each visit.


Sara will be leaving Katzrin and will move to central Israel to an elderly home village. She enjoyed very much the students and that, she will really miss!

Eli-Ram, Izik, Avi, Gava and others,  are well. Already waiting for the new students to come, from Mechina Meitzar.

Pinchas is doing well, but Fanja, fell down last week because of a low HB in her blood and was hospitalised . She is suffering a lot.
Beside of the food packages and the regular visits through the whole year, "Lechaim" helps her financially to cover the cost of the medical pills. she needs a lot of them. She is very happy for this support and for the care and thanks all of you, who contribute this project.


Shalom from the Galilee and the Golan Heights,


News from Haifa and the area:

Carmiel: Two houses of survivors are on a renovation work. It includes: painting, fixing installation, and general works for all what needed. It will make the houses, to be a better place to live for these two couples, who live for so long in poverty and bad condition.

Sara, is  a widow, who is struggling with financial difficulties and health problems. We fixed an Air condition in her house. After speaking with her, she expressed her deep appreciation for this hug change in her life. She told me that every summer she is suffering from the heat in her little house. She never dared even to dream on getting an Air condition. For her, it's going to be a deferent summer! She will not suffer from the heat. "It is good to know that there
are good people who donate and give from their time to help. The plains for the holiday on September are to celebrate: survivors and Amutat "Lechaim".
It will be with a lecture, refreshment, playing music, singing songs, and  giving a little gift to the participants.

Many thanks for the fruitful cooperation.


Edith, if you remember, had a falling ceiling before we came to her. Her house was renovated and these days we fixed for her an Air Condition. She is a religious women and very humble. I called her after the fast of the 9th of Av. and she told me that this is her first time she has gone through the fast easily, because of the new situation. She told me about swore legs and that no medicine could help till now. I offered her to use the old way according to our
grandma's: Cabbag . it can  remove the swelling of her legs. She promised to use it. She kept saying,  more than once, that "meeting Amutat "Lechaim", has changed her attitude for life and her belief in people". It's the first time that she was willing to accept visits and to be helped by a volunteer. It is a real change

I wish her, to have good results from the cabbage.

Miralle, also told me how lucky she is to have Kali and Bloria . Each of them  comes to visit her and help her a lot. She has problems with her knees and because of her diabetics she can't have the usual injection. There is injection made from a chicken cockscomb which can help her, but it cost 1500 Nis.  She  can't effort this amount and she have to waiting for some miracle to come.

Many thanks for our donators from all over the world , Yudit setz from the C.I. E. and the help of "Bridges for peace".

Many thanks for our representative in Jerusalem Miki Salomon who took care for the operations.Beer Sheva : on the process of renewing the activities.

These are the news .
Best regards,


Summer , July 2013

Dear Friends!

These days, when the students are in their vacation, we are, the active ones, and the adults volunteers, continuing the connection with our survivors as usual. On the same time,we organize ourselves to accept the new students.

This summer, thank G-d,we succeed to give Airconditioners and to renovate houses. This is very significant help to people who lived so long in a difficult conditions. We feel a big privilege to implement the vision and make their lives easier, people who passed through unimaginable suffering.

Here is the place to thank all our wonderful donators from all over the world and for the wonderful cooperation with the Foundation for the benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel: Riki , Carmit and Tomer in the north, Limor in the south, Esti in Jerusalem. Special thanks to "Bridges for peace" who donate Airconditioners and other electric instruments(Washing machine), renovating survivors houses all around the country. Special thanks for a longtime partner Yudit Setz from the Christian Embassy for stepping with us and with our vision.

I feel that by giving all of these things, we create better lives for those survivors around Israel. Most of all, I feel the sacred relationship which was created between the young and old generation. This is main essence and a big blessing for young and old.

We are deepening the project in the city of Haifa and the area. There are hundreds of survivors who live in poverty and they are very lonely. Loneliness can be more oppressive in the big city then in a little community.

We would like to adopt more survivors and will look for more volunteers to join our project which is getting so meaningful because of the fact of getting older and the years, which has left for them must be better.

I want to thank all the activists who involved and above all to the  All mighty of being part of this first class humanitarian project. Our work is fast, efficient with full love and enthusiasm .

As you know we are now, on a period of "between the stairs" . This period has started with breaking the stone tablets and more painful events in the history and the nature of Israel. But, the main thing is hatred and idolatry. On this period we are commended to respect each other.  From Tamuz 17th till the 9th of Av (3 weeks) we act as mourning. It is the days when the walls (of Jerusalem)were broken down and the Roman  invaded to Jerusalem and the destruction of the first and second temples and the exile, as a result of it. Also, the curse, given through the ages, for the sin of the spies, who said bad things about  the land of Israel.

It is a period we are asked to increase the light to avoid troubles. This is what we ask in our project: to give more help to the survivors who symbolizes the beginning and the establishment of Israel.

Again , thanks for all of you, for being  with us and supporting our work.

My greeting to our dear Timek, and his family for getting their recognition as a citizens in the land of Israel, "because of their contribution to the holocaust survivors and because of the work in Amutat "Lechaim"". We all, proud and happy for you Timek.



To Amutat Lechaim!

Generous donors!

I would like to thank you for the generous donation, giving Air Conditions to our survivors. Summer days, are very hot and an air condition is vital in every house especially at the elders houses.

Shalom is living in a little house and have Parkinson. He doesn't have any one to take care of him. His house getting the heat and it was unbearable mainly in the summer.

He is so grateful for the big change in his life.

Tova is a survivor that living in a poverty neighborhood, alone, and her only daughter is not in contact with her. She was very excited and with tears in her eyes for the big gesture of having after so many years of suffering, an Air Condition.

Klara is a charming 84 old survivor, with a very low income, a widow and bereaved mother. She don't have any relatives to take care of her . Getting an Airconditioner it's a dream which became true only because of your kindness. She is grateful and very excited for this "miracle" that has happened to her…

The operation has been done fast, efficiently, with a lot of positive etitude of giving and love. The cooperation and taking care of all little details by "Lechaim" was charming. Thank you on behalf of the survivors, me and the Foundation for the benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel.

A Washing  machine was donated to Stella Pritzkoff by "Bridges for peace" and was given by  "Amutat Lechaim" and the foundation for the benefit of holocaust victims in Israel.

Stella met nieuwe wasmachine


Stella-s brief

Translation of her letter: " To the generous donators! Lot's of thanks for the new machine. Have much strength to help more people."



A letter from Timek:

This week, I got a very special letter from the immigration authorities in Israel who granted me and my family a permanent residency status after many years of requesting for a status in Israel. The main reason for granting a permanent residency, is because of our work in " Lechaim-to-life" supporting  Shoa survivors. They see it as a "significant contribution to the state of Israel".

This decision is a medal and recognition to the holy work,  by the state of Israel.

I work already 5 years with Daniel and Shuki . This fantastic team of Lechaim-to-life, and  the mechina's and many shoa survivors. It is a big privilege for me to be part of Lechaim!

 Thank's to the Almighty, to Daniel and Shuky, to my friend Victor who took care of my application, and the Israeli authorities who made the final decision.

Last two weeks, I have been on my regular visits without the students, visiting our survivors in Katzrin and Ginosar. They again, expressed a big thank you to Lechaim for the beautiful connections with the mechina students through the whole year and for the food and the additional financial help.



Pardes Chana:

R. Shachar is waiting for the visit of the stork this very days. it's the first time he postponed his visit. We wish him good luck and will wait patiently to him.

These are our news this week.

My greetings to Timek for the new status given to him and his family. Welcome to the bossom of the Israely nation.


Report on June

21 juni 2013, Tammuz 12, 5773

Adoption new survivors

Dear friends!

First, I want to thank everyone who participated comforting my family on my father's death. After being introduced inpidually, of our health and social system, It seems, not easy to realize the cold and alienation from their work. I became aware of the immense difficulties an elderly man is going through them, and the absolute powerlessness against alienated system. This painful experience, fills my heart, more than ever, how important our work. The importance of sensitivity, and humanity we put as a flag in our project with the survivors.

I feel, more than ever, that a huge privilege is given to us by the All-mighty, to do for those wonderful people. Now, I understand much more the painful process those people go through when they need the establishment. I understand and feel that we are stepping on a higher stage, feeling the sanctity of our project, giving loving hand and interior light. The fast action, bypasses bureaucracy, giving the respect to those people who has been suffering enough.

Along the years, being active in "Lechaim" filled me joy and happiness and a purpose for my life. Each day, I feel that this amazing project is a gift from God .Now, after losing my father and experiencing with my mother and my two brothers the tragedy called establishment …My motivation grow entirely, the vision got bigger and the fire burning in my chest to help more people and there are many of them. We have to act quickly, with love and emotion.

Last week, we had renovated 4 houses in Jerusalem. This was a miracle! The fast and the efficiency of the contractor Avraham, Miki Slomon our men in Jerusalem, and with the help of Yudit Setz from the Christian embassy, we managed to give for 4 survivors, a better reason for life.

Also, we finished the work in the house of Yosef Bunder,  that the Saxsonian group didn't finish. Yosef called and greeted me with tears, all the best in the world. Also Shyndel Salomon, a very dear survivor, we did a very complicated installation work in her old house and we painted the walls which was moldy and damp. Shyndel have now, reason for a big smile and we have too. She called me and said that it is hard to believe the nice treatment and the new installation.

When they called to thank me, I cried with them, but understood that their cry, was not only because of the renovation but from the treatment they received. I want to thank especially to a Dutch donor who gave the money for this purpose, and again to Yudit Setz for the wonderful cooperation and the generosity.

More details you will get on our report of this week.

Riki Evron, Volunteer Coordinator in the North, from the foundation of benefit Holocaust Victims in Israel, has told me about the bad situation of the survivors in Haifa, and how they  are suffering. I decided to adopt 10 survivors in the Carmel city, the neediest ones. We already started to give them Air Conditioners (see her letter). We will continue the adoption as soon as the new students will arrive. To those, who can connect to these words, please! please! help us to support them and to get what they need and making their lives more pleasant on their last quarter of life.

Some words about my father. These words, I had said on his grave and on the radio:" My father's legacy was being a man, without philosophical ideas or big words. He was modest and honest. He was a Hebrew teacher for students from abroad, Jewish and non Jewish, and he taught them the language in a fascinating way. Only after his death,  We, his family,  find out that he was involved in many good doings and he never spoke about it. Above all, the unwavering loyalty to my mother will give him being in heaven. He was a man! Rest his soul .

All the activities of Lechaim this year , will be for his memory : Volter Yosef Ben Shlomo.

The main inheritance I received from him is humanity, friendship, mutual help, and to "love my neighbor as myself."


Katzrin and Kiryat Shmona:

Good bye Mayan Baruch

Anatoli is blij met zijn fans

This week, we said  good bye to the students who were visiting  in Kiryat Shmona and Katzrin. I am looking back on this year with a big satisfaction. We had a fruitful year with the students of the Mechina Mayan Baruch and Kfar Hanasi. In Mayan Baruch we had a joyful "good-bye" party together with the students and the shoa survivors from Kiryat Shmona. All survivors came, except those who are very very sick or were hospitalized. So, we missed our dear Klara, Nicolay, Ida and Ilja. The students welcomed the survivors in the school respectfully, offered them refreshments and showed warm hospitality. It was good to see how the relationships have grown through this past year. Everybody had the chance to express the love towards each other by a few words of thanks.
I showed some  highlight pictures,  with a good memories. The students explained to the survivors how they were  prepared this year for their army service.

Daniëlle met Israëls vrouw

Thank you notes from the students:
"With a great joy we participated in the LeChaim program in Kiryat Shmona. It is a great project and we have learned a lot. Kol HaKavod to Timek who supported us through the whole year. Thank you very much!" Danielle, Maya, Zoe and Adi from Mayan Baruch

Interview met aantal meisjes van Mayan Baruch

"It was a great pleasure for us to be involved in the LeChaim program and visit the shoa survivals in Katzrin. To make relationships with some of them, to really get to know them, their stories, to see a smile on their faces. It was very special. Thank you!. Avinoam,for the students from Kfar Hanasi.

Shaul, one of the Shoa survivors in Katzrin, offered the students a place for overnight, to rest or to have a shower whenever they will come by as a soldiers...

Bij Shaul thuis

Every year, the students make a big difference in the lives of the shoa survivors, and the students gain  a lot through the project.

Thanks a lot to all donors that make this project possible!
Shalom Timek.

Pardes Chana:
Two days ago, R.Shachar came all by himself, bringing supplies to our survivors and giving them his attention, each of them, for a short time.

Rabbijn Shachar met Avraham en zijn vrouw en kleinzoon

Here we give you the news :
Aliza, was hospitalized because of some heart problems. we wish her to come back home as soon as possible.
Ester, after the stroke she has passed, didn't come back to her house and she live in her daughter's home. This time she couldn't accept Shachar but said to me on my visit that she really misses him, and asked for his visit next time.
Klara , complains about her Parkinson. but she love the boys and has sent through R. Shachar, her love to the boys, and asked if they use the Kippa's she has bought them recently.
Roth, had a very good friend of LeChaim coming to visit her: Dalit , who knows her and is very fascinated about her personality. They both enjoyed so much their meeting.
Rachmil, was sick for two days and was stuck in his house all alone. He was so excited for our visit, that he "opened a table" with "goodes" to eat with us. The visit was just in the right time.
The new couple called Boaron, accepted us on there balcony, and we met their grand son who is soldier but lives with them and tries to help.
Benyamin, had a Catarct operation in one of his eyes, and it seems to be successful. He can see much better now.

Bij Benyamin thuis

Zipora, have her porced daughter and her two little grand's, and she says that it is very tiring in her age to raise children. It's the first time I hear her complain. she is very grateful for the packages we bring her.
Chaya, is well and surprised R. Shachar with a dress for his daughter. He says that he feels a bit part of this family.

This is our news. Many thanks to R. Shachar and Amutat "LeChaim" for the privilege we have by the visits and the help we get whenever it is needed.

In the last month, we have started a fruitful cooperation giving Air Conditioners for the hot days of the summer. Amutat "Lechaim" is giving to the needy survivors. The first installation has been made. Thank you very much for your significant help! Hope for successful cooperation, with 10 of our survivors.

Best regards, Riki ,
Volunteerer Coordinator/ North / The foundation for  benefit Holocaust Victims in Israel.

Dear Riki! We find you a very good partner and wish to continue that way. Thank you for your cooperation.

About health and farewell events!
(end of the year)
June 6, 2013,  Sievan 28, 5773

This was written before my father has passed away Sievan 27, 5773.

Dear friends!

We are in a period of time that many people feel very strange physically, Hospitals are full of sick people and we realize that Health is not a safe subject any more. Digestive problems, stress, cancer, strokes, diabetes,  abnormal blood pressure and many other ailments, reaching into our lives more than ever.

How do I explain this? Here is my own approach, arising from our Torah; given to us on what will happen on the Day of  Judgment?
We are in the midst of a times, when the destruction of the old, hotly done and we experience apocalyptic changes, seeing it with our eyes and feeling it in our body,  in all matters. According to the Jewish Theory, all we feel outside is part of our inside. The way we are required to digest the situation today is quite different from the past. We have to expend our consciousness to a new spirit breaking through the clouds, from heaven to earth, slowly to our life. First, it has to be said: The trend and the wind is positive . Building a new awareness within ourselves  requires to destroy the old. And to change these, is very extreme, and varies from person to person. A new answer is required here, new assessments, soul-searching daily, real readiness and getting rid from old smells and moss. (old habits which already, are not well with us ).

Speaking with people, I often hear, that the food we are eating these days, mostly are rotten and not qualifyed, including fruits and vegetables. The reason is definitely because: food industry is already not done with love but quantitatively industrial use. All its intentions, are both: profit and loss. No love or soul in it. When we prepare food, and our thoughts are away from it, we do not give our full attention to this deliberate forethought making food with love. The results are in the taste and quality. It must be done with love and absolute morality of endeavor.

I talked with a Philippine woman who accompanies my 89 years old father, and when he was in the hospital, this good woman said to me :" all what I see is that doctors, nurses and brothers seems very technical, cold and not seeing the human before their eyes. They have no love for those whom they take care for". These are the public hospitals and sometime, you can meet an angel, walking on two feet. Over all, government welfare organizations, the Food and Drug Networks, All their Intentions are – profit!. No love for mankind. This can be seen in every part of our life. Each of us has to find in his innersole how it done? Cleaning the dishes or preparing the salad, or helping the needy people. The big difference is how we do it, with full of intentions and love? Our attention to our body, the body given to us by the All mighty! We have to listen to it's signs. Sometimes there are things beyond our comprehension and diseases.

We are, in Amutat "Lechaim", in a situation that I am very happy. All our feedback, speaks about our love and attention. It is not technical but with empathy, love and care. More than ever, in light of these challenges, we need more love, more humanity. All of this, can be realized when we are linked to the root of the roots: the  G-d of Israel and his love for us. All of what will be done here, G-d will do with us. We will be blessed if we will go on the clear way, and the opposite. Heaven reacting to what we are doing- right here. It's a responsibility which requires every one in his own little patch of God.



Pardes Channa:
There are moments that we should give them the purity and refinement because it seems to be very trivial but they defiantly are not! As you know, we had a very special group with high quality, who knew to bring a lot of joy and happiness to the survivors.

The event was with our survivors, the boys and other guests who know and cherish our activities.  I introduced the project to the guests, and Daniel  continued with the vision of  Amutat Lechaim. We heard greetings from the representatives of the Municipality in Pardes Chana. Aliza Danielzon, told us her story – as a refugee from Libiya.
Marti Wizel said, on behalf of the boys, how special this experience was for him. Miri played wonderfully on the Clarinet , and joined her Maestro Giora Faidman , the one who revived  klezmer music in Israel and around the world. We listened enchanted to them.
Rabbi Shachar on his guitar, and David with his violin, played and told Chassidic stories. We finished the ceremony by giving to Rabbi Shachar and each of the boys a certificate of honor and appreciation, and with the four players.. and two singers from our people: Benyamin and Avraham…

We wish for ourself to have such group as we had this year. Marti, David and Yehuda are going to study another year.  Yackov is going to be a soldier and R. Shachar is starting to be a student.

Good luck for all of you good guys. We believe in you.


Yesterday, we had a goodbye party in Ginosar with the students from Mechina Meitzar. Again, we are closing a very very good year with fantastic and strong relationships between  the students and survivors. Some of the students promised to keep contact next year. This means something very special! I have seen students of the last year that really didn't forget the elderly people, and has sent birthday cards and call or visit when it was possible. More and more students stay as part of the lives of these precious people.

For the students, it was not easy to say goodbye. Volunteering for this "Lechaim" project, is the best of all volunteering programs the mechina  offer to them. The shoa survivors, can't wait for a new season start on September when a new students arrive! Until then, me and Brigitte and maybe some other volunteers, will keep the visits during the summer.

Brigitte made a nice collage of pictures for  Meitzar. Timek and Brigitte gave each of the students a certificate with a thank you note on behalf of  amutat "Lechaim" whom made this project possible.

Daniel beginning with a speech.

Rabbi Shachar (gitaar) and David (violin).

From the left to the right: Miri, Rabbi Shachar, Benyamin and Meastro Giora Fiedman.

Miri playing on her clarinet.

Rivka giving out the certificats from appreciation.

Aliza telling her lifestory.

From the right to the left : Rivka, Benyamin, Yarden, Rachmil, Marti and Yaacov.

All students and the survivors they met this year.

Memories to the year 2013 (5773).

Ortal and Noam: We greatly enjoyed to meet Zachi. Every week we eagerly await to meet with her. Each time we hear fascinating stories and learn Zachi better and we enjoying every minute. Noam Bar Yael and Ev:"It is a great experience."!

 Zachi with Ortal and Noam

In Beit Savion Amit sits and talks with Avi. They enjoy both from the weekly visits.

Avi and Amit

Chava, Noam, Yael and Eve, vistiting Genja

As soon as I meet with Shlomo, he sits down and starts sharing his stories from the past. Willy is so grateful to see me. He can't wait until I come again to visit him. His body is strong, but he suffers from heavy pains and in his spirit he is a bit confused.Rosa is an angel. She jumps from her chair when I arrive at her house and I get a big hug from her.

Shalom, Timek   

P.S. Daniel want to say :"Thanks to all participants regretting my father's death".



News of the 3rd week on May

May 27, 2013, Sivan 18, 5773

Dear friends!

I just returned from a blessing tour in Holland and I would like to thank all of our friends, mainly to our friends from "Lechaim to life" in Holland: Lammie, Maria, Jenny, Margo, Helen, Angelique, Marianne and other good people involved. I felt, that the people understand and connected to our blessed vision which we call "Lechaim" and  on this way, with full of good will and light, we are in the hearts of all those who with us.

I want to greet Lammie from Meppel (Holland) who with her tenacity and perseverance built a beautiful store and all proceeds, will be dedicated to "Lechaim to life" in Israel ( for our survivors ).

I was very excited to meet people who love, cherish and recognize the uniqueness of this project, the fast way and efficiency on getting things done.

I was excited to meet a dear person, who found at the age of 83, his inner home as a Jew after many years of searching his identity.

I was excited to find, generous people, who give voluntarily, day and night, from their hearts, for Amutat "Lechaim".

You are true friends, and deserve to be blessed!

These days, we have to say goodbye to the students from the Mechina's. This year was a very successful year, with its strength of perseverance and giving from their hearts. It is very exciting that the American boys, leds by R. Shachar, are doing Aliya! All of them! On the third of June, we will gather to respect them and honor them being so dedicated, bringing joy, happiness, singing and playing with their hearts. Also, the students from Maytzar in Genosar, Maayan Baruch in Kiryat Shmona, Kfar Hanasie in Katzrin. We can write in our book, another special year.

Now, we have to continue with challenges, which are not so simple. Survivors are getting old and their needs are growing.

We started these days, in Kiryat Shmona, to get to know another 4 families. The fruitful results in the young generation, gives us strong reason to continue on our way. Because of YOU, our friends from Holland, Norway, Yodit (Christian embassy), Good Jewish people from all over the world, Lewis family (the owners of the Isrotel Hotels), friends in Singapur, Sweden, U.S.A, Greece and more. Million thanks, on the commune way we are going through, together.  

On the end , the summer is here and we need more Airconditioners to get for the needy survivors.

I will greet you for any help.

God will bless all of you.


Kiryat Shmona:
We had an exiting time together: students and survivors: Rina, Klara and Anatholy. We distributed the food packages to all the survivors in Kiryat Shmona.

From the left to the right : Maya, Klara, Timek and Anatoly

Rina, Shaket, Maya and Klara (to the right on the picture)

Students of all the mechina's, are on a trip and they will join me only some more times before they finish their studies and start their army service.

Today, I have been able to visit and meet three new Shoa survivors in Kiryat Shmona, that "Lechaim" will adopt on a regular basis.
Here is in a short words about each of them:

Eliahu: born at '41 in Tripoli, and his family made Aliya on '49. He was baby during the war. His father was in a working camp.  As a baby on that time, he fell down from his mother hand on stairs, and it affected all his life. At that time no treatment was available. Eliahu served in the army from '59-61 and got married on '64. He moved to Kiryat Shmona from Beer Sheva. with 6 children. Now he have 15 grandchildren.

Saada has born in Tunis at the end of the war on '45. She is the youngest child of the family and doesn't remember much from the war. Her family, made Aliya on '56 and have been placed in Beer Shava. Today she is the only member that left alive from her family. Her husband Rachamim is also a Shoa survivor from Tunis. Saada told me that he has gone through much more difficulties during the war than she has. I didn't meet yet with Rachamim to hear his life story, it will come next time. They got 3 children. One of them is living close by, the other, are far away.

Fanya was born in Minsk and was a little girl 4 years old when her family fled away for the Nazi. When the message came, that the Nazi would occupy Bela Russia, ,Many Jewish families, Within 3 days, moved to the south to Ukraina.

Fanja's family was in a train when the bombing has started. Her brother and sister were killed in front of her eyes. Her parents took her and fled to the east

Shalom Timek .

Noah from Maytzar wrote to us: Our visits, at Eliram's, are a great experience for us. We are accepted with open arms and a lot of love. We know that our time together is very meaningful, which made both sides very happy. We are very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the "Lechaim's " project."
Maya, was last year,a  student in Maytzar, and she wrote a letter about Zenya, whom she was visiting, and has passed away two month ago:

"All of our lives in this country, are evidence. it is inevitable that, we have not forgotten anything but we learned a lot" (General Igal Alon).

Beloved  Zenya ! This words by Igal Alon, one of the founders of Kibbutz Genosar, I bid you farewell . May be, these words can express my feelings which are not easy to express by a better words: I would never forget and had studied a lot.. Thank you for all you gave to the Kibbutz, your family, and to your country. Despite the difficulties in your life, childhood in the shadow of the Holocaust, Grief and Loss , you never stopped giving .  And I studied about the old and good Israel, about giving and love. And even our meetings, was only few hours once a week, I will never forget your soft hands weave braid from my hair. Your soft face, shining with a big light… And I learned a lot… ! May Your Memory Be Blessed".


P.S. As you know, The Syrian border are not so calm, and we aren't sure of what will happen there. We pray for peaceful summer

Pardes Channa:
R. Shachar came with the boys  with fruits and vegetables. Our survivors love them very much. Here is what Marti wrote:"Today in the early afternoon, I visited Chaya. In honor of her birthday (which was about 2 weeks ago) I bought her a fish. I have never seen her happier that she was today. What I learned this year about Chaya is that even if she is complaining while we are there, I can tell that she is appreciating what she has.

Chaya preparing the fish we gave her for her birthday.

A shining Chaya!

I was also at Aliza. Like always, Aliza is enjoyable because of her optimistic attitude and the interesting stories she shares with us. Today was very special , because we gave her a little electric scooter and with the help of G-D she will use it.

The scooter. With your help it was possible to buy it.

David and Klara

I also met the new couple. It was very hard to listen to the hardships in their life, but I saw what our visit ment for them. When Rav Shachar gave a Lastly, I saw Abraham cry. I wanted to add something that happened to us a couple visits ago. We visited Rachmil at the Senior club (Moadon) that he goes to, and because we went there, he was the most happy that I ever saw any of the other Holocaust survivors.  This was all because we came to sing and dance with him. The others at the Moadon, asked us to return every week! He really wanted to show us off to all of his friends and everyone at the Moadon. This was something very special.

Marty Weisel (Mechina Keshet).

Shalom from the north!


May 9,  2013, Iyar 29, 5773

Dear friends!

Here is a short report of our work this week. Daniel is on a visit in Holland and we wish him a successful trip.

Kiryat Shmona:
I (Timik) visited Klara with the students. They enjoyed Klara's hospitality. We looked through the pictures and the videos, I made  during this year about  the project. Very good memories came up seeing the pictures and it reminded us,  some of the events that we had together.

Klara visited by Jacob.


Avinoam and Eitan visited their friend: Katz. They played games together and talked about the past. Katz feel very lonely and the visits, makes his day . Ma'ayan and Raz has visited Sara. Sara likes the students very much. She also, feels lonely at home. They talk about politics and the students future. Ma'ayan: "Sara is an awesome lady. I will miss her very very much, after we will have to leave the "Lechaim-to-life" project."
With Willy we walked a bit and spoke about his daily life. Willy's world becomes smaller and smaller. Rosa was in a very good mood. We surprised her by our visit. Rosa is an Angel.

Last week, Moshe has got a birthday card from the students from the previous  year. He was exited about it. The students do a very good job in Ginosar. Almost every week they spend quality time with the survivors: Izik, Eliram, Rivka, Moshe, Gava and others.

Shalom Timek

Pardes Chana:
R. Shachar came with Marti, Yehuda and Yaakov. They visited our survivors and they heard the story from Aliza and here is what Yehuda wrote about it:  "We went to her house and were accepted  with a lot of excitement. She told us that she came from Tripoli (the capitol of  Libya), and had fully experienced the horrors of the North African holocaust. She was only nine years old, when she was ripped from her home. Luckily, she stayed with her family, but they all suffered horribly in the camps. She has lived a full life in spite of her experiences in the past, with 15 grand kids and a big smile. She has defiantly, risen above the Shoa."

Rachmil with the students on a warm day.

The boys are going to finish their work with us on the end of the month. part of them is going to organize them self  for the army service and part of them is going to their summer vacation to their parents. We are planing to do for them farewell meeting to express our gratitude to them and to Amutat "Lechaim",  adopting us for more than 8 years!..(already). They all, are going to make an Aliya to Israel.

This is our news  for this time.

Best wishes for all of you, our friends.

Returning back to our routin

25 april 2013, Iyar 15, 5773

Dear friends!

We had the first visit after the holidays with R. Shachar, Yarden, Yackov and Marti. We knew that Roth having her birthday on that day, and brought her a flowerpot which brought her to tears (see her shining face in the pictures), she blessed them and it made her being very happy. Ofcourse they sang and greeted her and it was her special event on that day.


Also they met Aliza, new survivor from Tunis and we don't have yet her full story. She came with us, to the Memorial Day and wanted to tell her story there, but we couldn't give her the chance because of the full program that was already made.
Klara, fell on her face, and was with bruise on her face, and couldn't join us on the M.Day. She doesn't feel well, and very aware of her poor health, but love the boys so much and want to give them all the time something. This time, she gave them white Kippas, and you can see it on the pictures.

Rachmil surprised us with one of his pictures which he painted, to the couple from Holland that adopt him and send him every once in a wail letters, and the only one's that remember his birthday. He really appreciates their connection very much, and even sends them a letter back. Zipora, willing to speak with us much more and opened up.  It's a big step for her. Benyamin is well and happy.
Chaya, don't feel very well but waiting with curiosity to have the boys. These are our news from Pardes Chana. Rivka.

Kiryat Shmona:

The students love to volunteer in Kiryat Shmona. Anatoly fights with a very serious health problems, and will be operated soon.

Anatoly, (to the right on the picture). Next to him, his wife Larissa.

recovering from a very difficult operation and her son from Bulgaria came over to help her. Nicolai fell second time in few weeks and broke again his lag. Now he is again re validated. Ilja returned from re validation and is at home, but is very weak. Also Ina is very ill. The students cleaned Neli's tiny little garden and this made her so happy. As you see we are going through a very hard period of time with our people in Kiriat Shmona. People got older and weaker and the results are in our report. The students have so much grace and empathy and try as much as they can to help to those dear survivors.

Neli's little garden

Alexandra is a new volunteer that started to assist our group in Kiryat Shmona.


I introduced Rosa to our new volunteer Shimrit. She will assist Rosa. specially during day hours,when she is alone. 

Rosa and Shimrit

Sara is very dear to the girls and they could spend the whole day with her. Willies body is strong but his spirit is very low and he want to die. His very close friend Gilad, couldn't come because he went to the army for preparation before his service. I took him for a little ride with my car.this made him happier and he forgot his sorrows. Also Shaul, Shlomo and Katz enjoyed from the visits of the boys and look forward every time to see them again.



Izik, Eli-Ram, Zelma, Chava, Avi, Rivka and Moshe wait for the students every week. The visits are encouraging them very much. The students are dedicated and very close to them. Here a little note from Amit, one of the students:" Shalom! my name is Amit from the Pre Academy Mechina in Mytzar. Every Monday afternoon, we meet survivors from Genosar. Speaking and hear their story of life. Speaking with them about what's going on in the country. I used to visit Jenia who recently has passed away. For me, getting to know her was a great experience and also to depart from her was initial experience. Volunteering in the Kibbutz was Significant, unique and interesting. I am very grateful for this opportunity and it will stay with me all the way which I am going to do in the future."

My blessing and greetings form the North, Timek.


The girls in Shderot gave up visiting Izik and Miriam, and decided to give them to get better and then to come to visit again. But, we are planing to do some big gob on fixing thier house. Maya, keep contact and having their visits with a lot of joy and love.


Purim has passed, and we are getting  ready for Pesach and the Memorial day for the Shoah and heroism
February 28, 2013,  Adar 18, 5773

Dear friends!

Thanks G-d; we finished the celebrations of Purim with many activities which meant to bring happiness to the lonely people who need to breeze some fresh air of joy.

These days, we continue to maintain our regular visits. But it can't be called regular. Each visit brings up a lot of inner spirit from the people. This is the power of a good connection; building trust, heart to heart heals feelings. This is the essence and the secret of our success in the project. Long lasting connection which is getting deeper and improves understanding and study deeper the inner strength and courage of Holocaust Winners (the survivors). This connection brings out from our volunteers also an inner treasures which are coming up while communicating and cross-fertilizating.

We start to plan the next holiday which will be in March: It's the holiday of freedom: Pesach. We have to prepare many packages for Kamcha Depascha, to be able of giving to our winning  survivors, the possibility to have a happy and kosher holiday. We need generous donations from you my dear friends in the world and Israel. We will reach the places from north to south as we do every year, and will make their holiday as rich as it can be.

I would like to inform you about a special event which Amutat "LeChaim" organizing on the 8th of April, the Memorial Day for the Shoah and heroism. It is going to be held in the Gardens of Ramat Hanap (Zichron Yackov), for our winning survivors and with our volunteers from all over the country. The main ceremony, will relate specifically on heroism and triumph during the Holocaust tragedy. Survivors will tell us their heroic story and how their inner holy spirit, awarded as gift from the G-d of Israel and saved them from the hell they had to go through. The same spirit of Avraham, and than Yehosuah Ben Noon, Moshe Rabyinu, David the king and many others. Those who refused to bend to the winds of times. Their faith was strong and solid. This is the spirit we shall dedicate on that day. The courage and the eternity, existing in the hearts of every Jewish soul, when it needed, it will appear in him.

Also for this event, we need donations: to transfer the winning survivors and students from all over the country, and for refreshments.

I want, again, to wish the best with heartfelt thanks to our friends from Holland, Norway, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Singapore and other places and our good friends in Israel: Yudit, from the Christian Embassy, Limor, Riki and Esti from the foundation for the benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel, who cooperate with us in the spirit of "Lechaim" by bypassing bureaucracy, for the benefit of our survivors.

I thank you for your long-term friendship and  persistence, which is enable this holy work.

My best regards,

Yesterday(Feb 22) Genja (from Ginosar) passed away. Winni and me , will be present at the funeral.


Genja was a Shoa survivor from Latvia. She died at the age of 91 years old. Genja was the most sweet an gentle lady.
Winni took care of her, over more then 5 years! Since the students of the Mechina form Meitzar had started to visit Ginosar, the last 3 years, Genja enjoyed from those weekly visits very much. Last year she become weaker, and needed a close care. Last week she had problems with digesting. Two days ago her son took her to the hospital after she didn't feel well. She died, from lungs embolia.

I know that all of you who know Genja personally, will miss her very very much.   
And, life must go on, there is no other way to live it:
Purim : a joyful festival in Israel, that reminds the period of deliverance with terrible oppressions against the Jewish people . Shoa survivors, who came out alive after 1945, for them, Purim is a sign of life.
We celebrated Purim in Kiryat Shmona all together with the Shoa survivors and the students of the mechina. Daniel encouraged us with a few touching words from the Tenach. We had a good time chatting, singing and dancing together. This simple gathering has united us: young and old altogether. Each of us, received love and warm feelings, with each other. (see few pictures).   


Poeriem in Kiryat Shmona, Daniel speaking, Israel stands besides him

Anatoly, a volunteer, Israel and Rina (from the left to the right)

Rosa with Naäma

Jafim and Timek

Willy and Yotam

In Katzrin, we visited the Shoa survivors in their homes and gave them Purim presents according to the Jewish tradition. You can see the joy on the faces of Rosa, Willy and Jafim and the others. Yotam is committed to visit Willy every week. Yotam is one of the very brave students from the Mechina Kfar Hanasi whounderstands the depth of the "Lechaim-to-life" project, and act according to the guidance of his heart.

Eli-Ram: He found his brother back after many years, with help from the students and Facebook.


Me and Corné (a friend of L'ChaimToLife from Holland), have visited Fanja in Tiberias. Every visit, is an encouragement for her and her husband Alec. Fanja have got Anemia and need to be checked and  treated according for the results. She can't get out of her house because of the too many stairs. She tried to request that someone from the laboratory will come to her house. Until now, no one has come yet. Fanja starts crying. I would gladly take her to the aboratory, but she has no strength to get out of her house. It is frustrating not being able to help her in this case and to see so much of the suffering. But nevertheless, her hope in G-d remains the same. He is the one that gives her the strength to go on.
If it happens, that one week the student's can't come to visit the people in Ginosar, the elders are disappointed. Every week they wait for them! Last week, was the case that the student's couldn't come. I visited them alone and brought to them the Purim gifts. They all were glad . This very moment, in Beth Savion (the nursing house) the Ester scroll was read. Avi, one of the shoa survivors from Austria, was happy to see me and we enjoyed this very special moment together.

Pardes Chana:
We celebrated this time with the win-win team: R.Shachar on the Guitar, David on the violin, Mrti with the joggling tricks and Yehuda with the camera. I joined them happily, seeing extinguished eyes turning to be shining as they came and couldn't stop playing. We brought the wave and waked them up. each of the survivors were left with a big smile on his face. The magic touch is there. We had with us goodies for the holiday and it was accepted with gratitude.

'The Win-Win team' (Could not stop playing...)

Ruth, with her Poeriempresence.

Martin, Ruth and Jehuda (from the left to to right)

A very happy Chaya

I spoke with Yehuda and here are  his words: "For me, the stories we hear from the survivors, are very special, and yet, seeing them after all they have passed, still living with the attitude of building and educating with a smile, taking care of their successors. it proves me ,that there is a lot to do as a soldier and than as grown men. I know that those people will stand upfront in my mind, knowing that I am continuing their life work. These days, it's our chance and privilege, to be close to them because of their last part of life, especially being the only friends for those who are lonely and doesn't have, but us!
It teaches us to be more concerned and generous".

After such words, I feel that it works!  they (ed: the survivors) earn and we win a better youngsters, and this is  "Lechaim's " aim.

This is our report for this week.

My best regards,

When Adar enters, rejoice it !
14 februari 5773,  Adar 4, 5773

Dear friends,

Every week, me and the students, bring joy to our dear adopted people. The regular visits are so valuable for them. It brings life and strength. The knowledge that there are people who cares, is very special for them. They are not alone anymore! Those lonely survivors, the visits, helps them immediately to get out of depression or bad mood.

Na'ama is our new volunteer joining "Lechaim". She will help me, with visiting the people in the North, she has started with Katzrin. Na'ama is very committed and wants to find for "Lechaim" more volunteers who can speak the Russian language, because we have a couple of people that understand only Russian. these people, are very lonely and very isolated.

Naäma and Willie

Na'ama will also start to study Yiddish from Rosa and Russian from Sara and she will also visit Willy Adler (see picture) regularly, when the students from Mechina Kfar Hanasi are not visiting.

Also the students from the Mechina visited our dear survivors. It was again a great joy for young and old. Beautiful to see the relations growing.
Etja is feeling much better. She suffered so much in her body last year, but she told me, "G-d had sent me a good doctor and now I can walk and have no pain anymore.
Yafim is so glad with Avinoam and Tzvi (see picture). They became quickly, such good friends.
Yotam with Shlomo turned to be a good friends.
Gilad loves to spend his time with Willy.
Sara is looking forward to see "her" girls, Mayan and Raz. It was a fantastic day!

Here are a couple of impressions from the students of Mechina Mayan Baruch:

Kiryat Shmona
"We met with Clara and Mordechai in their home. Hospitality was great, Clara made us pancakes with jam and coffee.
We enjoyed hearing their stories. Clara showed us pictures from then past. We talked a little about their childhood in Ukraine.
It was fun to hear what they think about living in Israel and how they feel here.
We also met Israël and his wife Ludmila. We had a great time exchanging stories and learning more each other. We heard stories about their families and how they met. They really enjoyed to tell us and were very excited. We left them smiling!"

Shaked, Maya and Danielle

During our visit last week, Roman told his impressive story as a child of 3 years old surviving the Shoa. Rina translated for us.

Yesterday, we had a great day. Sarah, Izik's wife, was sick and we spoiled her by making herbal tea and served it to her bed.
Eliram is improving working on the computer.
Moshe, was spoiled by two sweet girls.

Last Monday, Dror and Mor (from the previous group volunteers) has visited the elderly in Beit Savion.

Avi's and Noah's birthday.

L'Chaim-to-life is great project for us. It gives a lot of joy for both sides.

Pardes Chana!

R. Shachar came with a little team because of the changes the boys are going through. Three of them, are in their homes – abroad, organizing them selves with papers for their return to the program as a students and than join the army.

The group visited our survivors. They met Klara, who is not feeling so well. She has Parkinson and her back is painful. But, her love to the boys is steady and they are lightening her days. Also Roth, say each time, how much she prefers them, from any other visitors.

Roth with David

Benyamin, did some frightening exercise for us by disappearing one night without telling about it. Half of the night, we all, thought that he has lost his way somehow or he was taken by someone that we don't know. Only at one and a half at night he came and told us that some friend took him to join a wedding… At least he had some fun, but we were really frightened.


As you see in the picture Rachmil having fun with the boys.

Avinoam, Jafim en Tzvi

Morris is feeling very bad and on the last two visits he asked not to be included. He feels very bashful with his health situation and we have to wait and be sensitive with him till he welcome us again.
Ester had a stroke and was in the hospital for a week. we didn't meet her but we spoke on the phone.Today I visited her and she is going to stay at her daughter's house . She love the boys R. Shachar and Daniel. She will get our visits in her new home.

At lunch time we ate in the "Garden of life"(see the pic.). All plants are going to be much higher next year.

Many thanks to you boys for coming and cheering our survivors .


International Memorial day and Too Bishvat
January 31, 2013, Sjewat 20, 5773

In Katzrin we had a very beautiful celebration of  Too Beshvat with the students of Kfar Hanasi and the Shoa survivors in Katzrin. Everybody was very happy and we  all, enjoyed it. We planted three fruit trees in the garden of the nature educational institute. here children learn how to take care of plants and herbs. The Shoa survivors, students and children, planted also the first herbs on a new rockery at the entrance to the Institute.
Afterwards, we sang holiday songs and ate together the traditional dry fruits. You can see the enthusiasm and the joy in the pictures that I sent along with this report.

Singing together during Too Bishvat 5773

Willy (the man on the left)

Yotam and Tomer toegether wit Shlomo (in the middle)

Shaul, Roza en Sara met de studenten, planten een Almontree

Sara, Raz en Mayan (the woman on the right)

On the next day, I made a trip with the shoa survivors from Ginosar to the Golan Hights, to Meitzar, where the students studying (the Mechina). Izik, Eli-Ram and Chava came with me. Others: Genja, Mosje, Avi, Rivka and Tagi couldn't come, because they are too weak to make the trip.
Chava is 97 years old, but very energetic. She looked so much forward, to be on this trip! She enjoyed so much from the beautiful views, overlooking the sea of  Galilee and the Golan Mountains. The students welcomed us warmly and prepared the Too Bishvat seder ceremony (which is a seder a like the Pesach seder, songs, four cups of wine ). After this, we were splitted for groups and spend a good time with the students, talking, walking, singing or painting. It was for Chava, Izik and Eli-Ram an unforgettable day, that gave them a new energy and happiness.

Chava and "her students"


Eli-Ram with de students from Meitsar

Too Bishvat-seder

The students developed beautiful and warm relationship with the elderly shoa survivors. They look forward to meet them again.  


 Pardes Channa:
On Monday afternoon, we gathered with our survivors and people from my community, also some of them were a new comers from Russia, to remember and continue planting the "Garden of life" which has  started last year.

New Russian Immigrants planting a tree together.

Ruth and David

The boys from Pardes Chana

The sign with which the "Garden of Life" is indicated

R. Shachar with his group, came and were part of the event. After greeting the attendants, we heard R. Shachar giving some notes about the holiday of Too Bishvhat, and than he took his guitar and we sang together songs for the holiday. Our Benyamin, sang with all his heart with the microphone in his hands and almost lead the singing.

After that, we went out to plant the trees. We started with the big plant which was the Carob a big tree,that will give a lot of shadow in the future. Rachamil, Ruth and Chaya joined the planting and we continued with bushes and herbs. You can see in the pic. how excited the people were.  Some of them came afterwards to me and told me that it is their first time of planting a tree on the land of Israel. When we finished, we gathered again in the club and Chava – a survivor from Hungary, told us, what happened to the Jews in Hungary. Amazingly, her story is very similar to the story of Yosef Bundar that we had on our last report. Her story was interesting and a lively conversation about the Shoa was held with a big interest. It was a special event and the "Garden of life" has got a lot of new plants that will grow and last for many years. Thank you Amutat Lechaim , for bringing R.Shachar with his special group. They are very dear and special for our survivors and to all of us.


Reports of this week, a week after the elections

January 25, 2013,  Sjevat 13, 5773

lexander Shnabel (from Tiberias) has passed away this morning (Monday) at three o'clock.

Dear friends!

He was a survivor of the Shoa, born in Austria and experienced the hell of the Cristal night and the cruelty of the Nazism. His family were forced to run away to South America. There, his father tried to be a shoe maker and to earn a living, but never really succeed to do so. They had to go from one place to another and suffered poverty. On 1976 he made Aliya with his wife who is also a survivor from Germany and their only daughter Ety. He was porced from his wife but the daughter kept taking care to both of them with incredible devotion. Through the Austrian Israel Lovers from the Christian embassy, Amutat Lechaim adopted him. I met him a few times and he was very gentle, G-d lover and he had a great love to his daughter. Blessed his memory! We will continue our connection with the mother who is not in an easy situation and I feel great honor to be in touch with Ety who gave her life for her parents.

Again dear friends, this is the time to remind you that this generation is getting older and disappear. Those, who have in their body and soul memories of a blood shade history. They are walking testaments of the horrible suffering that the Jewish nation experienced on those days. But, also they had  courage and love for life . They are the last and we must be more graceful, to be better and enhance our humanity, to prevent any tragedy as it was. Those remaining help us to strengthen our touch and love to our country and help to our friends from the world to identify with the suffering and enhance the essence of Israel's life that connected with the eternal covenant with G-d bringing salvation to us and for all nations.

Another few years, and this generation will not be anymore. We have now, our great chance, to help and adopt more lonely survivors and bring the joy, at least, on their last years. Please, help us to adopt more survivors.

My best regards.


Reports form Ginosar - Kiryat Shmona - Katzrin:
This picture of Chaim with Shir, one of the students, shows the beauty and the intimacy that the students can develop in a very short time, by visiting by them adopted Shoa survivors on a regular (in this case weekly) basis. This is the beauty of the project Lechaim-to-life. And it is so simple to do! The picture below shows how big fun the students have in participating in the project.

Chaim en Shair

Eli-Ram with the students

The whole group visiting Ginosar, having Purim-fun.

Yotam, Shaul and Avinoam

Chaya and Jen

Rabbi Shachar with Ester


With all their creativity they enchant the hearts of the old people and makes them happy. The same is the case in Kiryat Shmona and Katzrin. The visits have a great impact on the people that are adopted by Lechaim-to-life.

In Kiryat Shmona the students have visited among others: Ida and Illja, who suffer their health so much. They, have been encouraged.
In Katzrin, all the students joining the project, caught a cold, because the weather of last week(snow), only Ma'ayan and me, could visit Rosa, Willy, and Shaul. Willy is still suffering from the operation. His lag hurts a lot, he hardly can walk. Our visit brought him a big joy and refreshed his soul.

Every time I visit Fanja, Alec and Pinchas, I see how thankful they are, they can forget for a a while their difficulties. They know, that there is someone who
cares. It makes a difference, in their daily struggles. After every visit I am satisfied, because I see that my visit encouraged them and made them happy.

Thank you all for being partners in this work!

Shalom, Timek

Pardes Chana:
R. Shachar, with David ,Marti and Yunatan came to visit. David came with his violin and you can see the joy it brings to the survivors  when he is playing.

David plays his violin for Klara

David, Yonatan, Marti and David Jan

I spoke with Yonatan how he feels about their visits here and this what he said to me: " It makes me to be aware of the results of the Shoa, and for me it is my opportunity to add on their last years some happiness. Mainly, I feel that it gives me a lot of satisfaction and gratitude being in this project. I am sure, that as a soldier they will stay in my mind and it will make me to understand why I am there - protecting  their life project which have turned to be my country".

We are preparing Too Bishvat next week with the students and the survivors.


Report of the first week in 2013
Januari 13, 2013,  Sjevat 2, 5773

Dear friends!

We have lost this week as you already know, our dear Chaim Sandrusi. He was a vivid man despite his blindness. His inner observation was full of light, and we can take him as a first grade example of faithful person.

May his memory, will be blessed.

Since last Friday, we have a fantastic experience, having a blessed rains, poring almost without any stop. Today, all the places up of 500 M. heights, dressed with white snow and people were celebrating it, because it is very rear such weather.

I, personally, felt a very special experience and when every body was covered with clothes or under blankets, I gave chance to the naughty child inside me, a sacred time, and went  out to nature and felt the holy touch when drops of waters cleaned my soul and body, feeling all the pine and grace, coming down to me, right from heaven. My body was wet and my heart burnt with a big joy. On returning back home, all wet from head to bottom, it wasn't enough and I felt that I need some more of it and went  to my neighbor's roof, to get the fresh waters coming from their drainpipes putting a bathing suits because of my respect to them, and dancing happy,  feeling the essence touch of creation.

My connection with the land of Israel is mainly by the touch of my legs, body and soul, feeling each tree and clods of the earth.  They are my connection to the Bible G-d's beloved land. Through my touch with nature, which is  daily for me, I can understand how important the touch of direct contact with the earth, nature, and water which make you to  look high above  and greet from the bottom of your heart the All mighty for his grace.

But, those who suffer from the cold and wet whether are mostly the old people included our needy survivors. We try to give all aids needed as electricity bills and heaters to help solving winter problems.

On the end of this month we are going to celebrate the holiday of the trees: Too Bishvat. And we are going to plant from south to north trees with many survivors and volunteers joining us.

For me, it is the very symbolic day of sanctification life, by making the desert bloom especially, on the International Memorial Day, when we remember the bereavement and death. What a wonderful occasion that these last remnants, can plant proudly with the youngsters the gardens of lives.

Details will come after the holiday.

Finely, I want to thank all our friends from Norway, Holland, Sweden, Singapore, U.S.A, and Yudit Zets from the Christian Embassy her e in Jerusalem , for your loving, modest enduring support which we do already eight years and with you, I feel the positive wind to this sacred project.

I love and cherish each of you .Thank you!

Ginosar with the mechina Meitsar

Eliram had his birthday and the girls surprised him. They came with a delicious cake. They had a lot of fun together. Eliram is so happy with all these fine visits.
Genja (91) is getting older and weaker. She doesn't come so much among other people, so the visits of the students refreshes her soul.
Izik (84) and his wife Sara are very hospitable. Izik overcome his traumas of the Shoa through a very strong and positive look on life. He enjoys every visit and the students love to visit him.

Katzrin with the mechina Kfar Hanasi
Shaul told us his incredible story from the Shoa. He was born in the middle of the war (1947) in Poland. His parents - orthodox Jews - had to separate in order to survive. His mother had blond hair and spoke very good the German language. She decided to escape by moving to Berlin (!) - "into the lions mouth". And she had succeeded! She worked as a nurse in an hospital. There, Shaul was born. He couldn't be circumcised until after the war was over. His father survived from the concentration camp in Buchenwald.
After the war, the family reunited and made aliyah to Israel. Shaul's childhood was marked by his war-traumatized parents. He is aware of the fact that he didn't have a normal childhood, like many children of Shoah survivors.

Yotam, Shaul and Avinoam

Willy returned back home from the hospital and have rehabilitation after he broke his lag just before chanuka.He still suffers a lot of pains in his lag, but is very happy to be back home. He gets now home care 4 hours a day. His house is much more clean now than it was before. Willy life would be empty and full of sorrow if he wouldn't receive visits from the mechina. The student Gilad is very much connected with Willy and he prefers to spend the two hours that he has for the visits to be only with Willy.  

Sara is "adopted" by Raz and Ma'ayan. They love to spend time together. The girls keep in touch with Sara during the week. They also visit Talja. Talja is not so old but she is very sick and suffers much. Talja appreciates the visits so much.

Raz, Sara en Ma'ayan

Despite heavy rain, last Monday, the students of Meitsar visited the survivals of Ginosar.
Shir and Roni had a great time with Chaim. But the most exciting what happened, was the surprise visit of Noa. Noa joined Lechaim project last year and now she serves in the army. Noa came specially to visit Avi in Beth Savion! Avi was so happy!

Kiryat Shmona:
Jeva, one of the shoa survivals from Kiryat Shmona died, after short illness in the hospital. In the four years that Lechaim is helping the shoa survivals in Kiryat Shmona, six of them died. The most ill at the moment are: Tamara, Ida, Ilja and Anatholy.
Please, pray for these precious people.

Timik kolman

Pardes Chana:

On Sunday afternoon, R. Shachar and 10 boys from the Mechina in Keshet, came to visit survivors in Pardes Chana. Rains were pouring, and it was a real big effort to come all the way from the Golan Heights. The main goal was to say goodbye to Chaim who had passed away and we couldn't come and express condoles, to what has left from his little family. We went to his graveyard, and the skies stopped dripping and we could say our words to his soul.

R. Shachar: "He was studying all the time, despite his blindness. Every time when we spoke, he had some very interesting comments about the Cep. of the week (Prashat Hshavoa), about the situation in Israel, worries about the world and yet, he was so thankful for life each day. Such humble and modest men, without any complains, living alone and just did all by himself. He never saw us, maybe now his soul can see and get to us ". R.Shachar, read Psalms, and said Kaddish.

Rivka: Few weeks ago, Chaim said to me;" Please, call me more than usual. I need to know that if anything will happens to me, somebody will know it". I tried to do it because he never asked anything before. He was most of the time all by himself. His wife and only son have passed away long time ago. He was, as I was told,In his work place, they used to call him "engineer" even he never had such degree. because of his talent in terms of finding technical solutions.

We loved him. Bless his memory.

David (the fiddler):"A righteous man lives forever in our hearts.

His time in this world was dedicated to bettering it, and the people who inhabited it. His life was not that of glamour or frivolity; instead, one dedicated to overcoming impressive odds in order to bring about the birth of a beautiful nation. Though the generations after Chaim (may his soul rest in peace) may not have acknowledged or respected him in the way that was fitting of a man of such caliber, he didn't demand it nor gave up in the absence of it. In his old age he continued strong in his tradition and held steadfast in his faith. I remember from the Hanukkah party we hosted for the Holocaust survivors, we were taking turns lighting Chanukiot (the Hanukkah lamp), and I invited him to light a candle with me.  He responded in Hebrew with his strong accent, "Asur lhadlik hanerot shel chanukah leefnay hachag!" (it is forbidden to light the Hanukkah candles before the beginning of the holiday!). In his old age he recalled with wisdom one of the many laws of Hanukkah, but with a youthful fire burning in his eyes, one that will stay with me forever. May we all be deserving to have even a fraction of his wisdom and strength. Amen".

This is our report for this week.

Report of this week!
December 27, 2012, Tevet 14, 5773  

Dear friends!

As you can see life is going on. We had a very intensive week.

Timik, Limor and me, had visited Beer Sheva and Shderot, and there, we met brave survivors. Each of them, told us his story and experience of  the last war. What amazed me the most, was their mental strength and firm belief about their homes. Of course there is connection  of what they had passed at the Shoha and  steeled their ability to go through such hard days.  : you don't leave your home!  Rozelia increased this meaning by saying :"On days of war, I feel more then ever that I want to be alive. It strengthens my spirit"! Again, we can see the amazing paradox that actually at times of troubles, the best qualities are rising from the human beings.

We are preparing ourselves for special events on the 27th of January. The international Memorial Day and Too Bishvat happens to be on the same day because this year Too Bishvat is on Saturday and as a result of this we are going to have ceremonies with double meanings. The youngsters are going to hear from the survivors their story and also will plant and add trees symbolizing life in the "gardens of life"! This events will be held in Shderot, Beer Seva, Pardes Channa, Genosar,Golan Hights and Kiriat Shmona. Many people will take part in these events.

I would like to remind you that we are at winter time and we want to help on the cold weather with heaters and electricity bills. Pleas! Keep support us and we will do our best to help to those who needed it.

My best regards

It was Izik's birthday of  85 and his wife Sarah 80 years old. There was a lot of joy in the house. Students from Meitzar, Iziks children, grandchildren and grand-grandchildren. See the attached pictures. Also other survivors from the Kibbutz, injoied the weekly visits: Chaim, Eliram, Genja, Saggi, Rivka, Avi, Chava.

Zenja feels a bit better, but her legs and her stomach is hurting her all the time. When I ask her about her health, she looks up and respons "Baruch HaShem"
 ( Thanks G-d) and tears in her eyes.

Pinchas is allways happy when I come. He wait to my visits. They are important to him. Then, he talks a lot about the 65 years he has been lived in Israel. The times had changed. It is difficult for Pinchas to deal with the current situation in Israel. It is very hard for old people, and especially for Shoa survivors.  Our friendship is getting stronger.

Willy Adler from Katzrin, broke his leg two weeks ago. I visited him in Zefat in the Hospital. He was very depressed. He didn't even know where he was and what had happened to him. He had lost all his orientation. Now, he is revalidated in Tiberias. I visit him offten and can see, that he is doing better. But he is in him self. He can't deal anymore with people and environment that he doesn't know. When he sees me, he smiles and we have fun together. Especially when I remind him the times, he arrived in Israel, and the time he met his wife Mirijam (Blessed her memorey). This makes him to forget all the sorrows of today. Hopefully Willy will be released next week and return to his own home and environment in Katzrin.

Kiryat Shmona
The volunteers - students from Maayan Baruch, visits every two weeks the survivors. This week it was Rina, Anatoly and Tamara. They all were in the best mood. They receive love and the enthousiastic. youth brings life into their homes. Most of them are going through a difficult times. Tamara needs an operation in her legs to solve blood vesels. Ida suffers a lot with her legs, but this time she was a bit more optimistic and felt a little better. Anatoly suffers from pains in his arms already half year. Nowbody knows what it is.

Nicolay did regular check-ups in the hospital.Illja gets chemo therapy, and maybe it keeps him alive. Lechaim-to-life,  brings joy into their lives.

Shderot and BeerSheva
This week I made a new video's and interviews in Sderot and Beer-Sheva. See pictures attached. A few impressions on video can be seen on the lechaim-to-life website,
section Video's:

Shalom Timek

Pardes Channa:
R. Shachar and the boys came to visit us on Monday; they brought a package of dry supplies. 4 of the boys were sick and couldn't come. They had visited all the survivors and told me about Ester who is going through many medical examinations. She is weak and for a long time don't feel so well. We wish her to be better and to get stronger. She loves life!

Also Morris doesn't feel well and a bit tired of struggling. He doesn't see well (almost blind), he can't chew his food and he can't effort  to fix his teeth. The main thing is that he can hardly walk and he used to be independent and to take care of himself and now he is not. The boys love him and they cheered him up a bit. Chaya and Klara, loves them and their visits. Rhacmil, Benyamin and Ruth, celebrating with them.
I joined the boys when they ate their lunch and spoke with Marti whom his family made Aliya to Israel last year. This is his words: "When I speak with survivors and hear their hardship way of coming to settle and build the new land for all Jews after being in exile for so long. Even now, despite their advanced age, they still have to struggle. I can appreciate and compare our Aliya one year ago. They are the ones who made it much easier for us! We have a special privilege as a new comers and it's to alleviate our settling. On our visits I can see their smile which wasn't before we came. I feel very high after visiting them and know defiantly that I add something good for their lives and mine as well. As a Jew and soldier (in the future) I understand the hug inheritance we have to keep for ourselves. Thank you "L'chaim" for giving us the opportunity to do so." When we finished our discussion, this dear boy handed to me an envelope with his own money, to give an aid to the most needed ones… I was speechless and almost jumped to hug and thank him on behalf of our survivors.

We feel blessed, having you, dear boys and R. Shachar.

David en Rachmil

Chaya en Marti

Roth en David

Not long ago, after one of the radio program with Alex Talmor that host Daniel to speak about "Lechaim", I had a call from a women (survivor) who told me about getting in a heavy financial debt (trying to help their son) and gained a lot of  interest which came to the amount which they couldn't pay with their little income as a pensioners. they were so worried and didn't know what to do. I spoke with Ivor Mindel who is a very active friend of Lechaim and he "organized" for them a very good  and concerned lawyer ( that happened to be his nephew), and he solved the problem voluntarily!! You can't imagine what a blessing we have got from her... and the main thing is what she said to me:" every one promised to help but disappeared. You were the only one's that kept your promise and helped. I felt that you are my angles"... Isn't it, the best rewards to have?


Under a cloud of  'Page'
13 november 2012, Cheshvan 28, 5773

Pardes Chana
(the fiddler), wrote me about one of the visits, done by the wonderful group we have here from Keshet (Ramat Hagolan):" This week I visited benyamin's house. He is such a happy person and as soon as he heard I was from America his face lit up he asked me if I knew the Beatles. He has a heavy accent and it was a bit hard to understand, but eventually I understood that he wanted to sing his favorite Beatles song with me. we started singing "yellow submarine". Neither of us, know all the words but it didn't matter.

A happy Benyamin

David met Chaya

We both, had a great time; singing the lyrics, humming the tunes, both of us with the biggest smile on our faces. It felt really good to bring binyamin the little ounce of joy to alleviate the burden he has had to go through during his life".

Many thanks dear boys. You bring the light and joy to our survivors.


The North part of the country:
Also the Syrian border is not so calm. Some villages (close to our border) were conquered by El Kayida and pose a threat to the peace in this region. Our forces are there, and keep in peach this area. But this is a very delicate and sensitive situation. Let's hope that it will stay with out any bad developments.

Avi, Eliram, Chava
( a new tenant) and the other survivors ,  are thrilled with the new faces of the students from Myetzer.  

is 97 years old, and it is the first time this year that the students have started to visit her. Chava is a very interesting woman. At the bbeginning, she did not know whether she want the visits or not. But, after two times, she is very satisfied with them and now, she is waiting for them every week!

Willy and (the student) Avinoam from mechina Kfar Hanasi, spent a good quality time together.

Shlomo met Yotam,
who said after his first visit: "When I met Shlomo, I was amazed of what he had to tell. Wow! And  this visit, Shlomo continue on telling so many interesting stories from his life".

Shlomo and Yotham

Shaul is a new survivor from Poland. He is 70 years old, love nature and interested in all the new and good things in the world. But he is now lonely man and enjoy our visits.

Kiryat Shmona:
Tamara and Rina,
loves to give us the best hospitality. They love our visits so much, but can't express them self in Hebrew, only in the Russian language. The students learn to communicate with them and help them whatever needed to be done. The warm feelings and the sympathy overcome the lack of the language.



I wish Z.a.h.l  good luck with this operation.


This is our story for this hectic days . very tense time for all of us. hope that the operation we are in, will bring quiet days  as we say: " each one under his own vain and his own fig".

A week of very special projects
1 november 2012, Cheshwan 16, 5773

Dear friends!

I don't think that words can express what can be seen in our own eyes. As you can realize, "Lechaim" is busy in bringing back life to a better reality.

I feel deep joy and privileged, to be part of this project which bring back the smile and hope to many souls in Israel and the world, at a times of dark spirit, covering the world.  I feel that this project is a beam of light and vitality, giving to our hearts the hope that things can be done differently!!!  It is my chance to say Thank you first, to the All mighty who give us all, this light and blesses us for this special project. And second, to greet our dear friends from Norway, with their warm hearts from the cold Scandinavia: You pour on us so much of your love and it gives us such warmth. Also, to the wonder group from Holland who dance with us on this amazing dance for this heavenly project. Also to our dear friends from the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, and other people from all over the world, hundreds of students religious and nonreligious and volunteers from many places in this country, who give their time to this blessed project. We are in another year and our old survivors are getting older. We are running out of their time!

This week we did a lot and miraculously, we passed every thing successfully.


Here is the report:

Pardes Chana: Certificates of Appreciation!

We had this time, very special guests. Dear dedicated friends from Norway: Solveig Hynne, (and her nies Linda) and Bruno &Grou Wenske. Who came to join the visits and to get to know the boys from Keshet and the survivors here.
After visiting some of the survivors we all gathered to speak with our friends who are supporting "Lechaim" for a long time and are part of the active team in their countries. Daniel had the honor to give them the certificate of honor and they heard me and R.Shachar and the boys, how we feel about the project, what it gives us and the results of the connection for both sides. The boys really expressed the big change they are going through because they have gained the essence of being a proud Jew in his own country.


A time together where David has played his violin (David, with the white shirt at the top of the table) tells about his feelings during the times he played for the survivors.

David in the house of a Holocoastsurvivor, playing on his violin.


Anna Rui &Hans Bernhard Nielsen who are in Norway but very involved and incharge of "Lechaim's branch there, will get the certificate by Solvieg when she will return back home.

Meir (see pic)was 3 years ago,a studant in Keshet, and came to join R.Shachar and the group to visit his "fellows survivors". The connection is steel fresh and effective. He finished recently his servise in the army.
It was very exciting to have such a meeting and specially to exchange impressions.


Continue:  A week of very special projects

7 november 2012,  Cheshwan 22, 5773

Fanja is very sick and need to be operated, but she doesn't want this operation because of her age. She doesn't know what to do about it. She cry and feel helpless. Her ability to communicate with the clinic in Hebrew is a real problem. I am trying now, to find out what her situation is, and how she can get a better help.

Pinchas is doing well and appreciate always my visit. We sit and he talks and talks. He has no much people who he can talk to.

The students from Meitzar came to visit again the Shoa survivors from Genosar. Eli-Ram and Izak are the people who can't wait, to be with them again.
Genja is doing well. Chava felt not so good that morning, but Briggite encouraged her to invite the students. And at the end she had a great time with them.

Tzachi, Rivka, Avi and Chaim, enjoyed the students and look forward to see them next week again.

Avi (to the right side of the table)


This was the second time for the students from Kfar Hanasi visiting the Shoa survivors. Yotam and Tomer visited Willy and Rosa. They fell in love with Rosa- as everybody does. She is very lovely. They also met her son.
Willy was excited with the visits. He got also visit from Gilad and Maayan. Yotam and Tomer had difficulties on understanding Willy, because he speaks through a microphone since he had a throat operation (about twenty years ago).
Shlomo was sick and had to decline the visits of the students this time. The students love to be with Shlomo he tells them interesting stories about his life.
Ras and Eitan visited Sara. Sara is a good communicative and creative person from Ukraine. She live already for a long time in Israel and speak well Hebrew. Talja is still hospitalized.
Avinoam and Tzvi visited again Etja and Genja and also Leonid and Tsila. They experienced difficulties with understanding. Only Etja speaks a little Hebrew, the others speak only Russian or Yiddish. Avinoam and Tzvi would like to get a better understanding, but it will take some time.

The students love the project and look forward for the next visit. The survivors fill the same. it brings them light into their houses.

Kiryat Shmona
Last week, students from Mechina in Maayan Baruch joined the Lechaim-to-life program and started visiting the shoa survivors in Kiryat Shmona. The students are very motivated to meet with survivors and to help them in their needs. Klara and all the other whom we have visited, expressed their great appreciation to the new students.

Anatoly with his wife Larissa (links op de foto). Klara (Anatoly's sister ) at the right side of this picture

Klara with her husband and the students

In the pictures you can see Anatoly (Klara's brother), Anatoly has a lot of physical problems, but the students help him to overcome them at least mentaly. Neli and Ida are neighbors. they speak only Russian but are very sweet. They appreciate the help and the connection that the students offer them. | Anatoly and Larisa, Anatoly is struggling with Parkinson that makes his life not easy. He hardly can leave the house, because he lives on 4th floor and in those kinds of houses there are no elevators. It takes him a lot of energy on going up and down.


Our best regards to our friends from all over the world.

First report of October

22 oktober 2012, Cheshvan 6, 5773

Here is amazing story, which illustrate the depth and the necessity of the connection between the youngsters and the survivors:  Eliram is survivor from Genosar , adopted by the youngsters from Maitzar (Golan Hights). He lost 14 members of his family in the Holocaust and left alone. It caused him a lot of suffering in his life. mainly because the uncertainty about some of his brothers which their faith were unknown.

Last year, one of the girls offered Eliram to study how to use Facebook and suggested to look after his brothers through it. It took them one long year, to localize and find after 50 years of suffering, one of his brothers live, breath and alive in France! Can you imaging the great joy and the meaning he gained to be alive and healthy?

The connection spawned (double meaning) life!!!

Eli-Ram these days, tries to convince his brother to come and visit him here in Israel.  This wonderful story will be continued – later on…

First introduction, done by Daniel

Pictures of the first visits to the survivors in Ginosar




Chaim (eft) met Shimon (middle)  and Yehudi (right)

Esther meets the girls

My best regards!


The North part :

This week the students from mechina in Meitsar, experienced their first visit in Kibbutz Genosar. They were welcomed with a great excitement by our adopted shoa survivors. Especially Eli-Ram was waiting for them, and also Izik, Avi, Genja, Rivka, Chaim, Noah and Tzachi. From now on, every week, this very motivated group of 14 students will visit them and bring more light to their lives. They are going to visit and build a beautiful connection along this year.

Today, we took Willy Adler, one of our dearest and the lonely Shoa Survivor from Katzrin to the mechina in Kibbutz Kfar Chanasi where Daniel Braun introduced and told about this beautiful project.

Willie (sitting at the left), Shlomo (standing at the right).

A few minutes before the introduction has started, seven students decided to join this project. Willy was very emotionally moved, he was overwhelmed with the love coming from the students after the meeting and just burst into tears. He is waiting for them from now till hey
will come (next week) to visit him.

Etja and Genja

Also Rosa received some students.

A few weeks ago Daniel, me and two of the shoa survivors: Israel and Rina from Kiryat Shmona had visited the mechina in Maayan Baruch to introduce Lechaim-to-life to the new students. They will start to visit the people in Kiryat Shmona next week for the first time.


Shalom and warm greetings,


Pardes Channa:
We are lucky to have a very good leader of the group (R. Shachar) who understand the mission and do the visits every two weeks even the boys are not around. His children are joining him (see the pictures).Also, the new boys from Mechina Kesshet, told me how they feel in there visits, and how it gives them so much of satisfaction. They love to do it.

Ester just came from the hospital doing her 7th (!) catheterization. She is weak but said to me: "I will fight because life is important to me". She is getting our phone calls and thanks us, for our support and friendship. Klara also, is not feeling well but love life and love her visitors so much. Morrris plead us each visit, to eat and drink from his table. For Rachmil, the visits are his chance to host and be happy in his own house. Not too many visitors are coming to him. Chaya,fell and was hospilties for a few days because of the bruise she had. She is better now.

Thank you R.Shachar and the boys, you are very important and dear for us. Keep come, and bring the light of youth and happiness to our people.

Thank you for your support by donating and volunteering. It makes possible our project to be so useful!

Best regards.


Starting a new year

Elul 22, 5772,  september 9, 2012

Dear Friends!

We are at the beginning of a new year. The hot weather is still on, but, the evenings are cooler and the Squill flowering. This is a sign of the beginning of the autumn. Finally, it's going to be easier, especially, to the old people we are taking care of.   During the summer, we did our best to ease the life of our survivors. Now, new groups of students are going to join us and continue the adoption in the North and south.

Dear Timek, who is in charge of the north, came back from abroad, and started to organize all the new volunteers. You will read his report about the visits he had started to do.

The program in the radio which is hosting Daniel every two weeks, brought us many calls from people who offered either to donate or volunteer and also survivors asking for help, We try to respond for any request.
These days,Daniel visits Lechaim's branch in Holland and is giving lectures there. We wish him good luck and a successful trip.
In Pardes Chana, we met the new students who came from all over the United States and Canada. Wonderful group, with full of motivation and good will. They know very little Hebrew, yet, gratefully they told me that the survivors, speak slowly enough and they understand them. You can see them in the pictures attached.

A new group youngsters get instructions from Rivka.

The new group, also rabbi Schachar is with them.

Moshe, Marti and Jehuda visit Morris

Gabriel and Yackov from Boston, Marti came two years ago with his parents and live in Maale Haedomim (Near Jerusalem), Simon from Los Angeles, Yarden – live in Maalot, David from Ohio, Yehuda from Los Angeles and Moshe from Pittsburg. As you see, they are from all over the Stats and one from Canada. After one year, they will be more Israeli's with the knowledge they earn here at the Mechina in Keshet (Ramat Hagolan). I wish them good luck and as you can see (in the pic) I welcomed them and gave them some orientation about their mission here in Pardes Chana.

The Northern part with Timek:

This week, I met again the shoa survivors from Katzarin,Kiriat Shmona and Tiberias. I brought nice package of food and we had a good time meeting again after a period of my departure  When I am there, they are not busy with their pains and sorrows. It give me a big satisfaction.

In Katzrin, Joel and other soldiers from the IDF base, joined me. We visited 10 survivors. Some of them speak only Russian. Lucky us, Joal from the army, speak their language and people can express themselves in their own language.

Talya and Rachel got visit with IDF-soldiers (youngsters).

In Kiriat Shmona.Raya passed away a week ago. Others, as I can see, are getting weaker llja, Ida, Tamara, Anatholy and others. This is the hard part of our work.

In Tiberias, Pinchas is doing well. Fanja has still a lot of pains in her knees and in her stomach. For the last three months she had no strength even to get out from her house.

Still organizing them selves with the new soldiers. soon they will start to visit the survivors.

Many Thanks for you our friends, helping us to help those survivors.
Rosh Hashana is coming very soon. All our adopted survivors will get a nice gift for the Holiday. Report from all the events, will give you the information.

Our best regards.


Farewell and Shavuot

May 25, 5772, Siewan 4, 5772

Dear friends!

As you can see the value of our project is getting into the hearts.

Again, I want to remind my personal point of view about our project: We are at a very materialistic period of time and it cause us to be enslaved for it. life are very heavy and tiring . The best cure for this low spiritual streams, is to raise the kindness, charity and to give. This what we are doing for the last eight years. The most wonderful feelings we have every day: vitality, enthusiasm and regeneration as it is our first day. Such spirit is very dear and rare these days.

We are before Shavuot evening – the festival of giving the Torah. I will summarize it with a very few wards: the command "Love your neighbor as yourself" can bring the human mankind, for a better place. It wouldn't be easy, many obstacles on the way. But, this spirit wins! the spirit of giving, kindness and Charity.

Amutat Lechaim will continue along the summer with the activities with all our energy and will prepare the ground for the new students that will come. From you – our friends, I am asking to keep support us with donations. There is many survivors are calling for help.

We will do and succeed with it!

Regards and Chag Sameach! Daniel.
Ginosar : After a very successful year, the time came for the students from Meitzar to say good bye before starting their service in the army. Almost every week they came to visit. Each of them had great relationship with the survivors. It was not easy to say good bye. Each student, had his/her personal contact with those dear survivors.Also, they used to come to visit Beit Savion ( the nursing house for terminal patients).


Daniel and Rabbi Shachar, with a small present

Eli Ram with a new picture

Small present for Eli Ram

Small present for Beith Savion

Remarkable case was Eli-Ram.Before the season has started, his body regularly was collapsing and he had to go by the ambulance to the hospital. Since he met the students, all his problems disappeared (he takes 30 pills a day!!!), because he didn't want to miss them...such strength it gave him. Eli-Ram also has started to paint. Every week he creates a new beautiful painting. Also, the students taught him how to work with the Internet and Facebook. Now, he is daily, in connection with the students through the facebook. His life gained a new meanings!!.the students and the survivors are very grateful for the wonderful experience they had one with another. Dear boys and girls ! have a good service in the army and thank you for your dedication.



Itzik with his granddaughter

Moshe with two volunteers


Issueing of the certificates of L'Chaim to life

Pardes Chana:

R. Shachar and the boys were invited to my office and there, waited for them refreshment. Daniel joined us, and both of us thanked and wanted to hear their impressions.After hearing them I can say that their expiriance with Amutat Lechaim gave them the opportunity to get close to those who built this country even beeing after such a horrible expiriance. R. Shachar point out the quaility of this group whice were the best then ever. this boys - all of them are going to make Aliya and to join the army. Akiva and Menachem are the first to go to the army these days. the other boys are going to be soldiers the next month or two.We wish them good luck! we love you and will follow after you. on the end, Amutat Lechaim gave the group testimonial and I gave a little present expressing our appriciation to them. They did this visit with a lot of energy then ever and you can see it in the pictures.

Thank you boys and R, Shachar from the bottom of all our loving hearts.

Rivka and the survivors.

Klara enjoys all attention

Liav, Chaim  and Alon

Ruth with her dog and Liav

Menachem, Meïr and Rachmil  (right)


Reports from the last weeks

May 13, 2012,  Iyar 21, 5772,

Dear Friends!

As you see, after all the ceremonies we have been through, we are back to life and the good routine and the visits continue with full energy.
This week we did a special operation with the house of a survivor from Jerusalem. It is going to be finished and all I can say that there were Magic and happy moments along this days. Thanks to you our friends and the workers! one soul was saved and saving one soul is as saving the whole world.

My best regards,

Izik enjoy the visits very much. he sits with the students from Meitzar outside of his tiny house on the shore of the sea of Galilee (Kineret). Since he came to Israel after the war, the authorities sent him to this kibbutz and he never left. After the horrible shoa experience in Auschwitz, living in a kibbutz was a real paradise for him, and it still is!

Izik with his wife and some students

Avi lives in the little Beth Savion (care home) in Ginosar. Avi recovered recently from a serious illness. Now, he is vital again, having good time with the students from Maytzar.
Shachar and Sharon (from Maytzar), prepared for Rivka a surprise party for her birthday. They spoke with her family and brought Balloons and a cake. The family prepared a wonderful meal and all came and celebrated with Rivka who was surprised and didn't guess what was planned. She was delighted. Ofcourse the other students met their friends (survivors) which they love and cherish.


Kiryat Shmona
During the Shoa, Anatoly was hidden as a little boy by righteous gentile family in Kiev. His father had died at the front and his mother left for the far east in Russia. After the war they reunited. Anatoly made aliya 15 years ago. In the last few years, he is suffering from an Parkinson. At the moment, he is one of the most sick Shoa survivors in Kiryat Shmona. Besides the regular support, Lechaim-to-life is providing extra financial support for his major medical needs. The visits were as usual by the Mechina of Kfar Hanasie.

Talja, originally from Bulgaria is a very creative person. Now she is very sick and can not move her leg without extreme pain.
She loves her garden.

Visiting Willy is the most joyful experience for the students of Kfar Hanasi. Here they have a quality time together with Shlomo and Willy.

Willie en Shlomo talking to youngsters

Willy is the most lonely person that we support in Katzrin. He has no physical and mental strength anymore to get alone out of his depression after both his wife and now also his only daughter died. When we come and visit Willy he revives! He needs us very much. Our visits gives him the reason to continue his life.

The soldiers also came to Katzarin.and all the survivors had their visits.

Thank you for helping us to support these precious people.


Pardes Chana:
R. Shachar and the boys visited the survivors, and they are already their friends and are welcomed that way. Klara is not well and Ester is very weak. But, they smile when their visitors coming to them. We have new volunteers whom decided to join us and visit survivors. Last Saterday Daniel and me met good people who came in the middle of every thing to hear about "Lechaim" and to join our activities. It was most exciting meeting. We organize these days adoptions for more survivors.

All volunteers keep visiting the survivors and the main operation at Edit's house is going to be finished thanks for Miki Salomon that made it possible and you our dear donators that gave us the ability to bring the professionals to fix and bring the house to be a bit more functioning.

Rabbi Shachar met Klara


Pesach 5772 (2012)

April 8, 2012, Niesan 16, 5772

Shalom friends!

We surprised Willy from Katzrin. It was great to see how happy he was. Like a flower he opened up and forgot immediately the constant pains in his body. Along full
hour he told his visitors from Kfar Hanasi touching stories. We wept and laughed at the same time... When we got up to leave he asked me: when are you coming again? Willy feels so lonely. Sara had our next visit. She also feels lonely and was so happy for our sudden visit. After two hours of intensive listening and talking the students took a tramp back to their school and I went on to get the packages for Pesach from Keshet to the next day of visits in Kiryat Shmona.

Kiriat Shmona:

In Kiryat Shmona all of the shoa survivors received a nice package of food for the coming holiday of Pesach. We couldn't spend time talking with everybody, but at least we had a little chat and greeted everyone for Pesach. Boys from Ma'ayan Baruch joined me. We had a lot of joy - visiting the people and giving them the needed love and attention.  

Shalom Timek

Katzarin :
In Katzrin, most of the 34 Shoa survivors, gathered in the cultural meeting house. We spoke about Pesach and the meanings of this holiday in the past and today. Then, each of the participants took the food packages that Lechaim-to-life specially prepared for them for the holiday. For those who couldn't come because of health problems, I brought to each of them their package and had a little talk with them in their homes. The soldiers, who were supposed to join me, couldn't come because of other obligations. So, I did it all by myself, but it was with a great satisfaction- knowing that this work is important and holy.

Chag Pesach Sameach

Pardes Chana:
R. Shachar came all by himself (The Studants are in a holiday vacation), and visited each of the survivors with a big package of supplies for Pessach. I "ran" after him trying to join him but couldn't. He did it with his beautiful attitude which made him the best friend for the survivors. Thank you R. Shachar for your dedication! we appreciate and thank you for it. Many thanks for Amutat "Lechaim", to your support for this holiday and for the long adoption of our survivors.


The happy Chaim with his package

Morris, talking to Rivka

Along Tuesday and Wednesday the soldiers had visited all their adopted survivors with the special Matza for the blessings in the Saider. Also they brought with them greetings for the holiday and the fresh air of youth and happy faces. All of them were really with gratitude and happier. Thank you dear soldiers and we wish you a Happy and peaceful holiday.

Shderot :
The girls and Hodaia their teacher, brought to our survivors package of supplies and donate from their own money, and added chicken and Matzas. You can imagine the
excitement of both sides… Thank you, Hodaia and the girls (pupils). You did a marvelous Job. Have a good Holiday and a happy vacation.

Because of the holiday vacation the studants did the visits last week.

Dear friends! We almost done, with the project of giving packages for the holiday. We did it with a lot of sensitivity. And it was very personal to each of the survivors, trying to avoid any hard feeling of needy or being poor. We bring the opposite by the fruitful connection, between the old and the youngsters. It proves it- self along the years and our survivors feel the hug value of their chance to teach us about such dark period of the history as a mile stone of the Jewish nation.

I would like to thank from our bottom of our hearts to all of our friends here in Israel and around the world, knowing, that because of your support we can do this first grade of a valuable spiritual educational project.

Thank you,

Have a happy holiday of freedom

Special event in Kfar Hanasie

March 14, 2012, Adar 20, 5772

Dear friends!

Shortly, I would like to tell you about wonderful activity we had yesterday which was in the spirit of Amutat "Lechaim".

The Bus we had rented,have collected survivors from Kibbutz Genosar and Katzarin with Timik who took them from their houses to the Bus and all of us went to Kibbutz Kfar Hanasie (upper Galilee) to be guest s of the Mechina there. The youngsters prepared for days, very special event.

At eleven, all of us reached the Kibbutz and I came with a couple of friends from Norway from Zichron. We were welcomed warmly and it felt that the youngsters waited for us breathlessly. We assembled in their cultural hall and I was invited to say some words, and some of the survivors told us their story of life. the students were very moved from those stories. Also one of the students from the Mechina told us how deep his experience and how it awaken his depth of soul which he never knew before.

We all went to amazing park in the kibbutz with a beautiful sight of the area and there were prepared chairs for the guests and we listened to Aliram from Genosar and Shlomo from Katzarin, to their story. Than, we were invited to the Mechina dinning hall  and the youngsters served us with a lot of love and good will.

On the end of the meal, we all, had started to sing Israeli songs, which played on the strings of our soul. From the side I saw  Roza from Katzarine singing and being very excited . One of the boys played on the Guitar and we all sang feeling united and enchanted.

My amazement was the sensitivity of the students - organizing this event. Our survivors thanked warmly their hosts and said how special, it was for them. And I am sure, that it gave them some more good years and health… I felt satisfied and happy returning back to Zichron.

My best regards to all of you.


P.S: I want to remind you: Pesach is only another 3 more weeks. We need more donations for helping buying 1000 packages, mainly to the bombarded south.

Daniel Braun

News of the last week

February 27, 2012,  Adar  4, 5772

Ginosar on Monday with mechina from Maitzar:

Every week, the students go to visit the shoa survivors in their homes at the kibbutz and also in the nursing house. The students developed a good relationship with them.

Brigit – the manager of Savion House, told me that one of the tenants she is taking care, needed every few weeks to be hospitalized because of his conditions. Since he is adopted by Rashel and Gay, he doesn't need anymore to be admitted. He feels that he gained his health because of them.. Try to imagine how privileged they both feel.


Eli Ram

On Tuesday, Joel and his soldiers team, came to visit Rosa and Willy who is very lonely and love their visit very much. he need a new batteries for his speaking machine. without them, he can't have a voice. It is good to see that the soldiers take the visits seriously and with a great passion.


Kiryat Shmona: On Wednesday, with the Mechina from Maayan Baruch:
Four students joined me the visit, two boys and two girls. For two of them it was their first time.
The first visit was at Nelie's house. Ina, Roman and Rina joined us and shared a bit of their stories.

Then, we went to visit Anatoly Limunsky together with Klara. Again we heard their touching stories. We brought a package with fresh vegetables and fruits. They all are very thankful for the visits and the practical help.

Nelie (The lady with the beautiful white hair)  and Rina (at the back, between the volunteers)

Elisa (left) and Clara (between the young people)

Morris Ganon

Illia is very sick and again, need chemotherapy. Also Ida, Anatholy Limunsky, Elisa and Tamara are struggling with serious health problems.

After our visits, the students spoke about the big difference on hearing about the project and to be part of it. They learn a lot from those who passed so much.


Pardes Chana: the boys with R. Shachar visited all the survivors with a package of fruits and vegetables. All were happy to see each other. We gave R. Shachar a greeting card and a beautiful flowerpot for the birth of his new daughter.

Tzfat ;
The soldiers had visited the survivors and going to be there next week for Purim. The students are on vacation and only next week will return to continue their mission.

Next week we are going to have Mishloach Manot to all the survivors. Purim is a very happy holiday and we hope to bring some happiness with our visits.

Good luck to all of you.



Genosar: the students from Maitzar came to visit survivors in the Kibbuts and here are their impressions:
Rashel and Gay visiting Eliram and his wife – Eirit (she is deaf but read lips and communicating). He is an enthusiastic stamp collector and shared with them one of his most exciting interests in his life. This week he invited some survivors to celebrate a birthday of a new emigrant from Russia whom they have adopted - named Irena. The meeting was very cheerful and Gay and Rashel helped Eliram and Eirit to host the guests – as they are part of the family. This is the way , how they feel there.
In Bait Savion , another group had a very good conversation with Noach, Avi and Rachel who live there. Gay and Mor goes to Tzachy and they say that he is funny, and love to make them laugh. Sara and Eitzik had Gay, Tal and Leeor. They say that they feel there at home: making tea, asking questions and listening to their stories.
Shachar and Noam visiting Rivkale. To day, she gave them two books: one is about her Husband and one is about herself (the librarian in the Museum about Igaal Alon)
The people in the Kibbutz hearing impressions about this group of students and the effect of their visits, and now Brigit where asked to write about it in the local paper.

Pardes Chana

Pardes Chana: R. Shachar came with his wonderful guys to visit the survivors which is waiting for them and happy to see them every time. I would like to tell you
This time about a special meeting we had here in Pardes Chana with all the people taking care of the projects for seniors and the welfer office. When I told them about the project of "Lechaim" they were so amazed and kept asking questions and expressed their appreciation and admitted that such organization they never met... and we are, in our country, suffering from poverty that we – the social worker can't help. Some of the survivors we are taking care says that their lives were changed since they met us and turned to be much better…the pic. speaks for themselves.
Thank you R. Schachar and the group joining him dedicated and do a marvelous job by giving the light to the survivors for the last eight years!!!

We had a great time in Katzarin with four soldiers  (see pictures).
We have visited Rosa, Shlomo and Willy. They survived the camp of Auschwitz.
They shared a bit of the past and mainly the present with us.
Shlomo and Willy, after doing Aliya to Israel, served the Israeli army and fought during the independence war, Till the war of Yom Kippur (1973). It is amazing what did these two men after such an experience being able to rise from the ruins: they are the builders of the land of Israel and deserve to be recognized.
This is why the visits of these dear soldiers are so important to them.

Regards, Timek

Etka with a nice group of girls visiting her


Rosa visited by the soldiers of the Northern Division

Shlomo with his visitors

Gerson and Terranova

Willy enjoying the company of the soldiers of the Northern Division

The week before, students from Kfar Hanasie went with R. Shachar also to visit in Katzarine. You can have the impression by seeing the pictures attached.

On To bishvat (the holiday of the start a new bloom on trees) the 8th of feb, the studants from Maitzar are going to plant trees with the survivors from the Kibbutz, near the memorial munument in Genosar .
Also , the army basis in the Golan Hights are going to take survivors from Katzarin to plant with them trees in Kibbutz Mevo Chama located also in the south of the Golan hights. It is going to be on a land given by the J.N.F to plant an orchard as a symbol for life by Amutat 'Lechaim".
On the 26th of January - one day before the International memorial day of the Shoa, survivors from Genosar will visit the Northern Command basis and they are going to tell about their experience in the second world war, Timik Brigit(the maneger of Bait and me are going to join them.

Many thanks to Pnina from the north and Limor the South (the faundation for the holocaust survivors), for teir colaberation.
This are our news for the week, hoping it will give you the picture of what's new.
My best regards.

Pardes Chana

The link to the new video page on the website: www.lechaimtolife.orgDaniel

Klikt u voor een nieuwe video naar onze website

News of Visits and Chanuka celebration

22 december 2011,  Kislev 26, 5772

Dear friends!

This report is with full of envents because of the holiday.Be patient, its  worth it!

Shalom !

Sinai retirement house, Haifa

Here are some pictures from the amazing meeting between survivors from Sinai retirement house in Haifa and Rabbi Shachar and his wonderful group. They came to bring some happiness and joy for the tenants in this house. They sang and introduced themselves to the survivors and it was thanks for the good will of Daniel and Amutat "Lechaim". The seniors were so grateful and thanked the youngsters. 

Shabat Shalom!
Pnina: In -charge of the northern branch for volunteers ( The Foundation, for the Benefit of the Holocaust Victims in Israel).

Rabbi Schachar with the boys. Alon appears to be a good singer.

Last week, two soldiers Gili and Debi came to visit Veroda Lagziel which is very lonely and she long for any connection. Her 7 children are in Tzfat but very busy and for her the visit,was a real holiday. They also visited Camisa which live with a lady taking car for her (she is 86). The students from the college also going to start to visit . we don't have yet their impressions.

Dear friends!

Yesterday, (13 December), we had a very joyful experience, celebrating with 40 survivors from Katzarin a symbolic party for Chanuka.
The exciting part was the integration between the generations: survivors, soldiers, students from Kfar Hanasie (that were the organizers) .
For me, the most touching part was when one of the soldiers named Yossi, spoke on behalf of all the soldiers and told us excitedly how is this project strengthen their connection to their Jewish identity.

We felt united – all of us!
would like to say some words about Timek who is in- charge of all the North branch of our activities. He is doing it with modesty, humble and so sensitive. All the youngsters,soldiers and survivors are connected with him. For me – personally, it is a great privilege to work with this wonderful person, who is doing his job as a real Israel lover. He is also my good friend. With these pictures – attached, you can see what I am speaking about.

Israel telling his story.

Kiryat Shmona:

Together, with students from Maayan Baruch, we had visited all the 16 survivors there. We had long and very fruitful day together. All the survivors were waiting for us. To meet with them, is always a great joy. Many of them are very sick. Some live in apartments on the 4th floor, and can't get out of their houses easily. The students, had a very valuable time and afterwards they exchanged each other experiences. The most beautiful thing is that they want to continue with the visits on their own time! They hitch hike from the Kibutz which is located 10 km east of Kiryat Shmona to be with those dear people.
For Klara and her brother Anatholy, it was a very difficult day, as soon as we started our volunteer work; she heard that her very close nephew died. He was 86 years old, also a shoa survival.


Israel with a group of students in Kiryat Shmona



The cold days of the winter, makes the elders to be in their houses all day long and it raise up their feelings of isolation. Can you understand what it does for them when on Monday afternoon, young people from Maitzar knock on their door and come to listen and speak with them? They feel the respect given by these youngsters by telling them what they did in the past when they were with their full strength.

This week, Eizik had celebrated his birthday. The students came to him with flowers and a cake. They sang with him and he told them stories about his youth in Aushvitz – which we never heard from him before. This boys and girls are already part of us and the love is from both sides.

Content of a Pesach-packaget:  Wine, matzes, eggs, fruit and other supplies.

Neli and Rina with Timek and boys of the Kfar Hanasi


(manager of Bait Savion in Genosar).

The house for the eldery people in Genosar, where it is possible to live, but it is also a place to get medicine for the people who are still living in their own house. A perfect way to handle the care of the elderly people.

Pardes Chana:

Yehudit Yeger had her birthday (83) and Nophar greated her and brought her a little present. They both, went to a concert and to calebrait in a Coffee House.
Miriam Fux getting the visits by Tamar (from Ceasria) and they realy enjoy the meetings very much.

Rabbi Shachar came this time only with Alon and Daniel. They came with a guitar and sang a songs with the people, also they brought some Sufganiot (spinage for Chanuka) and dry supplies. This time they had salebrated with Cahim Sandrusi(87) and Bnyamin(83) their birthday (see pic.). we sang a songs and it was for them the only salebrtation they both had for this spcial day.

All the survivors are well and healthy, the wheather is very nice this days and Chanuka is the holiday of lights, beauty and a wanderful songs.we wish all of them a happy Chanuka.


Dear friends!

Yesterday(Thusday) I was with full of joy in my heart. I won to be in one of the most exciting event that I ever experienced in Amutat Lechaim on the last few years…

At 11.00 AM Timik started his trip to collect survivors from Kiriat Shmona. Together, they went to celebrate in the Golan a day that will never be forgotten. At 14.00 they reached the Midrasha for women in the south part of the Golan Hights. The girls waited excitedly to welcome and guide them to the hall with tables, loaded good food. >But first of all, we sat in a big circle – survivors and girls. Each side were telling in a positive way his/here story.

The school coordinator started to play on a guitar, d then, the school director – Naomi, started to tell the story of this holiday, and the fact, that each of us, should know his own song which he came to do in this world. This is the spirit of the studies in this Midrasha!

I also said some words and then, I was invited to light the candles. Roman, joined me and together we did it. After eating a good meal, waited for the survivors a big surprise. The girls prepared bowls for plants, on each plant was the name of one of the survivors, cartons with soil waited for them and both- the two generations planted together. How symbolic – the Soha generation and the young girls with connection of heart to heart with love- united by planting new seeds in Israel. Seeds of unification based on the vision in the Bible: "Love your neighbor as yourself".

The elders didn't want to leave and the girls also. I am – the one that have no patient to stay two minutes in one place, also couldn't leave, and when we left the place I felt that my heart is going to burst of joy.

Many tears of excitement were on that evening. But they were tears of salvation and a big joy. I went back to Zichron not tired from the long way - but alert.

This is the time to thank you my dear friends around the world and here in Israel, Jews and non Jews, I wish all of you Happy Holiday! and, continuing a fruitful collaboration. Thank you for sharing with me this dance.

My best regards!


Naomi (the school director)and Yifat (the s.coordinator) says:

We were so excited to start the holiday from a giving and united point.The connection of the Shoa generation who is on his last quater of life and our girls the renewed generation give this meeting dimension of continuity. We have this country because of them, and this is very effective fact.

We heard the survivors (Israel and Rina translated from Russian). One told us how she built here family here in this country, and Israel told about his experience in the camp, and said that even to his family he never mention those stories…we saw tears in his eyes and we had them too.

The connection was warm and fluent. Discussions were going on even the differences of the language. One of the girls also got up spontaniously – speaking her story in Russian. The feeling was heart to heart, total unity and an exciting connection. After planting the plants you can see in the picture how the girls made a line to the bus - escorting their visitors till they disappeared.

For us, it was a new beginning of giving. We hope to continue this magic connection.

our best regards

At last:

*On friday, before Shabbat , the studants from Nitzana will light candels with the survivors in Beer Sheva.
*On Sunday, 25th of december the IDF cars, will come to pick up the survivors from Katzarin to celebrate together the 5th candle.

Wednesday (last night) Daniel is going to give a lecture in Haifa "Bait Sinai" to speak about Chanuka.




The lighting of the first Chanoekaligh.  Israel besides a pupil of this school. 


Israel tells his story, after with other stories are told.

Kiryat Shmona:

Together, with students from Maayan Baruch, we had visited all the 16 survivors there. We had long and very fruitful day together. All the survivors were waiting for us. To meet with them, is always a great joy. Many of them are very sick. Some live in apartments on the 4th floor, and can't get out of their houses easily. The students, had a very valuable time and afterwards they exchanged each other experiences. The most beautiful thing is that they want to continue with the visits on their own time! They hitch hike from the Kibutz which is located 10 km east of Kiryat Shmona to be with those dear people.
For Klara and her brother Anatholy, it was a very difficult day, as soon as we started our volunteer work; she heard that her very close nephew died. He was 86 years old, also a shoa survival. Shalom!



Report from the last two weeks

December 2, 2011, Kislev 6, 5772

My very dear friends

This week we had such a very special excitement and I want to share it with you. The first experience was in Elad – on the Golan height, with a young women studying in a Midrasha for Jewish studies and arts as dancing and other arts. I love this combination. They invited me to speak about the project of adopting a holocaust Survivors. 40-50 young women were so excited and expressed their will to join our project. On the next few weeks , they will start to visit in Tsfat - our new survivors there.The Director of the Midrasha, called me today, and invited the survivors from Kiryat Shamona to join the Mechina's celebration on lightning the first candle of Chanukah. And of-course, they will do a special performance to the survivors. It will happen on the 20th of December- the first eve of Chanukah. We will take them from Kiryat Shmona to Elad. I feel already very excited for this event. The other experience was today (30 on Nov.)And also very exciting, me and Timik were invited officially to the Northern Command of the IFD - dominates the whole North, to tell about our project for the soldiers there, which are going to adopt survivors in Tsafat.

It isn't a secret that the world's spiritual state is low these days. I feel the significance to remind our dear soldiers, for what perpuse they are fighting, and what they are representing.Our discussion took us to the history of Israeli nation and the tragedies we have past through, and the peak at the Shoa days and the return to the homeland.This blessed project with the survivors, can give a cardinal strength for the love of the country based on the history of the nation. spiritually it can revive the Jewish heart again. I feel strongly, that our activities are much more than to help the survivors , it turned to be a spiritual and educational project that bring back the spirit instead of the empty existents. After our meeting the commander officer came to me and said that she never saw them so thrilled and excited with full of motivation as they were when we met.

I feel more and more that my vision from the beginning, is getting developed and takes it's shape. we are waking many souls in Israel.Without your help – my friends, it couldn't be happened.

About the holiday we will write our next report.


Anatoly with his wife receive visitors. 

A nice picture of Klara, Neli and Ida with their visitors with the usual bags of food.  These are always accepted with thanks.

We had a very good visit in Kiriat Shmona. I came with some students, from Kfar Hanasi. On each visit, we had the time to speak about the past but also about the present.
We had visited, eight houses and brought to the survivors, food packages - as usual.
On top of this,we also visited Ida, whom had her birthday(see pic.)We brought her a nice nosegay of flowers.Ida is very sick and can hardly stand up. Anatholy,(Klara's brother, see the pic.), is struggling with his health. Elisa and her husband, is very sick, and yet, they all, wait for us and enjoy so much the visits of the young students.
At the same time whill I was in Kiryat Shmona, soldiers form the IDF base near Katzrin, came to visit shoa survivors in Katzrin. They had a very good time. Joel (from the army) speaks the russian language, and could translate the stories to his partners.

Roza with Timek and the soldiers.  On the table is a bag with food for the week.

Willie between the soldiers.

Irena receives visitors.

Yitzchak, also a habitant of kibbutz Ginosar.

Shalom and many thanks for your support,

Limore is in charge of the volunteers from Nitzana (South). She heard from Gil about Yehosua Berkowitz (from Beer Sheva) whom he visiting. He is on a wheelchair but very clear minded and very lonely. He doesn't have any connection with his only brother. He had never married and his mother left him her house. He is very shy, and only this visit he warmed out and felt so happy and welcomed them with a big smile on his face. He has only the lady from the welfare who is taking care for his house and food. And now he have Gil to speak with and to be his friend…

Omer comes to Ester. At first she was so suspicious but when she understood his intentions , she act towards him as he is her grand ch.. She loves the new look of her garden ( after the Savta project), she sit and look from the window whenever she can. She greets the boys and tell them how important what they are doing. 

As you understand, the connections getting tied and fruitable. Both sides love it!!!

In Pardes Chana we had this time a journalist from Norway named Jhon, who heard about the project and wanted to see and interview the boys and the survivors. He joined R. Shachar and the boys and when he spoke with them Liave told him an answer that was extremely impressive and this what he said: "we are in a program that gives us so much, finely we can return something from our hearts to those dear survivors who need us".

Journalist John in the background on visit at Esther's house.

Benyamin talking to the journalist, making notes while listening interested.


Maytzar visiting in Genosar: I had two mails from Shachar and Lihi from Maytzar and want to share with you their wards:

Shachar: "We are visiting in kibbutz Genosar survivors and it gives us a lot of satisfaction. We meet Zenia . She is 90 years old and fascinating women. She told us about her childhood in Lita, about her Alia to Israel and about her family. We reached with her a very intimate moments and shared with her ours. Ones she started to cry while telling about a very good friend of hers which has passed away. We met two of her sons and the connection is dipper. When we come to her she hug and kisses us and we feel to her a very warm and deep feelings.

Genja, a very dear lady, not soon to be forgotten!

Lihi and Noa are visiting Moshe. "He is 89 and very clear and communicative. His wife passed away 10 years ago. This time he gave us advice for our love life, marriage and how we have to speak with boys. We hug him and kiss him and really love him. It seems to us that the most important thing we do this year is this adoption…"

In Jerusalem we have an excellent group. Each of the volunteers is visiting once a week. one of the survivors Shoshana is visiting Chana Venneger. This week she managed to fix for Chana some problem with her health care and when she started with it, Chana was sure that it would never be arranged. Try to imagine how gratful was Chana to Shoshana. Sason keep his visits at Shiendel's and try to help if there is anything to help. Bat El made a warm connection with Eti Avraham and Shani have a good meetings with Shoshan Shpitzer. Kali is visiting Tzibotero Mirale and she is very happy with this connection. I must remind you that in Jerusalem these days are very cold and it need a lot of energy to keep the houses to be warm.

Do I have to add any more??

Many thanks for the good cooperation with the Foundation for the holocaust victims: Guy Oren - the head of the volonteers department, Limor - in the South, Pnina in the North

My best wishes for the donatores, volonteers and to the survivors that are the real winners.


News of the week

November 16, 2011, Cheshvan 19, 5772

Dear friends !

On Thursday we told you about the visit in the Army camp. today we will try to give you some idea about the other activitis we have passed this week.

On Monday, a Group of 12 students from Maitzar came to visit the survivors in Genosar. They visited in the privet homes and "Bait Savion". They already know who they prefer to visit.

They went to meet Eliran Jane, who were left as an orphan in his childhood , and had to move from one house to another. He continued his story and love their attention. his stories are fascinating.

Rivkale Shtiyner in her house, was so happy for her visitors, and told them about her neighbor Ygal Allon (commander of the Palmach, and a general in the IDF. He served as one of the leaders of the Israeli Labor party, and acting Prime Minister of Israel, and was a member of the Knesset and government minister from the 10th through the 17th Knessets). Rivka's work, was in the memorial house on his name and present his past.

On Thuesday R. Shachar with the boys from Keshet(Ramat Hagolan) Came to Pardes Chana.

They brought vegetables and fruits to the survivors. Ester Zimering just returned from the hospital and at the end of our visit she told us that it's the first time that she spoke not about her health but about something else. She thanked us again and again. the visit was very good and you can see some pic. from it.

On Wednesday the students from Kfar Hansie went with R. Shachar  to visit the survivors from Kiriyt Shmona. They brought also fruits and vegetables. The people were very happy to have the visitors. They know very little Hebrew and still they find communication, with the a good will and the lively youth.

On the evening of this day, the Mechina in Keshet, celebrated around a Dinner table , greetings for the new immigrants that made the decision to do Alia.

 Two of them were from our group, and when I spoke to them they told me that for them, being able to meet the survivors made there decision stronger and the inter generational connection, made their understanding what is it to help and to be part of this nation.

Menachem Semel: born in Petach- Tikva (Israel). On the age of four and half, his parents has left to New Jersy ( U.S.A ). His father is a Doctor and his mother is a kindergarten teacher. He studied in a Yeshiva and when he became 17 years old, he decided to return back home and join the army. This year he studies in Keshet.


Akiva goldshtien: born in Philadephia (U.S.A), raised as a traditional Jew as his parents. Studied in a Jewish school and only the high school were public. He made Alia even nobody from his family are here. Next year he is going to join the Israeli Army. Good luck brave boys. Watch yourself and we will watch you- as well!!!



MikiSalomon is the one that took the responsibility on the new group that working and doing a great gob . Each of the volunteers are visiting 2 of the survivors.

This Monday, Shuki and Sason brought to Shaindel Salomon a new washing -machine. she couldn't stop crying and greeting them.Sason keeps visiting her and he says that she have a wonderful sense of humor.Bat-el met Ety Abraham and said that she is a very nice women, but very sad for the death of her husband (few month ago).Michael has visited Aliza Daniel, and they have a very good connection. she loves to see him.

Miky is taking care for the checks those survivors are getting.

Jeruzalem: Miki Salomon is diegene die de verantwoording nam over de nieuwe werkgroep en hij doet een geweldige baan. Elk van de vrijwilligers bezoeken twee van de overlevenden.
deze maandag hebben Shuki en Sason een nieuwe wasmachine gebracht naar Shaindel Salomon. ze kon niet stoppen met huilen en hun groeten. Sason blijft haar bezoeken en zegt dat ze een geweldig gevoel voor humor heeft. Bat-el ontmoette Ety Abraham en zei dat ze een erg aardige vrouw is; alleen erg verdrietig over de dood van haar man (een paar maanden terug). Micheal heeft Aliza Daniel bezocht en ze hebben goede vriendschap. Ze is graag bij hem in de buurt. Miky is degene die zorg draagt voor de checks die ze krijgen.

On Thursday The Mechina from Nitzana near by the Egyption border): came to visit survivors in Beer Sheva. They did two weeks ago the Savta project and now they came to visit and here are some impressions from them:

Suzan Pertz : born in Tunisia, 78 years old, and live in Beer Sheva for about 50 years. She is shy and sensitive. She is very sick and for a long time she have a major depressive disorder. She have lost here husband before 10 years and misses him very much. She told Alon and Daniel – her visitors (see the picture), about the reaction of her husband when they both received the announcement that she wouldn't be able to give a birth. He announced that No other women will enter to his house because Suzan is his beloved women forever…She love to prepare food and cookies. "Lechaim" is going to give her in a few days a refrigerator; because hers is not functioning… she is so happy and grateful for the new friends and the help she is getting.

Shlomo Goldberg: widower, 87 years old, born in Hungary. He is very clear in his mind, has a wonderful blue eyes and a white mustache and his lips move without stop as he doesn't have enough time to tell his story. Assaf and Stav listening to his story (see the pic) hypnotically. He remembers details and dates of all what happened in the camp (Austria) he was. His Job was to take out from the big shed the bodies of the deads (he was only 16…).When the Americans reached the camp he took an ax and the first horse he met, turned to be the first meat meal for him and his friends.(see the picture).

On the end we want to thank the foundation for the holocaustvictims in Israel, that had started to work with us:Gay Oren – who incharge of the volunteers, Limor Gilat – from beer Sheva, and very soon we will start in Haifa to act.

Many greetings for a good work on helping for more survivors.

Best regards.


News of the week

10 november 2011, Sheshvan 13, 5772

Dear friends!

I am happy to tell you about very exciting week in "Lechaim" project

I, personally, had a very special experience.

This morning, I drove to the north, picking up Timik and both of us went to Katzrin , picking up Roza and Willy, to visit the Army camp near the Syrian border. We were welcomed beautifully. After a short description about Amutat "Lechaim", Roza had started her life story. The silence was completely, each word of hers , hit all ears and shocked many of them. We felt united and a deep understanding about the precious connection between generations: the holocaust survivors and our generation. We felt as partners of a huge and big thing called the Israeli Nation. Willy's story , shacked hearts as well. I don't really have to say anymore. You can see it in the pictures.

This meeting had a lot of impact, we alle had some tears in our eyes...

Rosa and Willy impressed by a gift from the soldiers.

I can say gladly, that the basic vision of "Lechaim" which is "Love your neighbor as yourself" and the built of human hearts which make partners by many various factors as youngsters, religious, nonreligious, soldiers, educational institutes, Jews and non-Jewish – Israel lovers. I feel the holy spirit in this blessed action of giving and unity on such dark days as we have.

I can say, that on the last few monthes, to adopt more survivors and we doubled our volunteers.

The spoksmen of the IDF are going to publish it in the army. we will share it with you on the right time.

Both Rosa and Willy are the first pioneers in Israel who helped to build Eretz Jisrael. They both wished the soldiers that G-d of Israel will bring back shalom to Israel and there will be no more wars.

Timek Kolman



Report from the North of Israel

October  9, 2011,  Tishrei 11, 5772

Dear Friends of Lechaim-to-life,

On monday (last week), we  had a good start for a new season in Ginosar with the studants from Meitsar . About 13 youngsters came to experience the beauty of spending
valuable time with the holocaust survivals in Ginosar for the first time.

Part of them went into the houses to visit the survivors and another part went to Beit Savion (r. home) to visit the sick and most needy once.
103 years old, sang a song.
102 years old, have a big sorrow that none of his  family are not visiting him.
Genja: just turned to be 90. She  had a great time with us.
80+ ,had a lot of stories to tell. They all enjoyed the visit  very very much.

We met the Mechina from Mayan Baruch , It was very exciting to see the bright eyes of the youngsters ready to start and waiting for the first meeting with the survivors from Kiriat Shmona and Bait hilel (Moshav-close to Mayan Baruch)

The introduction before the first visits to the elderly people in Ginosar.

Benjamin from Germany  

Genja from Litvia

Avi from Austria. May he rest in peace (20-02-2016)

Next day, we went to the new Mechina in Kfar Hanasi. Daniel spoke to the new students, and they were - as usual, with a lot of enthousiasm . The students from this mechina are scheduled to visit in Katzrin.

The day after , four soldiers from the nearby IDF base, joined me to meet some members of our people in Katzrin. Also, next day they will come and visit few others . The soldiers are very
motivated youngsters. they understand  the value of Lechaim-to-life, by visiting these  people. They will join us in Katzrin, when ever the IDF allows them to come.

IDF-soldiers visits Willy 

Here, in the picture, you can see excited face of Gershon, getting a new heater  from LeChaim-to-life. Now, he is prepared much better,for the winter that will come very soon.

Rosa speaking with Karel in her motherstongue "Jiddish". Both of them survived the Shoa.

Shalom and I wish you all a sweet Jewish new year!
Timek Kolman

About the action in the south:The amazing students from the academy of Nitzana, have decided to stay in Beer Sheva for 3 days, till Sukot evening, and do some changes in the lives of the survivors they have adopted.

They are going to build Sukot to those that can't do it, to renovate and paint some of the houses and to create a new gardens for two of the houses which has a barren ground. We are excited to see the results of this wonderful plains and bless good luck for their good intentions.

Happy new year and  good news

September  28, 2011, Elul 29, 5771

Dear Friends!

Tonight, all Jews are going to celebrate the beginning of a new year ( Rosh Hashana). It means, celebration in the Synagogue and familys around the table-accepting the new year with greetings, blessing and wishes.

I want to share with you all the good news from our project of "Lchaim to life".

Yesterday, We had the group from Keshet (Ramat Hagolan) came to visit Pardes Chana,  greeting  all the survivors, full hands of food and good mood. They also had their little jar of honey – our greetings for a sweet good year (see the pic). Everybody was happy, survivors and the boys with R. Shachar. I wish them and us a good experience for both sides.

Tamar – just came from abroad and visited Miriam fux which waited for her very enthusiastic, she enjoy her visits so much.

Yudit Yeger – is a new survivor and Nofar is a new volunteer. She is visiting her once a week. They decided to start learning computer (her grand-daughter is not willing to come and visit her because she don't have it..), Computer, we have for a start, and we are looking for a screen for her..

In Jerusalem Miky (a new volunteer) took the challenge and went to the survivors giving them the present for the holiday, even it was his first time. He did it with a big smile and a very good will. Also Sason, keep visiting Shaindel Salomon and enjoy her sense of humor. He is a student and is a bachelor.  She has decided to be his matchmaker and she is doing it with all her sick heart. Such a beautiful connection between the two of them. Yesterday, when Miky came, she thought that Sason has left her and she started to cry…

 We have also Shoshana visiting in Ramot (suburb of Jerusalem) a survivor from Russia that live with her daughter.

Timik in Tveria met Pinchas  for the first time. They had a very good visit getting to know each other. Pinchas told Timik  about himself and we will write about him in another time.

Next week the soldiers from the army camp are going to visit survivors in Katzarine with Timik .

On the 3rd of October the students from the pre- academy of  Maitzar ( Golan Hights) are going to do their first visit in Kibbutz Genosar. They are very excited and waiting for it.

Daniel is going to meet next week students from Mayan Baruch and from Kfar Hansie (upper Galil), to give them presentation about Amutat Lchaim. They also will start being part of the project in Katzarin and Kiriat Shmona..

The students from Nitzana (on the south) made their first visit in Beer Sheva last week and they came out very excited and can't wait for the next visit.

In Tel aviv and Hertzelia both volunteers and survivors are doing well and we are very thankful for it (details will come on our next report).
This is the time to thank all of you dear friends for your devotion and support along our way. Without your donations – this project couldn't be as it is. We are sincerely appreciating your sympathy and generosity. Have a good, healthy and a happy new year.

Yours: Shuki, Timik, R.Shachar, Rivka, and all the survivors.








Dear friends!

Yesterday I came back from abroad from a successful journey and it is clear to me that the world need a new song in order to be out from the dark as it said : "Sing a new song to G-d"- the song of faith which is needed these days.

As you see, Amutat "Lchaim" have almost doubled the number of the people joining this blessed project. A new spirit is blowing- thanks to you as our partners.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart: Have a  happy new year , have a  spiritual growth. Remove all significant idols and get closer to the G-d of Israel and to the Israeli nation. Be blessed with your family, abundance, health and energy with an inner joy of a live water.

Please, continue being part of this holy symphony which we are united around this project.

My best regards.


The students of the mechina enjoyed the visit very much and got a little taste of being part of the project.

16 september 2011, Ellul 17, 5771

This week, Daniel gave also an introduction lecture to the new mechina students from Meitsar . This year, they are allocated to the Holocaust survivores in Kibbutz Ginnosar . We found that the students were  very motivated to join the Lechaim-to-life project. 

This month Tamara and Nicolai celebrated their birthday. We enjoyed their celebration.

Klara, Timek and Tamara

Nicolai (to the right on the picture)

Not all of our dear friends were so happy when we met them. Rina's husband had deceased and we arrived in the middle of Shivah (mourning time) and also met her son and daughter who were with her.

Elisa's husband is in a very bad condition and Anatoli Grushko, Anatoli Limunsky, Ida, Ilja and Illana, are struggling with poor health.

Ida, Ilja, Klara and a volunteer

Thank God that it goes well with Israel, Roman, Rachel, Nelie, Ina, Shur and Klara.

We brought all of them a little love and a little light in their homes. The fresh fruit and vegetables, a vegetable and a coupon Rosh Hashana kadoo made a good start to the new season. We wish them a blessed and sweet new year. The students of the Mechina enjoyed the visit and got a little feeling for the part in the project.

This week Daniel also gave an introductory speech to the new Mechina students Meitsar. This year they are allocated to Holocaust survivors in Kibbutz Ginosar.

Shalom and a sweet new year,


Pardes Chana:

Today, we had the first visit of the new students from Keshet (In the Golan Hights).

Rabbi Shachar came with six new students, who half of them made an Alia already (which means that they made the decision to become an Israeli resident).

They were very interested to start their mission, and after a short meeting of introduction (see pic.) they went to do the visits with the presents for the holyday.

Ester Zimering accepted them happily with a good mood; even her health is not so well.
had R. Shacar visiting her and she loves him and was excited to see him.
Morris told the boys about his childhood in Morocco and how he came to Israel.
Rhachmil had all of the visitors speaking, singing and laughing with him.
Benyamin causes them laughing and being very happy.
Chaia told them about herself and was very excited to meet them.
Klara insist them to drink and eat. She joked with them. She felt herself happy.


Chaim was speaking about the Bible and felt very good about the visit..

The new students are from:U.S.A –Denver, New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey.

England: London. Israel : Jerusalem, Bait Shemesh and Efrat.

You can see that the expression:" And the sons came back to their land" is working here and gathering Jews from all parts of the world. It is exciting how the differences melt after a year and there are no differences between all of them.

We have three new volunteers with three new survivors, visiting them once  a week and it bring so much joy for both sides.I wish the students,volenteers, survivors and "Lchaim "-  all the best and thank you our friends in the world donating and making the project going and growing .



The most exciting start of a beginning of a new year 

September 5, 2011, Elul 6, 5772

The summer is almost gone. Yesterday, students in Israel,had started their studies in the educational institutes. With them, we continue our activities and expending our circles with those enthusiastic youngsters.

We passed a very special summer because of the radio program we were in. people from all over the country called and we tried to integrate them where it was possible. It was so exciting to realize that most of the volunteers were young people which are aware of the situation of the holocaust survivors and want to give a hand and change it.

Here are some stories about the new adoptions:

Ronen (from Hulon) is a father of 2 little kids, he met Izik (from Tel Aviv) who is a survivor and fought in most of the wars in Israel. They are going to write the story of his life and we are looking how we can help him to publish it when they will finish it. both of them are very excited and we are too.

Musik & Razi (from Hertzelia)  they adopted Toney &  Yoel. Yoel is on a wheelchair and  couldn't get out of the house for 15 years. Musik and Razi's brother came and carried him out to breath and see the outside... Also they have start to renovate their kitchen  and going to bring them a new gas stove and electric stove  . Try to imagine what a big change it is in their lives.

Shoshana from Jerusalem)start to adopt Olga (Ramot) which is all day long is alone in the house of her daughter. She is so happy for this change.

Miky and Sason (young students from Jerusalem)  are going to join Aviv in his visits.

Shery is a Musician from Kfar Saba and a father of a little girl, he is going to visit Aharon which is in a retirement house and his wife(Diny) can't visit him every day and asked for our help. Can you understand how relief Diny feel.

I can tell you more, but we are still trying to bring the right people to the right needs.

Yesterday afternoon, Daniel and Timek took a group of soldiers from one of the basis near Katzarin to join them in their visits of survivors. They had visited Willy Adler – which was very excited and they were too. He told them the story of his life and his experience as a soldier in the begening of Z.h.a.l .they also joined him on strawling with his electric scooter. Ety Shkolnik also, met them and told the story of her surviving. They are going to come back before Rosh Hashana and will bring a gift for the holidays. Willy was  invited to the basis to tell the whole Unit of soldiers his story.

Meeting pre academy students

The coming night of Shabbat, Daniel is going to meet the new students with R. Shachar most of them are coming from abroad) in  Keshet on the Golan Hights and give them introduction about Amutat "Lchaim". They are going to continue in Pardes Chana.

On the 11th of September – The Democratic school in Hedera is going to meet Daniel also to get to know our activities and join us.

On the 12th of September, Myzter(G.H) students will have their introduction and will visit survivors in Kibbutz  Genosar.

On the 4th of October, Daniel will meet the students from Maayn Baruch and they will visit survivors in Kiriat Shmona.

In the south – the students from Kiriat Mlacy  (Ashkelon area) will start to do visits in the area.

As you can see we have a lot to do – preparing those who start to join us with a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity. We wish them and the survivors good experience and good luck!   

And at last, the  visit in Pardes Chana  by R. Shachar and his 3 children + Royi. They brought coupons on helping the survivors to pay the electricity bills and supplies of dry food . Ofcourse they were excepted with joy and appreciation.

Timek in Katzarin did the same and also were welcomed.

We can say how happy we feel on getting so much help and to thank you-  all our supporters abroad.


Our regards : Daniel, Timek, Rivka, R.Shachar