Preparation for Yom Kippur
October 2, 2014,  Tishrei 8, 5775

Dear friends!

We have passed Rosh Hashanah with a lot of self-examination and we are getting close to the Fast of Yom Kippur.  Here are more of the daily actions which raise up thoughts and understanding to the period to which we have arrived.

We will start from the general to the specific:

Generally: We heard Abu Mazen lecture in the U.N. and as usual it was full of lies, slander and without any message. Also Bibi Netanyhu wasn't a men with a message and vision. It is a lost battle which is going on in the wrong direction. This scene, has no purpose and it is hypocritical words only. It should be understood that this story and battle is not there, but far away inside the hearts of the people. The culture of lies, in which we live, is the result of spiritually distorted education for centuries and maybe more.
These days, we are living at the beginning of a disorder, the world will never be as it was before. The capitalistic and the technological world has created distorted priorities of the human race. The human heart - the human soul and its development, has been forgotten.  Instead, technology of an Internet economy has been developed which doesn’t have any justice, mercy or humanity – and it leads the world.
Everything is a matter of profit or loss. All the educational institutes from a very early age, develop grading machines, which take away humanity and brainwash their brains with nothing left of humanity.
It is a matter of production. It works with the politicians, the establishment and the heads of companies and their workers who are educated to look on their clients as only another opportunity for cruel and cold profit.
It is very dangerous because even good people are forced into such traps: "The culture slaves of fashion and the system".

This situation has slowly sealed hearts, the compass of the conscience, and carried us to the darkest eddies.
This situation my friends, is going to end! The lie will be seen and the human race will be neglected "When there is no vision - nation  will perish…"

This is my chance to point out our to the essence of our project. We don't see ourselves as "another philanthropic organization ", we try to give a message in which its fruits are seen and the message is: more work from the heart, more human connection, eye to eye, and heart to heart, to be more sensitive to other needs, and the recognition of the spiritual existential need for the superior crown of creation – the human being.

For already ten years, I insist on having the warmest contacts, by phone, or by meeting heart to heart with other active people.  Emails are an evasion, but are needed as a way to bring you the character and the beauty of the project. We insist that all the students, guides and Rabbis bring lofty ideas down to earth, and action.

We insist they do our project with all their hearts, with thinking and attention to little details which gets feelings of high quality in to the hearts of our survivors. This way of working brings the people to a deeper awareness, and stops the race of life, giving a chance to the heart to expend itself for others.
This spiritual and educational project is based on the commandments of God and strengthened by the last prophets in the Bible, and you can see how important it is these days. The quantity is not important but the quality, and in did, we are growing in the right proportions. The bottom line is: for the people with the kind of soul who understand these words, we should find the golden line between the madness of our daily commitment and what we must understand to do, little but very significant steps: to open our gaze beyond the everyday problems and to see that the real cure is to put all our efforts into being as our G-d and radiate unconditional love, kindness and charity into the reality, even if it is only with friends and neighbors. Each time, to open our hearts, not from a high and mighty place, or from a place which conveys a threatening stance, or as a victim but the opposite: to lift, strengthen and encourage people, by lifting their heads high above their circumstances. We, in L'chaim, happily continue our activities and will tell our news.

To my dear friends in the world and here, to the Jews and non-Jews who truly love Israel, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your material and spiritual support in our wonderful project.

Gmar Chtima Tova,to all my Jewish friends.



Dear Friends,

We just came back from another special visit with our holocaust heroes, and it was just as significant as before. The heroes were so happy to see the students and went out of their way to make them feel at home offering them a seat and some hot drinks. Even though it took so much effort on their behalf to get mugs, boil water, get the tea, coffee, and sugar, and serve it, they seemed to feel so good and worthy to be able to hosts guests.

It was very meaningful to realize how much these visits mean to the heroes, especially during this week in which we celebrated the New Year, a celebration usually held with family and friends. The students were very happy to be there for them, and to be their friends.

One of the heroes, named Shalom, who used to be the U.S.S.R boxing champion was so excited to host and then train the students helping them prepare for their army service. He took them down to the beach and showed them a few punching moves, and the proper way to work out and build muscles. It was so touching to get a little taste of what Shalom was like back when he was a champ, watching him throw those punches and teach the students how to box and protect themselves. He was enjoying himself so much, and at any chance he had, he would tell strangers at the beach that he is training and preparing young American immigrants for the IDF. He was truly shining!  

May you all be blessed with a sweet new year, full of happiness, peace, and health, and may you continue to be a part of such a special life changing program.

Shanna Tova!!!

Rabbi Asher


The boys came in the afternoon.
Tova was so happy to meet them. She charmed them and kept telling them amazing stories. For her the visit was too short…
Yakov host the boys happily and didn't let them go till they drank his Tea and cookies.
Shalom, was very energetic this time, and took the boys to the sea and Aliyah's  Cave. He speaks already about their next visit.

The visits, was very meaningful, mainly, because of the holidays. It brings a lot of feeling of loneliness and sadness. These visits are a great relief to the survivors.

Greetings and Chatima tova!



Yesterday I had visited our survivors in Shderot:

Benyamin, was in a very good mood. His apartment is neat and clean after starting to have a lady who takes care of his needs. Volunteers came to paint his house, and yet, he is waiting to get suitable apartment on the first floor because of his legs pains.
Maya, is great ! She told me how she handheld the days of war this summer. She was busy on taking care of others, going from one shelter to another making dolls with the children (see in the picture) who didn't have any activities in the shelters. She prayed for the soldiers. Her health is not very good but she is optimist and her mood is good. Edo, is her volunteer and she is very happy with him. in the pictures you can see the soldier doll which she called  Shderotnik!!!
Izik & Miriam live on the forth floor and it is very hard for them to go up and down on the stairs. As you remember , Izik was wounded from a peace ofKasam and his leg is not in a very good condition.Miriam is sick in her heart, and partly paralyzed. They are not entitled to have apartment from the state and it is difficult to solve the problem. Their economic situation is not good and it makes their life harder. They are tired from all their struggles, and visits and some help will do a lot for them.

That's my news this time. Gmar Chatima Tova, from me, and the survivors.


Kibbutz Ginosar:
This time, the students already knew the survivors better, and as soon as the bus arrived, two by two, have started on visiting in their tiny houses. Another four new students, came to join us in the project. After Sukkot, they will be visiting survivors in Kibutz Deganja (south of the Kineret). Until then, they had practiced in Genosar.

Few responses from the students:

Shoam:  Avi was great! We took him on his wheelchair, to Igal Alon Houseand talked about Rosh HaShana..
Maya:  Avraham  was super! He has so much to tell us and we are so happy that we can spend the coming year with him.
Ariella:  Izik was great! Sara came back from the hospital, but had to go back for a check up. We all hope that she will be recovered soon from her stroke.
Yaniv: Zelma loved it! Her garden looks nice, But the roses has died because she was busy in taking care of Josef (her husband). His health is really not good.


Pardes Chana:

Yesterday, R. Shachar, the group from Neve Michael with Or who came with them instead of  Zvia, and me, gathered to visit and greet all the survivors with Gmar Chatima Tova! R. Shachar brought vegetables and fruits and it was accepted with gratitude.

Chaya, is not feeling very well and  lost a lot of weight. She is a bit tired of struggling and it makes her body  very weak. I brought her a microwave oven which was needed very much at her kitchen. She was so grateful and it made her very happy. We gave her our greetings and went away to Benyamin, whom's garden needed to be taken cared. The boys without any hesitation, started to work and clean and gave water to the plants. He was very happy for it.
showed us his new pottery ( see the pic.) which he did in the day centre for elder people. The boys heard that his T.V. doesn't work, and one of them fixed it right away. He also, sang for us a song and we greeted him and went to Aliza, who has a broken hand after falling down, and does also have some broken bones in her chest. She is uncomfortable with it and painful. But, to have all of us, opened her heart and she told us one of her interesting stories and each of us had greeted her and then, went for a short visit to Zipora and theBoaron couple. I can say that the boys of this group are with a lot of enthusiasm, they ask questions, they initiate things and makes the visits very vivid, (lucky us).

I wish all of you dear friends of Lechaim and to Lechaim team: Gmar Chatima Tova and Thank you for the ongoing treatment to our survivors.

Rivka (your humble "shriber").

Daniel Braun
Phone: + 972 54 772 3510
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The last day of this year
September 24, 5774,   Elul 29, 5774

Dear friends

Another greeting  before the big holiday, and, final visits for Rosh Hashana

During these recent days, Timek and I have visited Kibbutz Dafna in the far north, and met there an amazing woman: Ruth, who is the Director of the Social Welfare in the Kibbutz. We have found that there are very old survivors in the age of 100 and more, who need some connection with youngsters. Ruth expressed her enthusiasm for our project, which connects heart to heart, the old and young generations. The students from Maayan Baruch will adopt four survivors from there and will continue with in Kiriat Shmona

In Kibbutz Dgania Alef, we met other good souls : Miraleh and Ruar, who are social workers and they will direct us to the lonely and needy survivors there. The students from Meitzar, will visit in Dgania. All of this, will start after the holiday.

We are in the 10th year of our project, and can see the wonderful fruit as a result of our investment and persistence to meet the initial vision, strengthening the human connection, heart to heart between the old and young generations. The vision based on the prophet Malachi's prophecy, who is promising in the name of G-d when Eliyahu is coming:" He shall reconcile parents with children and children with their parents"…

The project demonstrates first-class values that must be strengthened, mainly because of when the government systems and welfare departments which are supposed to help the disadvantaged citizens, who need their help, sink in the sea of bureaucracy and it feels so unreachable to them.  The world is sinking to the state where the weak people feel that they have no one to ask for help.

This generation is addicted more and more to electronics and the Human side gets lost in the darkness of technology which is disconnected in a frightening way from the human connection.

The fruit which I am speaking about in Amutat Lechaim, shows the necessity of pleasant human encounters and encouragement to strengthen and enlighten hearts.

The tremendous satisfaction we have, is to see both sides old and young, how their lives have changed and become infused with wonderful human qualities.  Not only once do I hear the youngsters longing for something deeper, because our soul knows and feels the need of the hour to open the heart channels, to have good communication, to increase love in life which is the essence of our existence on earth

I see Amutat Lechaim as an island of sanity, and as light in the dark. A light which we must enhance.

We are expanding in the right way and ask from you, to continue your support in order to be able to adopt more survivors from the north and the south?

In the end, we believe that what we do helps to bring closer salvation. At such dark times, it is required from us not to surrender, or give in, to despair in the dark. Instead, to increase and enhance the activity of grace and light which give happiness and enormous satisfaction.

Regards and thanks to all our dear friends in Israel and the world. I wish that this year will be sweet and creative.



Beer Sheva

Today (Monday) I had visited Olga. She was sick but accepted me with a very good mood. She has, two volunteers. Sofy has taken her to her Doctor and she was very grateful for that. Sofy is teaching her on a computer which she has got as a donation. The other volunteer Eliram, teaches her Hebrew and she is teaching him Russian and he takes her to Concerts, or buys what she needs. She prepared for me presentation of her city (see the paper) and showed me pictures of her family. Rosh Hashana is the day when her husband has died and for her it is Memorial Day for him. She has moved to Beer Sheva only one year ago, and in the old place no one gave her any attention for even being a survivor. I brought her flowers and she was very excited about it and thanked me for being taken care of and the warmth she is getting from us.

Yosef had much good news. He told me about his visit to his son who is autistic, and it field his soul. Also, he joined an event for the new year with other survivors and he played on his Organ, and felt as the Star of the evening (As a blind man, he is playing only what he hears). He prefers to be out with people and not to feel alone in his little house (his wife has passed away only four months ago). He has a medicine student as a volunteer.

Otto, came out from the hospital two weeks ago and cannot go up in the stairs to his home on the second floor. His daughter, hosts him and it's not easy for both of them. He needs help economically and in his health. He appreciates our support and wishes us, all the best.


News from the North:

Dear friends!
Warm greetings to all our donors abroad, from our shoa survivors in Katzrin and Rosh Pina: Jafim, Shlomo, Shaul, Ela, Genja, Etja, Tsila and Leonid, Talja, Israel and Blanka.

I visited them all yesterday, and brought them the best wishes from Lechaim-to-life. Everyone received a nice gift for Rosh Hashana. I made them all very happy because of  my visit. Our people hardly can wait until the students start their first visit on October 6th.

The very hard news is that: Itzchak has passed away the evening before yesterday. He spent two months in the hospital and his daughter told me that his suffering has ended.

In Ginosar , the students came again and now after our introduction last week, they started to visit them in their homes. You can see the great joy in the pictures attached to the report. Again we could bring a great happiness in the hearts of these precious people.

I will soon, expand our activities in the north of Israel. Daniel and me have visited Kibbuts Deganja and Kibbuts Dafna. In those kibbutzim there are lonely shoa survivors. We have found very reliable social workers there, very much connect to the vision of Lechaim. They will help us coordinating the visits of the students there. You will hear more about in later reports.

Pinchas in Tiberias is struggling with his health last months he was hospitalized several times. Today, I will be visiting him in the hospital. He is so grateful for our friendship

I wish all of you a very happy and peaceful new year


Tishrei holidays:  Rosh Hashanah
September 22, 2014,  Ellul 27, 5774

Dear friends!

On these days we prepare ourselves for the holy day of Rosh Hashanah, first day of Tishrei. Rosh Hashanah symbolizes for us as Jews, a very holy day. It is the head of the beginning of a new start! (Rosh= Head). It's a day when we get rid of the old and ask to renew ourselves, to get better and to do better. It is a holy day because according to our belief, it's a Day of Judgment, when the Almighty judges us and it will affect the whole year for blessing or curse, for abundance or poverty, for light or darkness... and it depends on us!!!

It's a great day, and we must gather ourselves together and look carefully on all that we have done till now by self-examination, and from
that, to use all means to act in a better way. If it is a day of judgment why do we celebrate this holiday with good meals, with apple and honey and a lot of joy and hopes? We believe that the Creator, wants to bless us and to bring all the best to our lives because he loves us, a real true love, and eternal love, and we, as his sons and daughters, we have to rise above the muck of life and find the sparks which are built in us. To try to reset a new line and understand His will for us.

Indeed, life is a journey, and it has many struggles. The need to struggle with our inclinations, our faults, resulting in the will to repair and to have a real change. Again, a wonderful reminder: He is not expecting perfect results from us but to give our efforts and try hard, even stumbling, without giving up, trying again and getting better. A real person knows his boundaries, aware of his limits but trying with all his heart to correct himself and repair the connection because of his love for G-d.

This is the reason that the day of Rosh Hashanah is so holy, and we beg with fear and trembling for forgiveness, to stabilize our ways and to crown the King of Kings, the Almighty! To gain a real humility for the Giver, who is over our heads giving us the strength to succeed. We
know that everything depends on this day - a day of guarding our tongues, being responsible for ourselves, counting what we did.

At the same time, with a big joy, knowing that by being better, our G-d knows how much more we will get, only by being purer, cleaner and
more open. The Shofar’s narrow barrel, comes to cry from the straits, without words, a true real cry to the Almighty: hear our cry! This is the reason why the Shofar is very narrow at one end and it gets wider. From the straits we cry to the Creator, from the straits we cry out over and over, and desire for space of G-d! Halleluiah!

After Rosh Hashanah, another 10 days are given to us in favor, till Yom Kippur. We are given another chance to win His signature. Those days can give us the chance to rise even further, and at Yom Kippur we are signed in the book of life.

This is my explanation why it is so important to eat apple with honey. To sweeten the Year and its laws, and then to eat the best meal. This is the reason why we, in "Lechaim" give priority for it with the new students and bring such a present for the holiday.
This is an uplifting action that we can do thanks to you our donors from the world and the country. Thank you for your generous heart, and your warm blessings.

Shana Tova ,



Beer Sheva:

Today (Monday), I went to visit Roza and brought her the cheque you gave me. She thanked me and the donors for the nice cheque which will help her a lot. She is going to be 100 years old on Sukkot. She has visits by a volunteer. I add a picture of me and her. Would you believe that she is  going to be 100 years old??? Two ladies are taking care of her. Her only son is supporting her but it's hard for him to help in all her needs.

Rozelia, was so excited to get the cheque and my visit. She is very lonely, and her connection with her daughter is not very strong, even
though both of them live in Beer Sheva. You can see her in the picture. I hope to find her  volunteer, who will break her loneliness.

Chedva, didn't feel so well today, but thanked me so much for my visit. She is also very lonely and needs some attention.
Izik & Miriam from Sderot, spoke with me on the phone, and said how much the cheque will help them. They are so pleased that we don't
forget them and greet Amutat Lechaim and the donors, and wish all of us a happy good year and all the best.
My blessing to Amutat Lechaim, for being able to bring such a help to these survivors.



News from the North:

Kibbutz Ginosar:
Monday afternoon, 4PM. Sixteen fresh teenagers from Mechina Meitzar, came by the bus to join us this year in the "Lechaim-to-life project" in Kibutz Ginosar where eight Shoa survivors are waiting for them. Two months without the students ,was really hard for them. This is the fifth year that we come and refresh them with this enthusiastic group of youth.

We collect around Avi, and listen to his introduction. His face is shining when he meets the group. He is so happy that every week he will have two hours of quality time with these youngsters. Eli-Ram. What a joy. As soon as all 16 students sit down in his tiny room, he speaks to them how important they are fot him and give him life. And then Moishe and Avraham and Izik, again and again the same story. The students are already so enthusiastic and fulfilled. It is amazing to see, how this project puts fire in both: young and old hearts. We don't lose one minute of our quality time. The shoa survivors open their hearts to the new students, as they knew each other for years. This is really wonderful experience. I hope, that you, our supporters, could catch a bit of this "heaven on earth" through our reports. We finished our introduction tour with Zelma. She showed us how the previous students surprised her with a nice letter and how they still keep in touch with her.

Next week the students will split in 8 groups and start visiting the shoa survivors alone in their tiny houses. Ruth and Tsachi were not available this time so, we will see them next week.  

Kiryat Shmona:
The students from Mechina Mayan Baruch, are not yet available, but very soon they will start also. I brought every shoa survivor a nice
package for Rosh HaShana and the most needy once has received also additional food coupons.
Nicolay is already a year in an elderly house , 15km from Kiryat Shmona. His wife Zina, is visiting him every day. Nicolay is doing well for the moment. We will be missing Tamara, in the summer one of her lags have been removed. She will move to elderly house in Haifa, close to her grand children. She will not return to Kiryat Shmona.
Eliahu is doing fine, and is awaiting the students the most.
Ida had a lot of pains today and could hardly to walk and open the door for me. This week, it was one year that Ilja, husband of Raya has died. For Raya, it was a very difficult year and the students gave her good strength. We have a new enthusiastic group of students that will continue also this year to make the lives of these people with much more meanings.

Many greetings and thanks to all of you who are standing with us in this work from Klara, Israel, Rina, Ina, Neli, Roman, Anatoly and Anatoly and Lisa.

Shalom and have a very blessed New Year.

Dear Friends, Shalom!

We have just begun another exciting year in the Keshet-Yehuda PreMilitary Academy.  We have a great group of guys who have come
from the United States and England to devote a few years to the people and land of Israel.

Many of these guys were attracted to our program not only for the rigorous religious studies and physical training, or for our beautiful
campus nestled in the Golan Heights Mountains, but for another reason as well. All of them came back with very positive experiences as they enjoyed their time with these special individuals, and cannot wait for the next time to go back.

They hung out with each other sharing their different backgrounds and getting to know each other. One of the students spent time with a lady who showed him her egg shaped marble collection. A collection she started as a result of being deprived of eggs for 7 years of her life.
Two other students enjoyed the company of an elderly man who kept cracking jokes about the students bringing smiles and laughter to their faces. I’m sure that over time many more connections will be formed and fun experiences shared between our students and the heroes.

It is very appropriate that the week in which the students met the heroes was the week in which we read from the Bible the portion of the
week discussing the arrival of the Jews in the holy land and the commandment to bring their first fruits to the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Bible says “And it will be, when you come into the land which the Lord, your God, gives you for an inheritance, and you possess it and
settle in it, that you shall take of the first of all the fruit of the ground, which you will bring from your land, which the Lord, your God, is giving you. And you shall put [them] into a basket and go to the place which the Lord, your God, will choose to have His Name dwell there.”
(Deuteronomy 26:1-2) Our rabbis explain that the reason for this commandment is to remind the farmer of the source of all his
abundance, God.

After one has harvested their crops, they might forget that their exceptional produce is not only a result of their hard work, but first and
foremost is due to God’s blessing. Therefore, the farmer brings the first of his fruit to the Temple thus reminding himself of the cause and
benefactor of his harvest, instilling in him renewed appreciation and gratitude for God.

These holocaust heroes are “the first of all the fruit,” putting our priorities in order. What greater way is there for young guys growing up in a very confusing world to be reminded of those who through their horrific experiences, our holocaust heroes, paved the way for the birth of the state of Israel. What greater value is there than reflecting on and expressing the terribly hard-earned appreciation these people deserve and our eternal gratitude towards them.

What greater significance is there than our students beginning a year of spiritual and mental growth in our homeland by being reminded by these heroes, who they are, and what we stand for.

Thank you for enabling our students to have the opportunity enrich and enhance the lives of these heroes, and also to gain so much from these essential and inspiring meetings.  In the name of all the staff of Keshet Yehuda, TODA RABA!  Thank you very much!


Rabbi Asher Smith

R. Asher - works with the boys with R. Erez.

Few words from David Kahan from New Jersey , student from Mechina  Kesshet, after his first day in Haifa:
"When I was first told that we would be visiting holocaust survivors, who lived in little houses, with no money, depressed and alone, I was pretty skeptical. What could I do already that would bring happiness to such such a miserable person?
We were told that we would be bringing them packages, to help them out for simchot, and would also give a check to help them financially. It is kind of hard to describe the look of happiness shalom had plastered on his face the entire time we were there. It was like we transported him to a time when he was younger. He quipped with us, took us on a walk, and kept promising us that he would help us train for the army. If anyone were to ask me if this is a holy cause, I wouldn't hesitate to say definitely. For what better cause is there than to bring simchot to a fellow Jew?"

The boys from Keshet Yehuda came to their first visit to the survivors in Haifa with the assistance and funding by Amutat L'chaim.
Our survivors accepted the boys with open arms and were very excited. They have visited Tova (see the picture) and she didn't want to say goodbye, she wanted to have them longer, and the boys really loved her.
Shalom, have already training plains to prepare them to the army. He took them around to see the sea and the side walks.
Martha, showed them pictures of her family and told her history.

The boys this year, came with full of positive attitude and motivation to help the people. They brought a present for the holiday but the main thing was the warmth they have poured on the survivors.

Also, two coupons were given for the needy survivors to help them on buying supplies for the holiday.

Many thanks for all you have done, and blesses to all the people and students who are involved.

Riki Evron.

(Volunteer Coordinator Haifa and Northern, The Foundation for Holocaust Victims in Israel)

News from Pardes Chana:

On Monday afternoon, we have met the new group from Neve Michael in the school in the "Giraf hall"(It was hard to find it). Daniel gave his words and presented the project to the 5 boys and 4 girls and Zvia. It was nice but not promising as it was on the first visit on Wednesday. The visit has started with Yudit Zets and her assistance Jennie, from the Ch. Embassy. We had a few minutes to speak and went to meet the group and R. Shachar, who came with the wine, apples and Honey, ready to be used for the blessings on the eve of Rosh Hshana. We were divided into groups and started the visits. The boys went with Zvia , and R. Shachar, Yudit and Jennie with the girls. The meetings were so full of joy. Benyamin sang with them and continued even after they have left.
Rachmill, sang with one of the boys in Russian and they refreshed their Russian language. They both, was so happy to share it one with another.
Chaya, was so excited to have all her visitors. Finally she renews her connection with the girls who she love and know from last year. The
entire group gathered in Aliza's house and one of the boys sang for her a song which she loved, and she told a bit about her story of life. R. Shachar continued to meet and visit the Boaron family who have suffers from many health problems and greeted them for the holiday, and also Ztipora Kartash who was very happy to meet him again.

The boys and the girls were more open and it was so great to hear them asking questions and listening in such an interest for the answers. It seems to have a great potential this year with this group.

Thanks for all who were involved: Yudit, Jennie, Zvia and the precious girls and boys, R. Shachar and of course, Amutat Lechaim, which is with us and brought all of this on the last  ten years.

Thanks and Shana Tova,

Rivka, your writer.

Many thanks to our new partners who is cooperating wonderfully: R. Erez and R. Asher from Keshet Yhuda, and the ones who continue: Riki - From Haifa, Efrat - from Beer Sheva, Zvia and R.Shachar - from Pardes Chana.

New season of activities

September 9, 2014, Ellul 14, 5774

Dear friends!
It's a  big joy, to start a new season of activities. As Timik wrote, we have met this week, three of the Mechinot in the North and last week we met the group from "Kesshet Yehuda". My feelings is that these youngsters: girls and boys, have a thirst for something different.
I felt with my heart the specialty of our vision with the vision of Malachi who promised that Aliya the prophet will come back to do so " to return the hearts of parents to their sons and sons hearts to their parents"…

I can feel that by going with this vision, it opens hearts with a big will , and those youngsters, are full of motivation to bring more meanings to their lives. All we have to do is to direct their way. We will meet next Monday, the very special group from Neve Micheal for a session of
orientation and then, on Wednesday R. Shachar, Tzvia and Rivka will start with them the visits. We feel that the seeds we have put along these 10 years is proving and we can see the fruits of our vision. Another institutes, will join us soon, but this, will be informed later on.
We ask again, for more donations before the holiday. We want to reach as many survivors who need our help.

I thank each of you in the world and here in the country.

This week Daniel and I, met the new students from the three 'mechinot' in Meitsar, Kfar Hanasi and Mayan Baruch.
Daniel gave an inspiring lecture to the students. I could see how Daniel approached directly from his heart to their hearts and  touched the students. The big enthusiasm of the students after the lecture and the many interesting questions that they brought up during the session, showed us already, that Lechaim will get another year of a very motivated volunteers, in our project, on visiting the shoa survivors. Next week, the students from Meitsar, will start their first visit in Ginossar, the others, will follow soon after.
The shoa survivors are waiting for them!

Warm greetings,

Beer sheva:
Rozelia is 93 years old, and her physical and mental health is going down. She has a lady who is living with her but they don't really getting along, and she needs some fresh air by visits of youngsters.
Roza  is 100 years old !!! Her health is not very good and mainly her spirit is down. She need help in managing with her little budget and also to meet  people. She will be very happy to have visitors.  


That's why the help of "Lechaim" gives them so much comfort.

Daniel Braun

Getting ready for the New Year

September 5, 2014, Ellul 10, 5774

Dear friends!

We are returning back to the blessed routine. These days, we are accepting the new students from the educational
institutes, who are going to join our project.

This week, on Sunday, I had the privilege to meet the new students from Keshet Yehuda. The eight students, who
came from the U.S.A., listened with inner ears and open hearts to the essence of our project and our vision. After
my introduction they have been watched video about "Lechaim" and already excited and full of motivation to their
first visit in Haifa which will be on the 15th of September. On their first visit, they will bring gift for the holiday (Rosh
Hashana). We hope that this project will give them in addition to be a profound significance for the Jewish people-
belonging to the Israeli nation.

You can see the picture of the new group. Also, they have a new serious team, led by Rabbi Erez Levi, the Rabbi of
"Avanyai Eitan" – Moshave in the Golan Heights. He will have as partners R. Asher and Avraham. They defiantly
brings a new wind,  which will help to the spirit of the project.

Yesterday, I met new students from Migdal Haemek (near Nazzeret and Afulla) In Israel valley, and next week I will meet another students
who will join our project in Haifa.

Next week , Sunday and Monday, Timik and me will meet the new students in 3 of the Mechinot in the North:
Maitzar – at 15.00 Sunday, Introduction meeting. They will adopt Genosar.
Maayan Baruch and Kfar Hanasie who will adopt : Kiriat Shmona, Katzarin and Rosh Pina.
Pardes Channa: We are organizing ourselves to accept students from the school for children's at risk in Neve Michael, after having a very successful year with the group, who was mostly, Ethiopians. R. Shachar, who you know already, will continue his mission by being with the project cooperating with Zvia and Rivka.  All, of us are waiting to the amazing group who brought so much happiness and love to
the survivors.

Congratulations to Efrat, who worked for the Holocaust Survivors' Welfare Funds, and decided to end her work there, but expressed her interest to be our delegate in the South. She already add, another eight survivors, who will be taken cared by us, besides the ones who are already under our adoption.

In Jerusalem, Miki salomon continue to be incharge, and also there, we did a lot, last year. "Protective edge" operation, made a lot of motivation to continue our valued project, which connect hearts and makes the old and young generations- united.

We are getting close to Rosh Hasshana (New Year), and ask you to donate in order to give each of our survivors to get the gift for the holiday. Also, we were asked from an Army officer to help one of a lonely soldier.

Here again, I want to thank all the active people and the generous donors, whom their spirit and action, gets our respect and appreciation. This is the power and ability to do what we do.

Blesses and thanks.


News from the North:
My visit to Willy this week was a bit difficult. Willy's condition is worsen than I expected. His dementia has progressed
much more. Even thow, we had a good time together and it was encouraging for him..
When I came, he recognized me, and a little smile emerged on his face. Willy thinks that all his relatives has left him and live outside of
Israel. I said to him that he is right: his wife and his daughter are already in Gan Eden(heaven) and they are waiting for him.
This idea gave him a bit of comfort. When I left, we agreed that Willy will wait for me, until I will come back to see him again... Again, a smile came on his face.

Last week I and some of our Dutch dear friends, has visited Gad and Tamar in their cozy house in a small village (Timrat), on the hills of Emek Israël. Gad's face was shining when we came. Tamar fell down a day before we came, and she hurt her back and could not
get up from the chair. Both of them, were encouraged so much from our visit. Gad and Tamar are very thankful people,both of them has survived Aushwitz and carry no bitterness in their hearts. This is a big gift! Their hearts and door,are always open. A visit of friends, makes their day and give them so much.

Shalom Timek

Pardes Channa:
Yesterday, I was away, and R. Shachar, came and visited each of the survivors, bringing them a nice package of vegetables and fruits.Thank you R. Shachar for coming,  bringing your special spirit. Our survivors loves you and wait for you each time.
Best regards to amutat "Lechaim" who makes it possible.


Elul, the month of Mercy

31 augustus 2014, Ellul 5, 5774

"I am my Beloved’s, and my Beloved is mine"!

Dear friends!

Yesterday (Tuesday, August 26) a cease-fire was finally agreed on. The general feeling in Israel is that there wasn't enough determination to destroy and finish the terror organization.

Again, we are forced by the nations’ pressures into a resulting agreement which strengthens and increases terrorism. We should understand the holy words from the Bible which are so relevant these days. We should remember and understand the scenarios that occurred during these days. Indeed, we have all the reasons to feel bitter disappointment that we didn't beat the agenda of a terror killer even with having a strong army with advanced technical methods. But, it wasn’t enough! Hamas is alive, kicking and breathing! They don't mind that 2000 residents from Gaza were killed! Life is not sacred in their consciousness. We should understand that we can't kill any ideas!  But, what we can do is to strengthen our spirit as individuals and as a nation. This is not so easy. We will try to understand the deeper, reasons for our hard road. The Almighty warns us in the Bible not to worship materialism. He gave us all the best: good land, fruit, vegetables and more. But, we surrendered to the lust for gold and silver (money) which was born in the West.

The materialistic world as it is today, has become heavy and dark. Everything depends on it! Our way of life is around materialism. And it is hard to create a spiritual and good life but simple ones, because "It is not bread alone from which people live". This is why our life has turned into an economic monster. Everything is measured by profit and loss and economic interests. Political decisions are not coming because of visions. Leaders are led only by economic interests, and this is the reason for their "Small spirit" They don't have any patience. Till we understand that, only with courage will we recognize our problem of not finding the way of truth. The numbing from materialism has blinded our eyes and we turned into being programmed.

Here is a quotation from Rabbi Kook, speaking about this matter:" And so goes the world diving and loosing the self from each of us;  individuals and all people. Scholars, educators are looking at the exterior and add fuel to the fire, watering the thirsty minds with vinegar, stuffing minds with everything - except themselves, the me, is missing itself! When I am not me, He isn't him and all the more so, that you aren't you!"

Dear friends!

G-d, leads us to the situation in which the troubles will choke us and will be unbearable. It is already knocking on our doors strongly as individuals, as a nation and the whole world. Yet, most of us still persist in not hearing the sounds of these warnings. The alarm is not strong enough. Times will come when we won’t have any choice, things will fall apart for us, inside and outside.  In order to understand that there is no other than Him, and to live better, we have to change priorities and to understand that in order not to store more material things, we are required to boost charity, humanity, giving and be aware of the joy of creation,  real foundations for a real way of life and not only when it is holidays, wars or other special occasions, and realize the necessity of a transformation of consciousness in which we will understand  that our Father from heaven will relate to us and light His beneficent light. We must do the same always! Our project of life must be Humanity, based on justice, charity and grace and giving which can come only when a person finds his special road and will be able to find his freedom and his self by raising his abilities, even it demands going against the stream. Too many of us are caught according the influences of the public.

The momentum which is coming in favor on us, will demand from each of us, to be aware, more then ever, being with his inner self. It demands a lot of patience, tolerance, and to get out from the freezing habits even it meant to begin with a little steps.

When the people here and the rest of the world will come back to the road of truth, or , at least, will ask for truth! There, we can bring up our strength, the glory of being

G-d's nation, Israel nation. No enemy, would be able to beat us. We will live in reality that Jerusalem will be connected together – Jerusalem above and Jerusalem below.

From Zion will come out Torah to the entire world on the final cure. Right now, we have to do a lot, to pray but doing things and strengthen the spirit of friendship.

We,  in "Lechaim", took on ourselves to bring this new spirit , and do it successfully, Baruch Hashem!

New Year is coming soon. Efrat is joining us in the south, and we will be able to do more there, for survivors.

The students, and us, organizing happily ourselves, to start a new year.

My blesses to all of you, our friends, for helping us at the war we have just passed.



Pardes Chana!

Shalom to all our friends!

R.Shachar and me, did this time the visits to our survivors.

We brought a package of supplies to each of them.  The Boaron family had a lot of problems. Sara, was hospitalized and Avraham had to go to be with her, also their son has been taken by the police. It isn't pleasant at all for them and they expressed it to us. Zippora Kartash, is tending her sister, who has passed a very complicated operation in her heart , and we spoke with her on the phone.

Chaya and Morris (see the picture ), after so long, was willing to sit with us and join the visit. They feel better and I believe also, because of our visit.

Benyamin, sang with R. Shachar and his guitar and it brought a lot of happiness to Benyamin. Aliza, was very happy to meet us and even she wasn't so well, she has accepted us with smiles and joy.

Rachmill is well as you can see, and recently he started to have a lady who helps him to keep his house clean and organized.  He likes it and we liked it too.

This is my chance to add my gratitude for the encouraging words we had from you, our friends from the world, believing in our truth and spread it at least, around your friends. You were somehow, our real ambassadors, while here, we tried to save our country from the evil who think to take our only land from us. Thank you for your friendship and support which gave us to be proud of you as a group which is going with us so long and believe in what is the essence for us: being on this land.  

Best regards,


The War of Light and Darkness

19 augustus 2014,  Menachem Awe 19, 5774

Parashat Ekev : Walking on the light of Torah laws

Dear friends!

In the book of Deuteronomy Ekev 12, this is what is written there: “And if you obey these rules  and observe them carefully,  G-d, your G-d, will maintain faithfully for you the covenant that He made on the oath with your fathers"…

At the beginning of this Parasha, the message is very clear: we have rules as the Almighty said, and the blessing recited has these conditions below, clearly as words of a living G-d (14): " You shall be blessed above all other people"… But it is conditioned with (16) :
" You shall destroy all the peoples that the G-d , your G-d delivers to you showing no pity. And you not worship their gods, for that would be a snare to you"… (17): "Should you say to yourselves:" these nations are more numerous than we: how can we dispossess them?"

(18) You need have no fear of them. You have but to bear in mind what G-d , your G-d did to Pharaoh and all the Egyptians (19) the wondrous acts that you saw with your own eyes the signs and the portents, the mighty hand, and the outstretched arm by which the G-d ,
your G-d liberated you"… But we should remember that to earn to the blessing of G-d, we shouldn't forget Him as it has said in Ch. 8, verse 9 :" a land where you may eat food without scarcity, where you will lack  nothing. A land whose rocks are iron and from whose hills you can mine copper (10). When you have eaten your fill, give thanks to G-d, your G-d, for the good land which He has given you" . (17) " and you may say to yourselves," My own power and the might of my own hand has won this wealth for me" (18) but remember that it is G-d, your G-d who gives you the power to get wealth , in fulfilment of the covenant that He made in an oath with your fathers, is still the case"…

We should understand my friends: there is no vacuum in the world! And when the pit is empty of water, but scorpions and snakes are there, it means that the light of Torah, the true Torah is not shining in the world, and that the world chose the Islam god or other gods. The curse is everywhere and the thirst for fresh water, the true words of Torah, is also here in Israel. The covenant with our G-d and the legal and eternal alliance with Him is when we go with its light without veering right or left.  There is blessing, as it has been said in Deuteronomy, Parashat Reehe (when I will see), in Ch. 11, verse 26: "See, this day I set before you blessing and curse, blessing if you obey the commandment of G-d , your G-d, that I enjoin upon you this day, and curses if you do not obey the commandment of G-d, your G-d, but turn away from the path that I enjoin upon you this day…"

We have to understand and absorb: What's happening now is G-d's wish in order to bring us to the point of understanding the laws of curses and blessings.  The bottom-line should point out that there is no one – but Him! G-d of Israel!Even seeing our leaders, making mistakes again and again, releasing murderous terrorists, negotiating with a terrorist organization, wreaking a holocaust on us, while looking for a solution, contrary to the laws of the Bible and the reminder that it says clearly that there is no way to negotiate with enemies.  Our land, should be guarded carefully! "The one, who comes to kill you, be the first to kill him!" G-d wishes to show us so we see with our own eyes how leaders which are not going in His way, can't succeed. The only success will be when each of us, men or women, will choose with full awareness, the way according to His light and orders. Just as that! As it has been said: "do not go right or left"!

We need faith and determination on our way. No human solution can be succeed, if we act in a different way and will be away from the values of our Torah. We should know, that everything is according to His will! With patience and love, He allows us, to experiment, even with a curse, in order to reach the point of being helpless without any solution. Only when we will be on the edge, when all options will be finished. Then, we will cry out loud as thirsty orphans to the Almighty who is an endless source, to agree with all our hearts to please Him.  Then, we will see a real salvation. All the roads are leading towards this. In the end the world, gentiles if you wish, the ones who wish for the Islamic spirit - they will get only killing, murder and be under control. This is knocking already on our front doors. It happens!
The ones, whom their hearts and eyes are open will want to stick to, and wish with all their might, to hold the wing of a Jew's garment and to stick to Zion’s G-d - and they will be blessed for that.

Shabbat Shalom!


Here are two letters from north and south, written by the Volunteer Coordinator for holocaust survivors:


Tova: her situation is really not good. Recently, she fell down in front of her house, and she has bruises all over her body. Also, a junkie homeless has taken over the asylum, near her home, and besides being afraid from him, the dirt; pill up around her house and it isn't pleasant at all. She has pains in her legs, her mood is down and the very low economic situation she is at, affect her very much and she feel very lonely of struggling with all of those problems.

Matilda: have pains in her knees and hardly walks. Her economic situation is also don't add to make it better. The war, has effected her very much and her worries doesn't give her peace.

Helping them will be most appreciated.

Riki, Haifa.


These two survivors need our help! Adopting them as we do already, brings so much light in their lives.  It need budget on being able to help them. Please!  Help us to support them.


Distinguished contributors of Amutat "Lechaim"!
On behalf of Benyamin Basaad from Shderot, I want to thank for your donation which made it possible to bring a team to clean his home. The situation of his apartment was intolerable, and he was ashamed and suffered even mentally from it. His relationship with his neighbors worsened. Nurses refused to work at his home and he couldn't invite any body to visit him.

Now, his apartment is clean and smells good. A nurse will keep it as it is now and he will host without any hesitation whenever he will want to.
I want to thank for your fast and efficient help. It will change Benymin's lives. It is a real life saving. Nor the hosting company ("Amigur"), and not the social insurance could give us such aid.

Thanks to you, we made it and hopefully, it has made the big change in his lives.

Many thanks.

Efrat (south).

 After my holiday in Holland, I was happy to see all my dear Shoa survivors in Genosar, Katzrin, Tiberias Rosh Pina and Kiryat Shmona.


Etja hugged me and was extremely happy to see me. She wept about what happens now in Ukraine. Her thoughts went back to the time of the Nazi's. Genja who lives above her, needs eye operation. Ela is doing well. Her garden is beautiful and full of colors and flowers.
Talja, even being so sick, she never complains. She loves gardening, but is unable to do it. I offered her a help by our students. She  loved the idea . Shlomo has big sorrows, his wife Lili is very sick! Shaul is doing well. By the end of the year, he must find another apartment
because,  his landlord is selling it. Jitzchak was hospitalized in Tzefat and I couldn't see him. Jafim is doing well, waiting for the new students, who is going to come soon to visit him!

Kiryat Shmona:

Many from our dear people are getting older and experience more and more difficulties in their bodies. Surprisingly, Ida was doing fine today. She was in a good mood, her grand daughter was with her and they both enjoyed the day. Klara is the "Jiddische mame" for the whole group. Never rest, always care for somebody. She is very special! Anatoly got a visit from his son who lives in the USA. He was extremely happy. Roman had his birthday. Tamar went through a difficult time, her lag had to be amputated. She is now re-validated in the Hospital and we hope she will return back home , before the High Holidays. Everyone received a beautiful card which I have got from Lammie ("Lechaim's brunch in Holland).

A blessing was written on it. I have read it to each of them . They send to our supporters a big hug for their love and commitment on staying with Israel on these difficult days, and specially, with the shoa survivors.

Shalom and greetings,


Daniel Braun

News and a little lesson

August 11, 2014,   Menachem Awe, 15, 5774

Shalom Friends!

Even with the war, we are organizing and preparing ourselves with full energy for the New Year, which is coming next month.

We are waiting for the new Mechina students in the North: Kfar Hanasi and Maayan Baruch – in Kiriat Shmona, Rosh Pina and Katzarin. Keshet Yehuda – in Haifa. Maytzar – in Genosar.

This is the place to remind you that many of the former students took part in the war in Gaza. Sadly, one of them was killed in the war.

In Pardes Chana, the amazing group from Neve Michael (of which most are Ethiopians) will continue with our survivors there.

At the same time, another group of ‘at risk’ young boys from Katzir, a place on the top of Waddi Ara (nearby Pardes Channa) who heard about the project and want to join us with all their enthusiasm. They probably will visit in Haifa.

Bless Hashem and many thanks to our donors, as we could help Gadi & Tamar, precious survivors from Timrat, in Israel Valley, who ‘graduated’ from Auschwitz. After suffering from the heat till now, they received from us an Air-Conditioner.  Their gratitude and joy
are huge!  Finally, they can breathe cool air. Special thanks for Shuki, for his determination and initiative, by bringing the A.C. from the Golan to their house and then quickly brought someone to fix it in their house before the main heat of August.

Timek is coming back from Holland and will start his visits in the North.

As you see, we had an urgent call from Sh’derot from Efrat who represents the Holocaust Survivors' Welfare Fund in the south, asking for help for one survivor who needs our aid. On Monday, we will bring him a cleaning company to do the work of cleaning and reorganize his house. This project needs your help and donations.

We expect a fruitful year which is coming soon. Many challenges are in front of us: Tishrei Holidays, to place the new students, and the March of life, which will be held on the 27th November this year.

Again I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart our friends around the world for their generous donations, prayers, and their support, especially, to my loyal friends from the C. E. here in Jerusalem: Yudit, Nicole and Maxine. To our friends from: Holland, Norway, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, America and more.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For your wonderful support!

Some words to strengthen the spirit:

Our Bible gives us solutions in all the ways of life, and also guides us how to act in times of war. When we go back thousands of years, we remember the amazing story and tragic as well, of Yehoshua, when he entered to the land of Knaan, and had been required to fully occupy the land! Suddenly, appeared a strange and intimidating figure. Yehosua asked the figure:" Is your face for peace or war?"  A simple and clear question! "No, I am the angel of the army of Hashem".

In these days, we need to be determined, the ones who look for peace without conditions, reaching to shake hands warmly and to respect true peace. But, those who come to us with war, we will fight without fear and shouldn't compromise till the end. In order to fight true wars, we have to stick to our moral, political and systemic truth as people and as individuals. We must remove all doubts, and love with all our hearts the land, our nation and above all our G-d! To stick to moral issues of charity, Law and grace, in each part of our lives, and from this, we will be able to influence and bring light to the world. There are many challenges in front of us and each of them will bring us closer to the main aim: "Say : times of troubles to  Jacob (Israel) and from it, you will be saved" meaning: Israel will be pushed with stress. This will wake us up to be alive, with love, charity, boldness and courage! We will have to wake from our exile coma: "Times of troubles for Jacob, and you will be saved from it". We are in an amazing period, painful, but we can learn from it.

Another case: Yehoshua was a wonderful student and loyal to Moses – his Rabbi. He started his work as a leader wonderfully with full of faith. But, even he didn't hear the divine command in its entirety and did not end the occupation by leaving some of the citizens in place. Later on, according to the warning of Hashem, they appeared as obstacles. In such war no hesitation can take place and it should be finished.

Another example, which can illustrates the need to ignore false gods and false complacency. It appears in the wonderful story of Elijah the prophet: A man, honest in his behaviour, a prophet who stood bravely in front of all the giant, terrifying liars - the Baal prophets. He had challenged them and gave them the opportunity to prove the power of the false gods. The Baal prophets screamed to their false gods to consume the bull as a sacrifice but it did not respond. Elijah teased them and with patience said: "Do it again!".

They tried but nothing happened. "Try harder!”, and again nothing happened… and then he said “Pour water on my bull ". They did it again and again, till the ditches filled with water, and from this difficult condition as it was, Elijah raised his hands up to the skies, and asked his G-d the Almighty, to consume the victim with His fire, and it happened! All of them saw, who the true G-d was, the Creator of the earth.

In the end, also in Parashat "Hazinu"(Listen), Hashem warns and says: "I'm waiting"! I will give them the chance to try false security and see what is the aftermath.  In the end they will understand that I Am, and no one can take them and be saved from my hands (from my shelter)"…

Shabbat Shalom to all!


Shalom Daniel!

Benyamin is a survivor from Tripoli. At the Shoah his family was under shelling and curfew.  He is 72 years old and his mother told him that he was very sick along most of the war. They made Aliya on 1949 without any possession. He got married two times. When his second wife passed away (8 years ago) their children have got their house and kicked him away from the house. He live in a little apartment from the government ("Amigur"), all by himself. Recently, his health got very bad and for the first time in his life he got a lady from the national insurance, that help him to manage somehow. He has 8 (!) children and says that they hardly speak with him on the phone and didn't visit him for a long time. Only one daughter, come every once and a wail, to help him with buying supplies.

His apartment is in disgraceful conditions. It is not possible to live there: it smells, dirty, and he is aware of it but can't do anything because of his bad health. He feels shamed to invite anybody to his house. He doesn't have any friends, and because of his health he asked to move to a place without many stairs. It probably can take quiet a long time till his request will be accepted. I am asking only for a better start for him, to clean seriously his place and bring it back to more humane conditions and let see how it works.

I will appreciate if you can help us to do it for him. I know your quick way and your efficiency.

Thank you ahead.

Efrat Levinzon, Holocaust Survivors' Welfare Fund in the south(attached Pictures)

Pardes Channa:

This Time R. Shachar came with two of his children Nachat and Nachman. It made, as you can see in the pictures, our survivors to be very happy. These children of him want to join his visits here, as a results of their education (I wish it, for all the children of Israel…). He brought to the survivors a bag of vegetables and it made it even more valued. You can see Aliza smiles and Benyamin's too. Rachmil was in his Senior club and they came there to visit him. He was so proud for his visitors and said how honored he is to get such a visit.

Zippora and the Boaron's accepted them also with a lot of greetings and thanks.
Chaya, is a bit tired from life as she says. I hope that her bad mood will pass away. Her volunteer Ora, comes and visit her at least once a week and give her some fresh air to speak and complain freely….

Thank  you R. Shachar, with your beautiful children. We will wait for you, another two weeks.



Our volunteers visiting our survivors, and the connection is already as a part of family. Next report will be with more details about them.


About the war, and more

July 27, 2014, Tammuz 29, 5774

Dear friends!

 "Protective Edge” operation is on its 16th day, and we have had almost two weeks of wonderful activities of great value for the four groups who came one after another to the north.

We have learned a lot from our guests, and made them feel that they are not alone or forgotten, but the opposite. Giving them the possibility to have a few days of a real vacation, made a difference for them. Many of them, used the term: ‘being in the Garden of Eden’. What was very touching for the people was the warm and caring attitude, which gave them a wonderful sense of closeness.

Right now, we are trying to collect more  money, in order to bring more groups next week. We can have some satisfaction about the blessed actions that Amutat Lechaim undertook during this war.  

And now, I would like to give some words about the essence of this war: First of all, this war is spiritual, even if that sounds strange. This war brought a lot of good and grace out of us. We had to let go of disagreements and become united. This war demands from us, to look deep inside and understand why? What is happening? What should we learn from this situation?

We can see the outside, the natural processes which are currently occurring, and it makes us feel that something very big is happening here.

We can see the deep isolation of Israel in the eyes of world opinion. We can definitely feel that, as it has said: " A Nation that will live all alone"! How lies can blind the eyes of people. The world closes its eyes and doesn’t want to know the truth. Our just path for us is very clear, but for the rest of the world, it is not clear… It has happened all throughout history. In my eyes, and in the eyes of many other Jews and Israelis, it is good news. We feel the love of G- d and His supervision over what is happening. The way that the words of the prophets are shaping, and all lead to one thing: Our wedding with our Creator, who gave us our birth, when divisions will be removed.  Then we will feel life in us and it will herald the end of our exile after thousands of years.

In order to reach this wonderful state of knowing G-d, living under His light and living according the sentence:" Nation shall not lift up sword against nation." For that, we have to clean our inner souls from arrogance, false gods, and act strongly but humbly, by increasing charity, kindness and justice.

We should understand that the kind of victories we had in the past, can't exist, the only victory will be the spiritual ones. Our spirit will break the spirit of Islam, which wants to break us and eject us from this area. This operation therefore, demands from us patience. The material culture of ‘instant’ creates impatience. People want immediate gratification and do not understand the depth of the divine process we have to go through these days. Patience, solid belief, with deep roots and the knowledge that we are sons and daughters of the G-d of Israel and the spark is really from high above.

The Israeli nation has a lot of light which was hidden because of all the troubles but not extinguished, and right now when the troubles are in their peak, the light rises up in many souls as it has said: "the time of Jacob's trouble; but he shall be saved out of it."

At last, it is a war and a battle to refine our souls. Sometimes, the Almighty uses strong alarms in order to reach deep into our inner soul, for only then, changes can happen. We are very close to miraculous appearances. Yet, we have more challenges on the way.

The real prayer should be directed, so the Divine presence and G-d's revelation shines brightly after thousands of being hidden, and not only for short terms victories.

My blessings and with deep belief,


P.S We have decided to offer soldiers, who is coming for few days of refreshment, to come to the north and spoil them a bit for a day or two. Your support is vital.

Pardes Chana:

Finally we gathered: students with Zvia , survivors and R. Shachar with his daughter and me your dedicated writer. All of us, in a beautiful place called Teva Lu (Nature If) in Karkur. There, we ordered some goodies, then, we had a beautiful conversation how each of us felt in this project. All the students said how was it for them to meet for the first time in their life survivors who could tell them first hand stories about themselves which is part of the history of the Jewish nation. They love these survivors and will continue to do it next year. Chaya said, how much she enjoyed their companionship. Rachmil and Benyamin preferred to sing for us songs in Yiddish(see the movie, use mp5).

Each of the students, have got testimonial and Zvia too. Also, they have got a little present from us. Ofcourse , the next was speaking about the war and how it feels.

R. Shachar , brought supplies for each of the survivors even the ones who didn't join our party.

It was very good year and we have experienced this wonderful cooperation with Zvia and the administration in Neve Michael.
R.Shachar and me will continue till September, and when the school will start, the students will join us again.

Thanks to Amutat Lechaim (and to all of you), our survivors, gets all of this for free.

Best regards,

Times of troubles, periods of grief and a lot of agitation

6 juli 2014, Tammuz 8, 5774

But where do we go? How do people with faith understand the signs shown by the Almighty… Oh! how our soul yearns for miracles…The mighty army - I.D.F.- will revive our souls and will solve… some things ... but ... nothing that cancels the frustration with which we are left… we have lost the boys, and the agony is huge… And now - fiery rhetoric… revenge, killings, terrorist destruction…we will show them… who is the I.D.F! But, it is a loss of direction! G-d is not directing there, but instead to one thing: That we should understand in the depth of our being, what it would be like without His blessing and salvation. We wouldn't succeed and will stay crying, penniless and without inheritance …

Our only real conviction should be that no one else can give power successfully and no one else can save! The only inner reality, is the quest for an eternal contented sigh.  A sigh of helplessness from false gods, will bring for us, eternal salvation. Amen!

Here is what my friend Orlit Cohen has said: “Not by force or power, but with my spirit " says G-d.  Salvation to His protected, sheltered beneath Him and His blessed name. And he will save us from all our enemies.
“With respect and deep belief,"

- Orly Cohen -

This introduction, is important and needs to be understood. Indeed, we have visible enemies who are terrorists, like Hamas and other Islamic extremists, around us. But there is another enemy which is hidden and it is the power to get free by false security and false gods. The direction must be inside and not outside.

Of course, out of our intense excitement we cry for revenge. Indeed, with enemies we must fight. But, we must remember that we are in a spiritual war and that its direction is to bring back our hearts to get to know our Creator. Any attempt to react with the power of an army wouldn't succeed! Any attempt to cling on to the consent of the world nations will end as a failure. We have to understand and internalize: G-d asks us to shatter and destroy false structures as a result of long recent years of distorted education. But, in order to understand the message we are forced to experience deep pain, sorrow and losses which can purify and bring recognition, that it is the end of the ends, there isn't any one but Him! When we will come to this conclusion, not in our mind but deep in our existence, from there on the gates of heaven will be opened for us. From there on, we will receive a great light and the expected salvation.

Dear friends!

These days the summer is hot in Israel. We have more requests for Air Conditioners and we will fill it happily. It will enable the survivors’ to live comfortably in the summer.

In Jerusalem, thanks for Yudit from the C. Embassy, we are installing a new shutter for Shayndel. Also at Gad's house, we fix a new installation. For these two big works, we need your help because they will cost a lot of money. It will improve our survivors’ lives and they will live much better.

We are getting ready for the New Year and meanwhile, our volunteers continue the holy work without the students.

Again, many thanks for all the supporters in this project.


Shalom Daniel!

Here are two women that need an Air condition:

Margalit Kakoy – Survivor from Russia. 77 years old. She doesn't have any relatives in Israel. Her only one son, live in Prag, and come twice a year to visit her. She live in a little one room apartment and recently Cancer has been found in her body and she have to start treatments very soon. Her income is only what the social security is giving her and it can hardly cover all her needs. The heat is impossible in the summer and she is suffering from it and an Air condition is almost vital for her.

Pnina Vikol – survivor from Tunis, 81 years old. A widow, without any children, lives in a little rented apartment. Her health is getting worse. She suffers from diabetes and hearing loss, problems with her legs, and hardly walks. Assisted by women on behalf of the National Insurance and she takes care of her. She is recognized as a Nazi persecution and getting from the treasure department pension and from the social insurance. She need an Air Condition to be able to go through the summer.

I will appreciate any help for those two survivors.

Best wishes,

Riki Evron

News from the north

Shalom Friends

Willy Adler was so happy when I surprised him with my visit. Willy lives these days  in an elderly house in Shlomi (one hour driving , near the borders of Lebanon and Rosh HaNikra). I took Willy to the gardens and he enjoyed that so much. I encouraged him and I learned about his life, when  he started to talk  and couldn't stop... So, the time passed quickly and we had very good time together.

Blanka from Rosh Pina returned from the hospital where she was treated with her heart problems. I came for a short visit, to see how she is recovering. She is almost 90 years old, but very vital lady and it takes time to get back to herself. It is a joy to spend time with her and she love visits so much. Blanka had much wisdom in her life and she is able to share that,  even today.

Best regards,

Pardes Channa:

R. Shachar, did this time his visit all by himself. Zvia and the students are on their summer vacation and we plan to have a farewell party with them soon. Also I, couldn't join him. But R. shachar is so beloved that when he comes, the survivors love him so much that it makes them happy as well. You can see the picture and the proud painter rachmil , who did it. He is getting better and better. The day center he is joining daily, brings up talents which he never knew to have it.  He dance Saloon dances and love it too.

Benyamin, each visit, brings happiness to him. He is very lonely and has luckily, a warm lady, who is taking care of him every day: mornings and afternoons. We brake his long days and his smile express it .

Cayia, love him, and if he don't come with us she ask about him.

The Boaron's couple, are not so well, but welcome R.Shachar with a lot of gratitude.

Aliza, was busy and the visit was short.

Zippora, is busy with her two grand girls. It isn't easy to take care of them in her age. We started to take care of two unsolved problems of her. First of all, to be recognized as a survivor who deserve pension from the government, and secondly, to bring the house where she have been living for almost 50 years (!!!) to a better situation by helping her to demand her rights from the Government company (Amidar) to take care of the house: by fixing, what is neglected for so many years, and have to be renovated. We even organize for her attorney, to find out her rights. It is in process and we hope for good results.

This is the news from our hot and steamy summer in Pardes Chana.

Best regards,


On the 7th of July, Two Air Conditions, arrived and were fixed in the houses of two lonely survivors Malka and Yaffa, who are living in a little house and suffer from the heat in the summer.

When those two women saw the A.C. they cried out of excitement and couldn't believe that it is happening to them.

Amutat Lechaim organized the donation fast and efficient as they do always and we are grateful for being part of this important project.

Thank you and all the best blesses,


Three years. It has to end somehow with solution. How peace can come when your partner hates you?

Again and again all what has been done; and then came Pardes Channa:

R.Shachar the wonder men, came to visit our survivors, even our region turned to be part of the territories under fire. Believe me; it was like spiritual injection for the survivors who experienced so much in terms of days of wars... I can witness how unpleasant it is to get caught in your car on the road, when the siren goes up and down… You are really helpless and yet, hope that it wouldn't come and hit you… Our people, are tired from wars every two or three years. All the peace talks ended up with a dead end. We feel hunted, and the ones living near the Gaza- strip don't have silence all along days and nights. We have to deal with terrorists and could you understand their terms? It is always with out any sense of logic.

And back to our survivors: They already miss the children and expressed it. Speaking with them make us understand better the joy those youth  brought to them.

We wish that the situation will get better and the good routine will return in our life.

Best regards!


From Zion, shall go – Torah:

June 18, 2014,  Sivan 20, 5774

G-d’s Hands, turns the circumstances today.

Dear friends!

Again we are witnessing a kidnapping, of three Yeshiva boys by the worst enemies of Israel!

The question is: "What is the Almighty trying to teach us in this situation?  We are aware of situations of good or bad things which continues the remarkable process of human redemption. Here again, we experience such a painful and shocking distress for each loving heart. The lessons are challenging in an outstanding way and demand to get rid of the belief of false idols among us or : We don't have anything to rely on! No trust in nations of the world, or their assistance… We don't have anybody outside, but, inside we have the Almighty, The G-d of Israel, who loves us, protects and saves us.  To enable us to know this inner essence, our G-d repeats situations which demand from us reminders for our painful hearts by uniting us as one body.  Only this way, can we contain the miracle spirit, the
triumph of the divine presence and the light of G-d's gift.

This is the time that each of us will get out from his narrow world and will experience in his flesh how much we can be one body.  To develop our inner human face, the splendid sparkle present in each of us.  Sometimes, the spark can be seen even in the bad situations.  Then, we rise and rise, and discover dormant forces which are not always high in our minds bursting like a river in our soul.  The fire of love between people! To each of us.  The situation requires us to unite hands, looking up to heaven, and crying out loud from the walls of the heart to the G-d of mercy. We have no one but Him! The deep lessons make possible even on  regular days, to remember that the words of   G-d are not too far from us, as it said, "Not over the hill or across the ocean, because it is very close to you, in your mouth and in your heart to do so".

Each of us, is going through a period of big changes, and it is good.  It requires us to say goodbye to the old, the reality of exile in which we lived for thousands of years.  Our G-d brings us to a situation for which we don’t have human rational solutions, but to be as a little child not yet weaned from his mother and waiting for a good father that can give his spirit.
But, in order to get to this situation, we have to give up our old useless habits which are standing as a broken straw between us and the Almighty.  It is the journey back to the Creator, Back to meet our Father in heaven without a mediator, direct, and holy.  We need a lot of patience and mainly, stable belief!  Deep sources within, and belief in the eternal divine vision for the people of Israel and the whole world.
“return back my sons, and I will return back to you!" Hear the G-d of Israel, Our one G-d! G-d will never lie!

On the end, I would like to say that the work for G-d must be with two legs on the earth. We saw that the pigeon that Noahch has sent from the Ark was restless until the water lowered and she found a land to touch.  In the Babylon tower, the sinners were disconnected from reality.

Legs on the ground, connected to heart connected to heaven, to bring down heaven to our reality in life and to the ground. This is the mission today.
Halleluiah, Halleluiah, Halleluiah!

This two reports, comes to complete our last week report:

The north part :

 Evaluation of the Lechaim-to-life Project:
The end of year, evaluation of the students of the Mechina Kfar Hanasi came with a very positive results for the project.
The students classified the Lechaim project, as the best project to take part of. This compared with all the other volunteer projects that the mechina offered to them on participating. Meeting the Shoa survivors in their homes, building relationship with them added a very high emotional value and great satisfaction to them. Both, the students and the survivors, felt through the visits, as part of a family.
The same results came from the other Mechinot: from Meitsar and Maayan Baruch.
The students, from all mechina's, have chosen, voluntarily, the Lechaim project, on top of other "obligatory" volunteer work. On September, a new group of students will join us again. I am looking forward to meet and guide them again.


 Pardes Chana:

The students from Neve Michael were asked to answer on some questions giving us an idea how these very special children, who knew already few crises in their lives, felt through out this year by being part of the project of Lechaim. And here are some of there impressions:
It is the first time that we heard about the period of the Shoah from the brave people who had passed it personally. From them we understand what it means to struggle and yet, to stay human and being able to build here on the land of Israel a new life. Sometimes it is hard to meet them but to leave them smiling and happy it is worse the effort.

The feeling after the visit was so good that we wanted to come back and make them happy again. One said that it is important to know our ancestors and the history of the Jewish nation by listening to their stories. Helping the survivors to keep their gardens and even helping sometimes to clean their houses can be useful.

The studants said that they want to continue next year with the project.Only two were hesitant.

On the question what has been changed in you or with the survivor you had visited? The answer was that they made happier the survivors and as youngsters, they turned to be more optimistic, believing in life.

R.Shachar and me (Rivka), feel that this experience with these students was successful mainly because of the good will, motivation and cooperation which started from the principle of the school, Zvia , Dafna, and mainly the precious students.  

We will meet again next year.
This week, the boys from Jerusalem, came to visit Ety Avraham and it was very successful. More details will come.

News Magazine

June 13 2014, Sivan 15, 5774

Dear friends!

As you know, every year, at the Memorial Day for the Shoah and bravery, a big delegation of VIPs, students, survivors, soldiers and many more, fly to Auschwitz (in Poland) to the ‘March for Life’.

Such an event costs millions and in my opinion is totally unnecessary! Here is my explanation:

The Camp of Auschwitz, symbolizes mostly Death! As a Jewish people, we don't need to prove anything to the world. The yearly perpetuation of death, only glorifies death! We prefer life! To strengthen the power of life! The Holy Spirit, the value of life in the country of life, the beloved Land of G-d : Israel.

Before I went to Holland, I had a vision in my heart and soul: to have the march for life here in Israel! A march which will express the desire for life! To strengthen the spirit and life in Israel! To unite past and present generations of parents and children, to show the living proof of the heroes who survived and are the evidence of valuing life and the hope for life. The young generation will participate in our project, soldiers, and Rabbis who will carry the Torah, in order to praise G-d who does miracles and wonders and fulfils the prophets’ promises to restore the Jews in the land of Israel.

The march for life, will be held modestly in Zichron Yackov in the gardens of Ramat Hanadiv established in the name of  Edmond James de Rothschild.  He had the vision to establish agricultural colonies such as Zichron, Rishon Letzion, Mazkeret Batya and more. He meant to make the desert bloom after thousands of years of exile. To revive, live and work the land.

I call those gardens:" The gardens of life’! They are the diamonds in the winners’ crown of life!

The vision of this amazing Jew is also our vision. We bring to completion his idea to revive the land and the spirit of the people! To strengthen the pulse of life in our ancestors, that the land and human being and G-d, will be connected together. What can be more symbolic then, marching here on this land with survivors, even the ones on wheel chairs, who will be supported and accompanied by volunteers?

No politicians will be invited, and minimum media reporters. We will look at the skies with full of longing, with intense desire and longing for reunion with God, hand in hand united: elderly from Europe, North Africa, youngsters from Ethiopia, American Jews and Israelis.  All of us – Israel!

The March will be held probably on November 24th (Monday), or 27th November (Thursday).We will send invitations to our friends in the world, who will be interested in taking part in this March. We will need your donations for transporting survivors and volunteers from all over the country north and south.  Also, to enable us, to give refreshments to all our guests.

Please! Help us to create this event and send your donation as soon as possible. You will be blessed for that.

Yesterday was the last visit by the students from Keshet Yehuda to the survivors from Haifa. The good news is that this group is doing Aliya! All of them! and will soon be going to serve in the IDF. Thanks to the project supported by you, our friend, they are more connected to Judaism and to Israel.

Best luck for another year of activities.


From Zion shall come the Torah!

From now on, we will have once a week we will publish a words of Torah, written by one of our people.

Here is Avraham's talk about "Parashat Hashavoa " (section of the Torah read on Sabbath in the synagogue):

Shalom to all!

We had another great year with the LeChaim – Keshet program.
It’s always nice to see how our guys get so much out of this program. I am sure they will miss each other, the boys and the survivors.

Daniel asked to give you some of my thoughts on this week’s Torah portion. Shelach.

This is the Torah portion about when the Israelites were in the desert and it was time for them to enter Canaan to begin the conquest. The people wanted to send out a group to spy out the Land.

It was a disaster. The spies came back complaining with excuses why not to enter the Land! All but two, Joshua and Caleb.

What do Joshua and Caleb represent? I say they represent the type of person who really believes in G-d. It wasn’t even a question for them. They were 100% committed and were ready to go  ASAP!

The others were making excuses of why they can’t do it. The real reason was that they didn’t want change. They had it made in the desert. Manna from Heaven each day, their clothes never got dirty or wore out same with the shoes! The weather was always perfect. Life was good.

But can we really blame them for feeling that way? Don’t many of us do the same thing? We get stuck in our lives and are afraid to move on. Even though it would be better for us. I am not saying that is will be easier. Harder in fact! When we have it easy, who wants change?

You do. You my friends are the Joshua’s and Calebs of today. By stepping forward ready to help without excuses. You are ready for the change! No it will not be easier. But you don’t care! You all want to do the will of the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and are ready for Israel to rise again. With your true faith you will see and be a part of it! Looking forward to seeing you all at the Beit HaMikdash! (Third Temple)

Thank you for all your support!
With Love and Blessings!



On Tuesday, the boys from Keshet Yehuda, came for their last visit this year. When I told the survivors about it they reacted sadly but promised to prepare a nice goodbye.

The boys this time wanted to visit all of them, each survivor.

We started with Shalom, he trained them this year and checked each of the boys and gave some tips on how to manage some of the practices in the army.

Marta, told them her life story and asked them not to forget and even to tell her story to other generations. She pleads with them excitedly to watch themselves in the army. And thanked them for coming to visit her.

Gershon, prepared for us a real party with goodies on the table. We sat with him to watch the election for our president, and then celebrated our last visit with him.

Nadia, hosted us with all her love and gratitude and wished them all the best after kissing each of them, crying from excitement.

It was very special! the visits, and the very warm and good connections.

Our team from the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel, wish all of you, our best regards and we are waiting for another successful year with you.

Thank you!
Riki Evron

Pardes Chana:

Today (Thursday), we had a very important visit of our best friends from the Christian Embassy: Yudit and Maxine. Both of these women work with us hand by hand, for many years, and they both, are part of the Lechaim's family. We collect the group from Neve Michael and started our visits. First we went to Benyamin, who was very happy to see Ydit, Zvia and the boys and R.Shachar. He asked about the girls, and that he misses their smile. He have got from Maxine, a cover for his bed, made by hands and really nice one.

With Maxine and the girls we went to Chaya, Who was waiting for us and told us about her bad sense of balance and how many times she fall and getting pains from the bruises as a result of her falling. Ora her volunteer, was there and was happy to meet us. Maxine gave her as present, a beautiful hand made cover for her bed.

The girls were short in time, because of their exam in the Hebrew language. Yet , they were ready to do the visits and then to go for the exam. At Rachmil house, we met the rest of the group, and Rabbi Shachar came with his guitar and we sang together a song to greet the girls for good luck with the exam, and Rabbi Shachar took them back to school. Not before, singing with Rachmil a Yiddish song. We were a happy group.

Aliza, came from a visit in the hospital this time, it was to visit her son who has been admitted to hospital. But, she was very grateful for the visit.

After that we went to see a bit of Neve Michael, and Zvia explained and showed us even where they live. It looks so impressive and it seems that these children, gets the best in this place.

We had to say good by to our guests, greeting them for a good voyage back to Jerusalem. Thank you Yudit and Maxine for your dedicate support. It comes with your big good hearts. Thank for being with us.

Rabbi Shachar continued the visit at Zippora who is very tired of being so involved in raising her grandchildren (They live at her house ).

At the Boaron's he was excepted with gratitude for what he brought: Vegetables, fruits and a big water melon for Shabbat.

Chaya and Ester Zimering has got help from Lechaim with their special needs and they were very excited for having this help.

Thank  you Amutat "Lechaim".

We are planning an event with the survivors and the children as a good by party.


News from the North:

Dear Friends,

During the summer , when there is no students  in the mechina, I prepare  the new season to come. I keep visiting the shoa survivors all by my self. After a long day of visiting these people, I feel very much refreshed in my soul and in my body. It is a joy for me to be part of this project. During my visits, I hear a lot of sorrows, but also a lot of encouragement. Those, who don't feel well, I can encourage, and those, who are happy, share their happiness with me. This gives me a seance of the real life.

Blanka from Rosh Pina, almost 90 year old, hugs me when I enter her house. We sit and talk about the lessons of the TeNaCh. About the nature and the creator of life, and how she enjoy her garden.  About the past and the lessons she had learned in her life.

This weekend, Blanka is going for an operation in the hospital. She doesn't know how long she will  stay there. She lives day by day. I pray for her and hope, that I will meet her soon again. Blanka is one of the most happy and thankfull person that I met.

Israel from Rosh Pina was not at home, he was on a "Aazkara" for one of his relatives. His wife was happy to see me again and enjoyed from our short chat.

Shlomo from Katzrin is an energetic and healthy man, but at his age, the memories from Auschwitz become stronger and become even more frightening for him than ever before. As many of the shoa survivors, for long years, he pushed these memories aside. But at the end, they hit him even harder.

Ela from Katzrin is a lonely women with a lot of sorrows. Her husband and both of her children died. Her child has died during the first Lebanese war. At the beginning, she was a bit scared to except the students. But, she discovered the positive energy she gains by meeting these youngsters. They gave her a brighter time and she started to like it more and more.

Tamara from Kiryat Shmona, her health is very very bad. She was hospitalized again and the doctors think, that the only solution of helping her is, by cutting off her leg and maybe also her arm. She is a diabetes patient with a very bad veins. I really don't know if she would be able to return back to her apartment. It is a big sorrow she is going through. We all wish she could enjoy and be happy again.

Ina from Katzrin, is a younger sister of Tamara. It was Ina's  birthday and we have celebrated this day, with Klara, Lisa and Rina and Ina's  friend: Mark.
There are many more names to mention and to remember. These are a few highlights of my last visit.  

I thank you again for your care for these people. They are worth of our love and care as long they live among us.

Shalom, Timek

News from the end of May

June 1, 2014,   Sievan 3, 5774


Dear friends!

Here are, bits of information of what is going on, and some words of  farewell for the youngsters at the end of the academic year.

Daniel is still in Holland. His 19th meeting ended his mission. He is very grateful for his hosts who made his visit profitable and enjoyable. We wish him a good trip back home.

The feast of the harvest is coming next week, and also the acceptance of the Torah by Moses will commemorated  by studying all night. This will end 49 days since Pesach, and we are in the middle of the month of Sivan.  Its summer time and the weather goes up and down, not very easy to bear. Those 49 days are for us to get into our inner selves, to get to know and love our mates, to be together because when Moses came down with the two tablets of stone on which the Ten Commandments were engraved, the 600,000 people who witnessed that event, were united as one!

Again the saying: "Love your neighbor as yourself" is demanded as a way of life and whenever we forget it, we are called to return back to our real nature.

Happy Feast of First Fruits!
Chag Shavuot Sameach!


News from the north:

Kiryat Shmona:
The students invited the survivors to the mechina for a goodbye party in  Kibbutz Mayan Baruch. The students blessed the survivors and thanked them for the special time they had had with them during the whole year. Vice versa, the survivors expressed how much they appreciated the bi-weekly visits. I could see that the visits and the activities we did this year together, did mean to them both, a lot!

We became, one family and it is hard to be separated again. The survivors promised to keep their doors open for the students when they will become a soldiers. They will be welcomed any time!

Eli-Ram, is one of the survivors, who can give the greatest acknowledgments to the fact that the students had visited him. They had brought back, because of the meaning, a new strength and health in his life ; he ordered pizzas and drinks to celebrate this  goodbye party with the students of the mechina Meitsar.

Year by year, I see that the students become more and more attached to the survivors . The new students, build on, a special connection as the students have made in the previous years. It is exciting to watch.  In the pictures, you can see how much they love and appreciate each other. This Lechaim project works really amazingly.

Thank you all, who made it again, to be possible by your donations.


Pardes Chana:
Last week, we had the visits with the group from Neve Michael, but this time, Zvia couldn't come and Ortal, took the responsibility to tell and collect the group together. At 16.00, all of them waited for R. Shachar and me and were ready for us.

We divided into two groups and went to our visits: As usual, the visits were very intensive and makes the survivors, as Rachmil says: "to feel important and interesting to our visitors".  It is a chance for the youth to ask and hear how they are and of course to listen to their stories.

I spoke afterwards with Zvia, and asked her how she feels at almost the end of the year about our project? What change has it made to the group of these boys and girls? And she answered this:

They started without knowing about the type of people they had to meet, and developed a real sense of caring and a lot of responsibility to the mission they had taken on themselves and they feel a lot of satisfaction about doing it to other people, especially to these survivors . Zvia feel that Moshe opened up along the year, and as a very close and shy boy, he opened a window to the others also in the school. They were proud to bring the survivors to the parties in the school and host them as their private guests.

The Shoah memorial ceremony in Mayaan Baruch was very special for them. First of all, they met so many survivors, and other youngsters that are doing the same. It felt that they are part of a special and unique group which has a common denominator and that the main thing is humanity and grace. They felt very proud to be part of it.

Sometimes, they want to go by themselves to visit the survivors. They study from the stories and love to listen to them.  Zvia feels that she can give them more responsibilities because they proved themselves in this project.  Next year, part of this group, would continue the project and other students will join them".  

I want to add that, Zvia accompanied and encouraged them with her enthusiasm.

Dafna, is part of the team from Neve Michael and she added her thoughts: " At the very first, we hesitated, how will our children, be able to turn on and be the ones who give empathy, kindness, hugs, smiles and fulfil the expectation for these visits… Such as a grandparents which they "adopted" . They turned out to be more tolerant and open minded. It raised their awareness of other problems and gave them self-confidence with themselves.

Well done for all who are involved in this project. It makes our society, to be much better.

Wishing all of us  good continuation. My regards to your amazing team".


It turned to be a win win results.

Best regards,

May News

May 19, 2014, Ijar 19, 5774

Dear friends!

As you can read, we are getting close to the end of the year. It means, to say goodby to the youngsters, whom getting ready, very soon, to be part of the Army.

Daniel is visiting our dedicat friends in Holland and we wish him good luck there.

Here are the news here in Israel:

Shalom to All!
It’s been a while since I wrote to you. Lots have been going on. Hope you all have been doing well!

Our unassuming heroes loaded up the van and headed back to Haifa for another visit. As always everyone is happy to see each other. The connection by now has deepened and each boy insists on visiting “Their” survivor.

What’s nice is by now our boys have improved their Hebrew and can actually communicate with the survivors with more than smiles and hand motions. The end of the program nears. But the connection made will never cease as this program made a deep impact on the souls of these young men.

I asked Chaim one of the boys what impressed him most about the survivors. “These people are my heroes. They started from the negative and built their lives back to the positive. We are building our future on their backs.” Shaul piped in and said. “These people make me proud to be a Jew and what I am about to do by entering the Jewish army!”
Perhaps this week Torah portion can help shed some light on what happened to our people. The name is BeChukotai. It talks about the blessing and curses that G-d will bestow on Israel for its choices.
If Israel does the Will of G-d it is blessed… if not…

Even though we have been through those curses, G-d still has not given up on us. The opposite, He is refining us to be the Great Nation of G-d. We can all see clearly what G-d is doing for us. We can see Israel on the rise again. We see how much Israel is bringing into the world. We see the amazing discoveries in natural resources where Israel will become a major energy supplier, than buyer.

And… we just got started!

Glad you are all here to see it for yourself and be a part of it!

Until the next time!

Kiryat Shmona:

Raya was very pleased with the visit of the students. she feels alone and the students really made her happy today (after Ilja, her husband  has died 8 months ago ).

Ida is strugling with her legs. Each year, her strength is getting less and less. But she is optimistic. She showed me geranium plants on her balkony. That is her connection with the outside world . She lives in a 3rd floor appartment and can't get out from her house. Her pretty cat, also,  make's her happy.
Nicolay Platok is in the nursery house in Kibbutz Dan. He doesn't want to get out of his wheelchair and that is problematic, because, movement keeps old people alive.

Tamara was again operated on her veins in her legs after more then 1 year of struggling (after her first operation). Last year was a very painful year for Tamara. I pray and hope she will be recovered  soon.

Eliahu was also hospitalized for one week. He loves and enjoys our visits very much.

Klara is a Jidishe mama. She spoils the students and they love it.

Roman, Anatoly Limunsky, Anatoly Presler, Rina, Nelly, Ida they all are doing well.
Next week, we plan a goodby party in the Mechina Mayan Baruch. The students will be leaving for the summer break. The survivors will miss them very much.

The visit with Jafim was amazing. This year I saw a big change in his face. He always looked a bit depressed, with a big pain inside. Today, he smiled and had such a joy, I never saw before. The visits of the students this year made a big change in his spirit.
On Youtube he showed us old Israeli songs. We all, sang together. It was beautiful.

Etja was so happy to receive the students in her small apartment. She showed the pictures of her grandchildren and other family members. She also told us her horrible experience from the gheto in Ukrain. What happens today in Ukrain,remind her the Nazi times. She can't look at the pictures on the TV. Etja is one of the lucky Jews who survived from this hell.

Tzila and Leonid are struggling with their health for years. They are lovely couple that married in a gheto! They are so thankful when I bring the food package for them. It amaze me always, that such a little thing as a visit and a food package can make lonely people so happy. Shaul, Shlomo, Ela ann Talja also enjoyed so much from the students visit. This was the last visit with the students. Their time in the Mechina is coming to the end. Before they finish, they will make trips over big parts of Eretz Jisrael. After that they will join the army.

It was for me a great year with Lechaim and with the students of the Mechinot.
I will miss them very much.

Shalom Timek

Pardes Channa:

This time R. Shachar took some videos from the visits. This will be published in our Web soon.

At four in the afternoon, the girls and Moshe with Tzvia were waited for us in Neve Michael, enthusiastic to see their friends, the survivors. It was a very warm meeting with all of them.

I would like on this report to mention the adult visitors, who do their visits every week devoting to their mission with kindness and sympathy.

Tamar, comes to Miriam Fux who is already 91 years old, but, sharp and very friendly. Tamar is doing it more then 3 years. It's a great friendship.

Lieor, comes to Yudit Yeger, and they became a good friends. Yudit is very limited in her movement and can't go out but she smile and very thankful on her luck to have Lior . Tamar and Lior are coming from Caesarea. Thank you both, for your charm and dedication.

This year, Ronit has started to visit Aliza, and I get all the thanks from Aliza who appreciate it very much.

Carmel is visiting Rachmil, and takes him each Friday out, to see sights, to watch Art, he joined the Saider with her family, every once an a while for Shabbat dinner, and  even to her restaurant. She have a one years old baby and Rachmil got to love her so much…

The last volunteer, who you see often in the pictures: Ora. She adopted Chaya with all her heart. Chaya's family, which was never joined our visits. Morris and her daughter got friendly with Ora and they love her and appreciate so much her visits. 

Another visit, I did, to Ester Zimering at the Elderly house in Zichron Yaackov.
Her mind is sharp as usual, but her health is not very well.  Her eyes hardly see, and she can't see the beautiful sights from her window, also her hands, are very week. She was so happy and thanked me warmly and told me how much she misses each of us.  I felt that I made her day, and this was a lot…

On the end, I want to thank Amutat Lechaim for the privilege of having you here in Pardes Channa.

The day of the Shoa winners

May 3, 2014, Ijar 3, 5774

Dear friends!

Today, April 27th 2014, we have experienced, an entirely inspires revival. As part of the vision of amutat "Lechaim", we try to give a different view about the Shoa and specially to bring out the amazing heroism and the quality of the Shoa winners who are the eternal proof to the Jewish nation, to the mental strength and the outstanding survival in the human history.

Meeting with Shoa survivors, give all of us a glimpse into the Holy of Hollies, hidden but not shut off, of the Jewish soul on it merits.

How important for the fast and instant young generation, to meet the Holy of Holies of the souls which is part of those Shoa heroes, who can tell by there stories, the best of the human spirit when it is in the pit of Hell.

The Mechina in Mayan Baruch in the north of Galilee, gave us a wonderful morning which was given with sensitivity and love to their adopted survivors from Katzrin, Kiryat Shmona, Rosh Pina, Genosar and Pardes Chana with the boys and girls at risk, our dear Ethiopians which took part of this event.

When the survivors and their adopters were welcomed, all of us set in a circle which made it intimate and felt part of it, then, survivors told their personal stories. The hosts, beat played beyond, murmuring heart and a deep longing for to a different Israel, with more love for each other, walking hand by hand of thousand years of a common destiny of the people of Israel; Gods oldest nation.

We all felt the strength of Israel which is express itself not with technology, politics or economy, but the nature and strength of the Holy Jewish ability which is stays deep in the hearts.

A real exciting day!

I want to remind you dear friends! it is another chance to join and be part of our project, and adopt more survivors which are on the end of their life, and need us more then ever…

My full appreciation and gratitude for our dear students, and for you: our friends from the world.


The students from Mechina Mayan Baruch prepared a very respectful and peaceful program of remembering the horrible shoa. To Honor our shoa survivors from Kiryat Shmona, Ginosar, Katzrin, Rosh Pina and Pardes Chana. New friendships have been made between the students and the survivors. Also the survivors from different places had the chance to meet, to share and to close new friendships. It was a great joy for me to help organizing it and to be part of the Lechaim-to-life movement.
Thanks to all of our supporters!
Daniel Braun

Memorial in Genosar

Dear friends!
Another event held in Genosar, and this is Timik's report:

The students of Meitsar, prepared for the Shoa memorial day a respectful and decent program with their survivors in Ginosar.
Each of them, brought their "survivor couples" to this special place (Memorial statue) in Ginosar. The students spoke warm words of encouragement, sang songs and read poems, and thanked for the privilege of participating this special Lechaim's program.

Also, the survivors spoke an encouraging words to the students and blessed them for their friendship and  love to them, along this season.

See some of the pictures below.
Regards, Timek

Before Pesach

April 11, 2014,  Nissan 11, 5774.

Report from the North of Israel

Only few day's are left, before the Pesach festival starts. Every Shoah survivor who is adopted by Lechaim-to-life in Katzrin, Kyriat Shmona, Rosh Pina, Tiberisas and Ginosar, received a full basket of "Kosher for Pesach", with grape wine, unleavened bread and many other healthy items for Pesach.

Yet, the most important of these door to door visits just before Pesach, was the personal moments that I give to these people. Every single person represents a whole world and I have the privilege to have a look into the most intimate parts of their lives. It is very special that these people open up to me and to the students in their private homes, and accept us as if we are part of their family.

This time,  had a very special moment with Blanka.  Blanka is 89 years old, and  lives in Rosh Pina. She is a very talented and intelligent woman with a great knowledge about life. Every time, on our visit, we are her students. This time she opened her heart, as if she was waiting to do so.  She showed me the tattoo number on her arm. She told me that she wants, that one day when she passes away, her arm will be turned in such a way in the grave that this number will be visible as a remembrance for the next generations.... She experienced the freedom of Pesach in a very very special way. She was resurrected from the death camps and experienced a beautiful new life in Eretz Israel.  She is one of the Tzadekim - righteous people that count I our generation.

Another special moment is the phone call that Eliahu had with the grandfather of one of the students (see picture). They both came from Lybia and both lived in Tripoli. They shared by phone their child experiences over there. Actually, they lived very closed to each other. And now, one of the students of Mayan Baruch, a grand child, connects two Shoah survivors from the same place through a smart phone.

Eliahu met studenten

Yesterday, the students visited the Shoah survivor from Ginosar, before the Pesach break. This was again, a joyful and refreshing time for both the students and for the survivor, as you can see from the pictures.

I wish all of you a meaningful Pesach.
Timek .


Tova has gone through difficult days in her health. She was admitted to the hospital for a few days because of a Neurological problem which has affected all her nervous system. She will continue physiotherapy for rehabilitation and strengthening her body. She is back in her house and sound very optimistic. She was very happy to get help from the boys from Keshet Yehuda who fixed her computer, and really enjoys the light in the staircase which couldn't have been done without the help of Amutat "Lechaim".

On behalf of all our survivors, I want to say thank you for the open hand and the packages they have got from Amutat Lechaim-to-life.

Happy Pesach .

Riki Evron.

Pardes Channa:

Dear friends!

Yesterday, joined R. Shachar, Ora, our new volunteer, who is fascinated from our project and because, I couldn't join them doing a Mini Saider to my community , she joined him and helped to bring our survivors Kamcha De Pascha. The packages were reach with vegetables and a bottle of grape wine, Matza, Gfilte fish, and many other supplies.

The boys and the girls from Neve Michael are on a vacation and couldn't join the visits this time.

Ora is a teacher who is doing her Master degree about the Holocaust. She feels that connecting with survivors is the most interesting experience that can enrich her and this brought her to join and feel so much with it. As you can see it made those two houses to agree to have a picture. Our people , when they hear the name of R. Shachar it light their eyes because he listen to them and they feel a deep love for him.

Pardes Chana Aliza en OraPardes Chana: Boron's met Ora

Pardes Chana Zippora en kleinkinderen en OraPardes Chana Zelma met studenten

I wish, all of you, our friends, a wonderful Spring and a beautiful Passover.

Many thanks, to our volunteers here in Israel. They do a wonderful mission by visiting and helping our survivors without any honors or awards. Just out of kindness and dedication. Special thanks to the two heads who is leading this project : Shuki from Kesshet , Daniel , and all the active people joining this project.

Chag Sameach,



The end of March

March 30, 2014, Adar II 28,5774

Shalom to our friends!

We had this week a happy visits with two dear supporters from Holland : Margo and Jenny .

Our meeting has started in Neve Michael. There, we met Zvia and 4 of the students (the others won, as good
students, a vacation in Eilat…).

We asked Zvia to give us a short look of this special place. We went from the dining hall to the house of Pre nursery,
which is a house of a family and another 10-12 children whom living with them, and they are a happy big family. It was
the most impressive experience for all of us to understand how is, our partners live. The families who is taking care of
those houses, have to be the most sensitive and with a lot kindness and  love for what they are doing, and it seems
that they do it with a big heart which can contain so much.

Zvia (third of the left) on the picture. On the left of Zvia: Jenny.
To the right of Zvia you see Rabbi Shachar and Margo.

From there, we went with our guests to Benyamin who tried to speak with them using his Yeddish and English. We split
from there to Chaya, who was very happy with all of us (see the picture how she smile). When we came to Rachmil,
We saw Zvia and the boys trying to clean a bit in his house (Pessach is coming). Zvia is a real soul and big heart, it
wasn't plained. She just felt that it is needed. Rachmil refreshed his German and could communicate a bit with the
guests. When Jenny heard that he is studying to dance, she started to dance with him wile humming the tune. they had
our applauses after dancing so nice. Eliza was next, and accepted us with the impression of pleasure on her face.



Rachmill and Jenny, dancing together

A friendship made in a few hours..

The time went off and our guests had to catch a train and Daniel came and take them from us. R.Shacaher continued
to the Boaron's and to Zipora to visit them and bring the big package of fruits and vegetables.

Again I would like to express my astonishment of you, our friends, who give their time for our project in their tour in
Israel. Thank you for coming and your interest in the project and of course your support. We love you and it is a
pleasure to get to know you face to face.

Kamcha De Pascha, will be close to Pessach and the students from Neve Michael will be on their vacation-  away, in
their original houses.

We wish them a happy holiday and for our guests too.

Best regards,


Shalom to All!

Another fine visit to Haifa. Yet this time we had special visitors! Margo and Jenny from Holland! It was a pleasure to
have them join us.

They and the boys hit if off right away.   Questions were flying in both directions. It was a true case of social learning.
I don’t think there can be a better classroom than meeting new people.

Margo and Jenny were dropped off with Zevi at Shalom’s. Shalom loves to take his guests for a walk to the Cave of 
Elijah the Prophet. This not only offers a glimpse into the past but a beautiful view of the Mediterranean. According to
Jewish tradition the cave is where the Prophet Elijah hid before his infamous battle against the priests of
the evil Queen Jezebel.

The irony is that the LeChaim vision is based on the prophecy of Malachi the last profit that is telling us before the “Day
of Judgment ”Behold I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and the awesome day of Hashem.
He shall restore the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers.."

Margo and Jenny let us know how much the enjoyed visiting with Shalom. The ladies were able to communicate with
Shalom by speaking German. Shalom speaks Yiddish which is close to German. “It’s nice to meet the people we read
about in person” Margo explained. That statement goes both ways. We hear about our supporters but rarely meet them.

The rest of us visited our usual friends. Simcha and I visited Marta. She was telling us about how her neighbor survived
Auschwitz after being taken out of the furnaces where they were burning Jews three different time, because there was
not enough room to fit him. The Nazi regime have had a barbarian cursed bad system. Calling Nazis with bad names won’t bring
back our people, but our actions will insure that it won’t happen again.

This brings me to our Torah Portion for the week: Tazria.

It’s about what people translate as leprosy. But it wasn’t. It was a spiritual ailment brought on by gossip. Gossip is like
one saying, “I am perfect, look the other person has problems.” Well, G-D sends that gossiper a visible problem, so
they have to say. “I have problems!” This illness is so bad, they can only focus on themselves and that is the cure.

Now, we don’t have such an illness. But we do have gossip. Seems to be a global pastime. The media is full of it in
every sector. We also have the ability to stop it and reflect on our own problems and how we can fix them. This would
solve a lot of relationship problems. But pointing the finger at others is easier.

Passover is coming. Pre Passover cleaning, is about inward reflection and cleaning out the “Leven” all those things
within us that are “Rising” to hold us back from our soul correction. That’s why we came to this world. We need to get
ourselves out of our own personal Egypts. It starts with “Crying to G-d” then be prepared for it to get worse.
(Remember having to make bricks without straw?) But… just when we think we can’t go on anymore… the process of
redemption starts to take a turn in Ten steps to finally getting out! But then just when you think that you are “free”
you find yourself at a seemingly impossible impasse! (The sea of reeds) What now? “Stop crying and go forward!” Was
G-d’s command!

And the journey continues… problem after problem… and each time it comes back to the same thing… Trust G-d!”

Thank you for reading and May the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you with good health and happiness!

Until the next time!

P.S. If you haven’t donated for our gifts to make Passover absolutely nothing less than wonderful for our survivors...
please contact Daniel ASAP!

Daniel Braun

Before Purim

11 maart 2014, Adar 9 II, 5774
Dear friends!

As we had mentioned, we are at the month of Adar – a time to rejoice. Many Purim events will be held and we will split our report for two parts. You can realize the beauty and the value and simplicity consistent causes so much happiness and a good spirit for all.

Today (Monday), The students from Mayan Baruch organizing Purim party for our survivors from Kiriat Shmona.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), the students from Keshet Yehuda will be in Haifa and will visit each of the survivors to bring joy and happiness.

Next week, on the 17th , the students from Kfar Hanasie will host survivors from Katzarin and Rosh Pinna.

At the 20th , R. Shchar will come to Pardes Channa and with the youngsters from Neve Michael will bring Mishloach Manot ((Jewish ritual of giving fancy food gifts to friends on Purim) to their house.

Also, the students from Maitzar will celebrate with their friends from Genosar.

In Jerusalem the survivors will get coupons for the holiday.

All of that, would be done simply and modestly. This is our way and vision: Contact  heart to heart, constant and continuous strengthening of mind and uniting Israel.

In the name of our love to the God of Israel, to the people of Israel and the Land of Israel.

Many thanks to our friends around the world giving us thier support. We wish all of you Purim Sameach.


News from the north

Itzchak just woke up from his mid-day sleep. He welcomed the students with a great smile on his face. Several weeks he was quite ill but feels much better now. As soon as he sits in his chair, he start telling us the most interesting stories. He jokes: "my body wants to get slower and slower, that happens when you start aging. In the past I was an athlete and did a lot of sports, but not any more".

Etja is a very sweet woman. The students enjoy their visits very much. She is scared of  what happens in Ukraine at the moment. Her thoughts go back  when she was a little girl at the time  when the war has started. She remember that during the war, some Ukraine fanatics, behaved  even worse than the Nazis.  

Rosh Pina:
Israel is almost 90 years old, but no one would give him that age. We found him working in his garden. Israel survived many horrible camps. The most horrible were Auschwitz and Buchenwald. When one of the students asked him to tell us more about, he rejected, but as we talk and the times go by and Israel feels more comfortable, he starts revealing us little pieces of his life. He is so thankful for our visits. Beside his family, we are the only ones that are really interested in his life. That gives him a satisfaction that he really very much deserves.

Avraham is so happy with the students from Meitzar. they come to visit him every single week and spend quality time with him. Avraham loves talking, but started recently to forget things. The students are very gentle with him and have a lot of patience for him and spend time with him. They stimulate him in a new way and that gives him a meaning to his current life.

Shalom Timek

Little Purim in Neve Michael:

Thursday 6.30 pm, we gathered in Neve Michael to join the little Purim, celebrated before Purim to prepare ourselves for the real festival of Purim. As you know, the month of Adar, in the Hebrew calendar, is for celebrations and joy.

The dining hall of the school and the yard in front, had a red rug and royal throne which were ready for the surprise of the event: a "bride" came (who was the principle of the school) and the children surround him and couldn't take away their eyes from him. The "groom" came, and the ceremony has started with a long and happy parade to the place where the "couple swore to each other" under authentic canopy. It has done with a lot of humor and we watched them with interest.

Than every body entered the dining hall and dinner was served. After that they started to dance and Rachmil joined the dances. The students escorted our survivors and set with them and were the perfect hosts. I spoke with one of the girls which said that for her to speak with them it's not only to study but to get to know and respect old people. They felt proud to host their guests. They felt responsibility to make them feeling good.

Our survivors were so satisfied from being there and joining this event.

Thank  you Zvia, Dafna and the girls. We wish you good and happy holiday.


The visits in Haifa:

The boys came to Haifa with Mishloach Manot for Purim.

They started with Gershon, who was so happy that it was hard to leave him.
Marta, accepted them with her grand daughter and her new born great grand daughter. She introduced both of them to boys.
Gershon, as usual, prepared lunch for them.
Tova, accepted them and they fixed her computer screen. She couldn't stop to thank them.
Zherna, waited for them and was so excited for the gesture of Mishloach Manot. She told them that she has forgot about the holiday and they brought the holiday back to her house…
Matilda, with tears in her eyes asked from them to come again because it warms her heart.

It gives all of us, satisfaction and we feel the great opportunity we have by bringing so much happiness to those people who suffered so much.

Thank  you Amutat "Lechaim", for the great chance we have.


Many thanks to you Riki, for your wonderful cooperation with us.


Shalom to all!

Our holy soldiers headed out for another visit to our friends in Haifa. This time with Purim gifts in hand.

But wait… Don’t we always come with gifts in hand? What makes these gifts any different? Starting to sound like Passover… you know the famous four questions. But kidding aside, why are these gifts so special?

Well, first of all it says in the Holy Scroll we read on Purim called the Megilla, that Purim was a day instituted for giving gifts to friends. It was quite a time back then, back in the day of Mordechai and Ester.

This story had a happy ending, so sure we want to celebrate not only by giving gift to each other, but by giving extra charity and other random acts of kindness.

But what happened in our time? Where was Mordechai and Ester to save us? Of course, we can’t really answer that. On a side, I was speaking with a friend in the states that used to teach eighth graders about the Holocaust. He did some research with a friend of his, who was a math genius and they came up with: if the Holocaust would not have happened there would be EIGHTY MILLION JEWS LIVING IN THE WORLD TODAY!

Now, the point of our discussion was; take a look at the contributions to the world the remnant of the Jews have made! Now think of what could have been? How much more, the world would be a better place? How many more cures and inventions that make people’s lives better? How much more ethical teachings? It’s something to think about...

Back to our question; where were our heroes to save the day back then? I would wager to say: there we many!  Some we heard about, many more not. There were even heroic uprisings like the Warsaw Ghetto.

But unfortunately this last occurrence did not work out as did back in the day of Mordechai and Ester.

So, maybe that’s the point of why these gifts are so special to us. Not to say the other gifts we normally give aren’t special, just these are special in a different way. They represent what could have been if not for the Holocaust. Yet, all and all, you see something deeper going on here; Jews giving gifts to other Jews. We were not wiped out, no my friends, we are still here. performing deliberate and random acts of kindness, contributing to the betterment of the world, bringing innovations and above all… We are the testimony, and always will be, that the G-D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, may His name be exalted! Is alive and well, He is real, His Torah is Real and there is no G-d but Him!

Thank you all for your support… you are the Mordechais and Esters of today!


The rest of purim events will be reported on next week.

Shabbat Shalom!

Het eind van februari

25 februari 2014, 25 Adar I, 5774

Beste vrienden!

We zijn nu in de maand Adar, een maand van vreugde en het hoogtepunt is het Poerim feest. Dit feest, meer dan alle anderen, symboliseert de leugens van de mythes. Mordechai begreep dit en stond op zijn geloof in één G'd, en werd niet verleid door schijnbaar "vreemde ideeën die zoet van smaak waren". Hij bleef trouw aan de overleveringen en de studie van zijn G'd. Het is spectaculair om te zien hoeveel kracht er was in één persoon die geloofde en verder ging met zijn waarheid, zelfs al was het tegen de modetrend van de massa.

Deze unieke enkele persoon, keerde dingen op zijn kop en redde het Joodse volk uit de handen van Haman. Niet met kracht, maar met geloof: Het vuur van de Almachtige en zijn inzicht van innerlijke waarheid, gaven hem de doelbewustheid om door te gaan, zonder op te geven. Hij hoefde geen angst te hebben, omdat hij voelde dat dit was wat hij moest doen. Er was een sterk geloof gerelateerd aan de hoeveelheid en kracht en kwaliteit, hoewel de kwaliteit in de minderheid was. Dit is hoe het nu in deze dagen is: We zoeken naar Mordechai in ons binnenste, wat ons dichterbij de redding brengt.

Deel van de traditie van Poerim is om gaven te geven aan de armen en aan onze vrienden en familie.

Wij van "L'ChaimToLife" willen, zoals elk jaar, onze overlevenden Mishloach Manot geven.

Geef alstublieft en geef ons het privilege te geven aan meer mensen te kunnen geven.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Shalom aan iedereen!

Opnieuw maakten onze machtige soldaten de reis van de smetteloze bergen van de Golan naar de mediteraanse kust bij Haifa. Gewoonlijk is deze tijd van het jaar de berg Hermon bedekt met sneeuw en het netwerk van Golans natuurlijke bronnen spuit golven van water. Nu is het niet zo, vrienden. Ik begin me af te vragen of iemand gespeeld heeft met de kalender dit jaar en de winter er gewoon uitgeknipt heeft. "Sorry, de winter neemt dit jaar vrij af, tot volgend jaar!" Zoals u weet is dat niet goed. Maar het goede nieuws is... de regen kan nog komen... maar dat hangt van ons af. Ik zal het vertellen van de reden overlaten aan Daniël... Hij heeft een aantal ideeën waar ik zeker van bent dat u er zich in kunt vinden.

Maar genoeg, terug naar ons doel. We hadden een klein tekort dit keer, sommige van onze "regelmatigen" hadden persoonlijke zaken te regelen, maar niettemin gingen onze helden van de dag op visite en met plezier! "Onze vrienden wachtten op onze komst, ze keken uit naar de bezoeken en dat doen wij ook!" was een uitspraak van Moshe.

Dat brengt ons bij het Torah gedeelte van deze week Vayakel en Pikude. Dit zijn twee gedeeltes die samen gelezen worden aan het einde van Exodus. Het is een gedeelte van de grote finale. De Tabernakel is gebouwd met alles erop en eraan samen met de klederen van de priesters. Op het eind wordt G'ds glorie getoond alsof het zegt: "Prachtig Werk, Mensen!"

Dit gebeurde allemaal na de zonde van het Gouden Kalf. Dus u ziet, zelfs na die ramp, gingen de zaken verder vooruit in een positieve richting. Net als na de Holocaust. Dat stopte ons niet, we bleven voortgaan met het ontwikkelen van waarvan u vandaag getuige bent. En dit is nog maar het begin.

Maar er is meer... In het Torah gedeelte gaat het erover dat diegenen die werkten aan de Tabernakel, het vrijwillig deden, diegenen wiens hart gemotiveerd was om het te doen. Dit is net als onze jongens en u, onze supporters. Niemand moet het doen. Maar u doet het omdat uw hart gemotiveerd is om deel te nemen en te zien wat u kunt doen! Kunt u G'ds glorie voelen schijnen op u? Toegegeven, onze jongens gaan en doen het werk, maar net als het Torah gedeelte uitlegt... mensen verzamelen om het mogelijk te maken. Dat is wat het doet. We zijn een gemeenschap die samen werkt aan het bouwen van iets bijzonders. En dat is onze toekomst. Een van "L'ChaimToLife"s hoofdpunten is het bij elkaar brengen van mensen om prachtige dingen te doen!

Dank u voor uw hulp!


De jongens kwamen aan rond 11:00

Het eerste stel ging naar Shalom en hij had zich van te vooren voorbereid, zoals gewoonlijk. Dit keer ging hij wandelen naar de grot van Elia en daarna naar het strand. Ze eindigden met samen koffiedrinken. Toen we hen op kwamen halen, weigerden ze te gaan en Shalom weigerde hen weg te sturen en wenste dat ze de volgende keer langer konden bezoeken.

De volgende overlevende was Martha, die op ons wachtte om historische en courante verhalen te vertellen aan de jongens. Ze vroeg hen om niet te gaan en we moesten hen zelf komen ophalen.
Het andere groepje bezocht Jacob en Gershon, die het verwachtten en verbazingwekkend, zelfs die jongens moesten we "wegslepen" aan het eind van de ontmoeting. Gershon wilde ze langer late blijven en hen zijn verhalen vertellen.

Als laatste bezochten we dit keer een nieuwe overlevende Deborah, een fascinerende overlevende, die ons vroeg om hulp bij het bedienen van haar computer. Moses was heel opgewonden en zei dat ze verbazingwekkend was. Deborah had heel er genoten van het bezoek en wuifde hen uit vanuit huis en vroeg hen snel terug te komen.
Dit keer werden de bezoeken gekenmerkt als "we willen niet stoppen" en waren bijzonder succesvol.

Dank u voor alles!

Ricky Evron
Vrijwilligers Coördinator Haifa en het noorden.
Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel  

Nieuws uit het noorden:

Een grote lach kwam op Avi's gezicht toen de studenten uit Meitzar hem verwelkomden.
Avi leefde direct op. Hij had zoveel te vertellen. Hij is een open geschiedenisboek. De studenten genoten van de tijd dat ze bij hem waren.

Itzchak met zijn vrouw Sara en de studenten zitten rustig rond de tafel en praten.
Ze genieten ervan vrienden rond zich te hebben en de studenten maken hen blij.

Shaul wachtte op de studenten uit Kfar Hanasi. Hij is allen en heel eenzaam. Shaul heeft veel interessante verhalen te delen met de studentenen het is moeilijk bij Shaul weg te gaan, wetend dat hij zo steunt op onze bezoeken.
Jafim is een andere eenzame man die we vaak bezoeken. Hij waardeert het zo. Er is bijna geen ruimte om te zitten, maar we vinden een plekje en we praten over allerlei soorten interessante dingen.
Itzchak voelde zich niet goed vandaag, hij had koorts en we konden daarom niet lang bij hem zijn.
Ela was geopereerd aan haar ogen en zag niets, maar voelde zich wel goed. We bemoedigden haar kort en ze was daar blij mee.

Kiryat Shmona:
Rina is nog vol energie. Ze ontvangt de studenten uit Mayan Baruch met open armen. Als haar eigen kinderen. Ze geniet zo van onze bezoeken. Iedere keer leren we iets meer van haar interessante leven.

Eliahu heeft veel fysieke noden, maar als wij komen lacht hij en maakt grappen. De studenten maken hem zo blij. Op zijn gezicht kan ik zien dat hij vol geniet van het samenzijn met de jonge en enthousiaste studenten. De jongens bezoeken Eliahu ook gedurende de week als ze wat vrije tijd hebben. Ze bidden met hem in de synagoge en helpen ook met de boodschappen.


Eliahu, not afraid of the strenght from the boys.


The end of february

February 25, 2014, Adar I, 25, 5774

Dear friends!

We are now in the month of Adar, a month of joy and the highlight is the holiday of Purim. This holiday, more than all, symbolizes the lies of the myths. Mordechai understood it, and stood on his belief of one G-d, and was not tempted by seemingly sweet foreign ideas, being faithful to the legacy and the study of his G-d. It is spectacular to see how much power was within in one person who believed and went with his truth, even it was against the fashionable spirit of the masses.

This unique single person, turned things upside down and saved the Jewish people from the hands of Haman. Not with power, but with belief: The fire of the All Mighty and his awareness of inner truth, gave him the determination to go on , without giving up, He didn't have any fear because he felt that this is what he should do. There was strong belief that is related to the amount and strength, and quality, even if the quality was of a minority. This how it is these days: We are looking for the Mordechai in our inner selves, which will bring us closer to salvation.

Part of the tradition of Purim, is to give gifts to the poor and to our friends and family.

We, in "Lechaim" as every year, will give our survivors Mishloach Manot.

Please, donate and give us the privilege of giving for more people.

Best regards.



Shalom to everyone!

Once again our mighty soldiers made the trek from the pristine mountains of the Golan to the Mediterranean Haifa coast. Usually this time of year Mount Hermon is covered with snow and the Golan’s network of natural springs are bursting forth with gushes of water.  Not so my friends. I am starting to wonder if someone played with the calendar this year and just plain cut winter out. “Sorry winter is taking this year off, see you next year!” As you know that ‘ain’t good’. Well, the good news is… the rain still can come…but it depends on us. I’ll save the reason why for Daniel to tell you… He has some thoughts that I am sure you can relate to.

Anyway, back to our mission. We were a little short this time, some of our regulars had some personal business, but none the less our hero’s of the day made the visits and with joy!  “Our friends wait for us to come, they look forward to the visits and so do we!” was a statement by Moshe.

That brings us to this week Torah Portion Vayakel and Pikude. These are two Torah portions read together ending Exodus. It is a grand final portion. The Tabernacle is built with all its trimmings along with the clothes for the Priests.  In the end, G-d’s Glory is revealed as to say. “Great Job Guys!”

This was after the sin of the Golden Calf. So you see even after that catastrophe, things kept moving forward in a positive direction.  Just like the Holocaust. That didn’t stop us, we kept moving forward to develop what you are witnessing today. And this is just the beginning!

But there is more… In this week’s Torah Portions it talks about those that worked on the Tabernacle, did so voluntarily, those whose heart was motivated to do so. This is like our boys and you the supporters. No one has to do this. But you do this because your heart is motivated to participate and see what you can do! Can you feel Hashem’s Glory Shine on you? Granted our boys go do the work, but just like Torah Portion points out… people gathered together to make it happen. That’s what it takes. We are a community working together to build something very special.  And that is our future. One of LeChaim’s main points is to bring people together to do great things!

Thank you for all your support!



The boys arrived around 11 .00

The first couple went to Shalom and he had prepared in advance as usual. This time, he took a walk to the Cave of Elijah, and then to the beach. They end up drinking coffee together. When we came to pick them up, they refused to go and Shalom refused to send them on their way and wished to have them longer next visit.

Next survivor was Martha, who was waiting to tell stories of historical and current fellows. She asked them not to leave and we had to go and take them away ourselves .

The other couple, visited Jacob and Gershon, who expected them and surprisingly, even those boys, we had to "drag" out at the end of the meeting. Gershon wanted them to stay more and told them his stories.

Finally, this time we visited, a new survivor Deborah, a fascinating survivor who asked us to help on operating her computer.  Moses was very excited and said that she was just amazing. Deborah enjoyed the visit so much and waved goodbye from her house, and asked them to get back quickly.

This time, visits were marked as "do not want to end"
And were particularly successful.

Thank you for everything!

Ricky Evron
Volunteer Coordinator Haifa and Northern
Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel  

News from the North:

A big smile shows up on Avi's face when the students from Meitzar welcome him.  Avi revives immediately. He has so much to tell. He is an open history book. The students enjoy the time to be with him.
Itzchak with his wife Sara and the students sit quietly around the table and talk.
They love to have friends around and the students make them happy.

Shaul is waiting tto the students from Kfar Hanasi. He is alone and very lonely. Shaul has a lot of interesting stories to share with the students. It is hard to leave Shaul, knowing that he depends so much on our visits.

Jafim is another lonely man that we visit often. He appreciates so much it . There is hardly a place to sit, but we find a place and we talk about all kind of interesting things.

Itzchak didn't feel good today, had fever and we couldn't spend much time with him.  

Ela was operated on her eyes and didn't see and feel good that day. We encouraged her shortly and she was happy for that.

Kiryat Shmona:
Rina is still full of energy. She receives the students from Mayan Baruch with open arms. Like her own children. She loves our visits so much. Every time we learn a bit more about her interesting life.

Eliahu has many physical needs, but when we come he smiles and makes jokes. The students make him so happy. On his face I see that he fully enjoys the fellowship of the young and enthusiastic students. The boys visit Eliahu also during the week when they have a bit of spare time. They pray with him in the synagogue and they also help with shopping.

It is a joy to me to see how the students interact with these precious old people and how easily they bridge the gap of age.


This is our news for this week.

Pardes Chana:

We had very interesting visits this week.

The charming group from Neve Michael came with a lot of energy and enthusiasm after listening to the interview on Radio Alef with Alex Talmor (in Hebrew). Daniel spoke about them and the wonderful connection they developed with the survivors. Next week, our survivors are invited to the Pre Purim celebration in Neve Michaeal. The experience of the last holiday (Too Bishvat), made them very happy to answer positively for the invitation.

Aliza was a bit in rush and we saw her for a short time. She loves the girls and cheering all the time the most bashful girl in the group whose name is Elizabeth. She says to her that they both, have the honor to be as Elizabet the queen of England. Benyamin had first, the team with their leader Zvia. Later on, R. Shachar with his son (Noach ) came to visit him and he was so glad – as usual (see the picture). Chaya accepted us at first with a few sighs and difficulty. But slowly she started to have the light and sparks in her eyes and even started to joke. We have another volunteer joining us. her name is Ora (see the pic.), and she is a school teacher who decided to volunteer in favor of holocaust survivor.  She will visit Chaya once a week.

Rachmil had all of us and you can see how glad he is. He had pains in his back along the week and really suffered. He is getting better slowly.

R.Shachar and Noach (who grew to be so tall maybe because of the fresh air in Ramat Hagolan) also visited Zipora and the Boaron's family.

All of our survivors have got a package of fruits and vegetables.

Thank you Amutat "Lechaim", for the support you give us for so long.


Here is a letter from (Haifa): 

Hello! I would like to thank you for the assistance and the donation Which has done in the staircase of Tova's house. She suffered and fell, due to the darkness that prevailed in the staircase of her building, which was without any electricity . It was more then replacing a lamp.  Thanks to the light amended, Tova is not afraid anymore, to come back home in the dark. She feels much safer.  

Thank you for your fast assistance to the critical case. 

Riki Evron

Volunteer Coordinator, Haifa and the Northern
Welfare Fund for Holocaust victims in Israel

Shabbat Shalom to every one. 


News from Amutat Lechaim

11 februrari 2014, 11 Adar , 5774

Dear friends!

We are in the middle of a very dry winter. No rains!

You can see precisely the legitimacy of blessings and curses:" If you go with my laws, I will give to the earth, in time Yore (first rains) and Malkosh (the last rains in the winter)".

"And if you heard, listen to my commandments which I command you today, to love your G-d and serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul, that I will give you the rain of your land in season, yoreh (the first rains) and malkosh (the latter rains) so you can gather your dagash (grain) and tirosh (wine) and yitzhar (oil). And I will send grass in your fields for your cattle and you shall eat and be satisfied. Take heed lest you turn aside your heart and serve other gods and bow to them. And He is annoyed by you, and He shuts up heaven from rain so the earth does not have a crop and will soon perish from the good land that my G-d has given to you."

As you can see, we have to pay for our mistakes and deviation from G-d’s law.

The weather in our Holy Land is not as other countries, rain and other treasures of heaven which we receive on earth, corresponds to our behaviour.

We are experiencing a heavy cloud of servile leadership which makes errors resulting from arbitrarily deciding, and displaying lack of faith for the holy covenant of G-d and His people.

Releasing murderers, who ready to shed Jewish blood, as they return to carry out attacks, and willing to divide the country under massive American pressure.

Don't worry about it! It's His will to educate His people.

Deception is in full swing, and to gain salvation we should want it with all of our heart.

Why would we want it?  Because there will be a time when we realise that there is no solution and hope.

Sometimes, great distress, forces us to wake up and change our ways.

And this time it is the same.

Best regards,





Shalom to all!

It was another fine visit to Haifa. The weather was beautiful and the ride was pleasant. It’s always a joy to travel in the Land of Israel. If you haven’t visited, I highly recommend that you do!

We only had 4 survivors to visit this time, the rest were not feeling well and weren't up for a visit. We wish them a speedy recovery! Hopefully we will catch them next time!

It did however, gave us a chance to visit a little longer and to eat lunch at the beach!

“I am always impressed with these boys” Eli our driver said. “I see they take this program very seriously and don’t try to cut any corners. They actually want to do more!” Eli continued.

It really is no surprise at all when you think about it. They immigrate at this young age and are planning to serve in the IDF.  One of the things that makes that so special is that they don’t have to do this, yet they leave it all behind and come to Israel to serve the Nation and be a part of the re-establishment of the Jewish Nation. That takes real dedication and courage.

That brings us to this week’s Torah Portion.

Parshah Tetzaveh – The clothes make’s the man!

In this week’s Torah portion it’s about the clothes for the High Priest. We can relate this to our visits as our young men are about to have a change in their clothes too. Soon they will be wearing to uniform of the Jewish Army in the Jewish Nation! Those clothes mean a lot.  It more than just and army uniform it’s a statement that we are Here to stay! Not so long ago Jews had to wear prison uniforms and were forced into slave labor. It was the lowest of the low of clothing. Then from out of the ashes a new generation of Jews emerged and with blood, sweat and tears the Holy Nation of Israel was resurrected from the dead. The land transformed from an empty waste land to a blossoming Garden of Eden. And the best part about it… is you are here to see it!

Until the next time!


News from the north:

Etja is already waiting for us, and as soon as we sit down she starts telling us her story from the shoa. She is born in Ukraine. She looks at the pictures on the television today what happens in Ukraine and she starts crying. At the time of Hitler she remembers that some Ukraine people behave even more cruel then the Nazis themselves.

Jafim is a historian. He has quite a number of interesting books. He knows all little details of Russian hitsory. What question you ask him he has an answer. The students are amazed and amused with Jafim. They like to talk with him about politics. books, plays and other things.

Avi was so happy with his new students. Another two students have been added to the group visiting in Ginosar. Avi is living in the nursing house and loves to talk. He is waiting the whole week for this particular day. He opened his book and explained in little detail his life during the shoa to the new students.   

Moisje enjoys the students. Moisje is a happy man and when the students come to visit him his house is full of joy and happiness. They make jokes together, tells stories, and listen to classic music.
As you remember, Willy was moved to a nursery house in Shlomi half year ago. His progressing Alzheimer didn't allow him to be left alone in his house in Katzrin . After three very difficult months of adaptation, Willy seems to have accepted his new home and I found him really enjoying in there. He smiles, talks to its fellows on his department. He is a man who need people around him and here he have that!
Actually, I found him not depressed  as he was last year in Katzrin when he was left alone the whole day. When I came in to see him, his face lit up and he started to cry from being so happy.
The impact of visiting people like Willy, in a nursing houses, is overwhelming and great. It has also a positive impact on other needy people and also on the staff. Willy was inspired. He talked and talked None stop, and enjoyed my visit. After two hours spending a quality time with Willy I went home with a great satisfaction.

In Pardes Channa the visit of R. Shachar, with the students from Neve Michael will be on Thursday, as usual.


We complete our report with :

Pardes Chana

This time, we had a very special visits. Two groups with a very special visitors.

R. Shachar came with five of his children whom you know from there visits in the summers. And some of the girls from Neve Michael .
We have met our survivors and each of them was very happy to have both groups.

Aliza didn't feel so well and accepted us on the bed in her saloon. She feels a great need to tell and speak about her life and we are happy to listen to her. It was hard to say good by. She kissed the girls and was so happy to meet again R.Shachar kids.

With happy Benyamin, we "checked if he is taking care of his yard"  and you can see,  that he does. He loves children and met them with
a great joy.

Rachmil, took his visitors outside and as you can see he had a very interesting story about a picture he has painted and it caused great excitement when he showed it.   He said that he felt very proud for the appreciation he has got from the people who saw it.

Chaya, love the girls from Neve Michael. She kisses them and say how it breaks her long and lonely day.

Zipora had a cold and didn't feel so well, but was happy to meet R. Shachar and to get the package of supplies.

The Boaron couple, just came from a medical treatment but was happy to see R.Shachar and get his attention.

Many thanks for Amutat "Lechaim " for  giving  support to our survivors.

Best regards,


True and false peace

January 31, 2014, Adar 1, 5774

Dear friends!


Again, here in Israel, on the Holy land, we  face a heavy spiritual   danger when our leaders are under heavy American pressure mainly Jhon Kerry, who ask us to give region, called the Jordan Valley to the Palestinians.

Again, we see leaders, who imagining and dazzling around the power of authority and the gods of money. They think about money as the only capital we need, more, then ever, is the spiritual human the capital which connected with eternal covenant with firmly depth roots, with the G-d of Israel and the universe.

Leaders, without any inspiration, with dark  motivation. They don't have any interests of the past, present, or future, connected in the chronicles of the sublime and glorious eternal covenant between the God of Israel and His people. It does not exist in the hearts and agenda. This is a real time to the brave ones whom willing to rise above the dust and the daily graveness and outcry clearly. To rise up and demand to tell people in Israel and abroad : The Land of Israel is holy and belongs to the G-d who gave it to us as eternal safekeeping!

We wouldn't "bargain " or give any peace of land ! Peace will come when we will be fulfilled with our belief, not to cut or separate from our holy body. With amputated legs and heart, with no soul or vision- we will have to pay for it.

Indeed friends, these are moments of truth! And me, Daniel, raise my hands and my head, up to heaven, with a cry and prayers to our G-d:"Please! Arouse sleep in the dirt, shake your sons from their slumber! Make them to be able seeing that only You, can protect and watch Your people". I pray to violate the advice of mislead leaders! Reverse thinking that will bring the sword, depression and shame. Return hearts, wake up and renounce the lie that exists in the world about the fake peace. Peace will come only when we will be sure about the direct contact with you the Master of the universe.

Hear O Israel, our G-d , the only One

P.S These days we use every place (even the radio) to cry out loud!


News from the North:

Izik and Sara, are filled with joy when the students come to visit them each week. Also Eli-Ram is so happy. It was the International day of shoah and Eli-Ram followed a program on the TV. Then Eli-Ram shared with the students a bit of what he went through those days. It was very special.


Rosh Pina:
Blanka, always wants to teach the students some of the important values that she found in her life. Every visit she tells us a chapter from her interesting life during the shoah. She is very proud to be a citizen of "Medinat Israel". Through the the Tenach (the Jewish Bible), she is connected to the long Jewish history and to Eretz Israel. This fullfills her life. Blanka is a happy "mencsh".

Ela, had a tough life. Her husband has died and she had lost both of her sons. One, died as a soldier in the Lebanon war and the other son died from cancer recently. Ela is alone and a bit embittered. The students bring light to her home. As soon as we sit down, even a heavy atmosphere is changed.   We have learned that Ela is a very creative woman. She makes beautiful flower arrangements. By the end of our visit, she showed us her pictures. She is very happy with our visits and she looks forward to us coming back soon.


Kyriat Shmona:
As soon as the students enter his room, a big smile rises up on Eliahu's face. A visit of a group of enthusiastic youngsters, makes him alert and happy. He tells jokes and we both laugh.  By the end of our visit, the boys make arrangement with Eliahu to go and pray with him in his synagogue. That makes him even happier.  One of the students is not familiar with the prayers , but that doesn't matter anymore. Through the friendship with Eliahu he overcame his fears.


In the meantime, my friendship with the students of the mechinot has grown also. They call me "daddy Timek". It is a joy for me to guide them on our (bi)weekly visits.


The garden of Benyamin

Doing the last things to the garden of Benyamin


Warm greetings, Timek

Another letter of thanks from a survivor:  

Malka is a survivor, living in Hulon (nearby Tel Aviv) and I am visiting her as a volunteer. The house in which she is living was without any heating and it caused her to suffer from the cold weather. You gave her a heater which can make her life much better.

I send her and my sincere thanks, for warming her house and more then all – warming her heart.

She is wishing that you will continue your amazing and fast help for other survivors.



Pardes Channa:
Today (Thursday), we had the visit with the group from Neve Michael with Zvia. R.Shachar, and me.

We brought a big package of vegetables to each of our survivors. The girls went with R. Shachar to the Boaron's and the girls met them, happy to get to know them. Zippora was happy to get the package and to see R. Shachar. Chaya this time even told some jokes which is the other side of her… and after being with the girls, she kissed them goodbye. It's the first time she has shown such affection towards her visitors. We came to Benyamin's yard, and as you can see in the pictures we started to work and clean his little garden. Rachmil had all the group coming to him and he couldn't stop speaking about Seder Tu B’shvat and how he was impressed. He promised not to forget this special event.

We have already started to plan the next holiday together. Many thanks, to the visitors, and the warm connection – developing from both sides.

Best regards,

I got this letter from Chani. Read her words:

Daniel – It’s a name of an  angel!

My name is Chani and I live in the south. I have a very humble and respected neighbor, survivor, living alone.

Recently, his apartment was burned its contents. He  didn't ask for anything and continued on his life with what has left, winter and summer, facing life as they are.

After speaking with him, I understood that he has passed through the holocaust, and it's not aloud to throw even stale bread. People think that he is obsessed of collecting things.

As soon as I got to know him, I couldn't continue with my life without helping him. I went to institutes, but the answers did not satisfy me.
I decided to find solution which can bring back his smile.

For almost half a year I am trying to find for him refrigerator but with no results.

One of the last mornings, I heard in the Radio a program and Daniel was speaking there about giving to any survivor needing something, without any bureaucracy and he gave his phone number. I wrote it down, and dialed to him very suspicious.

Daniel only asked me the full name and his Identity number. That's all!

I was amazed that after only one hour Daniel called me back and asked me what he need and I answered: a little fridge.

After another hour Daniel called me again to let me know that the fridge will come to him in the afternoon. Again to my surprise it came – New and Shiny.

The next day Daniel called to ask how is the new fridge, and I told him that it's too little. It was my mistake not knowing his real will… and to my astonishment Daniel said to me: Just pack the fridge. We will send him a bigger one, because "it's important to him that the survivor will be satisfied". And this, has happened!

Daniel, you are a real angel, redeem distress and bring joy.

Be blessed and for the Amuta: Well done!

Many Thanks also to the broad cast bringing Daniel to our awareness.

My deep gratitude,


These are our news for this week. best regards, Rivka.

Last event of Too Bishvat

January 23, 2014, Sjewat 22, 5774

Dear friends!
We send you here the last event of Too Bishvat, and the letter from our good friend Yudit, who goes with us  long way.

Best regards,


Shalom to all!

We were off for another fine visit with our friend in Haifa. This time with flowers and dried fruit in hand. Gershon was a little confused!

“What? Tu’BShevat has passed already! I’m getting ready for Purim!”

Tu”BShevat AKA the 15th of the Hebrew month of Shevat marks the beginning of a “new year” for trees. This is the season in which the earliest-blooming trees in the Land of Israel emerge from their winter sleep and begin a new fruit-bearing cycle.

 In contemporary Israel the day is celebrated as an ecological awareness day and trees are planted in celebration. It’s also customary to give gifts of fruits to friends and family. Some even make a special festive meal with fruits, wine and grape juice.

The boys wanted to take pictures, but our friends were a bit camera shy this trip.

The visits went well as usual, the survivors enjoyed the gifts that the boys brought and shared them with the boys.

Shalom the boxer invited to boys for some tea and wanted to know how they were coming along after his class? Last time Shalom gave everyone boxing lessons. The boys let Shalom know they loved it and wanted more! Shalom was happy to hear and said that next time they have more time, he is ready!

This week Torah portion Mishpatim comes to teach us that the Oral Torah is alive and well! For those that don’t know. At the time of the giving of the Torah in the desert, a written and oral Torah was given. There are those that don’t believe that an oral Torah was given and take the written Torah as the last Word!

But that would be silly right? What do you think they were doing in the desert for 40 years? Don’t you think they had questions? G-d was right there and they could ask Him questions through Moses who spoke directly to G-d! Plus G-d is about true justice.

Let’s take the famous “An eye for an eye” for an example.

Think about it, what kind of justice would it be to take that literally? Here you have say two one eyed guys for example. One of them pokes out the only good eye of the other. Now he is blind. They go to court, judge looks into the “Good Book” and see the ruling. “An eye for an eye.”

Simple enough. Poke out the perpetrators eye and be done with it. That’s what is says doesn’t it?

Well now we have a problem. Who will be taking care of our now two blind men? Perhaps we can tell the perpetrator he is on his own and that what he gets! But what about the victim, who’s going to take care of him? What kind of justice is that?

Comes the Oral Torah and says… The perpetrator must pay instead of getting his eye poked out. The perpetrator is responsible to take care of the victim. Now granted, the victim will suffer from this for the rest of his life, it is tragic, but at least the Torah has made a provision for him to be taken care of. Rather than just hearing that the perpetrator got his eye poked out… and?

So does this relate to us? The Holocaust has both, a written and oral tradition too. Not everything can be written. But it’s still true and it still happened. Our young men, get this “Oral Tradition” directly from the survivors themselves. Just like the Jews in the Desert heard directly from G-d Himself. This oral tradition the survivors are passing on to our young men, well be passed on to their children. These are personal stories, survival and heroism. When the day comes' the holocaust survivors are no longer in the world. Those stories, the oral tradition, will still carry on!

As I always say we are Here to stay!

Until next time!


Riki from the H.Foundation writes:

 Tu Bishvat was celebrated last week in Israel, and our survivors won a very special presents for the holiday: beautiful potted primroses and dried fruit plate. Our survivors were excited for the nice gesture.

Gershon prepared for the boys a special breakfast to show his appreciation for their dedication.

Tova had, besides their visit and the presents, a technological aid with her computer, after not being able to use it for a week. They also add additional software to her computer and it thrilled her very much. She was very impressed of their technical abilities and thanked them again and aga

I want to thank Avraham, the boys, and Amutat "Lechaim", for their warm embrace given to the survivors.

Because men have an inalienable

January 19, 2014,  Sjewat 18, 5774

Too Bishvat happens at the end and the beginning of agriculture year. "Most of the rainy days have passed and the trees start to show a beginning of leaves and fruits growth". "And increased resin in trees, and fruit embalmers themselves". The Jewish calendar has 4 kinds of a New year:

1. At Nissan (Pessach) – The new year for Regalim (going to the temple in Jerusalem) and for kings.
2. At Elul (August ) – Regalim and tithing of animals
3. At Tishrai ( September) – Regalim and New Year for Shemitah years and ages, planting.
4. At Shvat (These days) – the new year for trees fruits and vegetables.

As a young Jewish state, we believe in the connection between men, land and growth. We celebrate the Jewish holidays, by mixing the old and the new versions.

As you know , the new comers to the land of Israel believed that working the land is the only way to put down roots and feel to your own homeland. This is the reason that it is so important to be part of planting.

Here are our events at these happy holiday .

Too Bishvat events:

Kiriat Shmona:
Tu BeShvat celebration at the Mechina Mayan Baruch with shoa survivors from K.Shmona:
The students, invited the shoa survivors to celebrate Tu Beshvat with them.
Together, we planted a nice orange tree in the garden next to the Mechina. The students prepared a nice program in the classroom. A table, with dry food, nuts, coffee and cakes,  and they made all of us feel happy and at home. One of the students explained the meanings of Tu Beshvat festival. Afterwards, they blessed them with this blessing: Blessing from us to all our dear friends from Amutat "Lechaim"! We would like to eentertain your festive, wishing you to bloom as a new flower or as a tree with a stable legs on earth. See the beauty around and be happy with your body and soul. Bloom every day! Happy holiday with peace and serenity.  With love from us".

Other students blessed the survivors and vice verse. We sang TuBeshvat songs and played some interactive games together. Everybody was happy and excited. The survivors expressed their appreciation to the amutat "Lechaim" and their continuous support and the beautiful connection they have with the students year after year.

Zachi Asusuel
is so happy to see the students every week.  
Also, Zelma and her husband
and other survivors, are waiting for the students to come.
All of the students comes in couples to the same people every week and so they build deep friendship and relations. Bit by bit, they share together the good and the bad things that happened to them in their lives.

Zelma with her husband

Zachi (with Timek and two of the students)

Eden and Sharon
went with Elim's wife to his paintings exhibition and he explained them about his works. it was very interesting.

Katz Yafim
is a very lonely man. The students bring joy into his house and into his life. They play games with him , speaks about the past and the present.
For Shlomo, the students are very important because he can express himself about what happened during the shoa and after. The painful experience still burns in his soul and by telling the students about his past, it helps him to overcome these pains. On the other hand, the students learn a lot from him about the shoa and also about the early years when Israel was established


Pardes Chana:
We had two events with some of our survivors:

On the Tu Bishvat eve  Zvia and two girls, brought Chaya, Rachmil, Benyamin and Aliza from there house to Neve Michael  to join Saider Tu Bishvat: The celebration was joyful and enchanting. All the children, set around tables, and our survivors, were the guest of honor, sitting between their friends – who comes to visit them.  First, the ceremony was about the holiday and the meanings of each of the fruits symbolize "the land of honey and milk", and then, the guests of honor were invited to express themselves. Rachmil and Benyamin sang songs and won applauses.


Aliza told the children how lucky they are not to be a hungry children and without means, explaining that even coming to the new born land of Israel and still being hungry. She greeted them excitedly. Chaya, was impressed from the happening. After that, five beautiful girls (as Rachmil explained), came to invite dancing with them. Rachmil joined the dancing and was so happy. At the end, each of our survivors had a little package of dry fruits and a packed nice meal for the next day. Rchmil told me how proud he felt to be important for those children. They returned home very happy with a very special experience.

The next day, we gathered again to celebrate the real thing: to plant and rebuild Benyamin's  and Aliza's  yard. As you can see, we brought plants of flowers and herbs, and all of us worked happily together. After finishing the planting R. Shachar said some words about Tu Bishvat. Each of the survivors received a nice package and full of dry fruits for the holiday.



Here a orangetree that was placed in the ground.

Rabbi Shachar is speaking a short word about a few things, afterwards.

This is my chance to say big thank you to Tzvia and the team from Neve Michael for a beautiful cooperation and a very good will to do the best for our survivors.


To bring  Garden of Eden to earth!
13 januari 2014, 12 Sjewat 5774

We are completing with additional activity of grace and light by the boys from Keshet Yehuda which is characterizes the spirit and essence of the project:


Shalom to all!

Once again our hero’s of the day headed out on another visit to Haifa. The first stop was to the Rambam Hospital to give some Chizuk (strength) to Eli. Eli’s father has been in the hospital and he has been faithfully been by his father’s side. Eli is one of our trip leaders, he makes sure everything is in order, prepares the packages and makes sure our friends in Haifa get them. The boys wanted to show their support to their good friend and his father by stopping by. It turned out, that they were not able to pay a visit to Eli’s father as they were in the process of moving him to another hospital. But they were able to see Eli.

Eli our prayers are with you and your father!

The boys had an appointment with Shalom, the boxer after the hospital visit. Shalom had a work out ready for them. “It’s amazing to see an elderly man that has been through the holocaust so strong!” commented Simcha.

These are the survivors. They have been through the unimaginable and not only survived but thrived. Shalom went from the pits of horror, slavery and torture to becoming a fierce fighter for the reestablishment of the State of Israel. Shalom was in an elite fighting unit. Many that came from those same terrible places became Israel’s best fighters. And no wonder why.

After Shalom, the crew took off and made the usual rounds bringing joy and comfort to their friends.

“I really enjoy these visits, I feel connected to my new friends!” Chaim reported.

One of the highlights was: Simcha, went on his own to a Hebrew only speaking survivor. What made it so special is that is reconfirms why this program is so important. Simcha has taken on a leadership position in the group, since I have not been able to go lately. In the beginning he was a little shy about going on the visit. He was self conscious about his lack of Hebrew skills and would only go on a visit with someone who could speak Hebrew. This visit marked a milestone for Simcha and our Holocaust Survivor program. Simcha as the team leader had to decide who was going where. There was enough to go in pairs except one survivor. Simcha took it on himself, Hebrew and all! “I actually surprised myself in that I was able to hold a decent conversation with her.” Beamed Simcha with his new found confidence.

As you can see our boys are learning many valuable life lessons. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons Daniel chose to name is organization “LeChaim” to life! The boys are in a life forming stage. Standing at the door of adulthood, going from boys to men. This program that you are all supporting is establishing a foundation for a bright future.  Yes we are supporting those that have suffered and are still suffering, finishing off a past that will never forgive or forget. But really, what are we investing in the future and you are seeing with your own eyes the blossoming of the return and re-establishment of G-d’s Nation on Earth.

Isn’t that where it all started though? In this week’s Torah portion BeShelach. The Nation of Israel is being established for the first time. It was after the first holocaust in a place called Egypt. You all know the story. But let’s look a little closer. We see a ragged bunch of slaves who suffered unimaginable suffering at the hands of what was supposed to be the most sophisticated nation of the time. What was their crime? They were Jews. Now they were freed and on their way the Land that G-D promised them. But look at all the obstacles. The first being the sea. They had nowhere to go. Some wanted to go back, but G-d said "Go forward into the sea." The first reaction was to cry out, but G-d said He didn’t want to hear prayers, G-d wanted action. “Go!” They already cried out, G-d Heard and answered by taking them out of Egypt. Things were in play.

So what is the lesson we learn here? “I have heard you! Don’t stop, keep going. Don’t worry about what appears to be an obstacle it’s the thing that will save you!”

After the fact we look when we look back we see that it was all part of the big plan.  

That big plan is still in play today. The good news is you are all a part of it! You have taken action and your action is helping the past and the future of the Nation of Israel.

Thank you!


Bringing paradise to earth

Januari 3, 2014, Kislew 30, 5774

First, I wish all of our non Jewish friends, a fruitful and good new year.

And, this is the time to conclude a successful year with full of activities (according to the Jewish calendar it's already the end of the third part of the year).

I want to wish our active volunteers in the world : Norway, Holland, Singapore, Sweden, our friend Yudit (Ch. Emb.), for a wonderful work and true involvement, along the whole year. We feel here in Israel, that it is a holy work. It brings, a great blessing which is hard to explain.

We are in our tenth year, it proves, that, as a little organization, without any buildings or offices, but with a vision that can spread a lot of light and blessing when it based on human connection, heart to heart … something, which is missing in our days.

We are precise about the daily connection between survivors, active members, donors or at least the heads of "Lechaim" in the world, with a vivid and warm connection all the time.

Thanks to you, dear friends, and your partnership in favor of our vision, based on social justice, grace and light, and beyond all, the love of G-d which bring us every day to be connected to the human part of the divine spark within us.

Here in Israel, we get a lot of appreciation for our activities which done modestly and on the right balance.

Particularly, many students participating this project. Between them: American youth, religious and non religious Zionist youth, teenagers on risk and orphans. These boys and girls are connected by being human, doing justice and grace, especially, the group from Keshet Yehuda. Even, their guide: Avraham, who is going through changes in his privet life and can't take part (right now)in our project. They continue to visit in Haifa by Riki's assistance (from the Foundation) and with a special driver with unique soul named Eli.I believe that in a few weeks Avraham will return to be with us again. This mission brings the boys closer to the Jewish world here in Israel. All who involved in this project feel the fire of enthusiasm, the fast response that has no bureaucracy.

Many people whom listening to me on the radio program, wondering what is our secret and how we succeed to fulfill such dream these days? My answer: " When I am – Daniel, imagine myself float above reality and reach heaven with a wonderful fruits with all the possibilities of doing…

Hopper abundance, and down the ladder with a choice of fruits and not giving any chance to the reality to stop the vision… My friends! This is a big joy (hard to explain), the ability to inhale fresh air and imagine. This is the secret ! To download heaven to earth! The dark in the world needs this bright lights.

I feel very privileged to be part of this amazing vision which affects so many places here in Israel and in the world. Above all, humbly and modestly, but with enthusiasm and heart burning love I thank God the Most High, the Almighty, the God of Israel for the blessing, and the blessings it brings to the organization's activities of " Lechaim".

I wish all of us to hold hand by hand, heart to heart and sing this amazing song of redemption bells  (In Hebrew: Pamonay geualla). 

Be blessed!



News from the North:
Dear friends of Lechaim,

This week I and the students from the mechinot concluded our bi-weekly visits in 2013 to the Shoa survivors in Ginosar, Katzrin, Rosh Pina, Kiryat Shmona and Tiberias.  Every visit is an experience of a great and wonderful time. This project is a blessing to the old and to the youngsters. We feel blessed during the visits. Every time, the survivors, waiting for us and when we meet them, they don't let us go easily. Through the attached pictures, you can get the idea of some impressions from our visits.  

The survivors, love to spend time with the students, to share with them their gained wisdom through their lives. They tell them their personal stories bit by bit and share hobbies and interests with them. Those who are sick get comfort and love from us.

For the students, this volunteer work with Lechaim is a life changing experience. The fact, that they can touch, speak and listen to those who survived miraculously the death camps, or ghetto, is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. The visits bring joy and friendship. They give the survivors strength to get through those times. Some of them, like Shlomo, Izik, Israel have a great inner need to speak about their past. The other, speaks about it to educate the new generation. For all of us the most important thing is: Shoa must never ever, happen again!

Thank you for your continuous support. We appreciate it very very much. It allows us to continue this great project.

We wish you a blessed new year 2014.
With Love,




The boys came on Wednesday to visit . Shalom (The boxer) made the boys practicing. first, by running along the sea shore and then by walking in the park and on the end doing push ups.They finished with a big satisfaction.

Gershon, invited his visitors to eat with him lunch.
Yackov took out one of his albums, and told the boys about his past.
Zherna and Ndia host the boys warmly and gave the boys tasty goodies for their journey back. All of them , survivors and the boys were happy to meet again.

Thank you and best wishes for the new year.



Pardes Chana:

Dear friends!

As you can realize, I didn't take an absence for too long, knowing I have to come back from my vacation to continue my mission here for "Lechaim" and with all of  you. So Christmas Night was for me in China Beijing. It's a different world, but changing towards us very fast. Yet, different problems are bothering them.

So here I am , with new energy and with the power to do the work of reporting you all what is done in "Lechaim".

R. Shachar and Zvia  (the leader of the students) from Neve Michael did the visits to our survivors. On the end of the visits, they gathered the group and heard some of their impressions: They love to visit Aliza because she is talkative and host them warmly.

Benyamin laughs with them and try to sing with them.

Chaya is not in a very simple situation. She complains a lot. The Boarons we have not visited enough to say what we could expect what we are going to experience with them.


Rachmill, told them about his lost contact with his two daughters and they offered to try helping him to find them… With Chaya, it's hard for them because she is not happy and complains a lot. With the Boaron's couple they didn't yet have enough visits so they couldn't say their impressions.


About Ruth. we know a little how she is managing in the new house she has moved recently.

Ester is alright.


We wish all of the donors, volunteers, students and the active team of "Lechaim", another successful year of bringing the light to our survivors.

These are our news.
Best regards!