The Removal of Idols from the Human Heart in the Apocalypse

September 2, 2015, Elul 18, 5775

"For in respect of man and the fate of beast, they have one and the same fate"(Ecclesiastes 3, 19)'

Dear friends!

We are getting close to the Hebrew New Year, and the days before the holiday, are for self-examination and repentance. This essay is long and deep and demands deliberate and slow reading.

Genesis ch. 1, v. 26 says:" And God said: 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness;", and it continues:" 27 And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created him; male and female created them." And more in Chapter 3 , after eating the forbidden fruit from the tree it says:" 22 And God said: 'Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever."

Here we are my friends! At the end of a chapter that is getting closer to the process of the "End of Days", and the end of the "punishment" of the hidden awareness of G-d in our hearts as it was in the garden of heaven. Indeed, we yearn and hope for deliverance from feeling the exiled separation from G-d. But, in order to return to this wonderful reality, as stated in Jeremiah ch. 31:33:  "and they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying: 'Know God; for they shall all know Me…" , it means that the reality will be heavenly, living, personal, and growing. It will merge with G-d, as it was said:" On that day, G-d will be one and His name : one!" But, we are not there yet! We are in a painful process which is necessary for removing foreign gods from us, and today, we will touch on one of them which is doing a lot of destruction in mankind: the culture of bodily sport which came from the Greek and Roman cultures.

I should say (to begin with) that sport, is vital and healthy especially to our generation which is sitting most the day, eating more than he needs, and his work mostly technical. I have started with the story of creating mankind, and it's written, that the Almighty has created male and female. It means, that in each person, there is a male part and a female part. In the females, the dominant character is female. With the man, the male character is dominant. When those characters are balanced in each gender, it's a healthy situation. With the expulsion out of paradise, G-d ordered the man to work as it was said:" With your sweat you will earn your bread"… In those days, they didn’t need to do sport because they were in endless movement, and they didn't have the "advanced generation", as we have these days: cars, airplanes, ships, and everything ' just at the push of a button’.

Now, we will start with the goddess, called the sports culture today: Most of the people are doing excessive sport activities, in order to beautify their bodies as a fashion addiction, and it turns into an awful idol which causes the human, to give full attention to his physical quality, strengthening his egocentric nature and soul, like a human animal. It means that, as long as you are busy with your body, naturally, it demands from you more, and we shouldn't mistake: the words in the Bible: "that man can be no different from an animal”, and we can see that we are acting sometimes like animals. But, we have got a tremendous gift from G-d: an inner spark which is called His image! And, it seems that what is different from the animal in the human, is the ability to choose between good or bad! It's a great privilege but a critical one. To behave as a human requires daily effort to prevent that the animal in us won't take us downwards at any moment, like it was said by G-d to Cain before he killed his brother Hevel (Genesis 4):" 6 And G-d said unto Cain: 'Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen? 7 If thou doest well, shall it not be lifted up? and if thou doest not well, sin coucheth at the door; and unto thee is its desire, but thou mayest rule over it."…

And now, let's understand the damage in excessive activity but also we should understand that everything depends on the purpose! If the purpose is to have a healthy body, it's very good because' the body is the temple of the soul! And here, each one, needs to find his own way for the right sport fitting his needs. But, if it is according to the fashion, and it's all to do with an extrovert culture, then, here is the big dangerous point because increasing the effects of the animal body and it's character, is as if saying: me! me! me! For me! For me! For me!...

Another big dangerous aspect is, (please concentrate here), that women can do a lot of harm to themselves, by doing excessive male activity which develops the masculine aspects significantly, and by doing that, they lose their soft natural femininity. It denies the family and the children don't know who is the mother or the father. Of course it is a generalization, but, along the years, women have lost their wisdom and inbuilt natural femininity which is so much needed in a healthy family nest. The man has been changed to be like a female because of Western so called equality, causing the man to be as a female and vice versa. It is said in the Bible that G-d forbids a male to wear a female dress and the opposite. It is symbolic, the same way as it was said about the idolatry of the body and externals, it causes one to forget the divine spark in the human which is supposed to govern the physical and animal parts and not the opposite, as it is said in the book of Genesis. The Greek and Rome cultures, only increase fear and aloofness, and of course, it isn't easy to change the advancement. However, those, who understand these lines, can study for themselves, and find the reasons which causes them to be out of their minds from the beginning and being harmed physically and mentally, because of a very low self-esteem, even self-hatred, which brings them into an enslavement of extreme external and cosmetic changes instead of working on their inner selves, elevating their humanity.

In the end, and in order to give balance: movement is a blessed thing, exercises are vital, but the purpose must be for the sake of heaven. The process we are in is to remove any partition or armour-like protective barriers.

Next week, we are going to report all the activities, all over the country, for the holiday.

Best regards,

Faith and it's Meaning in these “Days of Apocalypse”

August 19, 2015, Elul 4, 5775

Shalom Chaverim!

It is common for scholars throughout the generations of Israel, to base their speaking on what's written about the end of the days. One big encouragement will be as a cure for people who will take it: it is faith! Here, we have to go deeper and grasp the meaning of the word faith! We will start from shallow and continue deeper.

As it has been said many times, that, on the end of days, the old and familiar world will collapse and will be ruined. It means, that all the false securities will pass away! Such a situation leaves a human as a fallen leaf. The past is not existing anymore; the new one, is not understood,and not yet sunk into the inner recesses of the consciousness. It isn't simple at all, and demands improvement and refinement in a person’s ideas and beliefs, which were developed for thousands of years. But, for that refining, the faith, must be total! Without faith, the person will feel that the ground has opened under his feet and he has no base and no hope. Here, we go deeper to check what it is constructive and healthy faith! And, what is rudimentary faith which leaves the human like a baby child, taking on the idea of G-d as a social worker who is suppose to give him his needs, according to childish understanding. I ask you my readers, to pay attention with focus and patience when you read these lines: The childish faith, is interpreted as having someone who will answer according to my will. my needs and prays, filling up by an Almighty, who provides Supermarkets and Shopping Malls with sweets, pampering and more. Such faith, is called disaster! It's wonderful to come to the obvious conclusion especially nowadays, that indeed, there is no one but Him! Yet, here is the danger point: healthy faith, brings the human to understand that divinity would like to give us a better world, which demands us to break down the screens and partitions and the illusion of separation, and to be back as sons to our Father in heaven (which will be like streaming light in our soul, clearly and directly, without the feelings of separation).

True belief, expresses understanding in the power of growing mentally mature, and so all prayers can be accepted. We should understand, that the entire kind of requests, self-will and prayers based on a comfortable life and fictitious serenity which withers the human soul and leaves it as a baby… All of this, will completely disappear!

The real belief understands that, by gaining maturity, G-d's way to answer prayer is not always clear, especially when according to our old insight and patterns which we have learned in our relations with the Almighty. This premature belief, has left humans in their infancy, to keep demanding their bottle and pacifier. In the end of days, true belief lets us know and understand that all that we call bad, is as matter of fact, for our benefit. G-d want alive people, who, while groping in the dark try to enhance, expand and grow thier narrow worldview, as Isaiah the prophet has said: "The people, who walked in the darkness, have seen a great light." Such belief, is not looking for instant solutions, based on selfish wills and egocentric desires. Many people, feel frustrated by thinking that they are believers. They cry and complain that their prayers are not heard, and their requests and shopping lists are not filled. So, to you dear friends I should say: The opposite! Sometimes, when we don't reciev and get things, it's better for us because it brings remembrance of the old thinking patterns, and by not recieving it, we are required to enhance the way we are acting and look for a better ways. To create and not get stuck in the past patterns.

Still, a warning word: immature faith says if I will do so and so, or believe in this or that, I will "win" the rewards of peacefulness and abundance. But, it isn't so! In our generation, we can't ask for anything from the familiar and the known. But, to ask for our soul, the new wind from heaven, the receiving of hidden clues, every moment, every breath, they are like messages from sky which are giving a new awareness, starting out slowly and coming down to the soul of the earth and to the soul of mankind.

Healthy faith, even though seeing darkness right now, will have in our inner soul, a great light. Everything is for our very best , for the sake of salvation and bringing us forwards, and growing away from egocentric thinking.

P.S. True serenity, is to know what has been written and that way, the challenge of going this passageway will be easier.


Tzur Itzchak

Shalom! This is the picture of my daughter Lia and her girlfriend Valeria. They are sitting outside the Supermarket in Tzur Itzchak, on this hot day, because they have decided to do "something good", and I offered them, to do something as a donation to survivors from Amutat "Lechaim". They set there for two and half hours, convincing people to buy some cold drink and to open their hearts. People came after reading it in the Face book, just to add some money. My son Yehonatan, who is only five and a half years old, was active too and convinced people to buy. It was really hard to stop them because of the late hour. They felt very good with it. We hope that our little donation, will help to some of those survivors, who need your help.

Best wishes, with love,
Ziv Poran

News from the North

New Aircondition for Jafim

Extreme temperatures, above 40 degrees (Celsius) keeps hitting Israel already for several weeks and so it will be at least, till the end of the month.

Last week, I visited Jafim in Katzrin, Jafim was sweating over his whole body, sitting next to a tiny ventilator. Within one week. Lechaim-to-life' has provided to him, new saving energy, air condition. This is the first air condition in his life. How happy and relieved he is now. Special thanks for the generous emergency support of Stichting Shoresh Netherlands and Norway, for the relief it brings to the survivors, during this hot summer.

In Kiriyat Shmona I visited all the survivors, and brought them fresh food from the market and coupons to help cover their electricity bills because of intensive use of the air conditions. The older models, consume a lot of energy and we don't want that the survivors will not use them, because of getting on the end of the month high electricity bills. All of them express their appreciation to our connection and for the ongoing support. They can't wait' until the visits with the students will start again.

Anatoly Limunsky's disease Parkinson is getting worse. This is very sad. Anatoly and Larisa, live on the 5th floor, without elevator. They will move from Kiryat Shmona to Safet in September. We will miss them very much. Larisa's hospitality, was always great , and their house was always open to receive the students with love.

The moment that me and Klara visited Ida, she was waiting for the taxi, to take her to the hospital in Safet. Her lags,were swallowed and red. She does have an infection, and her medication does not help. Ida has tremendous pains and can't move her body without feeling pains. She is crying with her soul and asks for relief. She need our prayers very very much.



My visit at the couple Janet & Jaston was very good. I met Jaston after treatments and he didn't feel very well, connected to inhalation without any strength or any apatite. But, as soon as I came with some cookies that I made, a big smile rose in his face and he taste them and loved it. We went trough their tours in the world, looking on the pictures and specially the trip to Toscana with their whole family. The memories excite both of them and it was sweet to see their shiny faces. Our connection is very special and I feel towards them as grand mother/ father. They thanked for my visit and I can't wait for my next visit.

Today, I visited Shulamit & Chanan. They didn't feel very good along the last week, but today they are better and getting ready to celebrate two birthdays: for their grandson and their grand grandson. We had discussion about the good and bad situation in our country; it was very interesting, because both of them are very intelligent and open minded. I brought them my cookies and we enjoyed the taste together. That's the news from Modiin.

Best regards,

This is our news for this week. Wishing all of you, all the best.



Twilight Times – The Passageway between the Worlds

August 13, 2015, Av 28, 5775

Shalom Dear friends!

It has been said in Isaiah 42:5-10: "Thus said Yehova G-d, He that created the heavens, and stretched them forth, He that spread forth the earth and that which cometh out of it, He that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein: I am Yehova (the only one) I have called thee in righteousness, and have taken hold of thy hand, and kept thee, and set thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the nations; To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the dungeon, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison-house. I am the G-d that is My name; and My glory will I not give to another, neither My praise to graven images. Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them. Sing unto the Yehova a new song, and His praise from the end of the earth; ye that go down to the sea, and all that is therein, the isles, and the inhabitants thereof."

And Hashem continues and says in Isaiah 43:18-19 "Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now shall it spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert."

43:10-12 "Ye are My witnesses, saith Yehova, and My servant whom I have chosen; that ye may know and believe Me, and understand that I am the only one; before Me, there was no G-d formed, neither shall any be after Me. I, even I, am the G-d; and beside Me there is no saviour. I have declared, and I have saved, and I have announced, and there was no strange god among you; therefore, ye are My witnesses, saith Yehova, and I am G-d."

These words are what the prophet said, and now my explanation: they are speaking of the end of days, symbolizing the end of the familiar and known days. We are in the passageway of a whole new world, a new reality, a new knowledge, by knowing the Almighty. Please my friends, understand this, the reality is of a closing and an end. As matter of fact, we are getting back to the basic initial energy and from it's discomfort, new life will come, just as a new butterfly emerges from its dark cocoon.

What does it mean? The rigidness of holding onto old ideas, even if they were right in their times, are a tragic mistake which costs us much. And here is a big rule which is like a music for open ears and open hearts: Torah is holy in its infiniteness, and its history is fitting for the changing times that flow by like a river, being right for the current time.

Right now, we must understand the Torah melody and the prophets who ask us to go deeper and understand that we have to study from a contemporary perspective. In these days, nothing will help if we hold onto our old perceptions and remain rigid in our thinking, it has the smell of death and we remain frozen. We need to understand the secret of the beginnings and not return to the chaos which carries many crises of doubts, confusions, diseases and more. It demands a living and continual surrender, coming from a strength of observation and a realization that our good G-d brings us from a journey of this chaos, to meet the beginning and the end, from the initial manifestation, and departing, to meet the new horizons of G-d, a new heaven and new earth. It’s a holy work of internal harmony and understanding that all the doubts, confusions and stress, are created when the soul longs to return to her homeland – that of knowing G-d, - and holding onto old mental habits. Such a process demands courage, humility, and a lot of inner peace by listening to the melody of the good new days, which are coming on us. We should remember what the prophet said:" The people who walked in darkness saw a great light", We will reach reality the way it is explained in the song in the Torah Portion called ‘Hazinu’, Deuteronomy 32:39 "See now that I, even I, the one (in the holy language), and there is no god with Me;". To such reality we all await as Zechariah the prophet has said: "On that day, there will be one Yehova and His name is One".

On the end, some words of consolation that appear in the book of Isiaiah 66 and there, the Almighty explain, the close relations as a father to His son, when the time of redemption will come:"12 For thus, saith Yehova: Behold, I will extend peace to her like a river, and the wealth of the nations like an overflowing stream, and ye shall suck thereof: Ye shall be borne upon the side, and shall be dandled upon the knees. 13 As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you; and ye shall be comforted in Jerusalem. 14 And when ye see this, your heart shall rejoice, and your bones shall flourish like young grass; and the hand of Yehova shall be known toward His servants, and He will have indignation against His enemies."


Beer Sheva

Last week I came to visit Olga who just came back home from hospital, after having an operation in her heart and after being also in a convalescent home, straight to the heat wave. She was so week and helpless, and even couldn't offer me (as she do every visit) anything. She didn't get more hours for her helper, even she need that these days, much more than ever. The absence of her family near her is very affective nowadays. She is not using very much the Air Condition because she can't effort that…. Even the hot weather… It isn't easy situation at all.

Roza, even her age(101 years old!), is in a stable health, and very sweet. She used to read much and doesn't do that now not so much any more now and watching the T.V. is boring her. We played Rummy, and she won… She is not coming outside her house.

I called our survivors and most of them, are not comfortable with the weather because they can't get out of their houses and also using Air Condition, cost them a lot and they use it not enough….

Shabbat Shalom,

Pardes Channa

It was the most exciting visit which has started at the house of Rachmill. The changes are explicit, and were seen on his face and eyes. The treatment, helped his mental situation. He is so much better, and he even has started to paint a bit… He was with good energies and was very grateful for my visit. We spoke, and his ability to put the words out from his head to his mouth is much better than before. I was so happy for him.

Also, I met two new survivors who are going to be part of the group we visit usually. Isaiahu ({see the picture), is 90 years old but very alive. He has been born in Hungary. All his family were taken to work on a camp in Austria, they had to build an Airport there.

Mordechai, has born in Poland very close to the border with Czech, and ran away with all his family to Italy and went by a refugee boat towards Palestina, but, were caught and land in Cyprus. Only after being there for one long year they reached the land of Palestine (see his Pic.).

From there I went to Chaya and Morris, and their, it was a mess of behaviors which is not sensible. After bringing a Doctor in, he find out, that Chaiya is suffering from extreme fatigue and her strange behaviour has some explanation. Morris was very happy to see R.Shachar, who came with two of his children, and they joined the visits with all the patience, honoring the survivors and listen to them. Morris, very soon, will finish the process on getting pension (by our help and Ora's help and her insistence.) as a Holocaustsurvivor. May be this will give them some more air economically.

Aliza wasn't at home and Benyamin excepted R.Shachar and his children happily and they had nice time with him.

The Boarons have health problems, but love our visits, and try to be with us as best as they can. Ester was very happy to have us, and said that for her, it is kind of miracle! because we never left her and she is grateful for that. She enjoyed and loved the companionship of R.Shachar's children.

All of our survivors, received a nice package of dry food.

We are waiting for the students who have vacation and will start to join us with the visits as soon as the school will start the year. Another wave of hot weather is going to come next week. We hope to pass it without any damages.

Best regards and peaceful weekend!


News from the North:

Dear friends of "L'chaim", It was good to see all the survivors from Katzrin and Rosh Pina again.

Rosh Pina

Blanka is doing well. Mentally she is excellent, but her body is getting older and for her daughter Tirza who live with her, it is very hard. She can hardly move out of the house. The Russian lady that helped her with some basic needs, has left without notice. Now, they look for a qualified new helpmate. Thanks to HaShem, Israel's health is stable now. He was excited for my visit. We have spend time together, talking about his past. He showed me a beautiful letter the students from Kfar Hanasi wrote to him on thier last visit.


Etja can't wait for the new students. She loves the youngsters and is happy that she still can live in her tiny apartment. She always tell me the new stories from her son who is married for Dutch girl. They have now a child and if all will be well, they will visit her during Sukkot. She can't wait to see them.

Gjenja: her health is a bit better since she moved to her daughters house. She is not alone anymore. Gjenja speaks only Russian and communication is not easy. Tsila and Leonid, as all the others, are very thankful for the fruits and vegetables package, and the coupons for paying the electricity bills. Tsila and Leonid, live in a tiny dark room as probably they lived all their life in Ukraine. Tsila speaks jiddisch, so, I can communicate with mixed German-Hebrew. Life, for them, is very hard. But they are very sweet couple. They met each other in the ghetto and married later on.

Talja suffers in her body. She has a very sweet helpmate from the Philippines which takes care very well for her. Talja never complains, even being so painful. She is such a creative person; her whole house is a museum of her works. Now, she can't do it anymore. We wish her a relieve of her pains.

Shlomo was happy with my visit as always. First thing he told me that, just two days ago, the first grandson was born and he was called to the hospital for the ceremony of cutting the umbilical cord. Next week, there will be a Brit Mila ceremony.

Shaul is the same. He doesn't like to walk or do exercises and he should do it for his health. Shaul turns his mind to Japan, to get away from the troubles in here, as an example of a good country. He knows a lot and grasps every piece of information about Japan and so we talked about Japan.

I found Jafim in a very bad condition. The heat was too much for him. His health is not good and Jafim during the day, is in his apartment, sitting next to a tiny ventilator. Because of my visit, he took his shirt out. Sweat came over his whole body. His house is in a real mass. His fridge was empty, and he admitted that he couldn't pay the electricity bill. He was very happy that I brought him fresh food and the coupons. I asked him if he would appreciate help with an air condition? He said yes I need that desperately. The summer heat is too much for him. Jafim is a man that will not ask for anything, but I am happy that since last few years I got to know jafim better and he trust me now and express more of his needs. Next day I would call Jafim again with a good news: This week, he will get a brand new air condition. His suffering will be over. Toda La El!

By tomorrow, the installer should come and mount the air condition in his tiny apartment. Thank You all, for your generous donations that help us, to provide basic needs of these brave people.

Last Monday, was thirty day's for Willy Adler's absence.. The mourning period, was closed with 'Hazchara' (remembrance ceremony). The four grand children, three nieces and the father of the grandchildren, gathered around the grave and said Kadish prayer. The youngest granddaughter, wrote a moving letter honoring her grandpa. We passed also, the grave of the only daughter of Willy, she has died, four years ago.

Willy is buried next to Miriam, his beloved wife. All the time Willy has told me that every day since she died in 2006, he asked God one question: why I must suffer and not be with her?... Now, the time has come. He is truly with her in Gan Eden. All who knew Willy, will never forget this brave man!


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"Those who ravaged and ruined you, shall leave you"

July 30, 2015, Av 15, 5775

Isaiah Chapter 49, verse 16, 17:
Behold, I have engraved you in both palms of My Hands, your walls are always for me.
Your sons will be rushing, but your disruptors and destroyers will be of you.
(Orthodox Jewish bible)

Recently, the Israeli Supreme Court, decided to destroy Jewish houses in Beit El (Benyamin region, Samaria). Again, we see the same difficult situation for Jewish people who have to fight for their home in front of…….. their own established areas: police, border guards, and the Israel Defense Forces – IDF!!! How painful it is to realize that even our leaders are carried away by the winds of fashion, doing things to only satisfy the nations who, whatever will be done, will not be satisfied till we are lost in the sea….. The truth is not there. On the surface, it seems right, But deep down, somewhere in the unknown fog, the Almighty is directing the battle. Even if it is hidden, the purpose is there. Through ruins and destruction, we can find the whole truth by realizing the tragic facts that come when leaning on false security. The tragedy is that we have leaders with low standards of faith, so, all the signs are hiding from them. The good news is that, as I have said before and saying in this essay: We are the ordinary people of the world, Although only the ‘insignificant and the unimportant’ ones, we should wake up and understand the importance of the moment. To rise up from the ruins by taking responsibility for the reasons behind the destruction, such as: low faith, pledges, and blind belief in human flesh and blood leaders. The battle and it's solution is deep in our soul, not to see only the point of one happening or another, but to understand the heavenly messages which come through them to teach us the new order of the world.. a revolution of thoughts from outside to inside.

My blessing,

P.S. Dear friends! The weather forecast for the weekend and next week is intense heat. We are asking you to help us to help our survivors in paying their electricity bills and to be able to buy more air conditioners.


Pardes Chana

Today, we had our visit at the middle of a very hot day. R. Shacharcame with his beautiful son Nachman,(again, the mixture of his genes, makes his children so impressive) and me. The three of us, has started at the Boarons who need a lot of help. We brought them full bag with fruits and vegetables, and it feels so great for them to get this. From there, we went to Zipora. Next week, she is invited to take a rest at her sister's and brother's house. She actually raises her grand daughters and she needs this kind of vacation very much. Aliza, accepted us with such joy and loved Nachman immediately. She is not very well and has many economic troubles which are hard to solve. Benyamin was very happy to have us, as usual. His helper is taking care of him very well, and you can see it in the picture.

Ester, was very grateful for our visit, and told us that her heart, makes troubles and she is under many medical examinations.


Rachmill, is very upset and wants to get out of the place where he is right now. But yet, he is not allowed to be out, because of his medical situation. Right now, his two daughters whom he did not see for many years, came to visit him and he even saw, one of his grand girls. They try to see what can be done about his matter, and we also trying as well.

Rachmill met Nachman en Rivka

Chaya, needed some help from us, and we brought her things, knowing that otherwise, she wouldn't be able to get it. She and her husband are in a very bad shape, but they don't know how to get help for themselves. Our volunteer Ora, is coming to be with Chaya, who need some company besides her family, and therefore they need the connection with "L'chaim".

This is our news this time,

Shabbat  Shalom.



The period between the straits

July 23, 2015,  Av 7, 5775

The period between 15th  Tamuz till 9th  of Av, is three weeks, which are called "between the straits".
In the Bible (Lamentations Ch. 1 Ps. 3) it has said: " all her pursuers overtook her in the narrow places".

The peak of this period is at the 9th of Av, a day known for the Jewish people, as a day of curse and troubles. Many tragic historical days, have started on that date. The first one is the sin of the spies, whom returned and slandered the land of Israel, and caused the people, who had experienced so many miracles till than, to cry for nothing. Those, who were blind and believed for the prattle and their "convincing" speeches against the Promised Land and against the Almighty, Practically, from that day on, for decades, we are experiencing curses like:  the destruction (twice) of the temple, the evacuation from Katif area (near Gaza), and many other catastrophes during the history in Zion. All those events, did start with the sin of the spies, and you can realize from my last essay, how dangerous it is, to believe blindly for a human flash and blood leaders… only two people, had a different spirit and were high above all, spiritually: Jeshua Ben Noon and Kalev Ben Yefune.

Lets understand what does it means a different spirit:
When a person takes responsibility to his faith, beliefs, and what he chooses, it shows, how much he is connected with his inner soul, knowing to choose between truth and lie. In order to be able to do so, he must have courage, originality, with understanding heart, not being slave to the majority, even the fashion winds are strong, being able to see and judge wisely. Originality is, when you come to your conclusions with full belief in it and nothing would move you, even a wind from a wild people, who want to swallow you up or throwing stones on you… the last one is the heart: A wise and understanding heart for the past and for the present, being able to watch calmly at the process and understand the right direction from the beginning to the end. It makes it possible, to be connected to the healthy inner intuition, with the divine spark and the experiences of lives which have created a stable wise map, without any dangling from a leaf or root-free. Those were Joshua and Kalev. As is David the king- who was brave, authentic, smart, but not perfect at all. He had many mistakes which were the lead catalysators for continuous improvement, sometimes by painful indirect ways and these sharp fires were the only reason for corrections.

In the end, how we can implement all of these? How can we put down wise words to the land of life, in order to win the spirit as  Kalev's, Jeshua, David and many other had? Through David we can learn, that our improvement is right within our journey of life. Indeed, the complicated situations which we call "problems", are the most wonderful gifts we have got. It teaches us what blocks us or makes us stumble, but, leads for improvement and rapiers. These are not very complicated things as it has said: "Because it is so close to you, you can do it with your mouth and heart" (Deuteronomy). The first condition is to accept and internalize that the start of the journey to Bait El, inside your inner-self, not by running away or avoid taking responsibility, but the opposite: to meet mainly, our "failures" and pains, because there, all the pearls are hiding.

For me, the period of "between the straits" symbolizes mostly, the need to depart from all the false gods, from the symphony of noises of horrible fashion sounds which are echoing their lies as their final performance.

Today (Tuesday), I was witnessing something very exciting in the house of the amazing couple Janet and Jaston, while seeing what this renovation of their bathroom did for them.

A men, named Arik, came to them, took away the tall shower  and fixed grip rods which make Jaston, while taking a shower, being more comfortably and safely. Jaston had very bad day, without any energy, moral, or appetite to eat. But, the renovation, me coming to visit with a good cake and the visit of their daughter her husband and the grand grandee, shined his face and changed his mood completely. I heard Jaston and Janet telling parts of their experience during the war. Jaston told me about the big fear and the isolation they have felt, when all the Jewish people (Tunis) had to gather in a school yard, knowing nothing of what has happened in Europe. They were sent to a slave labor camp, and one of Janet's relatives, were taken and were killed in Auswitz.

Jaston and few others from his family, ran and hide by digging pits in the Jewish cemetery and that way, saved them from the Nazis, who came almost on the end of the war to Tunis. Janet was only 16 when both of them made Aliya (1951), and built up a beautiful family. I met part of them today.
After 3 years of struggling with Jaston's sickness all by themselves, they had accepted (recently), a worker who have to live in their house and it's not easy for them, but Janet couldn't do it all by herself anymore, and needed this help.

They are deeply thankful for the miracle of getting the help from "Lechaim", and getting another grand daughter (me…) as well…

The bathroom of Jaston before (left) and after renovation (right)

New bars to which Jaston can hold himself.
and a picture of Arik and Janet.

Jaston with Shir and granddaughter

Jaston, Shir, granddaughter and Janet

Yesterday, I met another couple of Shoa winners Shulamit who came from Latvia and Chanan who came from Austria. We had an amazing 3 hours of meeting, and I heard part of their story. Both of them were busy in giving. even as a child, at the Shoa, he, and some of his friends, helped families, who were asked to get out from there houses. On his way to Israel he had to go through Sweden, Russia, Egypt and more, with Youth movement he has joined. They met before their service in the army, fell in-love, and since than, for 62 years they are happily married, gave birth for three children and have grand chid. and grand grandees.

The secret of their life as a loving couple as they say is " to respect each other and don't hide anything. Speak about everything."  Chanan was a successful Architect, and Shulamit worked with youth who dropped from school and she had a special class for those students saving them from being in the streets. While talking about "Lechaim" and social action, she told me that her mother also, was very active with volunteering actions and that, what she thought her and her sister. Chanan was the only child in his family and wanted at least three children's, because it was hard to be the only child for Chanan. They have moved from the north, centre and now live in Modiin. They have worker who joined their life recently. His name is Maxim.

Chanan was hospitalized for a long time because of his Cancer, and now we hope for the best for him. Shulamit, is short sited and hardly can see. But , both of them are very optimistic, love company, with sense of humor, charming and warmhearted. I enjoyed my visit at their home. They hardly manage economically and "Lecahim" decided to cheer them up with plants and flowers on their balcony.
They are the second couple who I add to "Lechaim" branch in Modiin which I build with love, sensitivity and patience.

Best wishes,

Beer Sheva: 
Efrat wasn't so well this week and could speak in the phone with :
Otto, had, hard week. His daughter has to come every night, because he needs to get his insulin injection, and help him and, as, a working women, it isn't easy at all. The student, who comes to visit him, is a good thing and my visits and the help from "Lechaim" gives him some satisfaction.
Olga, has passed the operation to repair what has done not properly in her first operation. She had it far away from Beer Sheva and she was most of the time all alone. Right now, she is staying, in a convalescent home for a week in order to get her renewed power. Next week, she will return back home. I hope to see her soon.

Shabbat Shalom!

Olga and Efrat

(we wish you,  good health too).

Very soon, Timik is returning from his visit in Holland, to prepair the beginning of the year with new students in the North.

Shabbat Shalom to all.

Daniel Braun
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The Agreement between the "Powerful Countries" and Iran

July 16, 2015, Tamuz 29, 5775

Dear friends!

On Tuesday, we received the word that the "world powers', including the U.S.A  "reached an agreement"… Many commentators have talked for years and months about the issue of the Iranian nuclear bomb. Those, who are of distinguished lineage, with fluent language and tongue, with arrogance and honor, tell us, the insignificant ones, the ordinary multitude in the world, that we don't understand the details and therefore, we have nothing to say about this subject.

Now, my answer to this is: Out of all those with distinguished lineage, fluent language and tongue, arrogance and honour, we can mention the first one, the President of the United States who gave such a fluent speech with fire, as the best show in the town, like a Hollywood movie, convincing each ear and insensitive hearts….

And now, to my answer: Indeed, we are the insignificant multitude in the world who can't understand or know the little details, but, there are disastrous results from previous decades which are a result of blind faith in babbling words, and these are results which can be seen. The Iranians are deeply involved in the terror actions in the Middle East, and not only there. They are responsible for the arsenal of the Hezbollah missiles, Hamas and Syria, and the millions of dollars which are streaming to strengthen terrorism which we have experienced daily for years, directly and painfully. But of course, we are the insignificant multitude,who don't understand those details…. Here is the big deep question: Why we are so insignificant? Why it is so easy to deceive us, the multitude of the world? Why is the blindness so deep? The Iran issue in this article symbolizes only one issue among many. Indeed, we believe those, who speak so fluently with arrogance, because we have lost the best gift - the privilege of original thinking, and the inner responsibility to differentiate and recognize truth or lie. Words, my friends, are in a deep darkness. The insignificant throng, feed the leaders of the world by lowering their heads, closing shutters and curtains without the will to know anything different. And therefore, even with issues which relate to them personally such as their health and their spiritual world, they willingly throw the responsibility away onto others. In the medical world, the doctors are the gods! According to their words - it is the rule. The words medicine and health are not in the dictionary for the encouragement for healthy lives or the human ability to guard their own health by understanding the functions of body, mind and soul, and knowing the right food to fit individual needs. It is the same, with the spiritual world: the responsibility is taken by religious leaders and false gods, taking away sins and responsibility by those "spiritual men", like rats hiding in secret tunnels.

Also, in the political world: the order of the world and our life’s experiences. But, as believers and sons of believers, we know, "Israel is not a widow", and we are in the middle of a period in the history of the world, that the liars, forecasters, sing their last song, finishing this horrible rules.

Willy Adler - bless his memory

Last Shabbat, on the 11th of July, 15 Tamuz, Willy Adler, Shoah winner, went away from this world, and his soul went up to heaven. Willy was adopted 6-7 years ago. At first, when we met him, he was broken, being right after the death of his beloved wife which he shared 56 years from his life. She was his beloved woman and his best friend.

I will never forget my first meeting with him saying, that his only wish is to die and get close again to his wife. Her absence was felt strongly in his modest little house. He enjoyed good years since Amutat "Lechaim" by Timek Kolman, with his huge love to him, and the youthful energy from his young visitors who kissed him and called him "Saba Willy". His life lightened with those "grand children", soldiers who listened to his words, being hugged and hugging others – back. Even our friends, who came from abroad, visited him. We gave him whatever he needed to make his life sweeter. He got from us scooter which gave him the ability to get out from his house and meet people whom he loved to be with. His house, was renovated mainly in the bath area, and  an air-condition, to cool his house or warm it at summer time, and more... He took part mostly, in each of the activities of "Lechaim" such as parties, trips, gatherings of the Shoah winners, and more.

Dear Willi, your wish is now fulfilled; at last, you rest, near your beloved wife. But you are not coming there, bitter. You come surrounded with love from the people who will not forget you forever. You were so warm and precious for us. Your eyes showed your love to people and yet, the deep sorrow from the suffering as a survivor in Auschwitz.  It felt good to come and hug you and be close to you. We always will remember: "Israel eternity, wouldn't lie"! You will be always in our hearts.

Your friends from  Amutat "Lechaim.

Bless his memory,


Willy, telling his story to the soldiers

Willy on his new scooter

We wish to adopt more survivors (before this generation will no longer be with us) who will get our love as Willi has got. Please, pass the word and we pray for more survivors.

These days, renovations will be undertaken in the house of the new couple from Modiin: Gostav and Janet whom our dear friend and partner Shir, is adopting. It will be in their Bathroom, because Gostav is handicapped and needs it wider. We need help for that, in order to do it fast.

Thank you so much. 


Shir didn't promise only, she already did it with this new couple, and here are her words:

After speaking many times on the phone about my intentions of building a  branch for "Lechaim" in my home-place Modiin, I came to visit this couple with the "warning" that I am going to "fall in-love " with them immediately, this what has happened to me. Jaston and Janet made Aliya from Tunis after the war, and got married very young and built a happy family of four children, grandees', and grand-grandees'. I was amazed from them as a couple and their love to each other. Jaston pours on her many romantic compliments and says that she is the "whole world for him" and "without her he is nothing…". Jaston had in the past, a store for orthopaedic shoes and worked till late age. They have no pension and their income is only the social insurance. He has cancer in his lung and kidney which has been taking cared recently, but metastases has found in his bladder. These days, he is going to get treatment for this and we hope for good results. Even so, Jaston is very optimistic and loves his life. I came to meet them, after a tiring day in the Medical centre, bringing a chocolate cake , which they loved. On the end of my visit they announced that "from now on, I am part of their family and they will wait for my next visit"…

It was exciting to get to know another couple of Shoah winners, listening to their story about the Jewish history of Tunis. It was also, the beginning of giving, love, belonging, doing and a big joy… I came out with a big smile and tears in my eyes and can't wait for my next meeting with them.


Pardes Channa:

On Sunday, Zvia invited us to Neve Michael for breakfast in their dining-hall, survivors and the students together, to conclude the end of the year, around tables with good food, and even a special cake which Maseret (one of the students) made, and was very tasty. R.Shachar and me, brought Benyamin, Aliza and Rachmil, the ones who could join us. First we ate, and then, we started with greetings, from Daniel, Zvia, R.Shachar, Aliza, Rachmill, The students who for the first time, could express them selves saying, how much they gained by coming to the survivors and how much they love them. The principal of the school also came to greet us in our celebration. Aliza asked Orr to sing for us and R. Shachar took out his guitar and we sang with him. Benyamin and Rachmill sang in Yiddish and it was very touching because Rachmil has become very quenched in spirit, being in a very bad mental health, and we could light up his eyes a bit, and even encouraged him to sing. We have already started to organize for him more volunteers to take him out and cheer his mental spirit.

Each of the attendees received flower at the end and all of us went to visit Sima on her 7 days of mourning for Itzchak (bless his memory). She accepted us very excited for our gesture.

After the summer vacation, most of the students promised that they are going to continue to join the project, with us.

We wish them a wonderful vacation. 



Daniel Braun
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Rapport from the south, this week

July 9, 2015,  Tammuz 22, 5775

Beer Sheva

This week I have visit Suzan, who is very angry because of her battle to move near her family in Netanya. She feels that than, her life, will be much better. She has got a letter, confirming her privilege but, she doesn't believe that that will do anything for her ("they wait that I'll die..."). She wrote a warning letter, that she is going to make a suicide if her situation wouldn't change. The only reaction for this, was that the social worker from the foundation for survivors, came to her and promised to work on this problem. But till now, nothing happened and it causes her, bad health, mainly in her heart. And still, she is so nice, with sense of humor, and she keep herself busy knitting for the grandees of her sister, and this, calm her a bit down.

Anna – Finely I could meet her. She is not well and don't except visitors (she feel shame not being able to hear) and like to be in her best when somebody is coming. She is charming women and served me Coffee and Ice-cream. She told me about her loneliness and her health. Her husband has passed away and her friends too, and since than she feel that nothing can make her happy. We were looking together on the album which was made for her when she was 90. She appreciates the ones, who care about her and don't complain even being not with enough income.

Otto, even the report on the T.V. news, nothing has developed yet about moving to the first floor, but he have more visits. I will visit him next week.

Shabbat Shalom!

Pardes Chana: Itzchak Hoffman our dear survivor, who was an artist and beloved educator, has passed away today. He left Sima and 2 children of his, who feel a great loss. Also, many places have his beautiful works with stained glass; even in the synagogue of Neve Micheal (where our students live). Bless his memory.

Itzchak Hoffman (right) last time during visit.


The radicalization of the Islam (ISIS) getting close to the Israeli border, and the indifference of the world - according to the Biblical prophecy

July 8, 2015,  Tammuz 21, 5775

Dear friends!

As the happenings in Egypt, Sinai, and Syria, we can see that, the ISIS hiting without any mercy and raise the horror of humanity to unspeakable levels.

Let's try to understand from the Biblical point of view, what it is about: According to the laws of the world which we are living on, there is no room for any vacuum. What leads and controls our life, is divided into two parts and no more: the blessing way: " If you go according My laws.." and the curse way:" If you wouldn't go according My laws"…. The Almighty does not legitimate law changes, and is innate deep as an organic part of nature and human life. When the Western world is acting hypocritically, covered under down comforter of deep sleep and materialism, does not want to see or know, and mainly does not want to compete with this Cancer which is growing up in itself.

Israel, still tries to recover herself from 2000 years of exile, trying to find its lost identity, and slowly wakes up spiritually by realizing that we have our G-d, as alliance, and we have been chosen to bring holiness to the world. But, even us, still in our sleep, and the hour to wake up and get back to our covenant with the Almighty to this spiritual vacuum, breaks in the monstrous evil power as a cancer epidemic, sow hatred and fear poison, and the exile depth of the human is, on the "peak of his glory"…

Is this a real peak? As I see it, there are many faces for hatred and evil. Hypocrisy allows daily, Jews blood, to be spilled in Judea and Samaria, and the world is silent. This silent is evil and contamination of the convictions, and he will pay for it on the judgment day.

The ISIS epidemic, if we look deeper, the rebel is, against the Western hacks, saying NO to the permissiveness which has been sown in the hearts of the most world's population. It is a real culture and spiritual war! But, the ISIS and the extreme Islam do not have any message to the world! Their rebel is with evil and horror, calling it religious faith.

All of that will be vanished, not by human solution but by the King of the kings, the Almighty, the Master of the universe, who will consider all the evil publishers, from the West and the extreme ones, on their face and their masks. And the beloved nation of Israel, who sits in Zion, will be forced to return to its former glory, to start to wear king's clothes of holiness as the sons and daughters of a proper nation who spread Torah to the world right from Zion! Than, only than, the vacuum which was created along thousand of years, will be fulfilled with true light and fixed humanity which gets the light from the divine spirit.

These days, when we are surrounded more than ever, with enemies from the West and from the Islam, we will pray asking from our G-d to give us back our bravery, to heal our beam, to reattribute His avenge, showing His holiness to all eyes.

Thanks, Daniel.

Pardes Chana

We had this time special visits, R. Shachar, Avigaeil (his daughter) and me. First I would like to tell you how astonished I was, seeing Avigaeil , who grew up and turned to be tall and so beautiful (mixed from Yemenite sources and American ones). She joined us with our visits and it was so impressive to see how she could speak with the survivors and they expressed their love to her. We decided to visit the loneliest ones and the three of us together. We have started with Ester Zimering who moved to a senior house which she likes much better then the one she have left . She was very excited to have us in her nice little apartment, and thanked us for coming to see her. We came out with the feeling that her health is also seems to be better.

Avigail and Ester

From there we went to the place where Rachmill is staying. He is not happy at all to be there, and it was hard to see him so down. He was moved to a place for frail mental department, and it seems that it's not the place where he belongs. But the social department has only this solution for him, and his situation, seems very bad. It was very sad to see him shaking in his hands and can hardly speak because his words gets stuck, while he tries to express himself. When we met him I felt that tears were in his eyes. We came out wondering how he got so down and so fast…

Rachmill, R. Shachar en Rivka

From there we went to Chaya. Morris (her husband) came down when he heard R.Shachar and said that he love him very much (asking me not to feel offense). He asked him to see, if the Mezuza is all-right, and R.S. did it. Morris was so grateful to him. Chaya hardly can stand on her feet, and yet, she would love to join our gala meeting, scheduled soon, to celebrate the end of this year with all the active students and the survivors which are planned to be on the 12th of this month.

Avigail and Chaya

R. Shachar plays and Itchak enjoys

From there we went to Itzchak and Sima. R. Shachar, took out his guitar, and played for Itzchak who enjoyed it very much. His face was shining of joy. Sima took Avigael to show here around and it was such a pleasant visit. But, more then that, we couldn't continue because it got late, and I will visit the rest, on Thursday. We brought nice package of fruits and vegetables.



Sima en Rivka

Best regards,
Shabbat Shalom !


Daniel Braun
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News article End of June

June 25, 2015, Tammuz 8, 5775

Dear friends,

As we can see, the news within Israel and from outside Israel, it's explained amazingly by the prophets: The end of days in the Bible.
In a bizarre and strange way without any sense, we see the extremely hypocritical European investigations from the organization
which hates Israel - the UN Committee, blaming Israel of war crimes during the operation ("Protective Edge") last summer.

We are witnessing many actions in many countries by anti-Semitic organizations who send out a call to boycot Israeli products.
Our enemies are backed by an overwhelming majority in the Western world, which encourages them to enhance and
expedite the nefarious vision of destroying the State of Israel.
In the Middle East, the ISIS gains control of part of Syria, and reaches Gaza.
Hezbollah, the terror organization in Lebanon, is getting stronger and is forming a real battle-front facing the State of Israel.

The horror in Syria does not shock any of those Western "enlightened" countries.
All the arrows are directed toward Zion. The Iranian threat is getting stronger and the Americans show their real face.  The bottom line: Israel is standing almost alone, facing unimaginable world threats that threaten to swallow her alive. If we are scalier Godless people, there is a room for panic and angst because no solution is available except the apocalyptic upheaval such as Sodom and Gomorrah with bloodshed.
Indeed, it is not that! We are faithful and believers and adhere to our Bible which teaches us our real place, step by step. Our prophets took care even in the darkest periods to enlighten us with the knowledge “Israel is not widow and orphans!" and in simple words, G-d is with us !

We should remember that the amazing happenings we experience these days, the fast growing
extremism, anti-Semitism and Israel hatred, are Heaven’s plans which are executed accurately and perfectly through the Almighty.  He turns around reasoning and doctrines, and brings back color to our cheeks in order to do His will and to bring us back into alliance with Him, by bringing back the whole world to His basic intention, to honor and to know G-d. This will affect the spirit of human hearts and it will turn into reality, which is called: Salvation !

Human wisdom is limited and therefore solutions are limited too. Therefore, the light and the endless wisdom of G-d, will be seen! In simple words: when the end of the end will come, when we will give up hope of a human solution, then, skies will be high above the land and the shaking will be so strong and heavenly, and the spirit of G-d will put a new order  in the world, with strong and outstretched hand and vast mercy.
All of that is for one purpose: that the name of Adonai is one and nothing more than Him!
As Zechariah the prophet has said: "On that day, Adonai will be one and His name is one".

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, the wonderful group from north of Holland, mainly to Lammi, Yenni, Maria and many more, for a successful journey, though not a simple one, which made some people, to think differently about their belief connected to Israel. Special thanks to Yenni and Derek, who opened their heart and their home and made me feel at home, even while being far away from my own home.

You are blessed!
Daniel, your friend in Israel.

These days, all the students are on vacation and we, the active people of Amutat "Lechaim" , continue our visits, and already, prepare ourselves for the next year, getting new students. We should remember that the main idea in our project is to invest in the young generation, bringing them to a deeper awareness through the project. It is a gold investment which gives its fruit, awareness and a different way of thinking by the youngsters. We believe that Israel will be better off with this opportunity of young people giving and getting to know their roots and heritance, by these special connections. This summer we will help with the electricity bills in order to encourage the use of the air-conditioners during the hot days. Please, keep supporting us also by being our true friends.

Best regards,


Now, all the students have finished their volunteering, I visit the shoah survivors by myself during the summer months. This is my opportunity to connect and be closer to them, personally seeing what their special needs are.

Last week, all of the survivors from Katzrin, Rosh Pina and Kiryat Shmona received good packages of fresh vegetables, fruit and dry foods. Everyone received this gift, with great joy and satisfaction.

With everyone, I asked how they experienced the visits with the students and the answer is always a big satisfaction. They love it and can hardly wait until the new year will start, to get again visits from the students. Blanka from Rosh Pina, showed me a beautiful letter she has received from two student girls who visited her this year. She is proud of the good spirit of these young students and it renewed her hope for a better future of the Jewish nation in Eretz Jisraeel.

Regards, Timek

Shir and her friends who joined the project (Maayan Baruch) , have decided to establish the project
in the centre of the country, and they work on it these days. This is the successful fruit of this year.
We are looking forwards for their attempts. Good luck dear youngsters! We are with you!


I came to visit Roza. She feels stable but say that "she feels old...". Her memory is not very good, but she is happy when I come. She was wearing a dress that she made and I complimented her on it and she showed me many dresses she has made. I bought her a package of supplies and she was very excited for it.
Also, her son called and thanked me and the Amuta for the package and the attention we are giving her.

Yossef, was in a good mood and yet, was complaining about this period of exams which take his students visitors away from him and this proves how important it is for him. I read letters that he has received and couldn't read by himself. He told me about the wedding of his grandson and said how much he was honored there. We went to a pharmacy to get what he needed and than I said to him "see you later".

Ana, didn't feel well and she asked to postponed my visit.

Olga called me to tell about the option to operate her again.
She was worried about the whole thing: the operation and the costs which are part of it.

This is the news this time from the south.
Regards, Efrat.


I called our survivors in Jerusalem, and all of them thanked Amutat Lechaim for the check they have got from us.

Ety is very vital and clear in her mind and even her age she is joining activity in a club where survivors
gathering once a week and have activities. She want a volunteer who will come to visit her.
Shoshana meant to come but she had health problems and couldn't come. We are working on it.

Shoshana Shpitzer, live with her daughter who have some mental problems. They hardly manage economically, and our help is most appreciated. Shoshana says that she fall very easily and yet she is
functioning with the simple domestic jobs. She has a worker to help her and she is grateful for that.
Shani, who volunteered and loved her, moved to Tel Aviv, and still have connection with her even being far away. We are trying to bring her another volunteer.

Miralle sound very well. Her grandson is on his summer vacation and come often to be with her.
She is also joining the club for survivors, and loves to be there. Bloria, her volunteer is teaching in Rechovot,
and couldn't come often, but they keep contact and try to see each other whenever possible.
Also Kali keeps visiting her and it is a long lasting connection.

Chana Veneger has a very good son-in-law who takes care of her. They had to fix her fridge. and asked for help of paying it. They have got from us the help and thanked us very much for that.

Eva was in pains in her back and had to pass through many tests to find solution for her pains.
Lucky for her, she have now her daughter and son-in-law who join her the hot summer months away from their home in Eilat, so she is not alone.

Chava Givoni met Aviv

This is our news from the Capitol.

Shabbat Shalom!

End of the year - goodbyes

June 11, 2015, Sivan 24, 5775

News from the north:

Kiryat Shmona

The students from Mayan Baruch, invited the shoa survivors to the mechina for the goodbye party. It was a beautiful gathering with refreshments, music, discussions and friendships.

The students blessed the survivors in a very special way. They expressed their warm feelings, by a special letter, and gave each of them a picture that we made together at the purim party as a remembrance of a special moments together. Klara, Timek and Daniel received a very personal letter of thanks.

To show you how the students appreciate the survivors, here is the letter directed to Klara. She is the 'Jiddishe mamma' who keeps all the shoa survivors in Kiryat Shmona as a family . Klara is very special person.

The students of Mayan Baruch and the group survivors from the north

Read how the students expressed their love to her:

To our dear Klara

This year we were lucky to know you. Amazing women with inner and out beauty, active, minded, sensitive, warm and loving women, and mainly, beloved by whom who knows her.

Our dear Klara! We want to thank you for this amazing year which you have been with us with Timik in "Lechaim's" project, here in Kiriat Shmona. You, always, arranged our visits, and it was so pleasant, warm, hugging, and motherly. You and Mordechai, hosted us in your house so large with the best goodies (You didn't give us yet, the recipe of your yammi blinczhes).

You took the project of helping the Shoa survivors and took care for all of our meetings, your own meetings, and we adore your dedication for it.

We wish you all the best for this action. Have a lot of satisfaction and have all the joy from your family and in your life. Your personality is inspiring and we will not forget you. We love you very much.

Mechinat Mayan Baruch: Shir, Daniel, Adi, Adi, Eldad, Shiri, Oz, Nimrod.



Timek: I will  miss the students of Mayan Baruch very much. This group was excellent! Thanks to Shir who coordinated so well .

They also has started a new branch in Kibbutz Dafna this year. The students made a very good start there, and this will be continued next year. Since the start of the visits in Dafna more lonely survivors and other elderly people in the kibbutz appreciate the visits and want to be part of our project.

Katzrin and Rosh Pina

Also the students from Kfar Hanasi visited the survivors of Katzrin and Rosh Pina for the last time. The survivors appreciate so much the students visits and will definitely be missing them. The good thing is, that the students can keep contact with the survivors, any time after. The doors and hearts are open for them. They can call and stay in touch with them, even while serving in the army. I see this happen more and more. It is a great blessing!

Many thanks and blessings to all of our supporters.





Pardes Channa

We had this time kind of saying goodbye because of the coming summer vacation for the students of Neve Michael.

We are planning to take out the survivors and the students to go out in one of the nice places around, and do nice closing of this year. It was the second year of having the students from Neve Micheal and the connection got stronger and the students have already their preference who they want to visit, and each of them wait to see their survivors whom they miss most. During this year, if you remember, they have got a reward from the local council for what they are doing through "Lechaim". Each of them has received a medal and one goblet for the group.

The big heart of Zvia is giving the color and the drive for these students who come with a bad experience in terms of family. The warmth, coming from the survivors, is a new experience with elder people which give them a different idea, about grown ups. R. Shachar this time, even having in his studies many exams, came to be with us on the visits.

Zvia went with the girls to visit Rachmill, who had many problems recently, and again were moved from the place he was, to another place, which can watch him a bit more. He was very upset, and for the first time, he said to them after a short time, that he is tired and can't cope, and they had to leave. It was very sad and we wish him, to get used to the new place and be in a better mood. From there they went for the real happy Benyamin who, as soon as he sees them, starts to sing and they join him happily, after being so upset with Rachmill (see the picture).

R. Shachar, went with the boys to the Rachel and Avraham, who is waiting for them with some refreshment on the table "to spoil these good boys"… They are not so well but happy to have somebody who is interested in them (see the picture). Also, Zippora was happy to see them and as usual, very busy in taking care of her grand-daughters, and very sad because of loosing her sister who has passed away recently. They end up visiting Itzchak, who was happy to see them .


Ortal and I, came to Chaya and Morris, and they complained on many thing and mainly, Chaya can't stand on her feet, and it limits her ability and frustrates her very much. She love Ortal, and you can see it in the picture.


From there, we went to Aliza, and we smelled as we entered her house a good smell of baking, and when we got into her kitchen she showed us what she has prepared to us: Sweet Rogalach with nuts (see the pic.), and this was done even with her pains which were diagnosed as inflammation in her lungs. She was disappointed that not all the group came, and packed it for them. She really loves them.


Rabbi Shachar met een student en de Baorons.

Ester didn't feel well and we couldn't visit her.

All of them are waiting to the final event we are planning.

Best regards,

News from the south

Beer Sheva

Otto, was in very bad mood, angry because of many things, feeling neglected and lonely. It raises his blood pressure and his diabetes. He has less help from the National Insurance and even pleading to move him from the second floor to a house without stairs, he is not getting any answer from the authorities. His daughter, try to work it out, but there are no any results for it. I published on the face- book, who is willing to volunteer to come and help him, and got some people who are interesting of visiting him. I hope that it will work out. Also, I tried to speak about his problem with the house, with a local reporter. May this will help.

With Olga, it is always charming. Because of the hot weather she can not go out and misses company. She just got from her heart Doctor the diagnose that the catheterization she had recently is not enough and she need another Medical treatment in order to give her a better breathing ability. She also, using very little the Air-Condition because she cannot afford it.

She is waiting to be able to get back to her activities and dreaming about another "trip" from us (She joined our "March of life" and enjoyed it very much).

This is my news,


Shabbat Shalom to all of our friends! Daniel is in Holland and giving lectures there. All the best from here in Israel.


Where Are the Lights (The Saintly) of This Generation

May 28, 2015,  Sivan 10, 5775

Dear friends!

As we mentioned before, according to the prophecy of Amos, there is a very interesting sentence, paraphrased by my own words: Many will try to find…by going from sea to sea, they will look but won't find…". I would like to go deeper and interpret (humbly) the words of the Prophet. Indeed, there were periods with elevated and distinguished leaders to the Israeli nation: kings, army heroes, prophets such as: Moshe Rabinu, David the king, Yehoshua Ben Nun, Solomon the king, all the prophets, Yehuda the Maccabi and his father Mattatiyau, and more. Of course, religious leaders who were distinguished such as the Baal Shem Tov, the Lubavitzh Rabbi, Rabbi Nachman, and early in our generation, Rabbi Kook, and more. So, where are they - the lights of our period?

Where are the leaders who will take a lead for us and lighten the darkness for those who need it so much these days? The solution is not there. For thousands of years we were under the bright lights of those who were giants and we were as grasshoppers before them and their light which engulfed us… from the depths of being inadequate and small minded as humans at times, we needed their brightness in order to stay on the right road. Today, without some more encouragement and knowledge we are as orphans, standing withdrawn, empty, worn out, wondering what is it for?

Indeed, it's the end of the "social workers" in whom we put our trust, troubles, and our embarrassment. Our generation must absorb that the "social departments" are closed forever. Right now, we must learn to stand up by ourselves, to reveal our self-strength and independence, because the gift which is waiting for us is a huge light which we never knew before and can ask that it lights our hearts: the light of Hashem!

We must grow up, taking responsibility on the voyage of our lives towards Beit El.

We must raise our souls, to digest and teach ourselves by daily events, which are wonderful reminder notes, even painful and not always simple ones… but we have no other choice but not running away. If only we will study what we call troubles, we will see that under them are hiding big treasures of significance because we are in the end of times and in-front of us – a new world. The training involves a lot of courage to take our will in our hands, to work with the Almighty! With Him, and only Him, because there is nothing – but Him!

In the end, our interaction with others hugely contributes to the study, as it has been said: from all my teachers I received my knowledge! Each person whom I meet, makes it possible for me to see myself as a mirror, the reflection of my thoughts, feelings and my reactions. Where the hills and obstacles are, it must be fixed.


Community involvement-the military prep. School, in the Upper Galilee and Kibbutz Dafhna

I am Shir Shalev, student in Kibbutz Mayan Baruch, in the pre military Mechina There. Seven of us, want to meet every two weeks some of the amazing Kibbutz members, by taking part of the "Lechaim"s activities. The Mechina is already involved in this project for 6 years. As a result of our will to expand our involvement, we have started a new connection with Kibbutz Dafhna, with wonderful survivors who opened their houses and their hearts and we gained such connections and turned out to be part of their family.

Adi and Dana: We have visited Israel & Tzipora Viezel, we found inspiring couple, educators and activists in the past and still are, Zionist in their hearts, with a fascinating story of life. It was for us, a privilege to visit them. We won't forget those visits.

Eldar Levi and Daniel: Simcha, was for us, as another grandmother. More than us giving to her, she accepted us in the most pleasant way and we called her Grandma. Amazingly the connection was so strong and real that we forgot how it has started. It was a meaningful period for us. We realized how just by sitting for cup of coffee can change your whole week. How the connection between the generations can be so real and meaningful. We gained a great grandma Savta Simcha.

Nimrod Nir: Chanka and Lea, each time when I came, they were smiling and happy to see me. This mission turned to be the best thing in my day. I will miss them and plan to visit them again.

Shiri Lev and Shir: We were visiting Sofia. During this year, another two grand daughters were born. Every second Monday, We came to the Kibbutz, calming down after very busy day with the sound of the water splashing, getting in to the house of Savta Sofia, hugging and kissing her, sitting with her for two hours with a cup of nana tea, and listening to her personal stories, of her childhood, about the Kibbutz and what has happened to her during the week. Last week, when we had to say goodbye to this precious women, we promised to come and visit her. I will miss her sentence:" my dear granddaughters" as she used to call us.

Daniel and Eldar, visited Simcha. "We didn't know what to expect from such meetings. How we can create a real connection with an old women. Each visit, we understood the meaning of our mission. She turned out to be for us a real grandma, and we felt as her grandsons for her. Our meeting turned to be such fun, stories, exchanging experiences, and her house turned to be our home as well. This is the place, where we are getting away from the intensive day and joining our Savta. It's a rear thing that the "Gap between generations" is not deep at all!!! We even come to visit Simcha in our free time because she is an amazing women and she is so happy to have us and I am so happy that we had the chance to know her and hope to be able continue this connection as long as we can.

Oz Levin: Last Monday, we came to see and visit Lea and Chanka. They both, live in "Beit Ela", and it was a full joy to hear their impressions of the week, and about what's the news in the house where they live, and about their past. It was very special to meet them each time.

Shir Shalev: I will finish with my own impressions: I had the privilege to meet and know the outstanding woman – Sofia. From the first moment we have met, the connection was natural, real and the right thing. Today, when we meet her, we call her Savta Sofia, and she calls us "my grand daughters". Each time, when we met, she used to tell us about her childhood in Argentina, the story of her life and her family. We have been waiting each time for this magic connection. We cooked together; we spoke, ate, laughed, looked on pictures and really had fun. I feel that this connection will stay forever, even, we are going to finish this year and I would be probably far away. But, for me, I gained a family in Kibbutz Dafna and I will come to visit, and use the phone when I won't be able to come.

It was a great privilege to expand our activities and come to Dafna, by getting to know those wonderful people, and hopefully, to expand this connection next year with those people, who will be willing to have connection with loving and like minded youngsters, from Mechina Mayan Baruch.

Best blessings,

Shir Shalev

News from the south

Today, when the heat was on it's peak, I called Shderot to hear how our adopted survivors were managing:

Miriam & Izik sound alright, and said that everything is O.K. Miriam said that when it's hot, her knees are paifull. Izik need an opinion from a Doctor about operation in his back. They thanked me for my call.

Benyamin said that he is alright and the hot weather is not bothering him, even not having an Aircondition because of his new place. He is managing with a ventilator. He has problems with his teeth, and he tries to fix them in order to be able to chew.

Beer Sheva:

I have visited Yossef. He is worried from the heat because it causes him to faint easily. He was happy to see me, and we spoke about his wife (who passed away), and about his son who is with mental retardation, living in an institution in Ofakim. He keep go and visit him with presents and organize the rest of the family not to neglect this son (who is 50 years old). He has good air-condition in his house.

Olga have passed catheterization two weeks ago. She feels good, and sows in the Facebook about my wedding, and I got from her a nice greetings. She is very nice and is happy to have my attention. About the air-condition, she don't let herself to use it very often because of the electricity bills which is not high for her.

Have a good weekend,


Pardes Chana:

We had this time, the hottest day for years, which we visited our survivors. The girls, couldn't come because of the exams they had and R. Shachar also couldn't join us, Zvia with me, had to decide who need the most, our visit. I came from a study day and the trains, because of the heat, had to slow down and, couldn't make the time schedule, as it suppose to be on a regular day. So Zvia, with the boys, went first to Chaya and Morris. Chaya has pains in her legs and can't walk, we meet her and she is in her bed. They were happy to have us and spoke about what happens with them. From there, zvia with the boys went to Benyamin who is stuck at his house with his caregiver, and when we come he sing and laugh with us and for him it's the best part of the week, besides, the visit of the principle of Neve Michael , who come before Shabbat to great him and bring some goodies for the weekend. From there, they went to Aliza, who give them so much love and cherish this connection. I went to the Boarons, who are both Rachel and Avraham, are not so well, and when I asked why the aircondition is not working, Avraham told me that he have to "feed" the watch, with money because of his debt for the electricity company, and he try to leave the little amount which has left for the night because otherwise, he wouldn't be able to sleep…. Their life is not easy at all and we will try to help them as we can.. Rachmill will win a special visit in another day. Itzchak, just came back from the hospital and couldn't accept us this time.

A survivor, I do not know by name.

This is our news.

We hope for  better weather.

Many thanks to the donors, who help us on giving Airconditions.

Shabat Shalom!

*more pictures will come later.


The Holiday of Shavuot

21 mei 2015, Sivan 3, 5775

Dear friends,

The people of Israel have three dates which are called Shloshet HaRegalim (The three Pilgrim Festivals). These are the holidays of which their importance spiritually, is very vast and deep.

The first one is the time of our happiness – Sukkot, which symbolizes direct joy to the Almighty. Being in a temporary, weak structure – the Sukka – for seven days, teaches us what is the real security, and what is false security.

The second holiday is the holiday of freedom – Pesach –, celebrating the exodus from slavery in Egypt, and becoming free people.

The third holiday, which is our interest today – Shavuot – the holiday of Matan Torah (Receiving our Torah). This was an extra ordinary holy time, when the Almighty gave us the gift for all generations, a way of life! And, we should know that this Torah is not simple to understand for human minds.

We as Jews, must daily rid ourselves from rational understanding, put aside our ego which asks for explanations, and fulfil G-d’s will with love and with the knowledge that these are the laws of the universe, and the human mind cannot understand them.

When we accept our Torah, we understand that it is higher than us, a powerful thing which brings creation and healing, and we, as human creatures, have a bit of it as it said in Genesis :"When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God".

It means that we have in our inner soul a little of G-d's spark. When we come to this understanding, we can appreciate that all that happens to us throughout our lives, if our intentions are pure, is for our good. The best way to remember this daily, is to memorize and say to ourselves that we are in G-d's image and we should cling to this each minute. If we have a mature soul, we should stop relating to Him as a social worker who is there to satisfy our desires which are connected to our ego. We grow and realize that with G-d's spark given at creation, we must develop within ourselves, an awareness of God which will remind us that even if we are sometimes down in hell, our position as human beings even there, is given resources by G-d who is there throughout our lives, as David the King has said:" If I ascend to heaven, you are there descended to Sheol, you are there too. If I take the wings of the dawn…even there Your hand will be guiding me, your right hand will be holding me fast (Psalms, 139: 8,9,10).

It means, that G-d is with us in all our events, especially now, when troubles are happening in Israel and around the world, and those, who honour the sacred name of G-d, should be more clear than ever with the knowledge that Israel is no widower!

We should remember: "Even the time of Jacob’s trouble and from that he will be saved" or as it has been said in the Bible:" When I am in trouble, you have widened …".

The holiday will start on Saturday, and we will try to study deeper, the amazing gift we gained – being called Israel, and being so blessed.

To those, who love Israel, who bless us and connect their destiny with all their hearts with us, my blessings to them.

Another thing: We are experiencing very hot days this week, and an Air-conditioner is not a privilege but a must! Something which saves life! As we do each year, we will give it to our survivors who need it but don't have it. Depending on the size, it costs about 3000 – 4000 Nis. (Installing is included).


News from the Izrael Valley:

Lea writes to us:

The boys were accepted with a lot joy. Sara gives a lot of attention to the visit and she prepares pictures and papers and, water for her visitors. For the holiday the boys brought cheese cake and milk products to her. You can see the paper with greetings:" The Israeli nation is alive! Happy holiday". May we accept the Torah with joy and happiness.

Sara haalt haar foto-albums uit de kast en laat die zien

De jongens luisteren geboeid naar haar verhaal

Overzichtsplaatje van het gezellige huis van Sara

Another group of boys came to Gad and Tamar, and finished to clean their garden. They brought cheese cake and milk products, and a lot of love and care. We gave them an Aircondition to their sleeping room, and their old Aircondition in the living room, is not working and need to be replaced. Please, help us to bring them a new one – soon, and you will be blessed.

Shabat Shalom!


Daniel Braun
Phone: + 972 54 772 3510
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Farewell from another Cycle of Students who Joined "Lechaim" Project

May 14, 2015,  Iyar 25, 5775

Dear friends!

I want to add a little more to Timek's report, and to share with you what touched my heart. I was invited to the farewell meeting in Kibbutz Genosar, at 17.30, to greet the amazing students. I knew that the students would have done their visits before the concluding meeting, and I came to watch with my own eyes, one of the visits. What I saw excited me very much. I saw one of the students cleaning the house and working in the garden of a precious survivor. She was sitting, giving him instructions what and how to do it, and he did exactly what she asked for. This student very soon is going to be in one of the best units in the army. And he did the job with all humility, doing whatever she said: Cleaning, pruning in the garden quietly, and with full of joy, as if he is doing the most important thing in the world. He had full focus, concentrating on instructions from Zelma - the Shoah winner - with love and dedication.

I should remind you that this boy is an 18 year old, vivacious and full of energy…

When the visit ended, I asked him: How do you have such humility to undertake with dedication, this work, as if it was the most important thing to do right now?

The boy looked in my eyes and reminded me our first meeting, when I said to the students that they will come to this project in the essence of life's meaning: "love thy neighbor as thyself".

I am sure that he will never forget this Shoah Winner, and she will never forget him. This project will stay in his mind forever.

And this is only one example.

Well done these young hearts, they give us hope for the young generation who deserve to be called Israel, the generation of salvation, with whom is the heart language: "He shall reconcile parents with children and children with their parents"…

At the same time there were very good visits by the students from Migdal HaEmek with Sara from Kfar Baruch, (pictures and more information will come).

At Tamar and Gad’s place at Timrat, the visits were with a lot of love. The boys cleaned the garden, and mainly gave a lot of happiness by giving their full attention to this couple who survived Auschwitz. Rachel surprised this couple and brought two challot for Shabbat, and with the help of her sons they cleaned area which can give them a place to sit outside in the summer nights, able to see the wonderful surroundings while drinking a cup of coffee.

Again I want to thank all our friends from Norway, Sweden, Singapore, Holland, Australia, U.S.A. Recently, a very dear woman joined us, a teacher from Dallas, whose name is Jenny and who is doing a great job with love and dedication.

Many thanks for all the active students who are finishing a very blessed year while we are getting ready for the next year.

Thank you, G-d bless you.


News from the North

The last and farewell visit in Genosar:

For the students of Meitzar, this was the last visit to the Shoah survivors in Genosar and Dgania. Daniel came from Zichron to encourage them and to thank them for the extraordinary and much appreciated time, that they have invested this year. It was encouraging to see the commitment of the students and the love for the survivors. It is now, hard for them to say goodbye.

I want also to remember Avi and Joseph (Zelma's husband) who has passed away. It was difficult for the students. It came suddenly and unexpected. The students, who became so close with these precious people, showed so much involvement and compassion.


Dear Meitzar students, thank you for your involvement. You made their life easier and happier.

Our survivors will miss you very much. I know, that the students, also, won’t forget them, and will stay in touch from time to time as the previous groups did. I also want to thank Brigit, for her dedicated support and help, by coordinating the visits and the special occasions.

The farewell meeting was impressive. You can learn it by seeing the pictures. Every survivor, received special blessings from the students and a framed photograph to remember their special times together.

It is already a tradition, that Eli-Ram, orders pizza meal for the students and for his survivor mates. This proves, how much he appreciates the student's visits.


Honoring Ruth by Ran and Eyal from Mitzar:

Hello! we, Ran and Eyal (see the picture)from Maitzar, came every week, by "Lechaim" project, to visit Ruth, and we would like to tell you a bit about Ruth. Each time, if it was rainy or hot, Ruth used to take us for a walk in the Kibbutz showing the most romantic places in the Jordan Valley. After the first walk, we understood that we have to come with sportshoes, and to drink a lot of water because we have to be able to stand with the fast tempo of any standards of this "92 young lady"...

In the end, coming satisfied and tired, Ruth is taking out the best chocolates and the three of us celebrating around those goodies. Also, we knew that as soon as we will leave her, she will continue to work in her garden and painting till late at night.

After our weekly visits to the sprint Champion and turning to be friends of Picasso, new horizons were opened in our minds about the old days. In our minds, it was loneliness, fatigue and difficulty and now we know that old age is only a sign of a way, not more than that....

We want to thank Ruth by letting us to be part of her lives. And, if you want to be in fit, knowing how to work in the garden, and to be able to get excited about a good piece of art, and speak with these extraordinary women, or simply to have a good piece of cake or chocolate, all of that is waiting for you in the five star house of Ruth.

Letter from Ruth's Daughter:

To the charming Eyal and Ran! I am Neta, the youngest daughter of Ruth, hear about you from my "young" mother and how she is waiting each Monday for "the boys to come" and her joy of having you. I am sorry that I didn't have the chance to meet you, but very sorry to say goodbye, because you brought so much happiness to her. I want to wish you good luck in your new way, and thank you very much!

Kiryat Shmona and Rosh Pina

The students, finished painting the walls in the bathroom and the rest room at Tatiana's house, the walls are bright and fresh now, as haven’t been for many many years. Tatiana expressed her thankfulness. She is so happy.

Schilderen van het huis van Tatiana

The students also visited Eliahu and his wife Bracha, and Anatoli with his wife Larisa. The relationships have been growing through the year to be very close. The students are very much open with the survivors and bring them joy and warm atmosphere.

In Rosh Pina, the students has visited Israel and Blanka. Israel’s strength is low and he is not able, any more, to take care for his garden as he always did. Also, his wife is very sick and he is busy of taking care of her.

Blanka is still with full of energy, and teach the students a very interesting lessons from her own life.


News from the south

Beer Sheva:

Shmuel & Sara, as usual hosted me very nicely. We spoke about many things, and they were very glad to hear that I am getting married (another two days). They said how hard it for them to live on such low income. They didn't save enough for their old days. They work on the computer and it gives them some things which they don't get from their family. They need a new computer and each time when they open it they pray that it will work. About their economic situation, they wish that maybe as survivors they will get some more money. They need help or a miracle…

Suzan, was in a very bad mood. Her legs are not carrying her lately. Also, being on the third floor, and the long last pleading from Amidar to give her the chance to be in a different house on the first floor, and in Netanya, where her family is living, is not working. When I offered her to go to the media, she is not willing to do it, and stays in her anger and frustration.

Otto, gets help only two hours for a day, even though, he needs much more, but the social insurance have decided different, and his daughter, who also works, comes to help him as much as she can. He feels lonely, and besides my visits and another volunteer, who comes not very often because he is in the army and can't come as he did before, he feels neglected and not happy at all.


As you can see, Efrat visits are so important for this people because she turned to be the one who listen and help if it is in our hands.

On the pictures you can see Shmuel & Sara, and Otto with Nir the soldier.

Mazal tov for Efrat for her wedding. We wish her all the best in the world and a lot of happiness!


Pardes Chana

Today (Wednesday) besides the visits, we met our volunteers to thank them on their excellent job which they did at the "march for life". We gathered around table, full of the best fruits of the season. Daniel, and me, gave them our impressions and the ideas of "L'chaim". They have got a certificate of honor and thanks, and beautiful flower which will stay for long time in their vase. They expressed their joy of doing this and all of us conclude that we are satisfied.


Daniel, Hodia en Rivka

De groep van Maitzar

This visits, we were divided for 3 groups and I went with two girls to Chaya and Morris. All her family joined our visit and we spoke only about problems which is part of their life. Chaya, can't walk and most of the time she is on her bed. She love Ortal, and every time she hug her and give attention to her (usually, she don't ask the girls anything). They even offer us something to drink, also very rare thing.

With Ytzchak we set on the porch outside, all the mobiles hanging there, sound great with the wind and we spoke about the coming holiday of Shavuot and what does it mean. As you know, Itzchak was a teacher for Judaism and he tried to explain the three meanings of the holiday: the festival of harvest, giving the Ten Commandments, and the Aliya Laregel to Jerusalem. We discussed also, about the daily prayers and what does it gives to the ordinary person. He really long for companionship and enjoy our visit very much.



Zvia and the other girls, went to visit Benyamin who was so happy with them, and they sang together and laughed sitting outside in his yard , and when they left, the girls said that they would like to come more often to him. From there, they went to Aliza, who was very happy to see them, and she told them about her childhood, how poor they were and what a privilege they have by being in such a good condition in their school. They left her with the feeling that also for her, more visits will do good.

De vrijwilligster die bij Aliza komt.

R.Shachar and the boys, went to Rachmill, who missed them very much, and walked with them, proud and happy to be with them. He is getting used to the place and was in a better mood then before. The Boarones likes so much their visitors that they prepare for them goodies and very happy when they come.


De Boarons


The last one was Zipora, who spoke with us shortly and thanked for the nice package of fruits we brought to our survivors.

Best regards and Shabbat Shalom!


I spoke today with Ety. The lady is clear and speaks very nicely. She would love to have volunteer and Shoshana who had connection with her can't make it. We are looking for another volunteer for her because she is vivid and need companionship.

She is well and has a lot of help from her son.

Shoshana, couldn't speak with me but her daughter told me that she is fine.

Eva is very nice, but her Hebrew is not so good , so I could hear from her daughter (who live with her because she is handicapt) . They told me that they are well.

These are the news from our Capital.

That's our news for this week.
Shabbat Shalom,


Daniel Braun
Phone: + 972 54 772 3510
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The Transition from the Old World to the New World

May 7, 2015,  Iyar 18, 5775

During the last few weeks we were busy with the transition period, meaning moving away from the known old world. Right now we continue going on deeper. In these times many people feel stuck and it is as if the world doesn't give them any chance to move forward, in other words: they feel as if they want something else but they cannot say what it is. Some of them lose interest in their work and pray for a better job and an interesting one. Some people ask for a relationship that will satisfy them, and there are many examples but somehow, sensitive people are those who feel stuck and this causes them to be in stress, conflict and more, and this can even cause sickness and depression.

But, here is where the big secret is hiding: it involves our ability to change our way of looking at things. More than that, if we keep chasing excitement, we will get stuck with the patterns of our old ego which says what's wrong and what's right. It is the same old situation of holding onto an old language, the ego is not satisfied and go to the next excitement, and another addiction. But, all of those will disappear completely! We have to understand that the new language is to find new ways of seeing situations, from unexpected places and from unknown positions, and there we will find out our degree of readiness. This, will leads us, to stand in a holy place for our ongoing development. When we speak about relationships between people, instead of running away (unless the situation is a real catastrophe), we should expand those relationships… which means, that when we find ourselves in the places where we were stuck, it will be impossible to run away from our inner- selves. We have to study the language saying: from personal connections we shouldn't run away, it's convenient but does not strengthen. The lessons are deep and sometimes scary and painful. But, the new heaven and the new earth, are "trying" to teach us to learn and assimilate the divine, which is in every situation and every where. To learn through our own failures and to understand that those failures are a treasure which bring growth and wisdom.

As I have said before, the change we are going through, is an inner change, and for the first time in the history of our days we can discover the divine spark within us, and from there the outside world will be formed. In the end more and more we should understand: no more foreign gods, and the period of indulging ourselves is over! Each of us, must connect closely with himself as David the king has said.

To be continued…next week.

Daniel Braun|
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Continuing the Journey for Healing

May 1, 2015, Nisan 12, 5775

Dear friends!

Few days ago, I happened to conduct a very interesting conversation with a religious woman who shared with me her worries about the threat of Iran, and again, I realized how much short-sightedness there is about the situation instead of seeing the whole picture.     It seems to me, that what's happening is a great miracle, the ongoing fulfilment of the Biblical Messianic prophecies. I asked her if she can be encouraged from our ability to clearly see the fulfilment of prophecy, which is removing all support on which we rely, leaving us standing alone…?

We can see how "our good friend" America, is rushing to sign an agreement which is a surrender and an appeasement to the Iranian Ayatollahs’ agenda. It turns out that our "great friend", is not all we thought and again we find ourselves all alone.

Is there resentment in my words? or bitterness?  Not at all! but a big smile of a huge joy, by seeing, how the prophecy is coming true, as part of the coming redemptive journey. The woman nodded her head and said:" I didn't think about it that way"… Then I added with a wide smile: "So, can you see that the first prophecy of the Almighty that is taking away from us all support, is coming true? Can you believe the rest of the prophecy, that our G-d will not abandon His nation? (Isaiah 54:17) "no weapon formed against you will succeed, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you…”.  At the end, Israel will be living and thriving…  Maybe we will have to go through challenges and difficult trials, but the eternity of Israel is a holy promise forever!

Now, let’s go deeper: as I have said before, the redemption we have been waiting for so long, means going through destruction and suffering in the process of separation from the familiar old world. We don't have any choice to avoid that. This time, each of us must examine himself and have a real and profound encounter against that which prevents him from being free as a human being and free from foreign gods. Yet, all of that is a journey! Progression! We mustn't expect immediate results but be ready to study the new language that is needed for this part of our lives. It sounds overbearing and difficult, almost not understandable. But the truth is very simple and in these sophisticated days it's not simple to be simple….

How then can each of us study and find the new language? Life brings it to us! everyone, on his own, through hard times, the old refrain is repeating itself and stands as an obstacle to our lives. The good news is that the only reason for those difficulties and this repetitive refrain is to be a warning like a lighthouse. To feel and recognise the lies from our inner selves which have controlled our life for many reasons such as: culture, wrong education, parents which weren't aware, difficult childhoods, religious influences and more…

On the end, here is the message which can cheer your soul: all of those events are not bad, in fact the opposite: it is a trigger, the inner drive , giving us the chance to get to know what is good! choosing and growing. The ability to see the past, and grow from our experience, through all the warning signs, being able to watch and understand that by expanding our thoughts and not being negative, we will know that our job is to identify them.

We were created with the divine spark within us, and in His wider, endless image, and He hides in Himself, the redemption: So to know Hashem, we must be busy cleaning and purifying ourselves in order to get back to our foundations.

Shabbat Shalom,

News from the north:

Kiryat Shmona & Dafna

This time, me (Timek) and two students from Mechina Mayan Baruch, have repaired the cealing of the bathroom and the toilet in Tatiana's home. Her husband is now already 6 years in coma, staying in hospital at Haifa, after being run over by a motorcycle in his home town Kiryat Shmona.

We have been working hard to remove the moisture which came from the roof of her apartment. The company, who owns the building, doesn't take care of the roof and during the winter, the water came through the roof into Tatiana's house.

Other students, visited Eliahu and Klara. The students caused Eliahu and his wife Bracha a lot of joy. Klara and Mordechai love the students very much. Along this year they developed very close relations with them. Klara told the students a tremendous story: how they miraculously escaped from the death camp. The students wept while hearing Klara's story.

Shir with the students, has visited survivors in Kibbutz Dafna. Not all of them are able to meet every time, but those, who could accept their visit, enjoyed it very much, as always.

Katzrin & Rosh Pina - With students from Kfar Hanasi:

Israel is feeling much better now, as you can see on the picture. Blanka is always in a good mood and awaits the girl students with a great excitement.

Jafim was happy to see the boys, they talked about the time of the WWII.

Etka shared her memories about the decision to make Alija. How it was, leaving everything behind, the house, pension, all the belongings and starting a new life in Israel at the age of 50+. Etja told us about her profession as doctors assistant. She was good in it and has good memories from that time. She worked 33 years in her profession.

Shlomo told us about being soldier in Israel. How the Nazi's, captured his family and sent them in a wagons without any windows,to Auschwitz. This was a trip which last for 5 days without any food and any drinks. The day when the red army freed the camp, made a great impression on him. Shlomo remembers every little detail. It is amazing to hear those parts of his touching story. Shaul was happy and as always, he would like that we will stay the whole day with him. He lives alone and has no family around. The students bring brightness into his life. We talked about traveling and about the trip that the students will make next week from Rosh Pina to Cesarea with him.


Pardes Chana:

Zvia with 3 students went to visit Rachmill. As usual, he was so happy to meet them, and this time he showed pictures from his past: His twin brother, who passed away some years ago. Also, he showed his two daughters who do not have any connection with him for many years. They prefer to avoid him and not to forgive him, as their father. This is the first time that he spoke about missing them. Maybe we, can bring them back to him. But right now he has us, as his family, and we are very proud to be there, for him. He showed all around the house he is living.

On the same time R.Shacar with the other part of the group from Neve Micheal, went to visit Chaya and to see what has been done in the installation of her bathroom because we send her a cheque to cover the cost of the work. She was very grateful for our help. Shirel, who joined the visits, spoke with her and she told her a little about her past.

Benyamin is in a wheelchair, but his house is neat and clean by the worker, who lives with him and is doing a really great job.

Rachel Boaron, as you can see, like the students very much, and every visit she prepares something tasty for them.

Zipora, busy with her grand girls, and can spend very short time with us. 

News from the South:

Anna is 92 years old, a widow with no children's. She came from Romania with another two brothers and one has stayed in Germany, and he is the only one who is yet alive. Recently, we have started to adopt her. She is intelligent and it is very pleasant to be with her. She lives alone and has a women who comes and help her. She can't go outside by herself because she cannot see very good, and does not hear. In the past, she worked in a lottery point and does not have any pension, but the house is hers,and she lives with what she needs but not more than that. Her nephew is coming to visit her every once and a while, and me too. She is very thankful for that.

Roza, sweet as usual, but feels that it's enough for her to live in this world. She is walking with the worker she has when the weather is nice. When I come, she is trying to host me as a queen. She lives with a very little budget but never complains.

Best wishes,

Here are some exciting stories from the visit of the Yeshiva students from "Nchlat Israel", who have started to join our project. Sara Aushpitz felt free to read poem which she wrote, and they brought her a Mezuzah, to fix it to the entrance of her house. There is a lot of heart between them. She is very lonely and this brings a lot of light to her life.

At the same day, another group from the Yeshiva, came to Tamar and Gad from Timrat. They started with working on their garden even with the hot weather and then they sat and spoke with them.

It is the place to greet two very dear women who joined us recently and will be coordinators of our activities. Lea from Kfar Baruch, and Rachel – a women of light from Timrat . Both of them will expend our activities in their place.

Many thanks for our donors, who makes it possible.


Independence Day

April 21, 2015, Iyar 2, 5775

Dear friends!

After the Memorial Day for bravery and Holocaust Day, we are preparing ourselves for our Independence Day. Again, I would like to bring you understanding through the prophetic Biblical way, what does it mean: Independence?

On the level of a nation, it's connected to its vision, heritage, having its existence without things added and with love for mankind, being connected deeply to the real reason which means the chosen nation, righteous nation, which due to its nature, is an example, and a light for other nations. Today, there are shocking and essential preparations which are coming by heavenly waves which are going through the human hearts to our private souls, in order to prepare us for the real big change after so many thousand years of our existence to gain salvation for ever which means: knowing and respecting the Almighty. No darkness can enter into God's light. Here are some verses from Isaiah from the Bible: Ch. 59 vs. 9-10: "So justice is far from us, and righteousness does not reach us. We look for light, but all is darkness, for brightness, but we walk in deep shadows. Like the blind we grope along the wall, feeling our way like people without eyes. At midday we stumble as if it were twilight; among the strong, we are like the dead".

It means that when we walk with pure hearts, connected to our independence, our inner self and our strength, we are far away from our real identity and walk as the blind who go into a wall, or walk as dead people. Another vs. when the prophet is mourning and continues with sorrow: (Ch.59, vs. 15):

"Truth is nowhere to be found, and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey. The G-D looked and was displeased, that there was no justice." It means, we realize that darkness is a lie, and the inner truth stops. And then he continues pleading Isaiah ( Ch. 60, vs. 1 ) :Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the G-D rises upon you. 2Â See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the G-D rises upon you and his glory appears over you. 3Â Nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your dawn".

It means, the prophet accurately describes the condition of the people and the world before the Day of the Almighty will come. Now, some practice: Again we realize the crazy productive industry which drives crazy the human mind. We cling to what is left of our strength and knowledge, but we have no rest in our hearts. The ego gets crazy, "he" knows that his day is getting closer and his duty is to search after doing, doing, doing. He is addicted to more festivals and the greed for gold and silver, trying to convince us that this is our security. But, each of us, who have some kind of sense, should understand, that it is the end of the ego message it isn't taking place any more. We must get cured and have courage for studying a new language. The language of a new earth and heaven, and the light of salvation, is rising slowly between the cracks. Let’s not forget that our agony is not finished yet, the labour of the new earth and heaven is connected with a lot of pains. The old is basically finished and we must ensure that the new heaven and earth will be written on our inner hearts. These things are the source of our tribulation. All the time we look on the outside. The change will come from our inner soul, the wisdom light from G-d. We teach our soul by slowing down in order to be connected more and more. To this daily inner nature any minute, to be more prepared, aware of the existence as it has been said in the Bible: "And you loved your G-d with all your heart and your soul and with all of you" and in other place " Not far away is the thing from you, but it is very close , and you can do it with your mouth and your heart" It means that we do connect our hearts, our attention, and our glances on the same thing. That way, we will get closer to our real nature as people and nation: to be independent.

Happy Independence Day to Israel.

Mayan Baruch:

Memorial day 2015. 60,000 Shoa winners, live in poverty. 25% had to give up on medicines or medical care, because they can't effort it. 30% have to give up basic food because of their low economic ability.

Hard to believe that after 70 years, after surviving all the horror, building them- selves from ashes, after loosing their whole family and here they rebuild again… How it happens that they have to struggle again choosing bread or medicines???

This year, I had the privilege to meet every Monday, amazing survivors and to understand that those people deserve more, and Shoa must stay in our minds! this is in our hands!. This generation is getting older and wouldn't stay for ever in this world. We should take care of them, to bring happiness in their lives! They should enjoy what has left for them. We, should learn the lesson, to fight against injustice, and fight for peace and values!

I had the privilege to be also grand-daughter for survivors. Yehudit – my gr. ma. was beautiful women , very generous and humble, I miss her so much… Elimelech, my grand- father, I didn't knew him, but, I love them and very proud to be their continuation.

Shir Zive, Mayan Baruch View photo in message

To the donors and Daniel Amutat "Lechaim" !

I am 88 years old, came from Ukraine, survived the 2nd war.

Thanks to you, I could get the Robot vacuum cleaner and appreciate your generous help. At my age, cleaning is a very hard work and it helps me to do that with no problems and my spirit is really high.

Thank you! I am glad to realize that there are such people like you.

Best regards,
Olga Beer Sheva. 

Daniel Braun
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Holocaust and bravery Memorial Day

April 16, 2015, Nisan 27, 5775

Dear friends!

One whole year has passed, and again, thousands of memorial ceremonies will be held for the memory of the brave ones in the Shoa.

I, Daniel, already expressed many times, my opinion about ceremonies which preserve memories and magnify the need for unique excitement which is forgotten very fast and again, the next excitement is expected ( in our case, the independence day which is a festival of food and consumption and addiction).

As matter of fact, as Timek mentions in his report, about the bad situation of survivors whom are getting older and need more attention then ever. The opacity of the establishment prevents that they get what they deserve. Bureaucracy celebrates and the frustration of the survivors is rising more and more.

My point of view that those ceremonies are not directed to the real truth to what should be done to those who are left alive. We should get to know deeper the Shoa by regular meetings, warm and intimate connection along the year in order to get to know the shoa and what we can take and study from it. This, Amutat Lechaim - does and helps as much as it can be done. I should remind you that we are very small organization, and our sources are not big, but we do as much as it can give us daily, weekly, monthly, and year after year, in order to alleviate a bit of their loneliness and their distress.

Our activities give those precious people vitality, high spirit, as the march for life which we e xperienced recently. So, what is left for me to say or to ask you, who understand the urgency for doing fast, effectively with love: join us, support us in order of continuing our holy work . We need you and for your help.

Many thanks for the wonderful students, who give their hearts , love and their light,

who making the call of the prophet Malachi: "..He shall reconcile parents with children and children with their parents…"


News from the North:


Like every Monday, the students of Meitzar came to Genosar. They had decided to honor the survivors as remembrance at the memorial day (Yom haShoa).

As they arrived, they went to the houses of the survivors and took them to the cemetery, where the monument of the Shoah is located. The ceremony was performed with a great dignity. Each of the students, read something that was important to him or her. Together they sang two beautiful songs. As a group, they also wrote what it means to them to be part of the project of "lechaim" and how it has changed their view of life:

Ran and Airad: "Along the years, when we have been growing, the Memorial Day was for us, a moment of chance, to relate the people who has killed on the Shoa times. We heard the stories and tried to be connected to our heritage and our sources.

This year, we came each Monday, to visit survivors, listen to their stories, to take part of their lives and knowing them deeper. Because of that, this day, became more valuable for us . From a day of temporary moments of connection to the memory events, from a day of looking with shock on what have happened, we have studied, to see the Shoa through personal stories and not from terrifying titles.

Today, we want to thank you for the opportunity that you gave us, entering to your houses, to your life, to hear what you have done and as a results to understand from where you came and where we are going.

We love you, appreciate you and very proud to be with you today."

The students gave their whole hearts to honor the survivors. It was not easy for them. They did it very emotional and sensitive. They became so involved with the survivors this year, that they turned to be part of the survivor's family.

Shalom Brigitte


While I was driving to pick-up the students from Mechina K.Hanasi , to visit our survivors in Katzrin, I was listening to news on the radio about the shoa survivors. There are still alive about over 190.000 shoa survivors. four from 10 are in financial problems and some even have no money to buy food for themselves. I hardly could imagine how this could be possible, until I met Jafim.

While we arrived at Jafim's house, and I asked how he is doing?

He told me that he has no money to buy food, not even bread. He showed me the refrigerator, it was completely empty.

On the kitchen counter, were two potatoes. That was all he had...

While the students talked with Jafim, I bought food for him, good food for at least a week and I paid his electric bill and gave him some cash money to use until his little pension will arrive (by the end of the month).

Jafim is an intelligent man, but seriously affected by the shoa. He was born during the shoa and basically, remembers all the details that his mother told him. He had no father and he lived alone in Israel. With his son he have almost, no conection.

I experienced by my self, that the news report was right. The big needs are closer to us than we can imagine.

We also visited Shlomo, Etja and Shaul.

Shlomo told us part of the story when the Russian red army freed Auschwitz . Shlomo was, only 10 years old, and this moments burns strongly in his mind. All the little details are present. Shlomo realizes that nobody can tell this true experiences and stories when the shoa survivors will pass away. The need to speak out, burns in him.

Shaul shared his travel experiences in the Golan Heights and Etja spoke about the upcoming shoa remembrance day. This time of the year is the most difficult once for most of the shoa survivals.

I am proud that we in "Lechaim", remember these precious people the whole year around. This way, we build a strong and close relationships between them and the students, will last for long! Thanks all of you for your support!


Shir was with the students of Mayan Baruch visiting Dafna.

It was very pleasant as every visit . It is encouraging to see, how motivated the students are, by visiting these people in Dafna.. They visit Israel from Hungary with his israeli wife Tzipora, Sophia and Simcha, Chaineka and Leah from Poland.

Shalom Timek

Pardes Chana:

Our visit has started on the beginning of the Memorial eve. Itzchak just came from a school which invited him to speak and tell about his experience in the Shoa. He was still under this impression. He really know how to tell his story and I am sure, that it was for the students who had listened to him, very interesting. We came and surprised him and Sima (his wife), with the Guitar of R. Shachar, and reminded them his birthday by playing and singing for him. It made him feeling very good.

Chaya, also, was celebrating her Birthday and R.Shachar with his guitar really made her and her husband Morris, to be a bit happier (see the pic).

Rachamill, was so excited to see us that he took us to get to know the Manager of his place, and to other friends of his, telling and showing his "family" to them. I guess that he feels lonely many times and when we come to him, it break those feelings and give more to his world.

Aliza, was as usual, very happy and warm with her visitors. She feels a bit better, and could enjoy with us. She spoke about her life and Eiyal reminded the special food she gave us before Pessach to taste. She gave him and expressed her satisfaction from his good memory.

Benyamin as usual, was happy, smiling and joking with us. He need our visits because he is on a wheel chair and can't join company very often.

The Boaron couple prepared refreshment on the table. They feel very grateful to our help and visits.

Zippora, said hello and accepted gratefully the bag of supplies.

In Pardes Channa, we had a big ceremony to remind all the people what has happened at the Shoa. I am sure, that the students from Neve Michael, know and understand much better what has happened those terrible days.

Zvia, joined us the visits after healing from her sickness.

Best regards,


News from the south:


Izik &Miriam were in a good mood, and I entered when they prepared meat bowls, and they invited me to join the meal. I helped Miriam to do some salads and Izik and his son did the meat on a grill. Their son lost 40 Kg. of weight, and he can help them much more than before. Their house is very old and even fixing all the time, it is basically built not with the best material, and the problems are endless. They are sweet and very thank-full to " Lechaim" for the help and the money they get and also, for my visits.

Maya is charming , with a lot of stories and good mood. She showed me her art works and even prepared for me a little print of her. She love Shderot and told me about it. I met her daughter and explained her how to use the coupons we gave her mother. She was very happy for my visit.

Beer Sheva:

Ana is new for us, and I met her on the last war (Summer), we had a picture together and it was sent to the soldiers who watched us. I knew her brother who has passed away, and she has left all alone, without children of her own. She is 92 years old from Romenia. Her economic situation is not very well. She is very nice and I hope to know more about her.

This is my news.


News of this week

March 27, 2015,  Nisan 7, 5775

News from the North:

Willy Adler from Shlomi nursing home.

Willy is one of our dearest Shoa survivors, originally, from Hungary. He survived with his older brother from Auschwitz. Willy is now 86 year old, his Alzheimer is progressing and it is sad to see that Willy's health is getting worse.

When I came in, he was prepared to have his lunch. A smile came on his face. He was a bit surprised, but I believe he recognized me. Willy's excitement was still present, even thow, he doesn't remember much of the past anymore. He is living the moment of now. I see, that Willy is happy and all the nurses love him. He is no longer complaining about pains. Recently, he refused to put on his dental prosthesis, so his face has changed, but his eyes are still speaking when he is active. Without attention Willy decays into a world of dream .

The sad thing is, that his grandchildren are no longer visiting him. Since their mother Tzippy, has died (three years ago), the close ties of his family somehow got lost. The only ones who continue to come and visit him twice a week are Orna and Penina, the daughters of Willy's older brother. They live very close and they take care of him. Suddenly, they came in, and Willy's face has lighted. It was so beautiful to see it. They didn't see him as happy as now, when I visited him. A day before, Willy didn't even look at them and now, he was shining.

From this experience, I conclude how important the work of "Lechaim" is. Our visits, even not as a family members, have great impact on the Shoa survivors, more then we can imagine. They need our visits and our attention. And they deserve it !

I was so satisfied to drive 130 km to see him. Willy made my day!


Shlomo, was excited to see us. The students listened with full attention to his stories about how he met his wife Lili. About being part of the fighting during the Yom Kippur war with General Arik Sharon as a commander at the Egyption border. How he did protect the city of Kfar Saba when the Arabs, attacked the city from their town Kalkilia.

It was hard to leave him. It is so good for Shlomo to speak and tell about his life experience. The horror of Shoa and Auschwitz is still in his mind- daily, sometimes, he has nightmares about it. Speaking about it, is his way, to take off a bit, away from his heavy memories.

At Jafim, we talked about the elections. It is hard to tell, how Israel and the new government will perform. I see, that the survivors takes tougher position, when it comes to the "Palestinian issues and the peace talks", the students, are much softer. It is not easy for them to assess the political complex and the geographical situation. Decisions that are taken now will have impact on the future. We can't see how it works out. Maybe G-d does. That is our hope. He will save Israel at the days of big troubles.

Ela, Etja, Israel and Shaul, enjoy the visits every time. Shaul remarked: "I feel sick, if the students are not visiting me". This is a good sign. We know, that our visits have great impact on them more than we can think of.

Shalom Timek

Kibutz Dafna

Shir: Batia told us how was it to live in the Getto, and the situation those times . She is better than last week.


This week the students of Meitsar had activities at the mechina, and couldn't come to visit survivors in Ginosar and Deganya. Brigitte told me that the survivors missed them very much!

Kiriat Shmona:

Shir: We have met charming Lisa, in her beautiful house. She hosts us wonderfully, and told us about her husband who passed away three month ago, and about her children and her childhood. We are waiting to meet her again.

Pardes Channa:

This week we were invited to the most exciting event in Pardes Channa. Tuesday night, the day of good deeds was celebrated and the group from Neve Michael were invited to come to the stage (see the pictures), and the head of the local Council honored each of the students from the team by giving them a medal to wear on their neck, and a goblet with honor certificate, and the moderator talked and told about the "Lechaim's" project. As a representative of "Lechaim" I was invited too. We were very proud to do so. The students feel more and more, the importance of their mission.

Wednesday, we did our visits with a big package with fruits, vegetables, grape wine, Matza and Gefilte fish.

We found most of our survivors in the middle of cleaning and preparations for the holiday. At Aliza, we were offered to taste some kind of food that she brought from Libya, and it is somehow like the traditional Charoset. It was very tasty and the Anis gave the most gentle taste which did stay in my mouth for a long time. She was after a treat in her eyes, but was very happy to have us. Benyamin, was happy to see us and we took him for a little trip on his wheelchair and he gave orders how to drive him (he can't walk). In the picture you can see the young man who lives with him and takes care of him.

Chaya and Morris both, sat with us and we spoke about their health, and their past. Morris, is crying every time when he speaks about his past. Chaya for a change was without any bruises in her face, which means that she didn't fall, and felt much better, and seemed happier then usual. Ytzchak had a treatment and again it was impossible to visit him. The others enjoyed our visit too.

We wish all of you, our good friends from abroad, Happy Pesach! Rivka.


Miki Salomon has visited all our survivors in Jerusalem, he brought checks for the holiday, and told me about Roza, who had a stroke recently and lost her husband not long ago, is recovering in her house and lets wish her to feel better soon.

Shoshana, have connection with Eti, and they speak and going to meet soon.
Eva is well and love to have company.

Shoshana Shpitzer and her daughter are well and had Miki with some other visitors who came to greet them for the holiday. They are very grateful for the help they have got.

Shaindel, wasn't at her house and Miki left the check and his greeting to her .

Miralle, is well and I spoke with her grandchild who lives with his mother with Miralle.
Edit : Couldn't speak with me and I hope that she is alright.

We wish all of our survivor's good health and happy holiday.

Daniel is on his trip in Holland, visiting our active groups there, and we send them our greetings for good and successful meetings.

Daniel Braun
Phone: + 972 54 772 3510
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Eliminate the Persistent gods, on the Way to Salvation

March 16, 2015,  Adar 25, 5775

Dear friends!

Just now, we have passed through Purim, and we will try to understand through this holiday the deep meaning of freedom and the freeborn man. We will start from one side of the story: Haman, as we know, was very successful in his career, and went higher and became the "the king’s favourite". The world was spread before him, the honor and the wealth. But, all of that wasn't enough for him. The Ego wanted more … And nearby him, was a Jewish man, whose "sin" was: refusing the pagan culture, or to lose himself - his identity and his power, and to bow to Haman. Such a simple fact, left Haman restless, and why? The reason is very simple: Haman was very dependent, and that caused his hanging. He was dependent on being respected, and his ongoing passion against the stranger was growing at the expense of others. He wasn't a free man and paid for that with his life.

On the other side, Mordechai, who knew himself, his strength, his freedom, his uniqueness and his Jewishness. He was, on a level, so that no goddesses, fashion spirits, or other outside powers, could undermine his identity and his courage to stick to his faith against all the  winds of change. He understood, what the truth is, he felt it, in his soul and body. He was a man of vision, who didn't hesitate to put aside his welfare, seeing what's good for his nation and doing it by all means. And, of course Ester, who understood what Mordechai her uncle, wants, and absorbed the message: I have nowhere to run away to, my Uncle Mordechai is right! I have to look straight to the truth.  And she did it, in an amazing way by a glorious illustration and as a shining example. Not to be afraid from any sights, or to be overwhelmed by size, even, if you are a minority or alone, as it has been said: "I didn’t love you because you are many, so said G-d , but because you are few" A high spirit and true faith, has nothing to do with external influences. It's an invisible strength which can give a lot of light from the inner being of the one person and even from the whole nation.

As we said, we are in the beginning of a period of a new heaven and a new earth. Micah the prophet, speaks of how each man will sit under his vine and his fig. An appealing prophecy, which redeems the Sin penalty of paradise.   You won't need to experience the curse of "Eat bread by the sweat of the brow", and you can enjoy the divine light, a vast abundance will be there and fill all essential needs. But, we are not yet there, and from heaven we are being prepared. How?  In the book of Amos there is amazing prophecy: Ch. 8, v. 11:" A time is coming declares my G-d when I will send a famine upon the land: not a hunger for bread or a thirst for water, but for hearing the words of G-d. Men shall wander from sea to sea, and from north to east to seek the word of G-d, but they shall not find it."

And now, for the comprehension of the words: Many will wander around with this big thirst which we understand. Each of us feels an inner urge to look for something. deep in the soul and heart, the search is after God, unfortunately, most of the people do not understand the groan and the scream which is coming out from them, the embarrassment, the perplexity of madness, and the terrible quiet wasteland, the dry feelings… no attempts will help to bring the cure from the known old world and from solutions which we are used to. It means that the addictions are getting worse and no respite is there. So, how can we do it in peace and make it easier? Here in brief, is a solution: Firstly we must understand that in any illness there is a cure. We must understand that this wave of thirst and hunger is a divine wave which tries to create inside each of us finally, the wisdom that there is nothing but Him! It’s as simple as that! And the idols just disappear and pass away. But, in essence, it's a terrible struggle which belongs to the generation of the apocalypse, between the Symphony of the evil inclination and ego who know that their time is coming to an end, but fighting for each soul, and their language is one: more, more, more, consume, consume, consume, to be dependant more and more.... Those terrible voices try to get us away from the light of salvation, from the light of a new heaven and the new earth.

We should know that our main work is not to search for quick and outside solutions,  to fill existing emptiness, and to understand that these are labor pains. Just to slow down and simplify life, each one in his own way, and accept gratefully this dry period, to enable the real-life water quench our thirst.


Purim in the north:

K. Shmona
This purim party in kibbuts Mayan Baruch was for me the most excited one. Every year it is special, but this time, the full initiative came from the bottom of the heart of the students themselves. They prepared all by them selves,  in a very honorable way for the shoa survivors.
Thank you, dear students from Ma'ayan Baruch!
When I brought the survivors, the tables were already prepared in the nice and cozy kibbutz hall. The students dressed up for purim, and welcomed the survivors. Mordechai came with a CD player and Purim music. The music immediately brought us in a festive mood.

After refreshments, the students prepared a show of the purim story of Megilat Esther. While the story was read by two students, the other students played the role of the king Achashveros, queen Vashti, queen Esther, Mordechai, Haman and a servant of the king. Enjoy the pictures attached to this report.

The shoa survivors felt, heart to heart with the students. The room was filled with love towards each other. The young and the old mixed together and it felt as a family. We danced the davidic dances and at the end we talked together in circles. It was a great party that we all will not forget quickly.


Purim at Ginosar.

The students surprised the shoa survivors in their homes. In every house they played music and sang songs together. After the party, the students returned to their shoa survivors they care for, and spent quality time with them in a private atmospere. You can see from the pictures how much happiness it brought to them.


Purim in the south:

I prepared for Purim goodies to our survivors and with that I came to visit and greet them.

The first one was Otto, who is getting old only chronically, but mentaly he is in his pick. He is complaining how the old people are neglected by the government, and about his low income. My visit made him happy.

Yossef was happy to accept me, and because of his bad eyes I helped him to read letters he received, also, his neighbors came and brought him  Mishloach Manot and this excite him very much.

Roza, can't recognize me, and each time I have to remind her who I am. She is aware of her situation and appreciates for the honor she gets. On the middle of my visit came a teacher from the neighborhood with her daughter and they played on a recorder songs for Purim and even danced with her. She was very happy for our gesture.

Chedva, this time, did let me visit her after few times of refusing, because of her bad health. When I came she told me how much she has missed me. She have a women who live and work for her but she feel sometime very lonely.

Shmuel & Sara, was very happy to see me and to get the goodies. They told me about their complication with the family, and told me that I am as their daughter and thanked for my visit.

Suzan thanked me for what I brought, and gave me Moroccan cookies which she has made for the holiday. She told me how she has met her husband (bless his memory), whom she love to speak about.

It was good to visit and realize how much appreciation I get for my attention to these precious people.

Next week I will continue my visits.



Rosh Pina

It was good to see Blanka. She was  sitting outside, enjoying her flowers in the garden and was so happy to see us  .

Blanka is connected to the land of Israel and to it's nature. It gives her life a lot of joy. She is so positive in her mind, but what worries her is the future. Not her future, but the future of her children and grandchildren. The political instability in the Middle East and the lack of leadership in Israel, worry her. She is afraid that, if nothing will be change, the future existence of Israel, is in danger. We talked about it, and I believe that she is right. She said to me: I read the Tenach and there I learn the lessons of my life. From the perspective way of the Tenach, I see what is happening in the world. Blanka is 89 years old, and her mind is clear as Cristal . She loves the visits of the students and she look forward to spend time with them.

Israel, struggle for his health, almost a month now. He can't eat much and feal weak. He rejoiced that we came to visit him. Israel has started to speak about the time he was in the camps. He was a kid, a teenager. After three days, being packed in the train without water, food and fresh air he arrived in Auschwitz. It took two more days for the "formalities". No food no drinks! He found a peace of pitta bread and hided it. In the evening, he divided half of it to everyone in his group and the rest, on the next morning. Two times he managed to escaped from death. One time, everyone had to show up for an appeal. Everyone that was on his side, were sent to the gas chambers. Israel told me, that many of these stories, goes daily through his mind, and he wish, that it is was not true. I can't imagine, how it is, for a teenager, to go through such hell. What a privilege, to hear his heart breaking stories.


Kibutz Dafna:

Adi: Simcha is so charming and we love her, and really have  very good time with her.

Kibutz Ginosar:

Noam: At Eliram's house, we had such a good Tangram game. He had an operation and now on the healing process.


Talja felt a bit better this week and  she could enjoy the flowers in her garden. We talked about plants and about her childhood. The students spent quality time with Jafim and Etja. It is refreshing and good for them to have company.
Ela was already waiting for us. It was long time we couldn't see her because of all the medical examinations she has had in the hospital. But now she feel much better and we hope to keep visiting her. We talked about the coming elections.
Shlomo and Shaul didn't feel well. Shaul is struggling with astma.

We wish them both, full recovery.



Pardes Chana:

Wednesday afternoon, all of us gathering in Neve Michael. Zvia, with the boys and girls waiting for  R. Shachar, who is coming all the way from Ramat Hagolan, and me, Rivka.

R.Shachar brings all the supplies which are, this time, fruits and vegetables. We fill up the bags and split, each group to there mission. The group from Neve Michael, have expended with another students who want to join their friends in the project. Rachmil, had the boys with R. Shachar, who came with the guitar, and outside the house, they set and sang happily: the boys, Rachmil and another resident from the house. They had fun. The boys love Racmil, and don't miss the visits.

Than they went to the Boarons , who were grateful for the visit and the supplies.

Zipora, was standing infront of her door, smiling and happy to get our attention and supplies.

The Girls with Zvia, met Chaya, and spoke with her. She fell twice, this week, and her face is full of haemorrhage and a swelling in her head. Morris joined them and finally willing to join and enjoy our visits .

I met Aliza, who wasn't feeling well but has sent her love to the students.

Itzchk, had very hard examination and I spoke with him on the phone sending his love to every body.

Ester Zimering, who left her house to the elder house, have every once an awhile, calls and visits. She is well and misses the students. But, she gets our help, whenever she is asking for it.

This is our report for this week.


Purim in Shderot:

I met  Izik and Miriam. They are all right. Izik, is waiting for a second opinion, about doing operation. They are very thankful for our help and the interest in them.

Maya, is charming, strong, optimistic, warm, full of stories, and very thankful for my visit. She told me about the Purim party, she has passed in the place where she spend her mornings with other elders.

Benyamin – have the most exciting change by moving to another apartment on the first floor, with a little garden outside and as a farmer for 30 years, he missed to work the land for so long. He was happy,greeting and thanked me for my visit and the Mishloach Manot.

At last, we have succeeded with the big help of Amutat "Lecahim",  to buy for Olga ,  Robotic Vacuum Cleaner as she asked for. It came to her, exactly on her birthday and before the cleaning for Pessach. The timing was excellent, because she don't have any more the ability to clean without help, her little house. Many thanks for that.

Soon, I will start to give the coupons for Pessach.


 Dear friends! Pesach will begin this year on the 3rd of April. We as usual, will bring Kamcha Depasscha to all our precious survivors and other needy people, and also to lone soldiers. Please, donate with open hands and you will be blessed.

Daniel Braun
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A New Song

March 5, 2015, Adar 14, 5775

Dear friends!

This time, we are doing a concise and festive summary for 10 active years of Amutat "Lechaim".

The "March for Life" symbolized most of all, the nature of "Lechaim's" existence: to feel the significance of meaningful Jewish creation.

During the ten years and from now on, the nature of this project is connected directly to the prophetic Biblical vision of "He shall reconcile parents with children and children with their parents". It means, to direct the actions towards the basic eternal triangle: The Israeli nation, the land of Israel, The G-d of Israel. Strengthening unity, mutual respect, and increasing light and grace in the Israeli nation as an example of a way of acting, by opening human hearts, and understanding the momentum of this time for such actions.

At this period of time, when corruption arises, the darkness and confusion is heavy, violence is surging, and leaders don't have any message. Especially, at this time, we feel the sigh of our mission with modesty and humility, in ways that do not exist in Israel and abroad. All our intentions were, from the beginning, to develop human values, correct education, giving fast and loving aid with encouragement and reinforcement. During these years, we have insisted and will continue, not to expropriate funds for buildings and expensive festivals, not to increase sophisticated communications and oversize public relations of which purpose is for the ego and the physical essence. Amutat "Lechaim" is not a charity organization, but a vision with Biblical values and ideas of the sacred alliance with G-d, and with the Israeli nation, which we believe can affect the whole world.

In the Book of Isaiah, ch. 64, verse 14, it's written: "You shall establish through righteousness, and shall have no fear; from ruin and it shall not come near you."

We believe wholeheartedly that one of the reasons for the last generation's illness, is the material culture which creates differences, competition and losing the ability to choose the better human moral way: to see the image of G-d.

We believe that this project, increases and enhances the human side, and the divine value of the human heart, and brings us closer and closer to the purpose for which we came to this world: to correct the illusion of divisiveness and to unite with the infinite light which is the divine light, as G-d is one and His name is one!

We are in the middle of a big changes in the universe, when the old known world is slowly destroying and points to the creation and fulfilment of prophecy of a new earth and a new heaven.

This period, demands from us, to be focused on our goal. To be attached to what we do by all means, with our heart and soul, when the message is very clear: "You catch a lot- you catch nothing".

The human madness is, to jump from one thing to another, and on the end, nothing from the added effort is left. Here, we feel that the project is working on a deep level, not with huge numbers but with values. Many more challenges are waiting for us in the next years. We will have to increase the light and the mutual respect for each other.

This is the place to thank you, our friends from all over the places abroad and in Israel, for walking with us hand by hand. The good news is, that also here, in this country, people have started to understand our unique way. We thank G-d for blessing this sacred project and ask you to keep donating for the Israeli nation, and to the whole world - bear out the sentence "From Zion – Torah will come"! Being an example for the world, showing the beauty of the Torah, and, as the Israeli nation, being the light for all nations.

We are getting close to the promised period that the Jewish people will return to their homeland and to the alliance with their G-d. We see already miracles and wonders fulfilling the Messianic prophecies about the return and integration of the Jewish people to the land of Israel.

Next week, we will send you everything about the Purim celebrations.

Our report will come from now on, every two weeks in order not to be a burden.


Time travel, through 10 years of our activities   (pictures attached)

Starting visits in Pardes Chana , with R. Shachar and the students from the Mechina in Keshet Yhuda , Ramat Hagolan.

Jerusalem: Starting to visit with students which, part of them, still visit till now.

Miki and Yudit (Cr. Emb), keep connection with all survivors too.

Last year, when the storm with a heavy snow came , we were there to help a couple of survivors whom the roof of their balcony collapsed, and their sleeping room filled with water. Also, we brought Chava on her wheelchair, by an Ambulance, to fulfill her wish to visit her daughter.

Genosar: Mechina Maitzar adopt the survivors in the Kibbutz. Eliram find his family after loosing them in the war, by doing through the internet with the students the search. Celebrations of Purim and Tu Bishvat, with the students from Maitzar.

Katzarin: having connection with I.D.F in Zffat and the nearer Army base by Katzarin. Roza and Willi with soldiers.

"Lebanon war", "Page cloud" "Stable rock" . Hosting people from Shderot, giving them three happy days with trips, food, open arms and very warm host by the people from Moshave Keshet.

This is part one of our "Travel in times..."

It will be continued soon.

Happy Purim for all.

Shabbat Shalom!

Daniel Braun
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News from this week

26 februari 2015,  Adar 7, 2015

Shalom Friends!

Yeshiva students from Migdal Haemek have visited in Timrat and here is what they heard:

Gad Yackov Bar Levav (got freed), Born in Hungary in an Orthordox family with another brother and sister.

Tamar Bar Levav, born in Tchechoslovakia to an Ortodax family, with another 7 sisters and two brothers. They both, were 14 when the War brake out.

Gad's family, have spend only two weeks in the Getto, and were moved to Auschwitz by train along two very hard weeks with minimum food or water. Three times he went through the eyes of D"r Mengale (called the devil) and stayed alive… on the fourth time, he was pointed to go to the crematorium. lucky him, there, was someone from his village and he sent him to work out the crem. From there, he was moved to Dachau, and were found at the end of the war, almost dead. The American officer, who happened to be Jewish, took him in his arms and ran half an hour till he reached the closes Hospital to save his life….

He joined the youth movement of Macabi Hatzaier, trained in a farm to be a farmer, and with his group went through Greece by a little ship. But they were expelled to Cyprus till they could enter to the Promised Land. He joined the army (Palmach, and than Zahal) and got married to Tamar in Kibbutz Nirim (on the north). They have two children and ten grand children's.

Tamar also, was transfered with a few of her sisters, to Auschwitz by a cattle train, and there, they were between another thousand girls who were in one big and long hall, with clothes for summer and with minimum food and drinks. Only 200 survived, and they had to join the death march to Lipiding. Only Tamar and two of her sisters, has survived. She joined Maccabi Htzaier and than she met Gad, and shared her life with him till now.

News from Beer Sheva:

On the last two weeks I was busy with Rozelia whom her health got worse and worse. Her daughter Zvia, was with her all the time, but within two weeks she passed away….

On my visit at the Shivah, I brought some of the pictures we have had together and all the family thanked Amutat "Lechaim" for helping them to fit the bathroom for her and then, the coupons, the attention and love. May her memory will be blessed!

Suzan went to Natanyia to her family and will stay with them for some good days.

Me and Ana (the social worker), wrote for her a letter, asking for moving her to Natanyia. We hope that it will work.

Olga, thanked Amutat "Lechaim" for the very special event in the "Baron Gardens".

She said that it was so good to be with all those people who attended the event. She is waiting for more happenings as that.

On Sunday, I am going to start to work on the Mishloach Manot for Purim, to all of our adopted survivors in the south.

Special thanks to the great group from the south of Holland, for their help. Soon, another survivor, will get our help and visits.


News from the North:

Katzrin/Rosh Pina

It was so good getting back to Israel, after few weeks of helping my mother after her operation. To be with the students from Kfar Hanasi to visit together our dear shoa survivors in Katzrin and Rosh Pina.

Etja was awaiting for us, outside in her tiny garden. The days before Purim festival, reminded her, standing as a little girl on the bridge seeing the Nazi's, approaching the bridge. But suddenly, the Russian red army commando, rescued the bridge and prevented the massacre of the Jewish town in Ukraine. This happened, exactly on the 14th of Adar - day of Purim. Etja was trembling when she told this story to us, while we were standing at the gate of the garden. (See the picture). Every time when we come, she enjoys so much the students. She is excited and opens her heart easily.

Jafim, is also very happy and, I see, that he is more open to us. Jafim is very lonely and, needs our visits desperately. He "kills time" by playing computer games and smoking. He knows, that it is not good for him, but it seems, that he have no other choices. His son, didn't visit him for months. Our visit, give him a bit of new strength and hope. Jafim knows so much about many subjects. We talked about what is going on in Ukraine and how to understand the current problems in the eyes of the history of Ukraine.

Shlomo and his wife Lili, are struggling with health problems for months now. Lili, has returned from the hospital where she had an open heart operation. It were very difficult times for Shlomo, who had to travel to the hospital. Thanks to their children, who helped him a lot. Now, they hope to settle a bit. They need a lot of rest.

Ela was sick and stayed in bed with fever.

Talya was very sick this week. Got antibiotics to get cure. Talja simply has no strength in her body at this moment.

Genja is doing better, but she can't live alone anymore. She now lives with her daughter.

Shaul was not available to meet with us this time, but he is doing fine according to his circumstances.

Israel in Rosh Pina is also very sick already for a few weeks. It is not clear to me what his problems, but to know that he doesn't eat well, is not a good sign.

Illay with another student has visited him and he really enjoyed their company. They brought joy into his house.

Blanka was awaited the students with a great love. Illay told me that she discussed with them the current situation in Israel. It is interesting to the students to see how she things and what is important to her. Because her experience in the holocaust, she sees events that happen today from a different angle. The students learn from her attitude.

Please, pray for those who are sick. All of the survivors are so glad with the connection, they have with us through this project. They appreciate it very much!

Shalom, Timek

Kibutz Ginosar and Dgania

Report from the students from Mechina Meitsar:

Eviatar Boaz: Batia told us how was it to live in the Getto. She was sick along the week, and now she feel much better.

Yael, tells about Moshe who was admitted twice in the hospital, because he falls a lot, and can't stay any longer in in his house. He is staying at night in Beit Savyon under care. But, he is much better.

Ron has visited Itzush. They walked in Dgania, seeing his children's houses and the places he likes in his Kibbutz.

Ariel was with Izik. They spoke about politics and read the book about Izik's life.

All of the students of mechina Meitsar have found their special place, with the specific shoa survivors, whom they are visiting every week. Ruth for example, is a very energetic woman. She does a lot of things together with the students. Last time, they baked bread and this time the students helped her to clean the refrigerator. It is really a big fun to spend such a quality time with her. (see picture with Ruth)

Kibbuts Dafna, report from Shir, Mechina Mayan Baruc

It was wonderful

We met our charming Sofia, who fell down last week but getting back to her vitality with a big light in her eyes. We spoke, loughed, and it was so much fun. The rest of our Shoa survivors were sick and we will have to wait to the next time to meet them.

Pardes Channa:

We met our survivors who is waiting for us and happy to meet us again. Rachmill was so happy to be with Zvia and the boys and asked if they can take him with them to get away from the "golden Cage", and they took him with them to visit Benyamin, who is recovered after being for three weeks in the hospital. They both, was so happy and sang in Yiddish and were so happy to be together. Rachmill stayed with them longer in Neve Michael, and was returned later, to his place in Chedera. R. Shachar with the girls went to visit Zippora, Who is still coughing with her Astma, but she was happy to see them. Rachel and Avraham, wasn't at home, and we left the full bag of supplies to them.

Chaya, accepted us and was happy to see R. Shachar and the girls.

Aliza, host us and R.Shachar played on his Guitar and we sang with him. She loved the new girl that joined us on our visits.

Itzchak and his wife Sima, showed us many art works which they did, and it was very exciting to realize what a trouser they have in their little house. Itzchak was sick and he is very week these days, but didn't want to miss our visit.

That is all for this week.

Timik, as you can see, is back from Holland and it's so good to have him back with us.

Our best wishes for good and relaxing weekend.

Next week Purim is coming and the celebrations will be every where.


Daniel Braun
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The Period of Twilight

February 19, 2015,  Adar 1, 5775/p>

The March for Life is behind us and here are some important points which are connected to this period and should be studied. The people who participated this event, felt the correctness of it and the strong energy of love, by focusing on each detail.

Later that day, I had connection with one of the Mechina students, from the north and she told me that after being so fulfilled, they came back to the Mechina and right away they had to do another assignment. They didn't have the time to digest what had happened there. So, I offered that instead of going to their regular visits the next day, to take those four special hours, and do a session, one with another, in peace and without any interruptions. They did so! And said that this was an amazing experience, to speak and share their feelings about what happened to them during the event.

Now, to our subject about the period of twilight:

It's a concept in Judaism, concerning the interim between periods, during the change: transition time!

We live in a period, when the old world of thousands of years, is going to end. We should understand what it means.

A transition period is hard and not comfortable, and the old is falling apart and not relevant anymore. The new is not there yet, and the in-between period, brings up many inner impurities which come up, rising to the new light. It means that there is no way to run away from ourselves. The good news is, that the new period = redemption, and it is happening through our inner soul, it is very close. But, we must realize that the rising and growing light of redemption, is still hidden and bringing up all the sickness – as a result of our exile, sins and transgressions as humanity.

Simply, it's an inner wave which is streaming inside the human soul. We must understand the depth of the transition to the heart from the exploding intellect, from data, mountains of words and philosophy. The key to understand all of that is not outward, but inward, looking to the shrine of the Holy Spirit from where we were absent for so many years: the temple of our inner selves. We should study how to slow down, to focus on one thing, which we are doing this moment. It's a very powerful practice. The new period directs us to get to know this temple, because we won't be able to find what we loved – outside of it. The way, to receive the new light and new impressions, is to give space, instead of loading information. To feel the moment, to listen more for the notes of love, which are sent from heaven each minute, no more than that ! And this can be, when you make room for it. It isn't easy work, but the practice can be started now. Even, the answers, we are asking for, are not coming as we wish, because we are a productive generation which is used to endless ‘doing’. Maybe the feeling of uncertainty, will make us stop and wait, being in a place of emptiness and the unknown. This will precede the new.

It doesn't demand stopping our lives, but to be aware that the present need, without too much effort from us, is to stop jumping from one thing to another! We suffer from addictions only because of our need to escape… but we don't have anywhere to go. The way for salvation can be in dark and painful tunnels. No need to be carried away, just to realize and be aware of the fact, that we must feel the pain, the dark, and to know that it is necessary at this transition period " The people, who walk in the dark have seen a great light"…

In the end, let’s accept even complicated situations. All the suppression, or escaping, will create a struggle that would cause pain. Faith is important! We understand that we are getting very close to the open new heaven and a new earth of a different awareness. We are in the middle of birth labor!

More on this matter will be written in my next post.

A few words about the visits in the north:

The students from Maitzar had their weekly visit in Genosar, and listened to the survivor's deep impressions, from the event of the "March for life".

The boys from the youth village (Migdal Haemek), came to visit Gad and his wife from Timrat. He loved the visitors and told them his story and showed pictures. The chance to tell his story is his way of recovering.

These days, we are experiencing very cold weather, and another cold storm is starting right now. Please, donate and help us in giving help for electricity, air conditioners and heaters.

Best regards,



Shir: On the last two weeks, we have visited in Kibbutz Dafna and we are very satisfied from our meetings with:

Simcha: we love to meet her she is charming.

Chanka and Lea in "Bait Haela". We have to remind them each time, who we are, and than, they are so proud that we came especially for them, and their joy shine on their face.

Zippora and Israel, tell us many fascinating stories. Their life are full with good things.

Savta Sofia: We love her so much. We even met her family. On our last visit we surprised her by bringing her Ravioli (she told us that it's her favorite food). She was so happy for our gesture. (see the picture).

Have a good weekend,

Shabbat Shalom.


Redemption and the Process Leading to it

January 29, 2015,  Shevat 11, 5775

Dear friends!

A few weeks ago, we touched on cosmic and spiritual processes which our generation is going through, to go from the old world to a new earth and a new heaven.

We will try to bring a sober vision of Israel by the prophets’ messages, and in the way that it will be easy to understand.

First, we should remember: There isn't any wisdom of the human mind which can imagine or even explain in a logical way, the character and the spirit of the new period which we will receive. A new heaven means, a new awareness which we never knew before. What can be explained is how to prepare ourselves gradually for the changes. It demands from each of us, mental preparation and conducting ourselves appropriate to these times. The vision of the redemption in the Bible, tells us that times will come when:" The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard lie down with the kid: the calf, the beast of prey, and fatling together, with a little boy to herd them" (Isaiah, Ch. 11, Ps. 5, 6,). And in Jeremiah (Ch. 31 Ps. 34):" No longer will they need to teach one another and say to one another, "heed G-d"! For all of them, from the least of them to the greatest, shall heed Me – declares G-d".

What does it mean "to heed"?

It means, to know spiritual knowledge which is not known in us yet. The vision of redemption promises us, that human knowledge will be raised to the heavenly G-d’s knowledge. It means, that the character of all of the features that exist today in the human soul such as jealousy, jealousy of others, narrow vision, weakness which causes even wars is a situation which is going to change. The Kingdom of materialism unfortunately, has been chosen to lead our lives, equating knowledge with superior material things leading to own destruction, immersing ourselves in greed and the materialistic culture to the point of turning it into the main point in life. It has created a deep and vast separation between man and his vision. But then, the vision of salvation will remove all partitions, we won’t feel separation, no more jealousy and possessiveness. It will extend to the point, that the animal kingdom will be changed completely. There will be no need for predators: "The wolf shall dwell with lamb"… It means harmony. And, here lies the secret from the prophet Zechariah :

"And, on that day, G-d will be one and His name will be one". Then, the screen will be removed, reviewing all reality, with the lustre of a divine life.

But, we should understand something very deep: Don't push the time! Many people, who yearn for the time of the redemption, are trying to visualize how things will be seen then, and turn it into reality.

But, it is a tragic mistake! Let's try to understand why?

We have tried during thousands of years, to find solutions in our limited mind. We are used to having a "logical" explanation. Our basic beliefs are based on our mind but, my friends, we are at the beginning of a critical period in which we must open our hearts in pure innocence, with full humility to the glow of a new unknown world. It isn't simple! It is demanding for the person who is used to having total control in the "world order". Here, we must be really prepared, and walk as a little boy along dark and foggy tunnels, where the old is not relevant, without any taste or smell anymore… But, the new, has not yet appeared.

It is hard to go through, and any attempt to find a technical or logical solution won't work anymore… as Amos, the prophet has said:" The days are coming that I will send on you hunger and thirst, not for food or water, but for the Almighty's words, and many will wander from sea to sea, …and won't find it…"

It means that we reach a state of mind in which we feel a deep spiritual dryness and disgust from what's going on. But, on the other hand, there is thirst and hunger for which we are asking G-d… These are waves moving the human soul, and are very important.

Symbolically, we are in the same situation as when the Israeli people stood in front of the Red Sea with the Egyptians at their back, on the left and right, wild animals, and no logical or technical solution could save them. Then, only one thing was left to do: to raise up the heads and hearts to heaven, and this is the same today.

Finally: We need to prepare our hearts and our minds as Malachi has said in his incredible prophecy: "I will send the prophet Elijah to you before the coming of the awesome, fearful day of G-d. He shall reconcile parents with children and children with their parents…" (Ch. 3, ps. 23), It means that we have to "practice" and strengthen our view of responsibility to others, of loving and being united with others as it is said:" love your neighbor as yourself".

We are not commanded for perfection, but to accept ongoing spiritual educational activities, each, according to his ability. This prepares the heart towards transformation. Let's open our hearts, allowing G-d to renew and illuminate us.

What we love but do not know yet, we will know soon – Amen!


Pardes Chana:

Yesterday, we gathered and had a wonderful time with our survivors.

R. Shachar, Zvia and the group from Neve Michael, and me, were divided into two groups and went first, to visit our dear Rachmil who is staying in a nice elder house which give him to be safer and less lonely. As he said, he doesn't have more friends, but the place is neat and clean, and he is under good care but yet , need our help even more. This time we didn't go to do nice time to others, but tried to do some rehearsal for the "March for life". For Rachmil, we are as his family, and the students don't want to miss him any time.

Tzipora did get the package with gratitude. I believe that we help her a lot with the package.

From there we went to visit Avraham and Rachel Boaron. They were so happy to see us and appreciate very much our connection with them. They have so many problems with their life and their children's. When we come, it's another ear to listen and hear what they have to say. They feel neglected with their situation. Of course, we brought a nice package of dry food to all of our survivors.

Zvia and the girls, find out that Benyamin is at the hospital in the last few days, so we missed him.

Chaya, also, fell down and was staying in the hospital for some days. We are going to solve a problem in her house and fix it, that she couldn't afford till now. She is better now and accepted us in a good mood.

Aliza, as you see, pour love on all of us, even, sometimes she is not very well.

Ytzchak, told the girls how he did the decoration in their synagogue and what the idea behind it. They really love to visit him breathing culture and art at his home.

All of us, returned back very satisfied, feeling the importance of our visits. The International memorial events yesterday, just proved us how much our stable visits, are important, because we heard survivors complaining about their loneliness.

Hoping the best for all of us,


Our dear Timek , had to fly to Holland because of his Mother's bad health. We wish and pray, that she will get better, and hope to see him back, soon.

Shabbat Shalom!

Daniel Braun
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Soul Searching on Working for the Almighty, According to the Torah

Dear friends!

Last week, I wrote to you about what I am experiencing from what has happened in France. This time, I would like to go deeper, trying to reach the sources for the European weak responses before radical Islam.

First, it must be very clear: I am Daniel, Jew, proud Israeli, who has endless love for the land of Israel, the Israeli nation and above of all, the G-d of Israel! Also, for all the humans in the world which are created and creation's creatures on the planet.

I defiantly condemn "Charlie Magazine", being famous for attacking from the lowest place of humiliation and degradation, millions of believers, and this is a terrible thing which serves only one thing – to reinforce the spirit of hatred in the world. This magazine humiliates Jews as well, and, as matter of fact, almost everything.

As a proud Jew, my denunciation comes from the depth of my pain, for the ignorance of thousands of fools, who don't think deeper or do any soul-searching, and cry: "We are Charlie! All of us are Charlie!"  Is it hypocrisy? Here is the time to understand in a deeper way from where comes this blindness of millions! people, who boast themselves, as Westerns in their culture. It comes to the point that each person must do his self-examination daily, and the choice is in his hands, choosing between good or bad, between truth or lie, life or death, light or dark.

Such self-examination is the basis of the Torah generally and personally. It requires the person to be responsible, on growing and developed all the time, being able to recognize logically what's good or bad. It is a Torah commandment as it says:" Look! I gave you today the blessing and the curse, life and death, and you have chosen life". It means that we see through the commandments that, true freedom in people’s lives is accomplished only by delineations and restrictions. Kohelet, (Ecclesiastes) has said:" Times to embrace and times to refrain from embracing. Times for peace, and times for war". It means that there is an order in the world. A time for everything: six days we have to work for our living, but on Shabbat we must stop working. All the Torah commandments make it possible for each person to choose if it's good for him or not. According to the Torah, a human being can check himself and be aware of his way of life. Regretfully, the Western world has allowed access to all indulgences without judge and law, entering in and becoming mixed up without any sensible attitude. This is the equivalent to the world's oldest profession, also mentioned in the words of the Prophet as he wept:" As a prostitute will she be?" it means: that everything is in a mess, mixed together, without any order or clarification.

The Western world has behaved as a prostitute, letting everyone do as he wishes. Again, we should remember: Cancer is a disease which is made possible when cells lose their identity, when they die or they are very weak. Then, the cancer can develop.   The same thing happens when there is no identity. Darkness can enter where there is no light. Radical Islam spreads threats throughout the world, particularly in Europe.  It senses the Western weakness, the "democratic extremism".  

And, extremism leads to more extremism. Islam despises the liberty that is the backbone of the West but strengthens its weakness. With this kind of Islam, there is only one way to compete: to straighten up, face up, and say loud and clear:" Are you for peace or for war? And if fight is needed – we will fight! Deal with the fear, speaking in  their own language, instead of sucking up and grovelling, because it will only intensify their power, and their longing to swallow alive the West and make it Islamic.

This is the way to deal with them clearly, without flinching! Not facing the threats of the intensity stems from weak leaders.

I want to give an example from a Hebrew military leader who shows us how to act with enemies: Joshua Ben Noon, by passing the Jordan, his work was to conquest the land of Israel by G-d ordained. When he met stranger who came infront of him, he asked him simply:" Are you for peace or to war?" which  meant : is it our enemy?  The answer of the man is known. He was  a messenger of G-d! Joshua Ben Noon didn't hesitated when he had to conquer and fight. He did it without fear or threat, knowing that if he wouldn't do so, it will be as mine, because this is how things are in the Torah: speaking clearly about war and peace laws.

Israel is standing in front of many Moslems, surrounding us and asking to finish with us. We have to be very brave and consistent, and know our rights in protecting our country without hesitation. To do what we must do, as it has been said:" The one who comes to kill you, be the first to kill him…."

In front of radical Islam, we must speak very clearly and without hesitation, knowing that their language is not ours. In order to succeed in the battle, we should know our enemy, but you, the Western nations are blind, worshiping money and lust, and going from one fashion to another….

Here, we should understand that our strength is by being united with the vision of Eretz Israel, the love of Israel and loving the G-d of Israel, standing with a straight back  and stable belief, and not paying attention to the strident empty voices, coming from the West, trying to tilt our hearts out of the way of justice. And so, they should do in the West as well…

In the name of the freedom of speech, and the worthless communication which can't understand what's good or what’s bad, you are cooking the food you deserve. Magazine Charlie brings kind of poison to the world. They aren’t a people of love with a message. Humiliation is not the way but, consistency and strength, are.

In the end: Not everybody must be a Jew, but I recommend  that understanding the light of Israel, and the G-d of Israel is good also for the gentiles as it is said in the Bible: "Let's go in the light of Jacob’s G-d, because we know that G-d is with you".

To those, who understand these words, they come from my deeper pain and concern. Again, we should remember that the responsibility and the choice to choose is on the head of the human being. This is the reason why he was created.



News from the North:

Kiryat Shmona:

This week, we visited Israel and Ludmila. Israel worked in Ukrain, as water-engineer, and when he made aliyah early in the eighties, he was working for a water company in Israel. We talked about economy and related issues.

Rina, is very happy in her cozy apartment, viewing from her window, the Hula valley and Mt. Hermon, covered with snow. Rina told us about their car accident, which happened many years ago. For one year, she was handicapped, sitting on a wheelchair. Today, her body is fine and more then ever, she enjoys life and very thankful for every day. She loves when we visit her. It is always a great joy.  

Anatoly and Larisa, received us with a great joy. They love the visits so much, especially because they live on the 4th floor, without an elevator. This situation, don't let them really get in touch with other people. Anatoli's Parkinson is developing badly, and many times he can't leave his house. Our visits brings life. Anatoly doesn't say much, his Hebrew is not good, but his face and his eyes shine. With help of google translator on students smart phones, we overcome the language problems. It was a great fun to be there again. The students loved it very much.

Klara, had to be in the hospital for a check up, so, she couldn't join us as she does regularly. Eliyahu, didn't feel well today, so, we couldn't visit him . That was a pity, because he is always so happy when the students come and visit him.


Brigitte from Ginosar reports :
Noa en Yael has visited  Moshe. They feel at home with him. They spoiled Moshe on his birthday and often they make a round with him on his "kalnoit" (scooter) through the walkways in the kibbutz. (see picture). In a very short time, Moshe and the students, became as family for each other.

Ariël, looks forward, to volunteer in Ginosar every Monday afternoon. She is visiting Izik. At Izik's house, it is always a "party time".  Sara, makes cafe and cookies and, they talk together. Izik needs this company very much. He is happy, to see people always.

Ron, with another three students, has visited the shoa survivors in kibbutz Deganya. Aviva (she has dementia), is  getting used to the visits and is more open to them. This time, they checked  the possibility to visit some new urvivors in the nursery house.

Ruth, survivor from Vienna is a very active woman, 90+ in her age. She has got a great gift. For many years she makes clothing for the children in the kibbutz. Previously, they have sewed the clothes by themselves. She is really professional. In her old age, she has started painting and already made a lot of beautiful paintings.   The students love her and certainly give her a lot of attention. They listen to the great stories and help her with the garden.


Neuws from the South:

This week I have visited Roza, Rozelia, and Otto:

Roza, didn't recognize me at first, but after a while, she was very happy and remembered our recent meetings. I brought her some soup that I prepared and she thanked me for it. I met there a neighbour, who knows her already for 40 years, and she gave her so many compliments that Roza was very excited.

News from the North:, was very happy to see me. She is very pleasant and has good humour and this gives her to be optimistic, even it isn't very easy for her to be too far away from her family.

Otto, accepted me with his daughter Tzipi, who comes daily to organize  his pills and Diabetics injections. He says that there are two things that can "kill" a person
1. Loneliness
2. Bureaucracy.
And he pointed out how he feels with such low income he gets from the  national insurance, and about the Jewish money which is hided some where in the Swiss Banks…

When I tried to ask him about some good things, he agreed that "Lechaim" is one of the good things he has in his life and the visits he gets from me and from another volunteer who keep in touch with him till now.
Attached, the photo of him and his daughter,


We help with the electricity bills to Miriam & Izik, and Maya.

Best wishes,

This is our news for this week.

Shabbat Shalom,

Daniel Braun
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The honor of the Israeli Nation and the Land of Israel

15 januari 2015,  Tevet 24, 5775

Dear friends!

This letter is written from the bottom of my heart. In order to understand it, please read it slowly...  take your time to understand fully what I try to say?

As a Jewish Israeli, who believes faithfully in the eternity of Israel and the love of the Almighty to His nation, I feel the need to cry out loud with many other, who also feel the same, by saying only one word: humiliation!

The tragedy in France and the infamous terror is horrible and painful, because we all feel it, as human beings. But, from here, to the appeasement of our leaders who were determined to join the protest of millions. This was as a sharp knife, hurting the heart as if blood was drawn. "All of us are French" says our leaders, "We are "Charlie" (the newspaper)!"

So, I Daniel, declare here: "I am not French! I am not "Charlie"!, I am an Israeli Jew! Yes! I love Israel and all humans!" During my 55 years of living, I see my brothers, getting daily, slaughtered, killed, in front of our eyes, by terrorists who come from Gaza, Judea and Samaria. They call themselves Shahidim, who don't hesitate to get into the room where little children sleep and kill them with cold blood… to hurt innocent people and cause rivers of blood on the soil of Israel. I don't hear or see that the world says "All of us are Jews!" or at least:" We are with the Jewish nation"…

It was frustrating to realize that our Prime Minister, humiliate himself, even though it was implied from his "French hosts", that weren’t interested in his participation.
The plea of our leaders to the western hypocritical world makes me feel disgusted and I cry out loud to the Almighty to wake our leaders that " our nation will dwell alone", and our pleading and prayers to our Father in heaven and not to these leaders, which support again and again the worst enemies, and show us how much they don't love Israel.

I am not French! I am not "Charlie"! "I am Israel, the land and nation of Israel, belong to the G-d of Israel who loves the world!!!

To our 3 or 4 million brothers in Europe, I can say: "dear beloved brothers! Those, who have a low spirit, dim and narrow eyes, I would say: "Please! Don't come to Israel. From your point of view, it's not worth to make an Aliya!  Just as Moses sent spies, whose spirit you represent. Indeed, the country is hard, the economic situation is not simple, there is governmental corruption, the security is not very stable, as millions of Moslems around us desire to finish us. From this point of view, you don't have any reason to come to Israel! It is likely, that wine and cheese and the more comfortable life is there, in the pastoral Europe!!!

But to those of you, who have different heart, like Joshua Bin Non and Calev Ben Yefune, who could see the blessing of the good land, I would say :" Indeed! The land is very good, "a land of milk and honey". If you look for an easy life, the land is not for you in any terms. But you should understand deep in your hearts, that a great blessing is on our land. Also, a heavenly protection and daily miracles, which has kept all the missiles containing poison and hatred in the wars, hardly touched His beloved sons and daughters. Just remember the return to Zion by Jews, after 2000 years of exile! Just remember the miracles and wonders of His hands in the Six Days War, the thousand missiles during the Gulf war with Iraq, and in the Lebanon war, and the ". So many missiles, without many injured.

Wonders of wonders!!!

The best fruits and vegetables, milk products, from our excellent agriculture were developed here on the land of Israel. To you, dear brother Jews, I will say:" If the Almighty is in your heart, and you are yearning and longing, with a lot of love and it is as if your body is  missing  part, to you I will say:" Welcome! Welcome! Welcome ! We are waiting for you with open arms.

To the Rabbi, the general leader of the European Jewish communities, who was angry that we called the people to make Aliya to Israel, and declared that "It is good to be French Jew , as it is in every country"... I would say:" You are so pathetic! You don’t know the Bible and are not a man who knows the Torah! Please, stay where you are till G-d will wake you up to understand your deep mistake, because you are not a man with a message.

To end, a short story of light:
Many years ago, before joining the army, I went to do one year of serving which was popular for Kibbutzniks. I gave my year in a little Kibbutz in the Arava (South), and there I met John the red hair. A man, whose days started at 04.00 in the morning milking cows, and finished sometimes at 20.00 and sometimes later. A humble men, with a huge motivation. One Friday, I was invited to join John and his wife Liora for their Shabbat. His story is the story of Israel: John was the son of one of the richest men in Britain. He was supposed to inherit all his father’s empire. But John said that he wanted to go to Israel and live in a kibbutz. His father laughed and thought that he would come back on his knees. But, it didn't happen! And the father understood that he didn't knew his son very well. John told him that he fell in love with the kibbutz and the Holy Land, and mainly, with Liora, an Israeli girl from the group there, and, that he loved to work in agriculture and the land, and he is not coming back to Britain. The father warned him that if he is not coming back, he wouldn't give him one penny from his millions. John answered him that nothing can fill his heart with the same passion and love as he felt in Israel. Today, his name is Jonatan, and is already a grandfather living in a very modest apartment in the Kibbutz.

Therefore dear friends, who don't feel Zionist and may even recoil from these terms, you should know that I am saying with responsibility and great love:" there is no safer place than Israel to the Jews. Why?  Because: "Israel is not a left behind widow". Each word, which our prophets have said in their visions, is working and happening here in Israel.

To you, the Jews who understand, with hearts wide open - Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! Because, there is nothing like Israel.

Israel’s Eternal doesn't lie!


News from the North :

Sunday afternoon, Avi from Ginosar, suddenly, passed away after he was taken to the hospital last week. Me and the students, where shocked for his sudden death. He was going to salbraite his  90th birthday  this month. Avi remaind until the very end of his life, clear in his mind. He didn't forgot any tiny detail of his life. Avi was an intelligent man, he knew much of the Europe history during the nazi times. Avi was taken with the famous "Kindertransport" from Vienna to London. This, saved his life, while his parents has died in the Nazi camps. After the war, he made Aliya to Israel and lived in kibbutz Chukook, on the north-west shore of Kineret. On the last 8 years, he lived in Ginosar.During these years, Brigitte from Beit Savion (nursing house) gave him love and kindness. Avi will have a special place in our hearts. We all, will miss him very much. Also our friends from Holland: Marianne and Mirthe, who knew Avi, and were very close to him, will miss him very much...

The students of Meitsar, came to the funeral and gave Avi the last honor which he deserved so much . Their attendance, was very special to the inhabitants of kibbuts Chukook who attended the funeral. Brigitte explained during the funeral, about the "Lechaim project", and how dedicated the students, on thier weekly visits the survivors in Ginosar and how Avi particularly, loved and enjoyed their visits. This was a great testimony of how the young generation, have connected to the elderly and vice versa. For the students it was hard to see Avi passing away so unexpected.

See the last picture of a visit by Shoam and another student.
Bless his memory.

Rosh Pina:
In Rosh Pina, we have two brave shoa survivors, that students from Kfar Hanasi  are visiting: Israel and Blanka.  Israel, has survived Auschwitz and Buchenwald camps, and Blanka, survived German workingcamps.
Ilja (one of the students) reports:
Me and Yael, has visited Israel and Blanka in Rosh Pina. Blanka, celebrated her 89th birthday last week.
we talked about what happened in France, about their view on politics about what motivated them to build Eretz Jisrael from the ground. They both are real patriots and have such a strong will to build and protect our own country.

For me it is so interesting to see what a big impact the shoa has on further life on the survivals. It is so important to me to know how they think and why. Meeting with them makes me stronger and they stimulate me to love my country much more then I did before I met them! They are a great example in my life.

Ela and Shaul both,were in the hospital for a check up, and we couldn't visit them. We wish them full and quick healing.
Etja, explained us how she got Mengele's treatment (she was injected by some chemicals) as a child of age 4 in a ghetto in Ukraine. A couple of years ago, this treatment affected her whole nervous system. She has suffered horrible itching and pains and had no strength in her hand and fingers. The Israeli doctors, finally found the right medication against this assault from the Nazi times. And she was healed! She is so happy that her life is back to normal again. (see picture)

Jafim enjoyed from the Israeli-Russian theater shows, and showed us some music he loves on youtube.
At Shaul's house, we puzzled and had fun together (see picture).
Talja was great. We talked about the mechina, the "survivors" trip (last week) in the Negev, and about important values of a human life. We met her daughter and her granddaughter.

Again, we have succeed to make our survivors to feel happy. For me and for the students, it was a very valuable time which was given to our brave survivors. It strengthens their and our life.


Pardes Chana!

This week, we had a very special mission: to get to know where our beloved Rachmil has moved to. He is now, at an elder house named " till 120", and need our help more than ever. we are going to visit him and continue to adopt him  and help with all what he need, even he is a bit far from us.

When R. Shachar, Zvia and the boys came to him, they found him very upset and depressed. But, as soon as his visitors arrived, his face glowed again and he was so proud to have them. They rehearsed what he, Or and R. shachar are going to sing in the "March for life". As soon as the other people from the house heard them, they wanted to hear more, and the joy of all the people in the house was full.

We also, visited Benyamin, which is also very dear for the boys and girls.
Chaya, was laying down under a blanket, but her sofa was covered with the cover she has got as a present by Maxine from Australia on Rosh Hashana, and it looks so beautiful (you can see in the pic).
Sivan, is R.Shacahr's daughter, and knows already all our survivors and she was accepted warmly by them. Aliza, came from the hospital, after getting treatment to save her eyes, which are getting very bad, and it need to have a special cure. We met there, her elder son Nisim, who is trying to help her with the high cost of the medicine. But she insisted that the visit will be as usual. See her smile (on the picture).

Zipora, as usual, was coughing and hardly could stop it. She say, that it last all along the winter.
The Boarons, weren't in the house and we left for them the full begs with fruits and vegetables, as all of our survivors has got.
Itzchak, was sick most of the week but asked me to see the group. The girls, didn't want this time to be part of the pictures, but, for them to visit Itzchak, is a privilege that they will not miss. He asked them to prepare questions, because he believes that he can teach and give some information about Judaism.
Sivan asked some questions and the bashful girls listened with curiosity. We came back so happy knowing that it made those dear survivors to be happier, specially on these days when it 's cold and most of them, don't dare to get out from the house.
Ester, who now, live in Zichron, gets our visits and help.

Best wishes,


Timrat and Haifa:

Yesterday, from Yeshivat Migdal Haemek, studying Torah. They brought Torah to be true at Tamar & Gad from Timrat, the visit was very good. Gad told them with pictures about his past in Aushwitz. The boys lisstened enthralled to him. After that, they went to Haifa, to visit Tova. She hosted them warmly, and the good spirit was defenet. It proves , how important those meetings.



As you remember, last week, we spoke with Shaindel and she was complaining how lonely she is. Luckily, Shukie's daughter and her friend have a civil service in Jerusalem and here is what they experienced:

We came to visit Shaindel. She was very happy to have us, and told about her visitors in the past, and the Rabbi and his student who are visiting her. Ofcourse , she asked if we are getting married soon, and if she can matchmaking them to us, because, she want to join the weddings….

It was really good, and we felt how we brought her the joy of being with somebody who cares. We listend for her  advices for life. We gave and gained as well. Hope to continue doing it. Thank you for giving us the chance to do it.

This is the news of this week. Shabbat Shalom!


"Sing a New Song to G-d" / Psalms 149
January 1, 2015,  Tevet 10, 5775

Hallelujah! Sing a new song to G-d. The word Hallelujah is important. It is a main key these days which is the period of preparing human hearts for the big day of the Almighty in changing the order in the universe. We are getting ready for the dramatic change which will be in all inner and outside directions of life.

In practice, within our daily lives, we are witnessing much illness. Part of it is strange, and not known, breaking out like an infection and causing a lot of anguish. It is: cancer, sclerosis, stroke, infections, and many other problems.

Let's study what the Jewish attitude and sources say, based on the wisdom of the Rabbis such as the Rambam, Solomon the king and his father David, Moses, and many of our prophets. One of the reasons for these sicknesses comes from various inner toxins which is in our body (one person has more and another – less), and the main reason is: all the inner tension, dissatisfaction,negative feelings and the results is disharmony , tossing the human being, between waves and storms. The infections and tumours are as a result of influences which come to a spiritual mess in the human body, and the body can't contain so much poison and reaches a critical point of this mess.

If we will make it clearer, it seems that more then ever, the modern humans feel emptiness and dissatisfaction, looking for compensations with material things as: houses, vacations, yachts, food – more, more and more… on the extreme levels: drugs, alcohol and all what causes the senses to be in haze. It is hard to live in such a gap between what we achieve and what we have actually. Even when we achieved what we want, very fast, the magic touch of the miracles - expires.

What the solution is? First, as we wrote in the past, the final solution is the salvation by G-d, when wolf will live with sheep and each of us will live under his vines and fig. Kind of harmony upon G-d's will. Yet, partly, the solution is here and it is Thanksgiving – hallelujah! It was the reality which Adam and Chava won, before the sin…

Giving thanks for what? By a deeper understanding, we can take off much tension by accepting what we have now! We should know and be aware because it's in our soul, that in the world of the Almighty, things are perfect and complete! Everything is as it should be, even though, there are times we go through tunnels of pain and darkness. Avraham our father, is a perfect example in his full faith and trust in G-d. He knew that no evil comes down from heaven. When he got the order to take his only son which he loved, and sacrifice him, he didn't hesitate. He knew that with our limited sight, he can't understand His way. But, the Creator knows the beginning and the end, he knows the mystery.

Now, for our generation: "Sing a new song for G-d". Let's study a great role in life: in order to get higher for a better place, we must bless and be thankful for the time which we have now, even though in our own eyes it isn't easy. We will study and understand that the place, in which we are at, is the exact place for us and for our development and for what stands in front of us. When we understand that, it's a blessing, then we can see and feel the beauty of the moment as it is, even if it is in the middle of a painful birth, as it has said "… times of troubles for Jacob, and from it we will be saved".

Let's summarize, the tension of dissatisfaction can be restrained a bit by singing, greeting and glorifying the moment in which we are at. From this optimistic point of greetings, and blessing, we will continue our life according to our soul whispers, which calling us to grew, but each day, with a great joy. Greetings for the gate we are now. Only by getting it, we would be able to walk and continue to the next step. This is a revolution in our thinking and it can establish our life on the right way according to this period of many inverters towards the light of redemption. Hallelujah!

Sing a new song for G-d!


News from the north:

Kibbutz Dafna:

Shir: Me and Shiri came to visit Sofia, the charming lady. She said that she doesn't feel very well but on the end of our visit her smile was very convincing. We looked this time with her on a pictures and she told us about her family. I feel as her granddaughter and she said that we are as her grandees. Our connection is getting better each visit. It is a big joy and we love her.

Kibbutz Ginosar:

Ran: Ruth felt good and she told us about her week. The visit was very good.

Yaniv: Zelma is well and we helped her to organize her house, and than, she read jokes that she wrote and about the history of Israel..

Tal: Eliram says that, when we come to visit him, his blood pressure is getting much better.

Noy: It was very nice with Izik and Sarah. This week, we talked about history, and Iziks childhood before the holocaust. It was interesting to hear about this choice.

Kfar Hanasi in Kiryat Shmona:

Jafim: told us an interesting story about how his parents survived the Shoa in Ukraine. Many of his family were killed. Jafim is born in '45 and is a second generation shoa survivors. His childhood was difficult, especially because the trauma of his mother was constantly exposed on Jafim's life in his childhood. It affected his whole life.
Etja enjoyed with the visit of Ido and Gil. We talked about her children and grandchildren. She is a happy grandmother.
Tsila and Leonid suffer much with their health. I brought them two boxes of diapers that Leonid desperately needs. My visit makes them always so thankful.
Shaul, enjoys to watch movies from Japan. He finds it very difficult to accept his life as it is. He feels very lonely and is excited and happy when we visit him.
Ela, had to go to hospital and so we couldn't visit her. Also Shlomo doesn't feel well and had to go to the hospital for a check up.

Rosh Pina:

Yael: We explained Israel, about our study program in the Mechina. Israel told about his youth experiences in Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps.

Blanka is so sweat. We had a great time with her. (See picture).

I wish you all a blessed and healthy 2015


Pardes Chana:

This time, we had visits and I wasn't there.

R. Shachar: The connection with the survivors, is getting each time, better and better.
Chaya as you can see, is much better and happy to see us. Look at her (Pic.) , she is standing and shows her joy from the visit.
Benyamin accepts us with his big smile. We really feel that we brake his long and lonely days, besides Mina, who comes twice a day and takes care of him. At Rachmill's, we sang with my Guitar. (3 generations), all together. It's a real fun. We are preparing for the "March for life" a performance, the three of us.
Aliza, this time, couldn't accept us because of a treatment she had and didn't feel very well afterwards.
The Boaron's, have a lot of problems with their son and it effects their moral very much. They love it when I visit them. Zippora has Asthma, and it affects her along the winter. But, she loves our interest in her and the bags with supplies, are a big help for her.
Zvia: Yitzchak, is an educator in his soul, and when we come, he give us challenging questions, and speak with us and make us speak with him. It is very special to be with him.

Happy New Year to all,


Daniel Braun
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Love Your Neighbor as Yourself- Necessary More Than Ever

25 december 2014,  Tevet 3, 5775

Dear friends!

Amutat "Lechaim" recently finished ten years of wonderful activities and is starting its 11th year.

In my recent articles about the last days, I spoke about the necessity of flying higher, raising our awareness from being egocentric and the tendency of being person for person- as a wolf. It is the end of the materialistic kingdom!

I should remind you that the nature of our activities do not begin or end with giving aid to our survivors, but is much deeper. The nature of this project is to create a consistent and dynamic continuity of live communication between people, by bringing the ones who are involved in this project to the awareness that others are his flesh and blood. In our case, it is the youngsters, boys and girls, who adopt Shoah survivors. It may be at long last, that it is practicing what was said: "Returning father’s hearts to their sons and sons to their fathers". I call it practicing, because it isn't easy to adopt a way of life with different priorities. It means that instead of taking only for me, to give, by seeing the needs of others as ours. Right now, more than ever, we can cry out loud and tell the message of hearing the other souls, because never before have they been so lonely. The material culture and its additions can supply the basic food but not that which is necessary for sanity, health, and the values of love and attention. The world suffers from the lack of human warmth, friendship, from being brothers. Not for nothing, "love your neighbour as yourself" is the most important value of all.

I call you, my brothers, from the fire of my heart; we can help many more from this young and old generation, giving the message of unity, caring and loving others. We invest our resources in people and not in empty things, but with the wonderful fruits of the human being. These are the only ways to get cured from being an addict of overeating, excessive alcohol, consumerism and drugs, or crazy excitement, none of which can bring satisfaction. All of them bring depression, sadness and emptiness. The cure is to give love with hearts united with all humans in creation and of course, by the Almighty. We believe that this project is a declaration, a new way and a new song!

Here is a short story which I would love to share with you: As Rivka told you in our last article, Benyamin (from Pardes Channa), received a wonderful present for his birthday, a double party in Neve Michael by the boys and girls our partners in the project. He won so much love and surprisingly, as an overweight man who is addicted to overeating, in front of him where he was sitting, were many sweets and other goodies on the table, But, he couldn't touch any food. He had a different food which was needed most: a lot of love and attention and he felt so fulfilled with warmth. It was like fresh water, and he didn't need to fill himself up with food. He was satiated from the love which was poured on him from the pure hearts of the children of Neve Michael. These are the bells of salvation, and we should sing the message.

We need you, and more new donors in order to help and awake other hearts to this blessed project.

To our non-Jewish friends! We bless you in your holiday of the New Year. Have a happy day and good vacations.

All the blessings,


Chanuka in the north:


I had visited Izik & Miriam. They shared with me their difficulties. Nobody can help them with the problem of getting an appropriate apartment on the ground. They said that the best help for them, can be by giving them coupons for a better food. I brought them a saloon blanket and they thanked me for the attention and the visit.

The meeting with Maya, was very exciting. We lit candles for Chanukah (see the pic). We spoke and she is so optimistic even her age ( 85 ), she keeps herself busy and even helps other people . She prepared a print of one of her paintings with some words of appreciation on the back – for me, and brought a grapefruit from her neighbors for me. She thanked me for my present to her and told me about the volunteer, who is very good for her.

The last one in Shderot was Benyamin which told me that his life has got much better since his children understood that he need there support. And really they take him for the weekends and help him if he need their help. He can't wait to get his new apartment on the ground which will change his lives. He thanked me very much for the present I brought him and remember our help on cleaning his place.

Beer Sheva:

I was visiting at Rozelia's home, and we lit candles for Chanuka . I brought her a blanket for the sofa and she thanked me very much for the attention and the visit.

Otto and Yossef have got a visit from two soldiers (My brother and his friend) and both sides were very excited about it and lit candles together.

Olga, need a vacuumcleaner for cleaning and she can't effort it. I hope that if you and others will help her, the amount of 2,300Nis, will be possible.

About the March for life, I speak about it to prepare the people for it.



You can see in the pictures attached, the work which has done in the yard of Gad &Tamar's yard.

Many thanks to the students from Yeshiva in Migdal Haemek.

Daniel Braun
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The End of Time (The Last Days), According to the Jewish Way of Thinking [Part Two]

15 december 2014, Kislev 23, 5775

Dear friends!

Last week I touched briefly, the subject of the soul in these days, and the constant conflict between the soul’s characters, which is carved from the infinite light, to the human body which appears mostly as material, flesh and blood etc, but in the heart are G-d's sparks who makes the difference between us and animals.

Pay attention to the amazing paradox which the Creator has chosen to put in this clumsy body of material which is the same as an animal, because actually, from this point, we have to go higher in our journey of life and, discover more of the divine essence, which exists within the human.

And now, to our business today: in the far past, God's commandments were to sacrifice. What is the essence for this commandment? To our friends who don't speak Hebrew, the word used is sacrifice (qorban). It's from a root word "to bring things closer (leqarabh)" or, to sacrifice (lehaqaribh ).

It means, that G-d’s profound thought was for the slaves who had been under physical pressure for hundreds of years. When the Almighty took the Hebrew people out from Egypt, then began the long process of study and education of the sufferers and what it means to be in real freedom, to make sacred choices that the Almighty teaches us. The sacrifice is not obvious! It demands the human, to elevate himself from his natural tendency of taking for himself. But here, the commandment is to give and sacrifice the things that are not of G-d. It demands reduction: Giving important things which may mean reducing things, but expanding happiness and joy which are in hiding but are very obvious during the acts of giving and are followed by a high spirit. Today, there is no Temple, and no sacrifices anymore, and therefore we can know what the sickness is, in order to find the cure. The sickness is clear now. We have been infected by a dark disease of the material gods, for hundreds of years. From there, when our body, soul, spirit, became full of worship for materialism which the essence of our culture. Do we understand that pure real joy is uncommon? In order to be happy, people look outside for decadent joy like addicts. They create alternate joy which is not real and causes more craving. The disease is that we are filled with external things, a consumer culture that does not allow the inner divine essence to shine in her real light.

The light is hiding and sadness and depression is so common in our insane world.

Now, let’s go to the recovering process. What is the solution? First it should be said humbly, that the general solution is in the hand of Almighty. Only He will cure us from our deep sickness, as he did when He took us on our Exodus from Egypt. This time, the mission is much more difficult. The slaves in Egypt were about 250 – 400 years before going into freedom. Our slavery nowadays is for thousands of years, but the Bible has amazing prophets who were accurate, showing us light. What can we do in order to prepare ourselves for the big light of the redemption, having the right and proper tools? Firstly it should be said: We are very far away from our body. The big secret is that the beginning of our salvation is in starting to get to know the body we are living in , it tells the story of our lives. In order to get to know our soul with its divine character, we should minimize our needs. We should know the wisdom of pure food, easy to digest. Each of us should find and get to know what's best for him.

Secondly, we should minimize the crazy race from one excitement to another, like a bee from one flower to another… To slow down the tempo, in order to be more aware for the sounds of our body-temple. In its pains, it can tell a whole full story, where it hurts - there it is stuck! We can study from the past, through distresses and difficulties. There is no a better teacher than our body, and we should realize that healthy nutrition is part of our soul but also a little part from our Torah. The prophets spoke explicitly that during this period we will have to go against the egocentric and materialistic character, which has been developed for many generations.

Charity, law and grace, are needed today, more than ever. Elevated thoughts about the suffering of others, is not just a noble thing anymore but, the right way to act, and not once a week but as a way of life. The journey is long! We need to try and understand that the sacrifice today, is to aim our hearts and thoughts with connecting hearts, seeing the other. As much we give, we feel more fulfilled. We shouldn't give out of guilt but by feeling close, intimate, and almost, the divine nature of giving, love and light. Reducing consumption means being simpler. Not overloading our brains on smart things with twisted methods, revising our intelligence. More simplicity and moderation are the beginning of recovery as a wonderful extension of a fixed period, in which the Almighty deserves to live (this is indeed the revolution of thinking that will get us closer on our journey of approaching salvation).

And, speaking of lights, Chanukah is next week and it contains so much, something of the soul from heaven. A little tin of oil- brought a big miracle. A few Maccabim- won over the Greeks with great faith means: "Not being many – I loved you, saying G-d, chose you because you were few…"

We will celebrate Chanukah with our survivors from North and South. You will be blessed for your generous contribution for the holiday.


News from the North:

Kibbutz Dafna:

Shir: We had wonderful visit at Sofia's in Kibbutz Dafna. She told us about her family and what she is doing in the special programs, for elders in the Upper Galil.

We sat in her little charming garden, enjoying tasty fruit and her companionship. It was great, and I feel that great connection is build here, I won another grandmamma.(see pic. below).

Nimrod: Today, I visited two ladies in the elder house. It was fun to see their happy face when we came to visit them. It was worth to come.


Ron: We visited Izosh and Batya. It was really good. Batya rememberd us and we talked about her family.

With Isosh we watched videos from his visit in Ireland.

Kibbutz Ginosar:

Every week the students of Meitsar visit Genosar, and through this they build a close friendship with the survivors. Avi, Tzachi, Zelma, Eliram, Avraham, Izik, Moishe and Ruth, love them very much and the visits give them a lot of joy.

Most of the time the survivors spend time alone, so, they look forward to every visit.


Talja, rejoiced very much to meet us. She told us a bit about her first years in Israel after making Aliyah with her parents from Bulgaria.
Shlomo, unfolded a bit of his emotional life after surviving Auschwitz. For the young students, hearing a story by Auschwitz survivor, is extremely interesting.
Etja is always so happy to have her tiny house full of young guests.
Jafim, is a very lonely man which is sad fact. But Jafim, has a great knowledge on many fields, especially on politics and history. That is very interesting. Our visits mean a lot to him.
Shaul, love to talk, and our visits are always too short. For him, the students can stay, the whole day.
Genja, is very ill now and moved to her daughter's house, she can't live alone anymore. Tsila and Leonid go through extremely difficult time.
Leonid is very sick and weak. Tsila suffers from headaches. Their tiny house is neglected and looks like a gheto house in Russia. This is how they used to live all their live and nobody can change it.

Shalom from the Galilee and the Golan Heights,


News from the south:

Last week I visited Yosef, Suzan and Rozelia:

With Yosef it was very pleasant. We ate dinner together, and spoke about how he is happy about my visits and from his other volunteer. He feels much better healing from his wife's death. He is ready to look, after women, which can break his loneliness.

Suzan, was still very excited from the weddings she has attended. She felt the love from her family. She mentioned again the problem of not being able to get an apartment in Natanya, where her only family, is living. She still, don't know how to use the new Air-condition which she have got from "Lechaim", but try to learn, how to work it out.

With Rozelia I was on Shabbat. She was very happy to see me, and it was very pleasant.

Roza was a little upset and couldn't play Remmi, the game she usually love to play. She told me that her son has retired theses days, and he have more time to visit her. She makes herself busy but can't go out, and feel useless, loosing her friends and her connections outside.

Izik & Miriam from Shderot, was happy to hear me on the phone, and told me that both of them have flu, and waiting to meet me next week for Chanuka.

Benyamin, has got great news, he can move to another apartment on the ground floor, which means that he would be able to get out from his house even the bad situation of his legs. I will visit him at Chanuka.

This is the news from the South.


Pardes Chana:

This time we had our visits without R. Shachar , and we really missed him. First, we came all together to Benyamin to say hallow, and he was happy to meet us. Than, we were divided, the boys with Zvia, went to Rachmil. Eyal, told him that he love to paint and Rachmil was very excited to exchange experiences with each other.

He was very happy to have them. I took the girls to Chaya. She is much better finally. We could speak with her, and she was sitting and looks much better and more alert than ever. We spoke with her about some problems of her, and it was good to see her lively again. Than, we went, to our new survivor: Itzchak. He was great teacher for 45 years. He love students, and already, tried to speak with the girls about Mishna and Torah. He was born in Romania, and had to go trough few horrible camps, but survived and came to Israel, built a family, and as a teacher and educator he even wrote some books how to study Mishna and Torah. He and his wife are both artists and their house if full of beautiful works. It was very special to visit him (see pic). With Aliza, the whole group doesn't want to miss. She didn't feel very well this time but love the visits and host so warmly and with enthusiasm. Zvia and the boys had a good time with her. Hodaya, who visit another new survivor Chava, called me and told me, how nice her visit was. Hodaya, was last week in a trip in the North part of Israel and Chava wanted to hear all about it. They both, are very grateful for having the opportunity to get to know each other.

This is the news . Best regards till next week.

Chanukah would be celebrated in Neve Michael. Our survivors are invited to light the first candle with the whole school.



The End of Time (the Last Days), According to the Jewish Way of Thinking

December 5, 204,  Kislev 13, 5775

Dear friends!

In this article, I would like to try going deeper through the meaning of the ‘end of the day’ and its effect on the inner soul of the human being. The ‘end of days’ means the end of these times. Unfortunately, it is highlighted by apocalyptic and external events. Am I allowed to take you on a deep journey, within, to understand this period?

Let’s start with the term: the end of times. What does it means? How it can be interpreted?

On a general level, we understand, that the familiar old world was demolished in order to allow a new world, a new breath of wind, to build and rebuild. Now, we shall take this story towards our inner being, to the temple of our existence, on the level of our consciousness. During thousands of years, mankind has been enslaved to the material world which caused us to worship materialism and build our internal world around it. We forgot the greater gift, given to mankind: the G-d image!

This goal was to enable us to live by his commandments and use the material as an instrument to bring forth the divine spiritual light of resurrection life.

Spiritual spheres sanctify and refine the holy needs. But people preferred, and chose to turn material needs into the main thing in life. In terms of our inner soul, this limited knowledge has created a world war between the longing and absent soul and its Creator who gave her birth, and she has had to reside at a place the opposite to living a divine existence. The human body is a temple, and with our correct will it is a splendorous and holy temple full of grace, love and light. Such a place will give harmony to the soul. But where our outlook is based in the darkness, it causes the human being to be egocentric, and not blame things on himself, but he follows after wild, material fashions - the material gods…

In a situation like this, there is no vacuum in our interior space! There is holiness, light and happiness, or, darkness, greed and sadness. It is never static! For thousands of years, we filled our soul and body with the narrow worship of the material. It caused separation anxiety and separation between people, and nations. Such situations come to a critical mass and the soul can't carry this anymore. The Hebrew people in Egypt felt such a situation, as an enslaved nation. When the cry of the soul and its sighing is felt, the impossible turns to the possible.

Our exile is too long… two thousand years of exile. Please, pay attention my friends, we have reached the end of the road! Many emerging diseases, craziness and madness is everywhere, as well as ecological catastrophes. People feel restless and can't explain it to themselves. It isn't comfortable, and people prefer, most of them, to run away by using alcohol, drugs, looking for other thrills which are available. Anything to run away from this cramped feeling which is knocking on our door… This feeling is the voice of the moaning, crying and begging soul to get out from the darkness, from the cage of sickness, being there against her will and character , wanting a new heaven and earth in the healing light of the Almighty. The soul knows already what the message is! The message of a new song! new earth and new heaven. But, that knowledge is not secret – yet! The right thing to do is not to try running from it but to understand two main things: one is: salvation will come from G-d; no other salvation will give freedom to the soul. As we said, we have reached the end of the road" From there, G-d will split the sea in two parts!!!

The second, which can help, is to start to broaden the knowledge that we are part of a whole. We must expand our connection between people, heart to heart, having charity, not in a mechanical way but with the depth of understanding of others because this is the right thing to do.. As a general truth, this is necessary to extend our souls, preparing ourselves for the light of redemption which is coming and will shine very soon. Humans must more than ever, understand that they need to correct and fix their inner world, to understand in order to help the Creator, instead of watching from a far as if it happens there… but it doesn’t "Because the word is very close to you, in your mouth and in your heart that you should do it". We must get the words of the Torah, much closer to our lives, to our very existence. Repairing the world will come only after humans repair themselves. This will then bring about a positive, repaired world and this is the essence of: "The time of trouble for Jacob and from it, he will be saved". It means that from the inner stress, will arise the light. We can see it as a simple allegory: we are like a pregnant woman at the end of her pregnancy. Labor pains are a result of constricting pains and pressure with the body almost ready to explode. The child longs to be out but it isn't yet the time… all women can testify about the pains and the pushing she experiences before the great joy of giving birth to the child.

To those, who want to understand all this better or respond, you are more than welcome.


News from the north:

Report from Kiryat Shmona

We had celebrated Ida's birthday. Ida, was born during the Shoa, and not so old yet, but, she is very sick. She can't get out from her apartment which is on the 2nd floor. It upsets her, but, she doesn't have any choice. It is too much for her to even think about moving to another more convenient apartment, on the ground floor. Ida is not always able to receive the students because of her health. But, this time, she was very happy that we came.

Eliahu had a great time. He specially arranged the chairs in the room so that we could sit around him. He love the students and his wife Bracha's hospitality is fantastic. Eliyahu can't find the right help which he really need. Eliahu is partly paralyzed and need medical assistance daily. The students, offered to help him when it needed.

Ina, had another hip operation. She has to learn to walk again. The operation resolved a lot of pains; she had suffered from her hip. Her older sister Tamara, lives in a nursing house in Haifa. After her leg was amputated last summer, she couldn't return to her apartment in Kiryat Shmona.

Rina also enjoyed the time with three girls students.

I know it is always hard to end our visits.

All of us returned to the Mechina and home very satisfied.

In Dgania, the students from Maitzar came to visit Batya and Izosh. They had fantastic time together.

Also all the students has visited survivors in Ginosar. Weekly visits are a real joy!

Shalom Timek

News from Haifa:

Dear Friends,

This past Sunday, we returned from another meaningful visit with our holocaust heroes in Haifa. A visit, which left (as many of our other visits leave) the students with a new appreciation for our past-our history as a Jewish nation, and also pondering their present lives as they face the future as young men on the brink of making Israel their home and joining the IDF. We visited Mrs. Chaya, an elderly lady who grew up before the war in Hungary. She has been having trouble with her eyesight lately and usually uses a large computer screen to aid her in reading books, or just listens to the audio. She so enjoyed the opportunity to be able to meet and hang out with some of the students who were eager to hear some of her stories and spend quality time with her, she was happy to be able to enjoy her time without having to put all the usual effort in to it due to her eyesight. The student said that she was talking and talking, happily sharing nonstop memories of old. (Photos attached)

Gershon, whom we visited, few weeks ago as well, asked this time to meet students who have good Hebrew so they could have a decent conversation, as his English is not the best. The students who did visit him this time were indeed fluent Hebrew speakers, and got to hear about the Yeshiva he went to before the war in Poland, yet they were unfortunately unable to communicate too much with him since he has been having breathing problems and on that particular day it was extremely hard for him to talk and converse. They spoke for a little bit and the rest of the time they just sat there and let Gershon rest. We plan in the future to maybe bring some board games, such as checkers and chess, which require less talking and might be enjoyable for him to play.

Tova was in a happy mood, expressing to me how she considers the students who visit her, her grandchildren and looks forward to their visits and immensely enjoys their company.

Shalom, in his good mood and great physical condition (thank G-d), took the guys for a nature walk, and as funny as it sounds, it was them who had to try to keep up with him, and not vice versa.

That’s about it for now, so till next time, Shalom, and all the best.

R’ Asher


Miki Salomon had his visits last week giving the coupons and getting the news from our survivors.
Chana broke her hip joint and was recovered after the operation in the hospital. Right now she is struggling with getting back to normal. She has a lady that takes care of her and it is important. Shoshanna falls often and doesn't feel safe to walk and need a lot of help. She misses very much Shani, who visited her and helped her a lot, but she left to Tel Aviv, and we look for another good hearted volunteer as Shani.
Ety feels good and happy that Shoshana, our volunteer, will come to her these days. I feel that it will be very nice matching because both of them are enthusiastic human beings. Shindel our survivor, had to go to the hospital to be recovered for some health problems. She says that she has some "angels" that watch her, but complains that she still alone, and tired from life. Her both hands, are less and less functioning and she can't act as she wishes. She is not happy these days.
Miralle is still missing her sister, who passed away almost, one year ago. Kali, the musician, comes to visit her more often because he returned back to Jerusalem and they will meet more often. Bloria, also visit her weekly, and they love each other very much. Miralle, very grateful to them.
Eva, has been left alone because, the worker who lived with her, stole things and wasn't working well. Now, she need to go through getting used to another worker which she didn't get yet.

This is the news from Jerusalem.

Best wishes,


The journey, of the Israeli nation, from the beginning, till now

November 30, 2014, Kislev 8, 5775

To all of our friends in Israel and around the world!

This time, I would like to touch an issue which is disturbing, and not an occasional one.

As we well know, Israel is an ancient nation which has gone through many thousands of years of existence. The Israeli nation is the chosen nation who have been chosen to be holy and connected to the Creator of the whole world, to set an example and to bring light into the world and the universe. The nation has gone through painful and terrible crises during its existence as a nation. There have endless killings, Inquisition, two temple destructions, catastrophes, hollocast and deep pains.  A nation, which is suffers from endless persecutions, and attempts, from the world, to destroy and eradicate. But somehow, our adversaries don’t have any success. We always get up vigorous and alive as new, though unfortunately, fall again humiliated and wallowing from the hate designed to sever the nation of G-d from their G-d forever and ever.

Thousands years of exile, were needed, to stimulate the people who were  spread around the world, and miraculously returning them back to His land.  It was a miracle which occurred out of suffering and human tragedy of the Holocaust. The people of Israel returned back to their land, but were still immersed in strange influences and beliefs, and under the effect of many countries they adhered to during thousands of years. These days again, our nation is under pressure by millions of Islamic influenced haters, Israeli Arabs, Europe, and (if you let me say) America. All of them as one, want us to disappear from the Map, some of them more and some of them less. Those, who put pressure on our leaders to go against the orders and laws of our G-d which are written in the Bible with curses or blessings, As a nation, we are experiencing deep and sudden shocks in a very short intervals which force us to wake up and straiten our lines to our alliance with G-d.  

We are going through a series of hard education and our Father in heaven, in my humble opinion, is not punishing but educating. Sometimes, it is hard to understand His way of educating us. It is a hard way, draining, stressing and restricting. But, as human beings we are limited and can't see the real picture. All He wants, is to bring us back to our sources and to the Divine Spirit for a harmonious life under His light. For that, we have to abandon our worship of the material world, that egocentric, greedy life which can't see, but, his narrow world, as field animal, thinking only of themself. The reality, which is forced on us, with the troubles we have, makes us expand our perspective and open our hearts to others. Events which limit us, are also on a personal level and require us to look at other points of view, and get away from ourselves. It requires us, to improve ourselves and be better, to examine our activities as a nation and as individuals, indeed, away from darkness, and the present  increasing challenges. You can be sure, that each wave of trouble, leaves its signature in our hearts, causing us, if we want it or not, to change our inner-souls, more than ever. To prepare our tools (ourselves), for the raising new awareness, and, the bloom of this new awareness will be, by knowing our G-d. In the end, having this long "course", as the eternal nation, we will go through refining and purifying internally, enabling us to contain and absorb the light of redemption, rising slowly in the skies of humanity. All of that will start here in Israel. More than that, people really will be welcomed to adhere to the nation of Israel. Those, who have pure and clean hearts, and their love for Israel is unconditional.

To all of those, I send my true friendship and a great love: "Times of troubles to Jacob, and from it, we will be saved". Amen! Amen! Amen!


P.S. We had to change the date of the "March for life" to  Tuesday the 10th of  February 2015, 21 Shevat  5775.

News from the North:

Dear Friends,
The survivors in Katzrin enjoyed our visits (this week) very much. We brought  fresh foodpackage to each of the houses of our survivors.

Etja had a great time with us, and told about her family.
Jafim, who is most of the time alone in his apartment is glad to spend time with the students. They talked about Russian history. Jafim knows a lot. Shaul loves traveling and what he loves most, is to watch program's from Japan. He was happy for the pictures I gave him with all the students and him. The students give him a lot of joy. he loves to talk about everything.
Shlomo's visit, was a great experience for the students. He told us his life story and about the camp he was: Auschwitz. It was intensive and heart moving. We could sit for hours and listen to his memories.

The students of Mechina Maayan Baruch, has visited the new shoa survivors in  Kibbutz Dafna.

Shir's reports:
We met  lovely Sofia, who hosted us wholeheartedly. She told us about her life and her family. It was interesting and enjoyable, to meet such an amazing woman with a  gold heart. We also met Israel Wiesel. He began to tell us his  fascinating and interesting story. We already wait for the next meeting with all of them.
Ruti from K. Dafna, write what an impact the survivors have from the visits. She mention how happy they are for the visits and of course, have full greetings for the students and Amutat "Lechaim".

Deganya, students from Meitsar, have visited new shoa survivors.
Ron's report:
Hey Timek, today we met Ruth and Aviva and it was good and fun! They were able to talk and were clearer. We all were very pleased to meet other survivors and to hear more stories. It was really excellent.

Below, a couple of pictures from other visits in Kibbutz Ginosar. Avi, Izik, Rut and Mosje. You can see how good it is to be together. Young and old. All the students of all our mechina's that we work with, have such a great heart for the Lechaim's Project. It brings such good feelings to both sides.

Regards Timek

Pardes Chana:

We gathered on a rainy day, with bags full of vegetables and fruits, Zvia and the group from Neve Michael, R. Shachar (with his guitar), and me. We went first to Benyamin. You can see how nice he looks with a beard. The boys spoke with him and he was very happy for the company.

Chaya, even her bad health, insisted to have the visit and to see the girls.
With Rachmil, we sang with the guitar and he loved it.
Aliza is like a flower, She love the boys and the girls and nobody is willing to miss her. She hug and kiss them and they feel so good with her.
Zippora is always busy, but very grateful for the help we bring her each time.
The Boaron's again in a very bad health and we couldn't see them but left the bag for them.

Another volunteer join us, She is a student, and met Chava , a survivor from Hungary. It seems that both sides enjoyed the visit very much.

We are invited to Neve Michael for Chanuka, and prepare performance of  three generations:  Rachmil, R.Shachar and Or. It is going to be fun.

Best regards to all,



I started my visits with Otto, who seemed to me okay and with good energy. He mentioned the good people who care for survivors in contrast to the state, which is not taking the responsibility to help the old and needy ones. I checked with him if he has all what needed to be protected from the cold whether, and even tried the radiator, which he was afraid to start to use, not knowing how to do it.  He need Enshur, and can't effort it.
Rozelia, looks much better than before. She was very happy to see me. She laughed and made me laugh. She is very modest and not complaining. She gets every Friday some vegetables and pastry given by volunteers, and it helps her very much. She got a new bird for the cage, which was empty for a long time. She loves it.
Yosef spoke with me by the phone. He told me that he is well and his joy from being part of the activities in the club and his volunteers.
Chedva, asked that I wouldn't come to visit her because she is sick. I asked her if she like the books I have brought her on my last visit, and she said that she loved them.
Izik and Miriam sound well. He received confirmation on his disability allowance, which means more money in his account. Miriam is not so well.

I would like to mention how important my visit to those survivors, who express it again and again. I was happy, when I received a call from Olga, asking me for a vacuum- cleaner . I have been started to be the one who listen and can solve some of their problems and it makes both : me and them , to be satisfied from this. Also , my visits gives them safer and less lonely.



Special thanks to a very dear people, who deserve all the best:
Shir, representing the students from Mechina Maayan Baruch. she is a great soul, and it is a great privilege to cooperate with her
Ruti, from Dafna, even all the pressures in her work, putting heart and soul in the project.
Ron, from Maitzar and his friends,
Maxine from Australia, who is on her free time, correct our reports with great love, and on a crazy times,
To the Charming group from Neve Michael, and the students from Kesshet Yehuda,
Efrat in the south, with hreat great  heart, giving her best,
Riki From Haifa, in modesty and humility, cooperating with us
To all the active people in Amutat "Lechaim", which are doing their work, days and nights,
And you, dear friends around the world, supporting and believing in the Project .

Shabat Shalom !

Sincerely yours,


The Troubles with Terrorism which Israel is going through

According to Prophecy in the Bible

November 20, 2014,  Cheshvan 27, 5775

Dear friends!

This morning(Tuesday) we woke up in Israel to calls, not of a rooster, but calls of anger and pain from a synagogue in Jerusalem. There, came two animals known as humans, who murdered brutally and cruelly in a bloodcurdling way, four innocent Jews who only asked to start their day with Shacharit [Morning Prayer] and praise the Creator and start their day. Any other word is unnecessary!

As I do always, I try to go deeper to understand the roots of the illness which has been suffered for generations and brought us to this stage. The only way for me to understand, is when I connect myself to the Books of Books, the Bible, as it is hard to call it logic when it comes to explaining our situation today. It is a long and complicated historical process. Before we touch the Bible which can make clear our situation, I want to make clear a very important point: There is no vacuum in nature or the world. Emptiness is impossible. The land is holy, or full of impurities. Unfortunately, for hundreds or thousand of years, we have chosen a curse as our way...and with a simple word…the hard way. We preferred to worship foreign gods, especially the modern Idols of Materialism and the materialistic world of technology, Instead of helping to understand ourselves and our assignment as the sons and daughters of the Almighty, according His good way, which interacted in all the fields of life, we have chosen to rebel, to be wise and build Babel towers based in the humanistic sense, the egoist which looks for one result: to get rich and accumulate wealth. This is the way the world has behaved for years. All were lost in their blindness. Instead, humanity which should be living with glory across the whole planet, has turned into a terrifying symphony with narrow minds, and self-centeredness, with evilness, losing tempers by unleashing passion and lust. Radical Islam is the leader of the monstrosity of the results we feel today. Before we rise up towards an optimistic direction, let’s check up the Bible: Deuteronomy (Dvarim), Parashat Hazinu (listen)  Ch. 31: 25- 27 " Moses charged the Levites, who carried the ark of the Covenant of G-d, saying: Take this book of Torah and place it beside the Ark of the Covenant of G-d – your G-d, and let it remain there as a witness against you. Well I know how defiant and stiff-necked you are even now, while I am still alive in your midst, you have been defiant towards G-d; how much more, when I am dead."

Verse 29: "For I know that, when I am dead, you will act wickedly and turn away from the path that I enjoined upon you, and that in time to come misfortune will be fall you for having done evil in the sight of G-d and vexed Him by your deeds".

We can see that Moses our Rav, warned us before his death and continues in the next Chapter 32:5 – "… That crooked, perverse generation, Do you thus requite to Y-H-O-V-H
(G-d). O dull and witless people? Is not He the Father who created you, fashioned you and made you endure!" and it continues in verse 12 : "G-d alone did guide him, no alien god at His side"… and it continues on verse, 15-21 : "So Yeshurun grew fat and kicked, he grew fat and gross and coarse- He forsook G-d who made him And spurned the Rock of his support. They incensed Him with alien things. Vexed Him with abominations, They sacrificed to demons, no-gods, gods they had never known, new ones, who came but lately, Who stirred not your father’s fears. You neglected the Rock who fathered you, forgot the G-d who brought you forth. G-d saw and was vexed and spurned His sons and His daughters. He said: I will hide my countenance from them, and see how they fare in the end, for they are a treacherous breed, Children with no loyalty in them. They incensed Me with no-gods, vexed Me with their fatalities, I’ll incense them with a non-people, vex them with a nation of fools"…

As you can see, there is justice and judges. Our G-d is testing us, with hard tests. These troubles force us to reach the simple truth, along the road of truth. There is no solution in the culture of false idols, weak leaders running after gold, silver and bribes. From them, a solution will not come. Indeed, angry hearts seek for revenge. But, this is not the right and wanted way. Revenge we will leave to our Creator, who promised that he will avenge all enemies of His people. Of course, we must fight with all our strength to protect our citizens without fear, but, the main thing is to look deep into our inner-souls, and understand the message that all of those troubles teach us, to return back to the right road by giving our love freely and being united. To raise up charity, justice and kindness. Cleaning hearts from old residues takes time. It's a long journey but necessary. To rise up and get rid of old and useless habits, to arrange human connection between people, knowing that "Israel is no widower", and "the Eternal of Israel won't lie". To know that there is no one else – but Him, and we are His sons and daughters created in His image.

The most important thing is to be honest (with courage and faithfulness), not to be afraid, even when the whole world thinks differently. Not to hesitate to get free from disturbing external voices which distract us on our way towards the original intention - the beauty of being the sons and daughters of G-d.

In the end, some optimistic words for your knowledge: Significant light is hidden but not extinguished in the darkness. We all, pray for salvation! This means that we already understand that a relevant and human solution to the situation is not there. The real solution is to stand in the entrance to G-d's salvation! The Creator of creation, Creator of Heaven and Earth, created light and darkness. He is the Creator of the redemption in the end of days, which means, we go from the impossible catastrophe without any solution – towards the possible salvation! Our eyes and hearts will look to there.



News from the North:

Shalom !

It was again, a great joy to visit our survivors in Kiryat Shmona. The survivors, wait for them with love, and the students bring love and joy into their houses. It was hard for all of us, to say "good by" after the visits. We visited Israel and Ludmila. It was Ludmila's birthday. Israel told us about his aliyah, when he was 35 years old. With Eliahu and his wife Bracha we have always a lot of fun together. Anatoly and Larisa's hospitality is great. They love to have the students in their home!
Also,the survivors from Ginosar and Deganya, received visits from the Mechina Meitsar. The students picked fruits in Avraham's garden and later, Avraham told them about the wedding of one of his relatives. (See the pictures below.  You see also Eli-Ram with one of his grandchildren).

Best regards,



Dear Friends,

There is almost nothing better in the world than knowing that you count, that you make a difference, and that you are important to people.

During this past visit with our holocaust heroes in Haifa, our students had a little taste of this.

While visiting Tova Groper, and listening to her stories she broke down and cried and said to the students that she doesn’t understand why they come visit her, she has nothing to give them, and it is probably boring for them to spend time with her.

Eli,  one of the students responded, telling her that they did not come to have a wild party or to be entertained, rather to spend quality time with her and enjoy her company. Needless to say she was very touched to hear that, and told how she indeed looks forward to their visits.

Another elderly man, Yaakov Valdman had to break up his meeting with the students since he was rushed to the hospital, not because he was sick, but actually because he volunteers there with hospitalized people and helps them through their hard times.

This was a truly profound message for the students who were extremely surprised to find out that Yaakov, who is 87 years old, walks around, climbs up and down stairs and hills, and takes public transportation, all in order  to give to the community and help others, despite his old age, his health, and his financial situation.

This gave them a whole new meaning and definition of Ahavat Yisrael, of helping and caring for others.

Mr. Shalom Lazer, always keep the students on their toes as they make an effort to keep up with his brisk pace while he takes them for nature walks near his home. (picture attached)  

The apartment complex in which he lives is undergoing major remodeling and he has had his power and water cut off a number of times in the past few weeks due to all the renovations and building.

A social worker is assisting him and is demanding that the workers take him into consideration and not cut off his water for a few days in a row. With all that he is going through he was very happy to spend time with the guys, and the students themselves enjoy spending time with him so much that they argue over who is going to be with him during their visits.

We hope to be able to spend time with them over Channukah, in about a month, and share with them some of the holiday light, as we listen and are uplifted by their inspiring stories of the past, and their present lifestyle.

Rav Asher

This is our news for this week.

Shabbat Shalom!

November 13

November 13, 2014,  Cheshvan 20, 5775

Dear friends!

A new week, and as you can see from the media, Israeli Jewish citizens are experiencing terror attacks from Israeli Arab youngsters. During the "Protective Edge" war, I spoke with many people who expressed their hope to get back to their "routine", to their "regular life" and I answered them that that isn't the heart of the matter. The meaning of these pressures exerted on Israel and its citizens, as intensive, painful and exhausting as they are, it is to wake us up for the purpose for which we, the people of Israel, live in this world. It is called 'Covenant', the old and eternal Alliance, between the Creator and the people of Israel. In order to take us away from wallowing in the material mud which is covering our sight and our understanding of the ultimate purpose, the pressures will be heavier!

The State Government today is in absolute chaos. The leaders don't know where their legs or hands are, and how to act. They hesitate and are really scared of what the world will say…

The question is how come, after so many years, knowing that most of the Arabs in Israel are a ticking time bomb, the leaders didn't prepare themselves beforehand? Specifically the ones who were in charge of security, for such a situation?

The answer is not simple to digest: Those leaders, as most leaders in the world, are infected with an aggressive and materialistic worldview which minimizes their spiritual ability. They are deep in the mud of the narrow corridors of the Parliament. From there, salvation will not come!!!

The Israeli people cry out loud to be secure, but do not look to the right direction. Not from these leaders, the message will come… Every day, another prime minister, minister, or high official is exposed as corrupt, exactly as our prophet has said in the Bible in the Book of Isaiah:"Your Ministers will be rebellious, running after gold and silver and the truth will not be there". It means, a normal person doesn't want to see the truth as it is. He prefers to bury his head in the sand and behave as if there is no tomorrow… But, this is not the way to deal with it.

Is there a place to despair? Whether it is irreparable? Here, too, the answer is complicated. Human solution is not available. There is no solution to this situation in which we are living. The Islamist radicals, religious extremists, are everywhere and anywhere in the world.  They raise their heads, and no savoir comes from them, at least not within our limited perception. The hope for a brave leader is not the right direction. Not to there should we direct our eyes. So, where is the solution? Only up in heaven! Only there, just as the exodus from Egypt, was undertaken with miracles and wonders after 400 years of slavery, by a strong and outstretched Hand. This is the way that it's going to happen. We have reached the end of the road, trying to be smarter than our G-d, dressing our holy country with foreign garments, with chameleon colours (makeup)which change according to the fashion but do not suit the nation with ability, with assets, the eternal nation, and the nation with the covenant– The Israeli nation!

In the end, the bottom line is clear with blazing evidence and hearts, directly from our prophets: a solution and salvation from high above will be realized as promised by the Almighty when we will recognize that there is no one else beside Him.  When we shall endeavour, repairing our behaviour, by opening our hearts, raising levels of charity, law and grace. While improving our way by praying, crying and sighing from the extremely long exile. Then, He will listen to our call, and in a wonderful way, He will show the world and us, that Israel is not a widower! The Eternal of Israel does not lie!

Here are wonderful phrases, encouraging strong verses by King David:

"A song of ascents: When G-d restores the fortunes of Zion, we see it as in a dream: Our mouths shall be filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then, shall they say among the nations: G-d has done great things for them! G-d will do great things for us and we shall rejoice".

In conclusion dear friends, the ones who believe in Hashem and consider the Bible way and it's prophets, we should understand that everything will come true, exactly, in each detail, and all that is required is for us to prepare our hearts and to remove foreign gods from among us, and stick to the truth, charity and grace, and this must be our effort.

At the holiday of Chanuka, we must light many candles and have a lot of light. We need your help to be able to celebrate with, as many survivors as we can.



News from the north:

Ginosar - Deganya:

This week the students had a hard time when they heard that day before their visit Josef - husband of Zelma - died. Josef was very ill and suffered much. Josef enjoyed so much from the warm relationship he had with the students. Now only the memories will remain alive. Zelma is going through a tough time right now and needs our prayers and encouragement.

As usual, Izik and Sara had great time with the students.
And also Avi. He tells his story with such a joy and enthusiasm.

A Dutch group, that was with me,joined the students in action, and where really amazed and touched realizing what a big impact the "Lechaim" project, have on the students and the survivors as well.  

In Deganya, Itsush and Batja await the students every week. They enjoy so much the visits.  It gives them, much strength every week, on overcome their difficulties.

Thanks for your partnership in this great project!


Beer Sheva:

This week I have visited Chedva. She felt and looked good. We ate lunch together. She told me that new volunteer is going to come to her. She is happy to have the new helper who is living with her. It made her life easier. Before, she was very negative to have her, but now, she is happy with her realizing how much she needed such help. I brought her books to read after speaking about it . She is charming lady and it's a joy to visit her.

Sara and Shmuel is an active couple, they join Amcha, which is doing activities to survivors.

Sara wasn't there being in a funeral of a good friend of her. Their volunteer is lovely and they are happy with him.

Air Conditioner from us Installed in Suzan's home, amnd she was very happy for it and thanked Amutat L'chaim and me so much. Next week, she is going to join a family celebration for the marriage of her niece. She can't wait for this and is very excited.

Yosef's volunteer, took him to visit his Otist son and he was very grateful for it.

This is my news.


P.S. Many thanks to our dear friend Margo, from the south of Holland, for being able to orgenize money for the A.C. to Suzan . Well done for the fast action and the good spirit.

Pardes Chana:

Yesterday (Wednesday) Zvia and the group from Neve Michael, R. Shachar and me gathered and went to Benyamin's yard to complete cleaning it. A volunteer gardener, continued what we had started last week. The rest, will be done by a special tractor. We cleaned and took away what has left to clean. Benyamin is not very well and he couldn't meet us but for very short time.
Rachmil was happy to meet us and spoke  Russian with Eyal (see the Pic).
Chaya, the girls and R. Shchar met and it seems that she isn't recovered yet from her last fall. She needs a wheelchair because she is not very stable. But, you can see in the pictures how much she loves the girls when they are coming to visit her.
Aliza waited to us and loved to be the centre of all the boys and girls around her. Songs and jokes were flying in the air, it was a happy meeting.
Zippora – was happy to get the package, but becouse of her astma, she doesn't meet anybody.
The Boaron Family, experiencing hard times with their health and with their son which is living now in their house .

We have a new volunteer Hodaya Rivka. She is 16 years old and determent to visit survivor. We met Gabi, who came from Hungary and she is very pleasant and was happy to meet Hodaya. We wish both of them good luck with their new friendship.

This is our news.

Many Thanks for "L'chaim", bringing this unique to you as an opportunity of being part of the project.


The Temple Mount

Dear friends!

This time, a deep article, dealing with, and troubling to, the community of lovers of HaShem, regarding all religions connected in the matter. It is the Temple Mount and the location of Beit Hamikdash [The Temple]. There is no doubt that The Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel, and clear as always and more than ever, Jerusalem – the beloved city of the Jewish nation, for ever and eternally. Unfortunately godless leaders distributed autonomy generously to other nations, and it has created problems which still appear today. It has been said in the Bible that it will be a trap for us if we did not live according the laws of the Bible. We must understand an important point which brings order in this matter. Let’s ask ourselves what is actually the symbolism of the Temple Mount?

And the answer is that the Temple Mount symbolizes the Temple, the place of residence of G-d among us. It symbolizes the place in our hearts, inside us, as it has been said: "in ourselves". As a symbol, it stands on the Temple Mount to show G-d's presence with His people of Israel.

But what happens, or what does the destruction of the temple symbolize?

Destruction. That is, the end of the connection, temporarily, with G-d.

Once for idolatrous worship of foreign gods, and once for unjustified hatred we were exiled from our country, which means that the only reason and meaning of the situation of the temple and G-d is within ourselves.

Today, it’s a different situation: Hashem is still covering His face from us - and we must work and correct ourselves as part of the journey to the redemption. Mainly, to increase light and love between people, old and young, person to person, a sacred unity is needed more than ever.

In order to bring back our G-d towards us, we have to return back to Him and the way to do so is to implement the commandment: "Love thy neighbor as thyself ". This divine edict was created in His image; the ability to live a true life, with justice and grace. This will give us back our G-d to the inner temple which is in us. But, most of the "believers", pray and run to stones, fighting for peace of the land and keep forgetting the main essence. According to the prophets in the Bible, we are told that the days will come when no one will teach one another the word of HaShem. Each of us, young or old, will know Hashem. Even the wolf and sheep will live in peace, and it's likely that victims will no longer be needed. After all, the Almighty can raise us up, to a higher level of awareness. He will pour into our heart and spirit and live within our inner-selves. That's why victims will not be needed in the kingdom of G-d (the kingdom of heaven).

Of course, many things related to the future are still shrouded in fog. As Rambam has said, answering about those issues, "we won't know until it will happen".

Part of the prophecies in the Bible are clear and give us understanding of the main tenets of G-d which is, to get to know Him, and feel the spirit enshrined in the shelter of His love for His sons and daughters. We should understand that the covenant between God and Israel is an eternal Alliance and "Israel is no widower".

Therefore, the work we must do is to create less provocative actions and to understand that the Almighty as yet, doesn't want us in the Temple Mount. Probably, this preparatory work requires more time and it is impossible to ignore or skip this stage. The Almighty wants us to prepare our hearts, and purify our souls in order to deserve a temple in our hearts.

I mean, the looking should be addressed inwardly in the search for truth and it is correct, that we don’t have a temple as of this moment. Why is the Almighty hiding from us, and what is required from us? As it is written: " G-d has done great things for us and we see it in a dream" and we will see miracles and wonders, God's light will shine on His nation. The nation will be with Hashem, united, bringing the light to all nations, because He's with us, bringing peace to all Israel and we will say: Amen!

The bottom line: The main work is inside, improving our relationships with ourselves and in strengthening the Supreme G-d, the G-d of Israel, the world, to restore His crown and above all to be in His image which means to love humans, nations, each plant, which was created by G-d. To do what He commands with the fire in us. To be with Him every day, bringing His will, and Him being in us on our daily routine. From there, nothing can stop returning the glory of Israel.

The day of Islam and all the enemies of Israel will come, they will be silent for eternity. We the lovers of Hashem have to understand how far we have gone from Him and His love, and from the temple as well.

If that is the case that The Temple is a symbol of G-d's presence in our midst, without His presence, the significance of the Temple Mount or any stone is meaningless.

And now to Amutat "Lechaim": Chanuka is coming next month. We want to make it possible to each of our survivors to light candles and to get a little souvenir. Please, donate for this purpose and you will be blessed.

Best wishes,


Kiryat Shmona:

With a lot of enthusiasm, the students visited the Shoa survivors in K. Shmona, on their private houses. The students are connected with the people and love them . It was hard to end their visits. They are already a family together after a single visit.

This is what the students feels and also what the shoa survivors feel.

It is unusual to watch. When youngsters sit with these wise "old" people together, it creates a powerful hope for our future!

Kibbutz Ginosar and Deganya

The students from Meitsar visited also survivors in Ginosar and Deganja. The visits are every week and a great excitement. Our coordinators in Deganja are so happy with the students, visiting the lonely survivors because it brings light into their homes. Aurora and Meri encourage us to continue this special work of "L'chaim".

See pictures of Batia and Itsush



Our past visit in Haifa with our holocaust heroes was a very unique one.

Tova, a very sweet lady whom the students have been visiting lately, was hospitalized for a while and so we obviously were not able to meet her, but thank G-D she's back home and was very happy to meet the students once again and spend quality time with them.

Another elderly lady living in an assisted living complex was in need of computer help, to which one of the students was more than eager to help. She was having difficulty with her emails and web surfing and as the student discovered, her computer was unfortunately hacked and she had her identity stolen. He helped her start to fix the problem and notified the social worker of the situation to make sure that the issue will be solved.

She was very grateful for his help.

Very often the students accompany some of the residents living in the assisted living complex to lunch in a common dining room, and this time a few of the residents insisted on feeding the students and heaped helping upon helping of food on their plates until they were all stuffed. It was very sweet to observe the residents treat the students as their own family, making sure they did not go hungry, and had more than enough to eat (picture attached).

We also paid a visit to the Haifa naval museum accompanied by Shalom, who used to be in the Israeli navy Seals, and needless to say was overjoyed to be able to share some of his own memories and wisdom concerning the navy, the soldiers, the ships, and the various weapons, and historic battles throughout our history. (picture attached)

Beer Sheva:

On Sunday, we had very important visitors: Yudit and Annie from the Christian Embassy. We started at Roza, who was very excited (and I was surprised how much it excited her). She tried to host us as best as she can. Yudit spoke with her son and he told her about her. She was strong and very nice as she is always. We really enjoyed her.

We came to Otto. He was upset with a bad mood and spoke mainly about his financial difficulty and we tried to move our discussion with him to nicer subjects.

He thanked us for the attention and told us about his volunteer who is going to Para shoot his first time in the army. In every little vacation from the IDF he is coming to visit Otto.

Yudit and Annie told me about their work and I told them about mine .

Chedva is cognitively, very down recently. But, when I come, she tries very hard to consecrate, and to be communicative. We are working for more help for her.

Rozelia, got recently very weak and hardly move or speak. We sat outside with her and she even gave compliment to my hair style, but she probably suffer from her weakness.

Sozan and Yossef told me that their volunteer returned back from her trip abroad and they are very happy for it. Also, they had a real big discount on their rent and it make their life easier.

This is  the news from Beer Sheva.

Best regards,

Many thanks to Yudit for sending the pictures.

This is our news for this week.



The Individual Versus the Storms of Life

October 31, 2014,  Cheshvan 7, 5775

Dear friends!

We are living in a period of world destruction. The old world and its arrangements are collapsing in front of our eyes, and the question is what can the individual to do with this version which assaults everywhere and in every corner of life.

We read in the Bible the story of (for example), S’dom and Amora. Abraham got the message about the future destruction of the city (of Sdom), and he pled and negotiated with the Almighty about the injustice of the destruction of the entire town, especially when there were  number of righteous in the city. G-d relents and is ready for ten righteous, so as not to destroy the city. But, only one righteous was there : Lot, he was the one who was saved for his purity. The city was destroyed completely.

Another example is Noach who was a righteous man in his generation and the land was filled with violence and corruption.  The Almighty, who has mercy and responsibility for each part of His creation, let Noach to be saved from the flood. He was righteous, but couldn't change the others to go in the same straight way.

The prophets were very lonely. Moshe also had some occasions when he had to ask the Almighty: not to wipe out the people from the earth. Instead, pleading from the bottom of his heart, he saved the people of Israel and caused G-d to change His mind.

Do we understand the real heights of those people? Moshe, Noach, Lot, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel and more? Can we understand their courage not to get carried by the drifting winds of fashion and to keep faith and maintain the stability of the simple faith and righteousness?

When we read these stories from the Bible, stories which have happened so many years ago, can we connect to the feeling of their loneliness and the real courage of those special people? Not losing their humanity, and themselves? Even when the whole world behaved differently? And of course, Abraham the Hebrew, who thanks to his absolute faith and his uncompromising honesty, turned into Avraham – the father of all nations.

These days we are in the middle of storms. The world is sinking in the impurity, confusion, the dark depths of corruption and loss. The modern world is in slavery that causes the human being to forget himself and his real strength, which comes from being sons of  G-d.

These days, especially these days, when we are near to creating a new earth and new heaven, as G-d has promised by His prophets, before the full redemption, we are experiencing the deep dark, when a great light will rise before dawn.

Our work today is to understand that fixing the world will be done by the Almighty.

It seems that people didn't succeed in their mission to rise up to the level of the sparks of G-d and humanity which is in the heart of each of us. Our duty is to start and end in one way: to correct ourselves as much as we can. To have a good influence on our being and our immediate surroundings, each of us, as he can, and not pretend that we can fix the whole world. Even in this dark world, when people are so far away from themselves and from their Creator, there are some genuine souls who refuse to be bound or be slaves to foreign gods, who keep themselves human with good health inside and outside, being a very special and unique creation, doing what he has to do in this world: to be himself!

The good news is that G-d sees our hearts, and even when feeling sometimes lonely with the developing mood around us, we just have to turn on the light in  lamps, and choose life! Choosing, is to do it every minute, every day, and to choose life! The fire will be even where no humans are. We will bring light where there is dark. Changes are not easy. Inside work, is a lifetime journey. We don't have to be perfect, but to do as much as we can. The main thing is to do!

We have great teachers who show us the way. Surprisingly, they are in us. All the obstacles or difficulties on the way, they are the catalyst and lighthouse which allows us not to become immobilised or fall asleep on our guard.

Sacred life of creation, let us study our reactions and gain a new language. If we react in a certain way, we will have to teach ourselves to react differently, with a different language.

It isn't an easy journey and we mustn't, as it has been said before, win, but step forward. All who are doing it will be blessed. Let’s try to find the Noach, Abraham, Moshe within ourselves, each of us, as he chooses, and not be carried downwards with closed eyes following the winds of the times. We should remember to choose life! It is an act of will. There is no room for a passive reaction but to cry out the inner truth: Yes for life! Connected to the prophets’ spirits and to our G-d crying, Yes! We choose life! These extraordinary people will get light and blessings in their lives.

Yesterday, we started to adopt two new places. One is the oldest Kibbutz in Israel : Kibbutz Dgania in the Jordan Valley.

I was there as well as another two charming ladies: Mirale – the Health Coordinator and Ora, who welcomed the students and took them to visit survivors in the Kibbutz. The meeting was amazing as you will read from their impressions.

Also, in Kibbutz Dafna (on the upper Galill), survivors met the students from Mayan Baruch. They have been accepted with blessing by Ruti from the welfare department. The meeting was so successful that both sides are waiting for the next visit.

On the same day, another two meeting were done: in Genosar and Katzrin.  It was a long day but with full blessing and action. More details later on.

Best regards, 

Dear friends. 
This week was a big challange for me and Daniel, on coordinating four visits with four different groups, visiting survivors, in four different places in the Galillee. It happened on the same day and, on the same time. We have started to visit survivors in two new locations. 

1. In Kibbutz Dganja (on the southern part of the Kineret) and, 
2. Kibbutz Dafna, (on the very northern border of Israel). 

Few highlights of excitement from the students:
In Degania

Ran visited Itzshosh:
I am Ran from Maitzar, and I has visited Eietshush. His stories are very nice and intresting. Yesterday we have been in Dgania

From Eveitar and Maya in Degania (they had visited Batja - who is suffering from dementia)
It was for both of us the first time in Kibbutz Dgania. We met Batia. She is charming but it is hard to make conversation with her.

From Aurora our new coordinator in Deganja:
 I spoke with Eitzshush  and he said that the students are really sweet and he will be happy to meet them again. Batia said that she don't remember so much but she feel very good after there visit and would love to have them back.

In Dafna
Shir and other students was their first time in Dafna with Lora and Leah: The two new ladies survivors were very nice. We have started to listen to their story of life.


Irit with Eliram, We: Tal and Noam met Zhchy and she was very happy to meet us. Eliram was very happy to meet us.
Ariel with Izik: Eiezik and Sara, were very happy to meet us . They are so charming and we enjoy our visit very much.

Ran with Ruth:

It was fun with Ruth. We helped her in her garden and inserted some movies in her computer..

Yael with Moishe:

Moishe is charming and it is really fun to be with him.

 Katzrin and Rosh Pina
I was with the students in Katzrin, we visited Jafim, Shaul, Talja, Etja, and all of them where very exited. It gives the survivors strength to live. The survivors are teaching the students a lot. The students gains big respect for the elderly people through the visits. It's a  life changing education for them, 

In Rosh Pina we have visited Israel and Blanka. Blanka is a wise lady 90 years old, but very young in the spirit and mind. She knows all the little details of the world history. It is really amazing to listen to her when she starts to talk and open up pages of her life bit by bit. 
Blanka asked the students what they know about the 2nd Aliah (The Immigration after the Holocaust). The students really didn't know! So, she started to explain them. By the end she concluded: We, as a nation, will only survive if we study and know our own roots - and  history. Beginning with the TeNaCh, untill the present days. 

The students received this important message - first hand.
We all drove back home very satisfied. 

Shalom Timek  

Pardes Chana:

Wednesday, 4 pm, we gathered, Zvia, two boys (another two boys were on a trip) and the girls from Neve Michael, and me. With hoes and rakes, ready to work on Benyamin's neglected yard. We came and started to clean. At the beginning it seemed impossible but we were consistent to do it as much as we can. The garbage was piled up and besides pulling weeds we had to clean all the garbage. The boys came to  Benyamin, hugged him(see the picture), and I am sure that a long time nobody did it to him… see how happy he is… We worked an hour and made a big pile of  herbals. But, it was only the beginning. Another two days, a volunteer, gardener,  is going to come and clean the rest of the area. I hope that it will be much more pleasant to come to him. Rachmil was waiting to the group, and jumped when they came and was so happy to speak Russian with Eyal, and Or, fixed his T.V. again.

And then, they left to Aliza. Chaya was waiting for us and accepted us still in her bad. She thanked Amutat "Lechaim" on giving her some money to be able, if she need, to travel to the Medical clinic, or for other things that she need and couldn't effort. At Aliza's we all gathered and Eyal sang, and we laughed and all of us was very happy.

This week R. Shacahr didn't come but Elizabet could join us again as she wished.

The next thing that Benyamin need is to fix his house, which have many cracks and it have to be taken cared as soon as possible before the real winter will come.

These are our news for this week.


After the holidays

Oktober 24, 2014, Tishri 30, 5775

Dear friends!

Bless Hashem, it’s the end of the holidays and we are back to the routine.

Students returned back to the educational institutes, and we are into the blessed activities. We are in the final stretch of the Shoah generation, and we have the ability to reach more needy survivors in the South who need and want to be adopted. We need more donors who can adopt this project and help us to have more survivors under our wings.

After 10 years of experience, we can see the fruits of our system during those years. Our vision is alive, breathing and vivid, connecting the young generation to the old: restoring the hearts of fathers to their sons and the hearts of children to their fathers. It tightens human connection not through a computer screen or chats by the cell phone, but alive and direct communication.

To you, our old and good friends and to ones who read this post, remember that this project is more than just visits. All the logistics and what has to be done, is done with planning and energy, and love which gives us the ability to continue week after week, to organize packages equally, and arrange the moving from one place to another, and mainly, to keep a blessed motivation of the students.

It demands very exact work. Many little details have to be done in different places all over Israel. It requires early coordination with the elderly, and rigorous perseverance on a basic regular schedule. All of this, has to be done with joy and motivation which is not so easy to have with the reality that we are living in: many economic problems, and even educational institutes are fighting to stay and survive. We must rise and open our hearts, to shape up and sing the song of life.

We wish to continue this blessed project with the right energy.

Thank you dear donors, who have been with us so many years, hand in hand.

Please, spread the word as much as possible, and we will continue our activities faithfully.


P.s next week we start to visit in Degania and Dafna.

Kiryat Shmona:

The first meeting of the students from Mechina Mayan Baruch and the Shoa survivors in Kiryat Shmona was the best start we ever had.

Klara and others, from the Ukrain ghetto group, made a cake and we gathered in the new club house "Bait Cham"(means: warm house), where we had a fantastic evening together. With stories, singing and dancing. Before hand, we visited Eliahu in his house because he couldn't join us in the party.

Almost all the 8 students who joined us this year, have a grandmother or grandfather, that has survived Shoa and camps. Therefore, the students were attached so much,our project.
It was fantastic !

Here are reactions, written by the students through WhatsUp, after there meeting with the survivors:


I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for yesterday event. Me and all my other friends, enjoyed it very much and came back with a huge smile on our faces.

I was very excited to meet those survivors, from their open heart and the warm way we have been accepted by them. We enjoyed to see their joy when they danced with us and I am really waiting for our next visit.


I was very excited to realize how happy they are. The survivors danced and laughed with us.


Timik, it was very nice to meet for the first time, all of these survivors. We wait to the next meetings. Have a good week.


Timek Kolman

Beer Sheva:

Last week, I visited Shmuel and Sara. They are well, and told me that on the Holiday of Rosh Hashanah they had been in their daughter’s house in Netanya, but they had not felt connected and were happy to return back home. During Sukkot it was hard for them to stay at home without any activities in the Day Centers. They have never received any real compensation as survivors. Maybe, the new rules can bring them the rights to have some money which is needed for something else besides the basic things they can afford. Joh, is coming to visit them as a volunteer, and they love him as a son. He came with his little daughter and his wife to visit them and it brought light to their faces. He is also a handyman, and saves some money when he fixes things in their house when needed.

Suzan Peretz accepted me with joy, breaking her loneliness. I found her working on the sweaters for her sister's great grandsons who live in Netanya. She went through a long process of trying to get an apartment in Netanya where she has her family who give her some respect and care about her. But she couldn't get one and is left on the 3rd floor with her painful legs, and can hardly get out from the house. A neighbor is helping her and a volunteer, who is coming every Saturday. Another volunteer is abroad.

She is afraid to be alone in the house particularly at nights and she cries a lot. You can see her work in the pictures. She needs an air-conditioner, and has passed a very hard summer. Yet, she is very positive and grateful for the help she is getting from us and appreciates it very much.

With Izik, I spoke by phone. He thanked us for the supplies he has got from us, and said that we are the only ones who is constantly helping them, nobody else is doing so.

With Maya, I also spoke on the phone, and she also greeted us.

I visited Otto Goldman who finally returned back to his house after staying a while at his daughter's house recovering from hospital admission. His apartment is on the third floor and his struggle to get out from his apartment was even on the T.V. and maybe because of the exposure of his case, he can be helped… he even wrote to the Minister of Economy Yair Lapid, whose father was with him in the Ghetto (Hungary). He was so happy for my visit and was thankful for the presents I brought.

Roza, had her 100th birthday on the day of Simchat Torah. I brought her a little plant and she was very happy with it. We played Rumicub, and she told me that her family came to celebrate her birthday and it was very pleasant. She is grateful for still being cognitive and able to do everything. She feels lonely but not afraid of anything.

Best regards,



The Mechinat Keshet Yehudah students, enjoyed another visit with holocaust heroes, living in Haifa.

This time, relationships between the heroes and students were formed and strengthened, as a few of the heroes expressed their deep and sincere appreciation for our visits.

Mr. Yaakov Valdman, knowing that our students study many hours of Torah-Bible, gave his two student friends, a Chumash Bereishit (the book of Genesis) to aid them in their studies. Needless to say, they were pleasantly surprised and very touched. (picture attached)

Another elderly man, who grew up in Lodz (Poland) and survived the holocaust, eventually becoming an IDF tank officer in the Six Day war, said to the students at the end of the visit that "When you visit me, an old man, You Give Me Life."

This too, left a profound impression on the students, and we all look forward to our next visit.

That's all for now.


R. Asher

Pardes Chana:

We gathered at 4 pm, girls and boys with Zvia from Neve Michael, R. Shachar and me, and to visit our survivors. First Benyamin, His yard, was filled with a lot of wild herbals. The boys, without any hesitation, started to clean, and yet it is not enough. We decided to come next week, with appropriate tools, and to do a thorough cleaning in his garden.
You can see Mina ( in the picture), who is devotedly, taking care of him: cleaning , cooking and make sure that he is well.
The girls with me and R. Shachar, went to Chaya, who fell down recently and she is still very painful but insisted to have our visit. R. Shacahar brought his guitar and played for her. She was laying on her bed and didn't let us to take (this time) her picture. Her complaints, were a real lesson to the girls, what is happening for an old lady without the ability even to go by Taxi to the Medical clinic because she didn't have the 20 Nis. in her wallet.
Rachmill, was a bit sick last week but excepted the boys and Zvia happily.
Aliza, also fell down few weeks ago and broke her hand and some of her bones in the chest. But she was very happy for the visit and told some stories about herself.
Ziporra also, was sick last week but was happy for the full package we gave her.
The Boarones have many health problems and Rachel walks in and out of the hospital.

Next week we will do an extra visit because of the request which came from Elizabeth (the shy girl) to change the day, because she wants to continue to be in the project and it didn't fit her schedule. All of us were very proud to have such an request and we changed the times for her.

Many thanks to all of you,


Miki is the "angel" who comes and brings all of our survivors the coupons, which are helping them on managing the month, and help with other maintenance of their houses. Our volunteers are students, and till the studies will start (November), the visits, was not exactly as they do along the year. Still, Bloria, is not missing any week, and come to visit Miralle and they are good friends.
, even being in Tel aviv, comes and visit her.
Shoshans Spitzer hardly walks and need a lot of help. Shany used to come and visit her and helped a lot. But, she moved to Tel Aviv and can't come very often. We will look for another volunteer for her.
Ety, is well and clear, and she waits for a new volunteer because she really loves it.
Chana doesn't feel very well and she is depends very much on her handles (foreign worker).
Shoshana, her volunteer, had passed recently, an Cardiothoracic surgery, and she is in the process of recovering. We wish her to get back to her health as soon as possible.
Shaindell wasn't reachable, and we couldn't speak with her.
Edit, is also going through many health problems, and hardly walks. But waiting to her volunteer to come back, and hope to get better. All of them are happy to get our calls and very thankful for our attention.

This is all the news of our survivors and volunteers.

Best wishes,



Sukkot - Feast of Joy

Oktober 7, 2014,  Tishrei 13, 5575

Dear friends!

We already passed Yom Kippur, and with G-d's help, we are sealed in the Book of Life.

Now, according to the Jewish calendar, and the continued journey of humanity, we should remember the meaning of our lives, which is the reason we have holidays and Shabbat: To stop and understand better, our part in this world.

Each holiday with its deep meanings!

Now, after fasting, watching and undertaking our self-examination, we have to get out from our safety zones.  That is the reason that He, demands us to build a sukkah, which means an exit from comfort and safety, and live in a temporary booth which is fragile and under the mercy of the weather. Its purpose is to provide us with a sense of impermanence. There, we have to dine and sleep, continuing our lives in a temporary home: in the sukkah.

If that is so, why is the holiday of Sukkot considered as the feast of joy?

Each mitzvah (commandment), has a secret key which bring us closer to our real essence: G-d's creations! Sons and daughters of G-d !!!

The joy comes by being occupied with our inner- soul during the seven days of being in the sukkah.

There, we are adjusting ourselves correctly and can understand how much we need our G-d, and how much our real confidence is in Him!

In order to feel such connection, we have to agree to feel "unstable", insecure, with fundamental data and tendencies swinging from side to side, so the only way to set our anchor completely, is to trust our Creator, who controls and watches His world.

Another reason for our joy is, by realizing our dependence on the absolute sovereignty of the Almighty! Indeed, we must be His main partners in guiding the world.

G-d has created us in His image and in His likeness, and part of the reason of creating the world was, to give us, His sons and daughters, the opportunity to be His partners. We have got the right. This is a reason for our joy, that can be expressed in one sentence:  steer"The steering  wheel of my life, is in my hands!" which means that I am taking full responsibility in my life and my choices, when at the same time I know and recognize the higher power to whom I have to be connected in order to have the right decisions.

It isn't a simple journey! Till now, human life was envisaged by others such  as Leaders, Rabbis, Pastors, tyrants and leaders of countries, as well as Professors, Doctors and more.

Now we are directed from heaven, to organize ourselves differently! To understand the need of taking responsibility in our inner-selves, its abilities and its real dimension and stature.

But, how can we do it?

Indeed, it is a deep question. The only true and direct answer without pretentiousness is: Go to your inner- soul, listen to the "movies" which are part of your lives since you were a child, check the patterns which bind you, reviewing them and keep you chained. They can't serve you anymore!

It demands courage, honesty and observing a moment of quiet, taking it slowly, step by step.

Staying in the sukkah one week, makes this observation possible. This is the reason for the magic and wonderful joy, which was given to us by the Almighty.

Let’s reach higher, humbly and boldly, and say to ourselves: "The steeringwheel is in our hands!"

Chag  Sameach to all our friends in the world and in Israel!


News from the North!

First Visit of the students from Mechina Kfar Hanasi:
Eight students, joined me yesterday on our first visit in Katzrin and Rosh Pina.

It was amazing to see, what a great love the students were accepted by our Shoa survivors. Every survivor, had the chance to tell a bit of his/her story. They were so much open, and  shared the most difficult times of their lives, so openly to the students. They are so hungry for the visits and to share their lives with them.

Blanka, was taken to the hospital a day before, so we couldn't see her. Please, pray for her fast recovery. She is over 90 years old and in the summer she had a succesful bypass operation, and felt better. I don't know yet what her problem now.

The students of Mechina Meitzar, were visiting Ginosar. They did it again with a great enthusiasm.

Chag Sukot Sameach, Timek

Daniel Braun
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