The ninth of Av!

Augustus 5, 2014, Aw Menachem 9,5774

By this time, 0n the 9th of Av, , "Protective Edge” operation is finished. Is it really?

The 9th of Av symbolize distrust!

All of that, has started before some thousand years with the sin of the "spiders" that was sent to the Promised Land, in order to come back and tell about the beauty of the land and to be loyal to the G-ds' promise and His blesses.

This mission, was a real test. They saw good land "with milk and honey ". But, they saw also more then that : hug scary giants, and they felt a big fear and when they returned back they forgot G-ds order: don't go after the sight which you will mesons them. They choose to narrow their eyes and minds and give the outside appearance to interfere their impression. Their message was bitter and frightening and the people has listen to them besides two of them Kalev Ben Yefune and Yehosua Ben Noon who had a different spirit which was running in their veins. They were not scared from the background noises and misleading sights. They built up a deep belief in themselves, and remembered that when G-d promises, He also holds His promises. They felt full of confidence in His leading and could see the good things about the land of "milk and honey", and nothing else. But, the people did not want to listen and preferred to be tempted of despair and doubts, to submit and slander, short-sighted people without faith. They did not listen to the uplifting words, which were with full of faith and inspiration by Yehoshua and Kalev, and it turned this day to be a curse.

On this day, on the 9th of Av, temples were destroyed because of baseless hatred and heresy, refusing to see and recognize the goodness of G-d, but in following, after arbitrary background noises and drifting on the "threatening voices" which were coming from the outside.

Our studies on this day requires faith and strengthening,  believing eternal belief that "Israel is not a widower", and "The strength of Israel will not lie". The promise of G-d for the eternity of Israel will last forever.

Even this day, when Jews mourn on the destruction of the Temples, and pray for rebuild it again , we have to remember not only it but also, what we have to do for it's building: strengthening the belief as a supremacy: to abandonment armrests bruised reed, to get reed from any doubts and  fear from the gentile world like those "scary" giants, as it was, at the days of Yehoshua Ben Noon.

As I said before,  we're up, against a lot of wolves who seek to destroy us on the head of them the Muslims and their friends from Europe and other countries which ask to complete the final solution Hitler had started.

It wouldn't be anything like that anymore! We shouldn't listen for those voices; we shouldn't get scared from that. These are hard and sour tests at those days of the end of the days in order to strengthen our hearts and fill our being with the spirit of faith and to fill our mouth with laugh and praise our G-d, which is with us for ever.

Yes, more tests in front of us, and as the time is passing by, the tests are more shocking , and we are pushed inside of our inner selves, seeing the light after those tests as it has said:

" The nation  walking in darkness, have seen a great light".

I feel this light in all my veins.

To summarize this article, we are studying that in order to strengthen the spirit of our people and face the challenges.

 We have to adopt the divine Biblical values: law, grace and charity!  To remove considerable idols and political corruption, to increase in activities that raise living hope and inspiration. To lift up our spirit, by doing activities, which bring happiness, on a personal level and  general ones.

All my blesses.

The war of the sons of Light, and the forces of darkness

August 1, 2014, Menachem Aw 5, 5774

We are on the 24th day of "Protective Edge” operation. My heart is bleeding with pain and yet full of joy…bleeding form the loss of our precious pure children and also from the killing we are forced to undertake because of a terrorist organization whose language is dark, and which unfortunately the world has not yet recognized and can't understand with what we are dealing. Many voices demand us to return back to normality and peace.   However, also during these times there have been many initiatives of extending help for each other, and being united.

We will try to check out and study a little deeper about the essence of this war and the understanding it demands. Let's remember the headline of this page; it is a war of survival for the people of Israel and the world. It is a spiritual war! The desire to get back to normal can mean a real missed opportunity for the required lessons. We are not seeking to return to the old previous routine, but to learn what does this war teach us? The Western materialism causes the spirit to shrink, and then, technical and ‘everything instant’ culture is changing us. This culture causes brain fatigue, overloaded from all directions from internet, television, radio and more. Consumer culture is wrecking our minds. One of our deepest conclusions from this war is that sometimes, an extreme situation raises light and humanity. It demands from us to have an honest look at things with a true desire for a real change. In this light we can realize how hypocritical is the western culture which exchanges truth for a lie and lie for truth. Eyes are closed and the mind is blocked. Here, in Israel, we are astonished at the size of the lies. But as it is said, the great Educator, the Builder of this world, He turns the world around, to depart from the false gods and to understand that the reason for our existence in this world is spiritual! The way to our inner soul is our strength, and the essence of the Divine journey is to reach the only true freedom which has been waiting for thousands of years. That is, the freedom to know our G-d, the day of our wedding with Him!!!

Our leaders try to find external solutions, such as intermediaries, we try different ways: humanitarian military decorum, all trying to find favour in the eyes of the global community. But, this activity worsens our situation… We must be true to our path and in our belief as an eternal nation who know that its way is very long. We shouldn't let the Western impatience which requires immediate gratification, to force us into existential suicide. We must fight as it has been said: "The one seeking to kill you, kill him first"!

We fight for our lives and existence, and this must be understood. Our existence is due to the Holy alliance between us and the Almighty.

All through history, and the same today, we are forced to understand more deeply each time, that reality has changed !

Also, the unity we are experiencing today is blessed but very emotional. Deep internal changes are required with priorities to gain understanding for the essence of our lives, both as individuals and as a nation. It is a real thinking process which is not distracted with external matters, it allows divine processes to flow through us to teach us and extend our hearts because G-d fulfils His promises. He is doing for us "heart of flesh": he takes away the stone, and alien gods from among us. He creates a new heaven and a new earth and this is a painful process. These are the labour pains, and I remind you that these are the days of The Three Weeks! [The period of time when we mourn for the destruction of the Temple.]

These are the days that we, the ones who love G-d and the Israel nation, with loyal friends, shouldn't be captivated or carried away by another powerless commentator , our materialistic will,which is taking the light of truth away from us. Our leaders need to understand that leadership is a mission and not  fortification of pleasure by blinding their eyes with materialistic processes.

As the Bible say, we will have more challenges to go through , and part of them will be painful. If only we will understand that these are like the labour of birth which is leading to a better world, with a deeper awareness of the Hand which directs us with love and creates this process only for us! As deep as our sleep was, the clock has rung more strongly!

At the end , we should remember: We are the eternal nation! Who has had many experiences over a long period of time, and we are not frightened ! It brings us to the purpose for which we exist:

To be the chosen nation, unique and a light for other nations!

I can say with pride that we are a nation of light, Yet, there is a still a lot of work to do.

I am proud of our people, our army and my stronger love is for our Creator, and it gets stronger more and more.

Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Halleluiah!

My best regards, Shabbat Shalom!


Letter send by Daniel on June 6, 2014.

Shalom to the wonderful "Lechaim" team from Holland!

This is the time to thank you our friends, for the amazing, and successful voyage I had experienced with you.

Many meetings, made me to be aware, how many friends we have at your places. The love you have to the project with the survivors, in Israel.

Special thanks to the head of the organization Lammie, for her dedicate work (already 6 years), and to Margo and Alex in the south .

To Angelin, Hellen, Jan and Henneke, for organizing so well the wonderful and successful hosting, which I had in the south.

To Marian and Arie, my deepest thanks,   for their translation to each of our reports, along this year.

Maria! Thank you, for being with us.

Special thanks to Jenny and Derek, who host me in their house in a loving and fascinating way  that even being so far away from my house , It felt at home.

For Jenny, who drove me all around Holland with an opened hands, from one meeting to another: My deepest gratitude from the bottom of my heart.

Many thanks to all the donors, who donate with opened hands to this important project; 

All the blesses for you. As it said:

 "The one who blesses Israel,  will be blessed" !

Thank you for your loyalty and your wonderful work in the north and the south.

My blessings from my heart,


Happy new year to our Christian friends and their families, around the world and in Israel !!!

December 20, 2013,   Tewet 17, 5774


Dear friends!

We can conclude towards the end of this year, another successful period, which we – together, brought so much light, even having such a complicated reality in this world.

I was amazed, for your fast response and the generous donations by our dear friends from Norway, Singapore, Holland and more, on behalf of survivors in Ashkelon, Jerusalem and other places.

I am blessing you, from the bottom of my heart; May G-d will give you, all the best for your generosity by understanding the real distress, which were  intolerable to those precious survivors. You helped us, to give them a better lives and this is a big privilege.

These days, we have to do more then ever, to initiate and reach other survivors homes in need. Our men Avraham, is working on the collapsing roof in Jerusalem. If everything will go well, the work will be finished on Friday.

We will not rest or be silent! We will work vigorously as a storm, to solve as fast as we can, the problems in a pleasant way, with sensitivity and humanity!

And you, our friends , make it possible by giving your trust and donations here in Israel.

I want to thank again the wonderful teams from Norway, Holland and Singapore, a special good friend from the U.S.A, and our good friend: Yudit Zets from the Christian Embassy (Jerusalem), which is going with us, hand by hand, almost from the beginning of this project. Specially greetings to the ones who have donated with open hands for the last urgent calls.

Have a happy new year, with all our best wishes and our deep appreciation for your participant.

From your true friend in Israel,

The last news from Jerusalem: As you can see in the pictures, the work of the roof is finished and it has done in the spirit and the vision of "Lechaim". We are very happy for it, and after speaking with Meir Shay the survivor who suffered from the broken roof , he was so excited and grateful for the "miracle" we did for him.

Thank you, for the wonderful help you gave us - our true friends!


P.S. Condolences to Ricky (Haifa) on the death of her  mother, and best regards for Esti for the fruitful and blessed cooperation.

Here is short report, of some of the actions this week:
The boys from The Zion Orphanage(Jerusalem), came to visit the seniors in the Swiss House. It was very good for both sides.

The north part of the country:

had his birthday.The students, from the mechina Meitsar, surprised him with a cake, drinks, and they wrote a nice card for him.  He was the happiest man in the world.

It is always great to visit Tsachi. She is from Germany and escaped just in time. Her parents has died in the concentration camps. She kept all the letters from them until the last one...The visits of the students, makes her to be very happy.

Jafim, is a lonely man and waits to the students with a great joy. He knows a lot about the Shoa. Those days, he was a little kid, but he kept his mother's stories, in his heart and now he can tell them to the students.

Itzchak, is full of energy when he tells the students from the mechina Kfar Hanasi, how he, as a 14 year old boy, did escaped from France an hid all by himself, high in the mountains near the borders of Italy. Later, he managed to hid in Italy until the end of the war. This is how he escaped and left alive.

Best regards,


A call for help  

November 11, 2013,  Kislev 8, 5774

Shalom Daniel!

Here is all the details about a survivor 85 years old, married to Tamar who is also a survivor. father of a daughter and a son.  At the war, both of them, was in Auschwitz, and came not legally at 1946 to Israel. After being in some places they reached Timrat and live there with their son who is in the Saloon. They passed through, a very hard times in their health and their son's health as well. They have a heavy debt and need all the help it can be given to them.


Dear friends!

I have passed through a very special experience today. Only yesterday I got from the foundation for the holocaust survivor (see what Riki wrote to me), about a survivor living in Timrat (near by Tivoon, Izrael Valley) who need help in cleaning his yard. Because the short notice, I went there with garden tools and bags.  I cleaned a lot of leaves and garbage. But, the amazing thing was to meet Gad , who went through Aashwitz (under the hands of the devil Dr' Mengale) and now is going through his privet life another holocaust. His son is handicapped who is living in his house and tried to commit suicide three times already .His wife is sick, he have heavy depth and no body care! I felt his deep pains of turning  from being a men who earn respectably and has been forgotten on his old days.

On the end, I hugged him strongly and gave him my sincere love. I feel that it was succeeded. Tomorrow, we will come with the Yeshiva boys to continue the work.

We are going from now on, to adopt him and ask you our friends to help us with that.

(I believe that we can make his life a bit sweeter (300$).

Best regards,
Daniel Braun
Phone: + 972 54 772 3510
Welcome to our website at:

September 4th, Rosh Hashana

28 juli 2013

To our dear friends from Holland!

As you know, the Jewish Rosh Hashana this year , start  very early (at the 4th of  September), and it is considered as the most important holiday opening the new year. Each year, we give to our survivors a gift worth about 50 Euro for each.There are many lonely survivors who can't effort to buy supplies , or there are lonely survivors who doesn't have somebody to celebrate with. We will reach them with the help of our volunteers and will give them the gift.  Also, we are going to organize a celebration for 60-70 lonely survivors at the 12th of October.

Thank you even ahead.

There is no solution, but from above

November 30, 2012, Kislev 16, 5773

Dear friends!

These days, we are witnessing, in front of our eyes, very strange happenings. Today, Machmud Abas (Abu Mazen), the leader of the Palestians, is going to
get recognition as an independent state from the U.N.The confusion in the world of the political leadership is very big.

And, here I am, sitting and smile for myself with joy but also sadness. The prophetic vision, realized one by one. Shortly: we don't see any human or creative solution for this matter. The reason is very simple: the only solution is high above in the hands of All Mighty. May be we will have big mess in all
possible areas of our lives, institutional crash as well. Indeed, according to the divine prophets, our G-d separates between Israel and all nations. He is asking to show us his love, and that, there is no political solution or room for it, according to the eternal covenant between Him and us. Many people can feel angst and would say: "So, what can be done? We tried every thing and what can be the solution?" the embarrassment is big. Indeed, slowly slowly, G-d  is taking all the false armrest. He is leaving us in the dark without any solution. We left as naked a a new born. The only thing which left to do, is to lift our heads up above, and cry out loud  : "Save us! You are our G-d , there is no one else than You!" For this, He is waiting! No right or left government, U.N.
or European countries can escape to hypocrisy and unbelief in the G-d of the universe. We, Israel, more than ever, have to cry out load the simple truth:" There is no one else, than Him". He also begging us: "remove foreign Gods, this is the only thing that separate us one from another ". As long as we will have solution by human limited patronized minds, we probably will experience failure and disappointments. Only when we finally will be convinced beyond any doubt, only than, we will understand the song "listen" which Moshe Rabainu sang as a testimony, before his death and it was as a fresh water given for a tired souls. Every plea to remove other Gods, fulfilled in front of our eyes, if we want it or not. It is true for each person, who is aware of the heavy fog and confusion. They are wonderful signs for the process. On the end, the barriers will be removed and we will be ready to move to a new heaven  and earth .and the old dissipate will be as it wasn't there.

This days, demand from us, a lot of faith, observing our personal life, willing to leave things that raised rust in our soul. To connect ourselves deep inside and to understand what have to be done. There are expected many challenges on the near future.

For you my dear friends in the world!, your love and generosity touches our hearts. keep blessing our work and support more survivors.
There are many of them who need our help and we are ready for the challenge. We will need your donations if the situation will get worse in the south or the north of our country.

Every thing is under control by the All Mighty, and we are in the process to get to know only Him!

Chanuka is coming in a week and half. We will bring the light to our adopted survivors from south to north.

New beginning

Oktober 9, 2012,  Tisjrie 23, 5773

Dear friends!

The Holidays behind us. Now, the real work has started.

We recruit new pupils, peoples from North America starting to be interested in our unique project and its special way.

This is the time to announce what you know very well: the time is running away! Survivors are vanishing from the world. The one's who left getting older and need our help!

We will continue, with God's help, to take care with love for their wellbeing and happiness on their last years.

It's hard to believe, year after year, the same melody. Pupils leave and new ones come, and yet, the excitement is as it's the first year of doing it. We feel the values we bring to those youngsters who join this project.

Please! Continue to donate and support Lechaim. I invite more people to join us ! there are more survivors who need our help!

My best regards,


P.S. next week , you will get our first report from most of the parts of the project.


Daniel Braun
Phone: + 972 54 772 3510
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Ancestors as a mirror to our lives

June 26, 2012,  Tammoez 6, 5772

Dear friends!

We are in a period of transition from darkness to light. the end of darkness and the revelation of light followed by. In order to understand better the spirit of this period, we have to study our ancestor's character : Avraham, Itzchak and Yackov. This can help and light up our way. We will start with Avraham: He won a great honor to be "father of many nations"! We have to understand in what favor and through what experiences he had to go in order to be worth of that great job.
Avraham, more than others, went through attempts on his faith. He symbolizes the power of freedom that was built inside his personality. He proved again and again his freedom from foreign gods, external armrests (?) and his loyalty and belief on one G-d The G-d of Israel. Even the whole world he was surrounded was infected with idolatry. He went with his inner voice which told him that only one G-d is in the world, that gives directions to the whole world. Even when G-d Put him in a supernatural attempts as: the story about his son Yitzchak, which was a biologic miracle for him and his wife Sara winning a son even their age. The question is why the All-mighty had to wait so long to give this son to Avraham? The answer is that only when G-d was sure that Avraham has cleaned himself from all external dependence, only then, he made it possible in a miracles ways to win his son. Not only that, after Itzchak birth, G-d order him to sacrifice Itzchak, and Avraham knew that all what he had, can be taken but the love of the All mighty to him, is not depends on any material or tangible way but his clean inner soul from any false prop or outpost. This, what made him being the 'father of all Nations'.  

Avraham had to throw away again and again all his knowledge, habits and outposts in order to be connected with the infinity. He knew to get in and out from false figures and this is our real work these days: to learn from  Avraham and being able to give up in order to make the new way possible in our lives to be better- believing and knowing that in order to start a new way, we have to give up the old ones. Yackov symbolizes a straight coping with fear. He shows us (in his struggle at night with the men/angle)that the way to get rid from our fears which can paralyzing us, and  can confront it, know it, recognize it and even get friendly with the fear. This, will be for us as catalyser . Does running away from fear will increase it more? He is teaching us to be Israel: (in Hebrew) Y(I)ashar- El (honest with his G-d). To dissolve the fear by connecting in mind straight to the one who gives us the opportunity to be successful –the good G-d!
Dear friends! The weather in Israel these days is very hot. We want to help the survivors with electricity bills.

Next week, on Thursday (5/7/12) we start to adopt Mitzpe Ramon (near by the Egyptian border)with the help of our partners from the Foundation for the benefit of Holocaust-survivors in Israel. I would like to remind you that our survivors getting older and we are the ones they relay and get humanity which they realy need.
Please, keep support us in this project which meant to give mercy and a hand going with them till their last day.

My best regards.


Miracles Happen !

8 januari 2011, Tevet 13, 5772

Dear friends,

I thought to share with you one of my greatest miracle experience which has happened in my life to illustrate how it's connected for the times we are on.
The first miracle and the greatest, which I cherish every day is the "Lechaim" project.
And, here is my story: Many years I was instructor for youth in different programs and also I thought people how to live in a healthier way by being aware their soul, spirit and body.

With all of that I was busy about 25 years. I felt on the end – drained and yet , I knew that there is something beautiful is waiting for me in the skies, but couldn't guess even – what is it. I was frightened even to think of stopping my work. It was clear why, concerning how I am going to manage? From what I am going to earn money and paying my bills? What I will do? ...And because of that I carried on some more very successful but filling chocked.

One day, I got up in the morning, gathering all my courage and my trust in G-d: No more of that! I have to stop everything! And that what happened. I sat in my room in Zichron and called all my groups saying good by to them for their amazement, without explaining anything. I knew that I must do it! It was some kind of inner call which was vibrating all my body and no confusion was in it. I was shivering but felt relief after finishing the phone calls and suddenly I was free! The ones, who know me being a responsible person, can understand my sudden situation which wasn't easy at all...

I asked myself again and again What I am going to do? But this time not as usual- running historically to find instant solution – I decided: not to do so! I sat down on my little arm chair in my room , breathing deeply, relaxing my body and then, said to my G-d : I am in your hands , You are the one who awakened me and called me to release, here I am doing it ! Now, I am in your hands...

I was completely relaxed and calm when the telephone rang, and changed my life extremely: "Daniel, we need you for a special project".

I couldn't believe to my ears, and answered "but I don't have the experience you need.." and he said:" You are the right men. Start and you will succeed! It was on Friday, and I had to go and pick up a rented car in Tiberias and then, to meet my partner Shuky in his office in Moshav Keshet on the Golan Hights. He gave me a cellphone, we agreed about my salary, and I went out astound realizing that G-d is giving me the present that was prepared for me for so long but it could have been given to to me, only when I gave my full trust in G-d, only when I was able to release, and not running instinctively as mad men! Only than, the heaven agreed to give my awarded present of my lives: The project of Lechaim! Till now my dear friends, each day I am excited and thrilled from the miracle and the privilege to be part of this blessed project which giving joy and educate so many people.

I am sharing this experience for those who are longing for some change – but afraid to do it. G-d want for us all the best but we have to trust Him and to be sure that he is the one who let us to make it – He and not any one else.

We are in a very hard period of time. We have to strengthen our belief on all matters: health, earning money and other . G-d is asking us to relax and to slow down. By pushing less and giving less efforts then we will be able to trust and enjoy doing things with gratefulness and joy. Not attributing for high power – as to low power, to understand the main thing: G-d has created each of us in a very special way, and we have to work our G-d with special joy and meaningful way. Only when all of us will be connected to His line in this huge orchestra – the human being, only than, we will be able to feel the fulfillment and satisfaction with the work of G-d.

I call each of you – the ones reading this letter and just ask and beg from you: be only yourselves. From this place, when we are feeling good – not as egocentric issue , but from the sacred high levels of giving, it is the key to salvations as it said:"Love your neighbor as yourself".This way, we will be able to be free from our biggest enemy: the fear!

My best regards to all of you.


Admin: With thanks to Adonai, Who knows what we need to hear (sometimes) on His times, here in the West!
Do you believe in Miracles?