Elul The trip to the repent - 

August 16, 2018, Elul 5, 5778

Dear Friends ! We are in the midst of the month of Elul - the month of the repent. A month which allows open doors. And here, we have a wonderful sounds of the discussion with Zlilia: " Last time when we talked, Zlilia opened to me a wonderful world of healing way of thinking, which is all chance and armed with wonderful approach for the repent - and it is the month of Elul. And here you have the best of Zlilia : "Daniel," so she said "the journey of repentance is my journey into deep familiarity and favors the sounds emanating from inside me ever since I can remember. And so I felt that a wonderful story has born from my inside of learning and very challenging which need three conditions: integrity, humility and courage .

Most of my life "so says Zlilia " the automatic discussion is inside me which creates repeated comments again and again. So I got to the point where I was tired of myself and the rituals which come all over again, and I made up my mind, "said Zlilia" desiring to know better, deeper than the quality of the sounds coming from the stricken and who actually behind this voice? Who is or who it is that speaks within me? Here was required to study a new willingness to deepen courage into my inside - so I did. Then, I discovered a whole world inside. I found a companion loyal scared little girl which have last many downs as a child and in the holocaust, and is alive and well and breathing deeply ingrained in me, and she was a faithful companion, but I never realized it until I agreed to look inside and became more familiar with the sound emanating from me. But I knew other voices even this adult who is not in the area of trauma, already built a life already gained confidence that does not have to agree blindly and automatically to the screams coming from her voice a little dip in me.

I decided to open a kindergarten. Garden of the girl and her name Zlilia. Garden of one teacher called Zlilia, and we became best friends. Here stopped the one-sided discourse that only the little girl screaming made me directly responds to her drama. Here she joined the adult discourse sounds that can understand the pain and crying noises, emanating from that little sound. The answer is to learn the secret pain: from what it comes and what is needed the most ? It need for a close look and treatment , eye to eye, heart to heart ... Nachamu Nachamu Zlilia ! , Nachamu (comfort ) Nachamu my people!

I started to understand the secret of consolation Daniel. This, I gave to myself through understanding the voice inside of me. I began to realize the disease generations, the tragedy of humanity which is suffering from abandonment and rejection of self-flagellation and self-hatred which are often- either in general and private. And then I realized the secret to Israel's healing (Zlilia). Do you understand? It can not be otherwise. When I learn the secret of the inner dialogue, the ability to comfort myself and fill myself with the joy of creating unique and total acceptance of who I am. This studies are painful and the some who are capable of loving, has discovered me. The journey has not yet ended. And as we learn more of ourselves and the more we learn, the wonders of wonders are very wonderful with intimate encounter between the voices of the past revelers inside and the comfort of a mature sound which I am now.

And I do not have to be working for voices from the past but this is the daily work. I believe as a firm believer that this is also a wonderful way for the Israeli nation . Studies which we will not feel anymore abandoned and rejected and learn the secret of G-d's love. Existing internal point in each and every one of us, and is able to elevate us independent and with unconditional wealth. But here there is no recall on any heroic victories. There is an endless battle that embodies a very wonderful treasures that it is time for them to be discovered. And then, in my mind, "says Zlilia " I see a gate, the Golden Gate. On one side it looks very scary because there stays all fears, anxieties, doubts- facing the dark evil before my eyes. But wonder of wonder, behold! when I study the internal dialogue and this wonderful gate, at the other end, revealed in all its beauty and purity, the depth of its bow and modesty tells us the illusion of the first and second side of the gate.

Is the story over here? No and no !!! This gate for us is to discover each day, and the recipe that you need is honesty, humility and courage.

May all of us will get to open the gates of mercy and learn the secret. Yours Zlilia.

Daniel Braun

Without a vision -nation will be perished

August 2, 2018

Dear Friends!

This letter is written and based on a true and human love for Israel.

These days, we experience many calamities, on both borders . On the southern border, the fires continue , and our government keeps for too long - self restraint without reasonable answer. Also the northern border is very tense. What bothers me mainly in this violent discourse, is the unbounded demonstrations here inland, and I want to touch the essence and its usefulness. First, It should be understood that we are required to humility and a profound understanding to the messages - passing through the other side and the brutal discourse - full of self-flagellation and recriminations. So we will start from the radical Islam and from terror and how they understands the discourse of "pluralist democracy humanitarian" ... so that, for our extremists terrorists enemies, , the language which is spoken here, is burned in great and increasing fire motivation, to increase terror, and they interprets this dialog as a terrible weakness and a green light to wreak havoc in a place so divided and conflicted with himself in here.

It should be remembered: the radical Islamist terrorism is controlled with terror , they see us here in Israel and in the West, as a complete heretic... - as simple as that !!! So their mission is to kill, destroy and demolish the "heretic of God" it does not matter if it is : women, children, rightists, leftists, LGBT, feminist or anyone else ....

I keep saying: for the radical Islamist terrorism, all of us is heretic, who must be eliminate from the world, and they will do everything in order to make the vision malicious: To Islamize the world - with no heretic in the world ..... and with those we fight. One of the questions that we must ask is: How can people who go to bed and on the behalf of a fake humanitarian with equal rights, according to selective human rights ? How these would feel if they knew that" in favor " of their frontal discourse, our endless arguing here, suddenly would understand that their discourses is the direct cause of the lust for terror, murder, destruction and attacks, exercising every possible way. In other words - they feed fuel to whom discourse is complete heresy but "with their wisdom" taking advantage of the weakness of the people, and the aggressive and divisive discourse further strengthens the legitimating of "to hurt, kill and destroy" . And it has been said in the Scriptures: "Your destroyers and enemy - will come from you" ...

Deep in my heart I want to believe that the Jews here in Israel does not want our brutal enemies to murder us, to hurt and destroy, but to know: This is a fact! It is really happening by the unrestrained media, fueling the free hatred of our internal. Demonstrations on the far left is the general diversify tranquil day and night, and seeks to weaken and harm the foundations of democracy in which legally elected of our government. All of this of course, is legitimate with disastrous consequences, and it allows our enemies to rub their hands with delight, to enhance his war against us by using our inner dialogue to strengthen their position ... and where we find ourselves ???...

Again it must be remembered: their faith is not our faith, their way is not our way, with radical Islamists and terrorist gangs The concept of democracy, women's rights, human rights - are not accepted as a way of life and faith - all of them are unbelief, causing them to increase their "holy war" To "remove the evil of the West from this world" ....

The question which need to be asked is not about providing basic rights to any person, except a real desire behind the organizers of demonstrations day and night, aimed to drop the rules and the democracy. But again it is the result that removes the internal agenda and she serves growing external enemies that only breed when they fall to a grid container of messages advertising and visibility material- desires insatiable. And I, appeal to reason and fairness of each individual here in Israel and especially to my Jews sisters and brothers . Have you seen what it serves ? It serves the forces of evil and nourishes the desire of destruction. I wish to all of us to pause and look inside , and try to understand the consequences of our deeds if they are good or not.

In conclusion, and to the honest ones : I pray for unity in Israel in which all human beings and every human has rights to breathe and live a life of justice and fairness and I mean everyone !!! Let straightened ourselves and understand who we are weakening here and who we are strengthening.

P. S. In my humble opinion, most of the demonstrations, including demonstrations of the Druze are not necessary. Druze leaders already said that the matter has been settled and the outline acceptable. And again raises the question why to protest? I think this is a trend and what stand behind it is to seek to divide, and therefore Dear Druze! Do not fall into this network.

Dear Friends! This month we get the first group for vacation, of the children from Shderot. I thank all the wonderful donors in Israel and abroad. We need more donations to get other groups. If it is possible please help us help others?

These days, we are organizing a new year to our project "reconciling parents with children and children with their parents..."

Shabbat Shalom,

Without a vision - people perish (part 2)

August 5, 2018

The missing truth

Dear Friends! Further to the last letter, I would like to touch several points that require you to have openness, integrity and sincerity. First: Further to what was said about all the demonstrations we have experienced in recent years by the disabled, the community of LGBT, the leftist and now the Druze. It is important to say what I think about the root of the problem and let's begin with the Druze: Write it on your wall dear friends: Druze here Israel have a wonderful life! there is no discrimination. They live comfortably in their towns or villages, and integration with the Jewish people is wonderful: trading , common military service like every Israeli, and full participation in all parts of the Israeli scene. I repeat: there is no discrimination! friends who are interested, I would like to edit tour in a wide range of Druze villages, and I promise you generally that you will experience a veritable paradise: wide houses , fruit trees mostly figs and grapes, restaurants and countless businesses. and mainly : complete freedom! And absolute respect to who they are. The Druze live here in comfort and abundance, and of course, as in any sector, and as in any population - even there are people who are less fortunate. But no country in the world have such as honorably practice and even being an example to the whole world about it. s I stated about the Druze, it is true for LGBT and other groups . But let's get to the purpose of their demonstrations. I'm not saying everything is perfect and here and there, many points need to improve values and unity.

Now we will touch the group LGBT: Parades are their provocation that offends so many people: Muslims, Christians and Jews. And in this community there are people who wish to create polarization, contention and hatred, and I'll give an example: I spoke with a woman who is a lesbian, and asked her what is their purpose? and she replied that their rights is to demonstrate and to be seen and, of course, she states that she belong to the group of active for real peace. and I asked: Do you believe that parades strengthen peace and harmony? and she answered: Yes ! then I asked: you walk in many places around Israel : Tel Aviv, Haifa , Ashkelon Jerusalem and more. Do you agree to march also in Umm al-Fachem, Kafr Qara or any other Arab city? here she was Silent. I said to her: If you get there, I'll come with you. What do you think about marching in Cairo or Rahat ( a Bedouin village) ? And her response was: No, that hurts Muslim feelings. Then, I asked her, when you walk in the Holy City, it does not hurt the feelings of Muslims, Christians and Jews? And it mean to hurt your brothers blood and nationality - and with that, you have no problem at all ???... If this is not pure baseless hatred, what it is ???

Indeed, serious questions were not received with answer. And here is my solution to : Why people demonstrating day and night: There is to know- protesters or at least their leaders , do not seek solution to their distress, they are addicted to the growing attention even if it comes at the expense of moral, harming the spirit of unity which is so loose here in Israel. Unfortunately, even the Druze fell into the trap, addicted to the lust visibility and media attention, contributes for the weakening the nation. I wonder what could happen if the Druze were under Gazan government or Egyptian or otherwise ... I have a feeling it would end very badly...

Summary: the purpose of all these demonstrations or at least most of them, is to separate and divide by going against having polarization and being opposition to a legally elected democratic government. It should be known that during this period we in Israel are being attacked on all fronts by European organizations who nominate and doing everything to destroy Israel as a Norwegian organization living in Israel in the Holy City of Jerusalem, by bombing the Supreme Court with repeated claims against settlers, soldiers and others. We are being attacked from all sides and painful of all, is that in our country - our brothers, do not understand the tragedy of unbridled assault of the division and so tragic laceration inside Israel.

To al of Israel true lovers, hold your hands along this time and don't be afraid to speak out without propaganda and without violence, with a clear statement " We have no other country" and we know what happened because of baseless hatred.

I call again to the love of heritage and the love of God.


De period between the straits

August 2, 2018

Dear Friends!

We are now in the period of between the straits, according to tradition, these three weeks, over generations, not simple things occurred to the people of Israel. Termination of these days is at 9th of AV, the day that marks the destruction of both Temples and other difficult events .I would like to share my own "between the straits" : Yesterday, was a slight earthquake in the north area of Tiberias, and some of my friends live in the area and they have told me their feelings.
I felt that the earth says it's word : She wants to create a new reality after thousands of years of bloody winds. Periods of barren desert desolate and abandoned, and long periods of deep deep internal conflicts, vested coalesce and unite around the biblical vision: The wonderful land of light, harmony, love and grace of people and G-d.
A country within her - being a light, wonderful potential to the rest of the world. I felt those as painful labors , seeking to sever the painful past, and the feelings of rejection and abandonment, the self-hatred, endless persecutions, to experience salvation, Repair and guides. A world of peace and harmony can be progress which becomes the advancement of human priorities, which are promote the human soul and the discovery of the wonderful treasures- buried in the human psyche.

This is a very challenging time, and here is my illustration which arose in my heart and I share it with you: the hearts of people of the country are enormous and with wonderful springs of grace. But unfortunately, often, it is much easier to realize this grace in distant lands such as the rush to help countries suffering from an earthquake or a tsunami. Organizations quickly, organized to help Syrian refugees.

All these are noble goals, but there is a problem: there is a deep interest which might not be pleasant to some ears to hear: In my opinion a lot of aid we seek to bring to other places is to try and prove the world and seek its approval to please and look humanitarian.
But there is a deep psychological issue here, that I think it stems from self-hatred. Why not turning forces and these wonderful grace for the people in our beloved country which has many needs: the elderly - living in poverty, utilization and Holocaust survivors who don't know their rights and other injustices. These days, where people and children of Gaza Strip area - suffering for months, from the soot of terrorism kits with fire. Of course, there is always a light of fireflies as contribute and help, and thanks to this we are proud to be part of this nation.

But as I said, there is excessive self-righteousness and a desire to curry favor with the world whereas here inside is a real need to increase the light of love between us. I felt this wonderful body called Israel , needs to do with his own soul and break up a sense of self-rejection and poverty which we implore for aid from the kings of the world.
That is not our salvation ... Not at all! Salvation will come with directing gaze inward, cure separated organs and increasing strength here with our brothers everywhere, not just segments sellers . First we need to make the act of reconciliation and self-acceptance of all of us.

Once again we recognize the true size is not contingent on anything. The greatest thing to recognize that our inherent right, and to breathe it in and out. The love of the Interior here in our midst. I feel great privilege with "lechaim " applying this commands over 14 years, and our hand continue in that.

We are currently, preparing an operation to bring 100 children from the southern region bordering Gaza, that their economic situation is not very good to have few days of vacation with creative activity as we have done in the past. This operation will be with the help of G-d - 5/8, and we will be happy to host families from Shderot and other places surrounding the Gaza Strip to connect hearts.
We need a serious contribution which may reach 15,000-20,000 dollars. These days will include everything: transportation, food, lodging and activities throughout the days.

I wish all of us - the activists of "Lechaim", Legendary Volunteers Abroad - special prayers for the inhabitants of this country to experience a new birth of cosmic expansion with honest heart who wishes to give, to see the other part of us.

Congratulations to the great partners from Neve Michael, apprentices and apprenticeship, Tzviya Yechiam , and of-course Rivka- our association of "lechaim" having the cooperation and promote human fastening. It must be remembered: We were able to reach the moon, we have created an atomic bombs, but the expansion of the human mind - was not a priority. It's time for new priorities which the human spirit is counts !!!

Warm regards, and Shabbat Shalom !

To plant beautiful flowers in a wild field

July 21, 2018

Dear Friends !

We during the Three Weeks symbolizes more than any dry period, confusion, soot and fire, a lot of clouds of low energies. And of course such a period can make us to fall into the trap of laziness, degeneration and even occasionally - despair ... or .... to choose life! And precisely walking in our burnt fields, we chose to plant flowers very beautiful or simply to increase good deeds by trying to rise above the mood of our interior. And while we are preparing to give a good first set, of children with their parents from Shderot - away from the wildfire and give them few days of refilling refreshment freshness and well-being for the soul. Thanks to the donations from a dear friends who make it possible.

Thus, in mid-August, the first group will go out and we will arrange for them a wide range of activities and fun ethical and well planned. What purpose of this operation? First and most importantly, to try and understand what goes on with large families at the hot summer months and what raises the temperature of these fires coming from the hearts of the wicked evil , seeking to make the lives of the people of the South unbearable. Imagine that this terrible tension missiles and air pollution from the terrible fire by the flying kits.

Families with 8-9 children or more, how they cope during such times? Try to imagine it, it's inhuman !!! And we are able to feel and connect heart to heart the situation of our brothers in the south, it's time for doing !!! First of all to connect with them and let them know that North East West and South - belong to one body called the people of Israel!

I am proud of our friends around the world who understand what I'm talking about, who understand the greatness of the hour to do great deeds - as we have done in the past. aoaur hand is steel open and we ask over the next few months to allow more children and families to have a few days of freedom to gather new energy.

We need more donations and we will do our best to fulfill, and all of us will be partners for planting very nice flowers, and diluting the heavy and black clouds.

Let the light of pure love and clouds of giving and blessing. Thank God, and thank you all.


The battle in the south

July 19, 2018

Dear Friends!

Once again, I find myself with the need to put on paper what is so obvious to my heart when it comes to the battle that takes place these days in Gaza. And here , as I do always , I will try to touch this subject either : the open side and the hidden one.

What we see openly?

Over 30,000 Dunams were burned under the terror in the Negev which is sweep the fields, the animals, and polluting the air - not only with thick smoke but especially from the energy of darkness and evil of those - who send it and we will call them the members of darkness.

Only on Saturday, landed 200 missiles in the Gaza periphery !!!!!

At least, freshly big miracle, because no one was hurt and we return to the word miracle: It is indeed, a great miracle and miraculous providence. How is it possible that all this terrible terrorist with no casualties ?!

However, there is a big problem: what we are doing and how the Israeli government practices in this situation? For some unknown reason, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense has decided to "contain" the events in the south, and the reasons are "unknown", reasons, probably related to many foreigner considerations. And here my friends, I can tell the simple truth: First: Israeli leaders that their eyes and hearts listening for too many responses in the world, and thus, they lose consideration of faith, for whom who looks only for one thing: the defense of Israel, and to stand firm and clear in-front of all who try to sabotage us, and simply "the one who rise to kill you - kill him first!" Sharp, smooth and clear !!!

Unfortunately, there are many voices that still believe that giving money into the Gaza Strip, will end the motivation for terrorism, and here the answer is: It is a lie !!! All the money which has sent to the Gaza Strip have been used only for the purpose of strengthening and consolidating Chamas!

Second: it must be remembered that the whole story here is not money or "prosperity" as the Western world is trying to sell for itself and unfortunately, this rotten idea also - affects our leaders, and it is extremist Islamic ideologies, sole purpose is killing and destruction. This is a long-term education and motivation for radical Islam. Only a blind man does not see it also elsewhere in the world.

There is another problem that stand in front of us clearly: the terrorists language is not the language of the enlightened West. All the "containing " or non-response, is interpreted as unequivocal weakness and adds tons of fuel hatred, increases their motivation to continue terrorism. I repeat again : any weakness or lack of response and containment- increases once more motivation for them to terror and destruction. My heart is with the people living in the South.

And now, few words about the hidden part: I believe with all my heart, that the purpose of these troubles are primarily inspire the people of Israel to unit, by understanding the deep need to return with recognition for the wonderful gift we received and the eternal covenant with the Almighty and the reminder that we experience both the North and south daily, that the true spirit of the people of Israel Is the spirit that unites and understand priorities in our lives. It is not only the right to freedom malls and holidays, but a time of growth, purification and cleansing, understanding words of generations. It served days some melancholy and sad, but also a lot of wealth and happiness, and tremendous hope in it. The wealth of Knowledge, which the people of Israel, the G-d of Israel, and the land of Israel are mixed together and bring back the light of the world.

I pray that our leaders , will come to their senses, and will lead with determination without consideration of the interests, adversely affecting dark vision of our leaders.

Best regards,


A reminder to all of you dear friends!

We need serious contributions for 100 children in order to take them for a few days off, so that they will have some rest and joy during the hottest summers and the impossible situation that exists in the South.

Thanks ahead,

Sun flowers

21 juni 2018

I had the privilege to live in a yard that the homeowners have a life work on their yard care and they are a combination of the primers of Zichron who understand the present we are live in . It is a cultivated courtyard and when I open my door, my eyes meet a lot of colors in various shades of the seasons, a variety of flowers, trees and seasonal fruits. One morning at dawn, when the sun came up I saw a rare and very special sight when I opened my door. There is a stone terrace that have doubles as sidewalks and planters side of many plants. My eyes captured a wonder sight at the point where it is very rigid concrete and rigid rocky soil, which never broke and flowed, and there grew up out of the rocky soil - beautiful Sun flowers.

The Sun flowers are bright flowers and very delicate with beautiful designs their vitality is the sunlight. I felt tremendous excitement and ran to Yael - the landlady and I called her to come and see the great wonder, and how hard place and almost impenetrable, have extremely wonderful flowers with beautiful designs. She went out and took a picture of me by the beauty of these angels.

When I was alone, I continued to look at this beauty, and understood more deeply the challenging and not easy at all, of the amazing story of the Israeli nation. How out of barren ground, difficulties and many attempts, yet - slowly they emerge the poets sun flowers the way they look . It is a great message of how out of the straits, the aridity and wilderness, beauty can bloom if only we will work with light.

This revelation led me to further experience with Zliliyah who is the poet of the world. When I arrived, she showed me two fruit bowls. One with a large and beautiful fruits, and the second one with small apples and apricots which look pale and emaciated compressed , and she asked me playfully: "What you see in front of you, Daniel?" I said that I see the first bowl with a large and juicy fruits that look inviting, and on the other side in the second fruit bowl -tiny pale fruits which is not seem inviting to the palate. Zliliyah took a knife and cut a big juicy apple to half, the apple was in the process of decay and the decay was without a rustic flavor was bland industrialized which looks beautiful outside but rotten inside. I turned to the second bowl took a little scrawny and cut it in half and the perspective of my heart skipped a beat: Yellow juicy delicious commissioning. I took it, closed my eyes and felt the taste of paradise. It happened again when Zliliyah cut for me a little pale apple, but it looked so juicy and special. Here, too, the taste was heaven ... We sat quietly for a moment and Zliliyah told me : "Daniel! That's how the world looks like today. The outside is so misleading and sometimes frightening. Outer shape became idolatry in the Western world. The amount and size have become a formula for success and all this - apparently again I remember the verse: ", but I didn't love you as many because you are the least". Precisely in the small pale fruit, find the secret glow of light , and the sweetness of the singing angels. All it takes to change the perspective even if it seems that the situation is difficult, unresolved, and many enemies in the south, north, east and west, looks like lions and giants who seek to destroy us. Let us remember that faith is not majored by the size but the real inner size. And there, as shine and lightning in lions, leopards, and huge hyenas, they get pale near them and can't beat them as the story of King David before he was king: short , beautiful eyes and his look, who managed to defeat the misleading and wrong giant as Goliath. Many Thanks to the donors.

Dear Friends ! In recent weeks, thanks to a successful campaign of Raitzhel who joined us recently to help "Lechaim " on fundraising, and the collaboration of Orit Margalit, a former classmate of mine, we were able to please other Holocaust winners with new air conditioners which will really make their lives easier. (See video below)

Ori Margalit


We wish to continue to provide air conditioners this summer to more Holocaust winners.

Thanks to the donors!

Shabbat Shalom!


A letter of thanks :

As coordinator of the community support, I would like to thank Amutat "Lechaim" for giving an air condition to the Krachevski family. With your donation we were able to optimize the quality of life of Vladimir who also needed oxygen at night . On this occasion I would like to thank Orit Margalit who were in contact with me and Israel who was the Installer. Mali arbiv supportive community - Zfat.

Another letter of thanks for the renovation done by the students from Baraam before finishing their studies there:

In honor of "Lechaim": Shalom and blessings .

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the blessed paintings and the renovation for the 3 elderly women who visit our center. Tverskoy Svetlana, Sverdlov Katrina and Ester Maman, on the 9.5.18. As mentioned, above the project borrowed by the spirited and kind-hearted volunteers Orit Margalit that did all the middle ware and was closely of choosing the women, contacting with the families, the hours and the volunteers themselves. The lucky women are excited and thank from the bottom of their hearts the blessed initiative. This was a unique opportunity for them to turn their cabin to become cozy and more. No doubt you work quickly and sensitively, much responsibility for the elderly and provide solutions where no other factor that does it. So ... On behalf of the 3 ladies and their families and the Center we want to express our gratitude and our appreciation

Best regards,

Esther Shaoul- Savionim the manager of the Centre, and Ofra Avraham - the social worker of the Centre.


For every $1.000 we can raise today, an A/C system can be installed

June 11, 2018

Dear Friends,

As you know from our regular updates, LeChaim is busy year-round working with dedicated young adults who are part of the LeChaim family, helping and creating meaningful relationships with Holocaust survivors in Israel.

But right now we are now faced with a task that we must fulfill immediately as the summer begins, and we need your help to lead the success of a campaign that we are launching today.

The hot summer months are already upon us - and there are still Holocaust survivors in Israel living without air conditioning. Our young volunteers are saddened to see their dear friends still living without A/C in the often unbearable heat of the Israeli summer, at risk of dehydration in their old age.

For every $1000 we can raise today, an A/C system can be installed immediately so that a Holocaust survivor can get through this summer in dignity and comfort.

As you know well, our guiding principle is to provide the basic needs of Holocaust survivors without bureaucracy and without delay.

LeChaim is eager to install air conditioners right away for those survivors who are unsure today how they will get through the heat of the summer; and LeChaim will pay many of their summer electricity bills to ensure that the systems are put into much-needed use.

We are turning to you first, asking you to create the momentum to inspire the rest of the crowd to jump on board and reach the goal in our crowdfunding campaign. Let's not wait until tomorrow.

Here's how you can help with just a few clicks:

Click here to enter our crowdfunding campaign >>
Select the currency for your donation (USD/GBP/ILS) and the amount that you can give. Donations are tax-deductible in the United States and the UK.
Click on "Donate Now" and complete your payment details.

To make a donation to LeChaim in Euro or other currencies, please use

Please keep in mind that $1.000 covers the immediate purchase and installation of one air conditioner.

Thank you for your support and for helping ensure the success of LeChaim's campaign to raise $10.000!

If you have any questions, I would love to share more details.



Exciting gathering with Maitzar pre-army students

June 7, 2018

Dear Friends!

On Thursday- last week, me and Timek were invited for the closing meeting with the preparatory apprenticeship trainees from "Maitzar" in the Golan heights, who were involved in the project this year.

We have gathered and heard thier wonderful experiences and it moved us to tears. example one of the students who visited regularly Zelma from Genosar, and obviously felt a sense of mission, but the highlight was when Zelma has died and at the funeral he met her family and there was the exciting thing of all: through the family he understood the size of his contribution to their mother - grandmother Zelma. Only in death and with exciting reflection of the family he could realize the size of the contribution and mission of his visits to the constant with Zelma - bless her memory. Sharing with her family members was a shocking point to him and only now he realized the magnitude and strength of mind which Zelma has got from those visits.

My friends, sometimes with a difficult circumstances of life, it is hard to understand the magnitude of what a wonderful time and how deep the fact of death bring us to discover the power of life.

The students shared us their feelings and one of the students : Elianor , has replied when I asked (her reply can be heard on a video) adjusted to emphasize the tremendous importance of the relationship of cordial living, breathing face to face and some communication as whatsup and Facebook and other "wonders", are not able to feed what the soul needed trough direct contact. Participants also said that this project will remain in their hearts forever and confirmed that through this project grew their love to the Land of Israel, and how much this inter generational meetings has potentially much deeper than just visits. These meetings touching heart and soul of the pulse of Israel for generations. This meeting bring people together and show with no words the depth of the unity of the ancient journey of ancient destiny of an ancient nation, and very, very timeless.

We left, feeling very wonderful strengthened understanding the importance of this modest project already starting it's 15 year with a very small budget without unnecessary publicity and in-depth work along all year bringing a flew of fresh water to the souls .

Thanks to all the students and all partners, and thanks to the Almighty for the wonderful opportunity to be part of this project.

Shabbat Shalom,

My talk with Zlilyah (again)

Dear Friends where ever you are !

I would like to share with you the story from the upper regions of paradise, with the song of the angels.

I happened to have a intensifies conversation, with the winner named Zlilyah, who has called and asked me if I would like to hear a little about her thoughts and about the magical and empower things which is on, right now.

"Dear Daniel," she said with her thin powerful tone: "Do you want to know what made me watch the last Eurovision- song contest, and what I have learned from Neta's winning?" and with her certain sound which I am familiar with, I knew that I am going to hear things with depth and flavor. And this is what she said:

"Daniel, the story is not about Neta but what it represents and what is this event represents. It is an accurate mirror of our society and the Western society in particular. A lot of vulgarity, lack of musical taste, even getting close to violence..."

But I see something else" , so said my dear Zliliyah," I felt through Netta

her scream and the cry of tremendous thirst for meanings !!!

I felt a calling voice which breaks the tools and actually disgusted with the status quo and seeks recognition and depth in the soul, appreciation and sympathy, including all festival and subsequent bursting joy, cry and plea are really the water of life to the Gospel of hope. Of course," continued Zliliyah," with thirst there is does not matter what drink vinegar toxic drinks "prefabricated" , because anything goes.

"Lamentations was a prostitute" - so said Zliliaya. And a voice full of longing, went on and played her song : "No Daniel! Neta does not represent my Israel, neither she, nor festivities and dialects and the words of the members of the public and politics attribute "pride" for this win.

"No Daniel," said Zliliyah, with pain, "this is not my Israel, that could be mine , and for it I miss it."

I listened, and my heart pounding and allow myself to ask gently:" tell me, what is the sound of your Israel? And what do you miss?"

"Daniel darling!" said Zliliyah, "my Israel, as a full of pomegranate, with Jewish culture of dialogue and dignified human touch, so many of us have a real treasures. I miss poetry with gentle Jewish power in which there is full of beauty and character. I miss the Jewish national pride, being with a giant massage, still hesitating we announce, I miss the real pride of being through consolidated and love, around the kingdom of G-d and the Torah of the Land of life of the saint his modesty and humility are contracted, not extend but streaming as a quite marvelous wonderful river.

And this is difficult to find these days" - so said Zliliyah

My eyes watered and I told her:" Zliliyah , it is good that somebody like you- exists in this world"

Chapter two: Few words about our political situation in my own words:

As I said before, the situation we are in, is overt and covert.

Openly - fulfillment of the prophecies of the Union nations world-almost all of them against the people of Israel living in Zion. Also in the north and the south, winds of war are blowing.

But no less, extraordinary evil hypocrisy mainly of sanctimonious Europeans which is their time will come.

In the open, it does seem insoluble. All around us- seeks to destroy us and among us there are plotters, with opinion of defaming the country. This is logically, does not have a solution, but all of this is in the open.

And in the hide, the only solution is spiritual. Alongside trying to worship the security forces led by the IDF to defend Israel, there is a solution that should please and straighten us all, and held solution but never, never abandoned His people of Israel.

We must continue to strengthen the faith of our measurements, straight through, to study the depth and the internally happiness and the wonderful beauty existing in the people of Israel. To block our ears and close our eyes from the hypocritical evil sounds - coming from Europe. To continue with courage and believe in our way but simultaneously to fix and correct, which required us to do it - the sooner the better. The massage is that we continue to live and our enemies should know this and know that "There is no one - but G-d."

Hear O Israel, Our G-d, G-d is One.


Redemption sounds - According to Zliliyah

May 30, 2018

Dear Friends! With great pleasure and expanding the mind, here's a conversation I had with Zliliyah- a wonderful soul. A woman with a simple and clear understanding and believes - as her name implies: the sound of Ya(Yhova)!

Our conversation was about the high topic which is all of us await its occurrence: Redemption. Zliliyahis a women of language and words, especially the sacred language - which is the Hebrew language. So she said: "Daniel, Daniel, some distortion, some lack of knowledge and some blindness has concepts and understanding mentioned the word Messiah! The whole world, including the majority of the Jewish people, expect the Messiah, but I, my dear , do not expect Messiah. I am looking forward to the savior - which is G-d, and there is no any other G-d ! Here, let me Clarifying the biblical concept of the word Messiah, Savior, Prophet, etc. And start with the Messiah: Messiah is mentioned in the context of the king - the anointed name from the word anoint a king, who were choose by Hashem. In other words : David - anointed as the king of Israel, and the same goes for Shaul and Solomon - they all, were anointed to be kings of Israel. But unfortunately, "so playing Zliliyah" Many attribute the concept of the Messiah feature of the Redeemer and Savior, "and so she continued," Moses, bless his memory, was a great prophets of Israel denoted by the name Avdi Moses (Moses my servent)the servant of G-d. and how He, called Yeshayahu the prophet? Avdi Isaiah. I mean subscribers of affection and closeness with the servants of G-d and His effection to the people of Israel, with endless love, calls G-d "my servant Jacob." And what about the Redeemer and Savior? So here are several quotes from the Bible : Isaiah Chapter 43 "11, even I, am the G-d; and beside Me there is no savior".

Isaiah Ch. 42 " 8 I am the G-d, that is My name; and My glory will I not give to another, neither My praise to graven images." Isaiah Chapter 25 "19 And it shall be said in that day: 'Lo, this is our G-d, for whom we waited, that He might save us; this is G-d , for whom we waited, we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation". Isaiah Chapter 47 " 4 Our Redeemer, The G-d of hosts is His name, The Holy One of Israel."

And my heart expands to the poetry of Zliliyah, and she continues to play on my soul:" You know Daniel, the holy language is Hebrew. Language has a big secret and it is practically impossible to translate really the sacred language to any other language and problems of distortion and confusion and stem from arrogance of people who do not even understand the meaning of the written Hebrew. "So how we can do the order, I asked Zlilyah ? How can we clarify the true intention clearly written in the Bible?" And so answered me Zliliyah "For this to happen, should be the desire of people to be willing to part from the misconceptions and superstitions bordering on idolatry for thousands of years. In other words, one needs courage even if it means complete destruction of previous understandings and move into the light with a new understanding , which are freedom and message, and deep understanding of the absolute unity with the holy One of Israel, as it is written: "There is no other G-d but him"!

In conclusion of the case, The Rambam well wrote that many of the issues of salvation - we will not know until they will come. But one thing is clear: the Redeemer, Savior, Healer, establishes a covenant with the G-d of Israel - Jehovah! "And to honor Him - no other one will give ! He is the Savior! "

And then my last question to Zliliyah - and a wonderful answer came from her mouth: "What about the persons mentioned as Elijah and as the scion from Yishai ? and she is answering: " Messenger - This is the essence of this issue. Messengers were always people of Israel but remember the sender - is Hashem. And the messenger main function is to restore our hearts to know His name.

Last but not least, Daniel! "

I can't without say few words about what happens in the South. I hear many commentators who say that we have to say goodbye to Gaza and the Palestinians. What I have to say about it:
We can not break up idea and ideology. Even at the Holocaust, I remember people who preferred not to see, not to hear and not to confront , but to sink their lives materialistic and egocentric and do not interfere with the rest, "So said Zliliyah and her words hammered in my heart," and today Daniel, people want "good life", and do not want to face reality . While it is easy to understand, but this is the problem of humanity and Israel in particular because we have nowhere to flee, and we must confront these attempts us that in these difficult experiences there is a very wonderful line: restore the vision of our eternal That without a vision - Nation will be perished! "

So said Zliliyah, and this talk makes me with mental expansion.

Shabbat Shalom !

Heart chambers according to Zliliya

May 24, 2018

How I love the conversations with Zliliya. How much these meetings elevate my mind. But, in order to meet her I need deep preparation by closing my eyes, relax my body and traveling in the country with no times , in a wonderful spaces where we meet true encounter of the souls.

"Zliliya ", I turn to her, "You tell me a lot about the situation in this world, about truth and lies. What's the secret of meeting the great truth that has no name but has everything - that we long for ?"

And Zlilyah, breathing slightly with mysterious smile, closing her eyes and wondrous sounds like a dream coming and I take them eagerly. So says Zliliyah the grandmother: " Dear Daniel! Every person has a heart, and the heart have many rooms and a lot of doors. The big secret is exploratory, endless search sometimes in the dark, and desire for truth for the one who look to find the right door, and what a wonderful thing when a person is ready , and manage to create a door that match - where the secret is hazy. But, when there is harmony, and there is a match, the person gets plenty of light which opens his eyes, expanding his heart, and a melody of truth playing in his soul . This is a remarkable discovery that removes a lot of screens. It is a wisdom, but not intellect wisdom and rational thoughts... It is a quiet wisdom, which expend the knowledge of the person. But ,it isn't just to live with the knowledge that not many has found the right door and perhaps too many are not seeking for it. Many heart chambers -" so play Zliliyah, "and those the only few who chosen and opened the door - it will never be closed again. But here is not the end of the journey. To open the door it is a first step through the door - the journey is just the beginning, and it takes courage and a heart which seek truth . Courage - because the more enchanting the picture becomes as pure as it is, the spirits of darkness and the black wind and billions of cheating colors, and there are obstacles trying to interfere. Thus, the person wandering at any moment, and take pains to keep the alliance very near to the real sound! and if " continue Zlilyah " you need to know Daniel , the journey is endless until the long-awaited encounter a magical time to desire where he meet the Supreme Light which spaces, where cleanliness and clean will be governed by one and all. But we should be aware that once we entered the door, we can never go back and on our journey into the world of the truth it is so easy to see distortion, hypocrisy and blindness. But remember that misery has not found the right door and as stated there are many which never seek for it. And then " continues Zlilyah, "dear Daniel! I love "lechaim" : to feel the joy of meaningful Jewish creation . You are helping many souls to reach the trap door without a lot of words and not being too smart. Just beyond the door, making true light. I love you and feel the music of young hearts yearning sounds of the living G-d, "so said Zlilyah.

Shabbat Shalom,

The Song of the Angels in the city of Zfat

May 11, 2018

Dear friends!

The whole story have began, some time when Gali from the preparatory of Baraam, has contact me and asked for the addresses of houses that need renovation from the Holocaust winners and other seniors. For the purpose of this operation, I summoned my dear classmate Orit , who took upon herself the subject of coordination between the Mechanistim , the elderly and us, and indeed, some of the houses were in a very serious conditions and the other is definitely needed some renovations. "Lechaim" has taken on funding, and two weeks later, we all needed to find to this complex logistical operation, a suitably qualified professional, who can accompany this project from the start to the end. Also, representatives of the students, the professional and Orit ,did visit on the process of the preparation on order to be familiar with the area residents. At this point, I would like to express my deep appreciation for all the great Flares light - the sparks of lights' right of all parties concerned. First of all, the Creator , gave us a great privilege - to increase the light in Israel and for you the students from Baraam, No one is like you! Wonderful humility and deep sense of mission, with no previous experience, went out the task, required task with a lot of attention and sensitivity to the small details, and did so in a most remarkable way. Dear students! You are the beautiful of Israel! You're The Best!!!

Secondly, Jackie - the painter , a simple man with a huge heart that his story is really touching. He won in a lottery a total of NIS 600,000 and pledged to help the needy people for free , with no money. Jackie you are a men of light! He also took care for the youngsters, took them in his car, from place to place. He bought appropriate materials and guide them on the ground. Jackie, huge thank you. May there be many like you in Israel.

Third, I have already mentioned Orit. As her name implies! A big light , wonderful soul who for many days and voluntarily, has controlled with sensitivity and endless worry, miraculously find a place for the elderly along the days of renovation. could not stay home while at work. And her wonderful communication with the students.

Last but not least: Orit Avraham's son, who is himself a mechanistic Tiberias, undertook by accompanying one of the houses that were in the worst condition. Dear Abraham - million thanks!

And of course, Donators of the "Lechaim" in Israel and abroad, enabling us all this goodness. Indeed, a great light came from Galilee and at a good time the job was finished today (Wednesday) for the best. And for you, our dear Shir , from the vastness of the Arava, accompanied and encouraged - in your unique way.

Shabbat Shalom !


The Iranian issue

May 2, 2018

Dear Friends!

On Sunday night , on a special status and dramatically, Israel expected a mysterious speech - but with promising line of our Prime Minister. Indeed, shortly after 20 pm the Israeli nation has been informed about the outstanding success of the intelligence community to collect essential material from Iran's evil plan, and actually confirmed what we already know: The Iranian deception. Indeed, before all, this is a huge success, worthy of all respect and appreciation. But ... on a closer look, I want to go back and try to stimulate a different thinking.

Let's start from the open and then move to the covert : In the Open, let's see the benefits of externalization by publishing in a grandiose way almost as an art, as we experienced that night. So, here are my conclusions in my humble opinion, based on the Bible, and from there I pick my conclusions.

1. Who have to be convinced? Europeans have been shown in the past that they are a broken reed, and as we have already heard in the morning the reaction was denying reality. This is not a surprise. Indeed, they are broken reed, and salvation will never come from there. The USA - are already convinced. They know the truth but also here, we have a "lower expectations" and can't think that Uncle Sam would be somebody to lean on.

2. On the newspaper "Israel Today" ( Monday) on page 9, there is a very impressive title: "Israeli achievement ! Our heart burst with pride. "Indeed, a great achievement, but unfortunately the second part of the title:" Our heart burst with pride "is just a potion of poison once again - and the history really knows it, showing that pride and arrogance will not guarantee good news. The results we experienced couple days ago of arrogance, have been with the painful tragedy -in the flood disaster, which undoubtedly arrogance of directors and the inability to consider realistically the situation, led to the deaths of 10 innocent souls.

And back to thet night: In my humble opinion, our leader had to speak to his nation in Hebrew, and try to explain simply and modestly the situation on all fronts - especially in the north. As a leader-leadership is a great duty, but also the right to petition to elevate the spirit by encouraging people to be united, with personal involvement as educator, from a solid point, from the screening of an immense love for his people with great ability of giving self example. And people need such leadership. There are many uncertainties and some people fear and have a major concern, and here a real leader can buy his world. In conclusion, we must understand: Israel's strength is the spirit, the power of humility and faith of a world champion defender of Israel forever - The Master of the Universe. And now, we will go briefly through the hidden part that connects us with some ideas written above. Also openly and to the believers among us, who understand it somewhat from the purpose of the events of the Apocalypse. By looking deeper, we realize that G-d turns all the events for one purpose: to respond to our hearts the news "There is no one - but him!" As stated in the Bible to any length and breadth: 39 See now that I, even I, am He, and there is no G-d with Me; I kill, and I make alive; I have wounded, and I heal; and there is none that can deliver out of My hand". (from Prashat Listen, Deuteronomy Ch. 32). In other words, as long as our eyes and our minds seek to" rescue "from idols, we have to be ready for disappointment and it is simple: all the events leading to the basic assumption which is taught that Israel is indeed dwell alone, and we can't really rest or be depend in some way, on the world. But, the story is deeper and studies requested to every person in private. learn the concept of pagan culture and to engage in cleaning, release, all forms of idols outside and discover what content people and as individuals the amazing powers who planted us Creator to tell him - that is, not only to believe, but with God's help and the right of redemption knowing the overall presence of the Almighty!

I sincerely congratulate our people of Israel! Our leaders, the security personnel, and the intelligence, to continue being successful , but knowing that "Not with my strong hand ", without arrogance and vanity but God's blessing really, nothing but His blessing, that we will earn being protected and salvation. We can get out from any situation as it is written, "Times of troubles Jacob - and from that it will be saved."


Lighting the beacon of my life - A divine embrace

April 26, 2018

Dear Friends !

The Independence Day celebrations are behind us now and with them the euphoria that accompanies the bombastic events. And now - back to normal.

Still, I want to share my experience from that day, when it was a pleasure to see unique and worthy souls. First, the great miracle of Israel’s connected souls was brilliantly brought to us by one heroic woman named Miriam Peretz. A woman who lost two sons and her husband, but from the depths of her grief found tremendous power! Great powers that I call the secret of revival! With a big yes to life! The way Miriam spoke at the Israel Prize ceremony was simple and honest, penetrating every beating heart. The miracle occurred as she stood beside a radical leftist , a worthy writer but sorrowfully an outspoken critic of Israel.

The amazing thing is that the words of honesty that came from the very depths of Miriam’s soul succeeded in penetrating even into heart of steel. So, suddenly and for a few magical moments, all opinions, all hard-heartedness, all separations dissolved. This is where the soul of a Jew yearns and meets with the other. This is the yearning of the entire people of Israel. We watched and listened eagerly with bright eyes, with thirst and longing – not so much for what Miriam said but much more for the tune that her words played, penetrating souls that hold diverse views and old disputes. This is the door to the tree of life! There lies the soul that soars above and sanctifies the memory of her sons - her loved ones.

Miriam managed to open that door in their hearts. They were divine moments that managed to elevate an entire nation to great heights of longing and a taste for a new light. But, dear friends, this journey has not ended. After the ceremonies we return to everyday life, back to our daily challenges, and it is there that we need to find sparks of light, sparks of connection.

Ceremonies are nice to see, but the bombastic and shiny events do not do all of the work. It is on the regular days, in heart-to-heart contact that we meet with the less pleasant things. However, that is also what is so special about the Israeli nation – bringing out the sweet from the sour, rebuilding from the destruction and sanctifying from the impure. This commitment requires perseverance and humility. But its fruits are wonderful.

To conclude, we send more warm regards from the activities of "LeChaim", where we are active far from the shining lights of ceremonies, bringing life and light every day, throughout the year, and strengthening attachments and connections between the younger and older generations, and recognizing the true depths of this wonderful nation - the Israeli nation.

This is my beacon! Feeling the joy of meaningful Jewish creation and remembering that "the Strength of Israel will not lie"!


Independence Day - 70

(Independence = No dependence!)

April 17, 2018

Dear Friends!

Passover - the holiday of freedom - is over. Holocaust Memorial Day has already passed. Now we have Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism, and the "icing on the cake" will be Independence Day.

In this article, we will try to express the wish for independence that I so long for with all my heart. I’m happy to share this with you - our friends.

The People of Israel returned to its land after thousands of years in exile and discovered its destiny and the wonderful treasure, hidden among the stones of the sacred soil; wonderful secrets, a sacred and vitalizing power, great vivacity and a wonderful tiding for Israel and the entire world; the covenant and the never-ending connection with the G-d of Israel and the universe.

To connect with this wonderful treasure, which has the power to bring about rehabilitation and cure from the thousands of years of exile, doubts, agitation, a lot of blood and pain, and tragedy experienced by this nation, I wish to touch on several points that might help create some internal order - at least in the hearts of souls seeking meaningful, true and learning values.

Today we face many fronts where our enemies seek to destroy and harm us in every way possible, physically and spiritually. In the south of the country, our Army faces a cruel and determined enemy that does now know the word “Peace”, whose life and role is to disturb Israel and bring it trouble. Perhaps on a deeper level they will recognize our truth, but that requires deep internal learning.

What is independence? It isn’t easy for our fighters trying to protect the border with Gaza with all their might. We are constantly warned “not to break international law”, to defend human rights. And here is where I pray, that people with healthy reasoning, from one heart to another in truth, will listen well to the question, “Which international law is it referring to?” Where was the international law during the Holocaust, when six million of our brothers were slaughtered? Where has the same “international law” been in relation to the massacre of a people for the past seven years in Syria? Where is it when the Russian tyrant slaughters innocent people in neighbouring countries and opponents in his own country? Where is the “international law” in those places where it is needed? And why, why is so precise and clear when referring to the world’s most moral army and the most justified war? Let us think where our independence is.

1. Combating Anti-Semitism: In my humble opinion, we have no interest in fighting anti-Semitism at all, but we do have an interest in strengthening Jewish identity, strengthening internal awareness as a people that loves itself and recognizes the power of the “the Holy Temple that will bring Torah to the entire world.”

Instead of investing in advocacy against anti-Semitism, we should increase advocacy within ourselves, in education, for taking mutual responsibility that is based on the Ten Commandments, found in the world’s bestseller – the Bible. We should invest in our priorities, instead of fulfilling the desire to strengthen ‘Me! I am!’, giving more strength to projects that enable us all to learn the wonderful secret inherent in us: "Love your neighbor as yourself." Its mystery includes brotherly love, which requires study and practice. I believe that anti-Semitism is like cancer that grows in a vacuum, without identity; it is in that lack of identity that darkness dwells.

To conclude this thought, we should not be approaching the nations of the world begging for recognition, because we will not receive it. History confirms this. Not even as a symbolic gesture, a miraculous gesture for our existing in here for 70 years. We must understand that it is not this stamp of approval that we desire, but our own personal agreement to love with all our hearts and souls – who we are, this place that with all its glory and power still blinds us a bit and we do not fully enjoy it. We must accept and internalize the fact, promised from Above: We are a nation of light, and instead of the “international law”, we will adopt the law and justice written in the everlasting Book of Books, and receive its blessing.

2. The Golden Calf: It’s important that our Independence Day celebrations not contain notes of arrogance and conceit, and pouring of millions for a festival of culture that holds no value. It is more important that Independence be a celebration of the sanctity of life; of sanctified Jewish creativity based in priorities of justice and charitability; of learning the wonderful beauty in loving one’s fellow, in giving, in heart-to-heart connection. The Jewish nation must take care of its disadvantaged by being involved in community activities with a focus on elevating those who are disadvantaged – with a shift in thought patterns that change their future. We must be cautious in how we provide for them – not in grandiose surroundings, with grandiose performances with celebs and material pampering - but with understanding of what true values are in a community, where we all get the same chances.

We should give support for projects that approach those we wish to help as equals, from one heart to another, in the homes of the people, to strengthen them in their own surroundings. All of this should be done in modesty, without advertising fanfare that removes people from true awareness.

I wish the people of Israel on behalf of "L'Chaim " - as its name implies, to feel the happiness of significant, Jewish creation

I wish the people of Israel that we should recognize the gift of life, from which the world will also understand how it needs us for the spiritual message which we have - our freedom! From there anti-Semitism - the Amalekites and those who seek our souls - will be gone.

Wishing to a true renaissance in our bodies and souls.

Eternal One of Israel will not lie! Hear O Israel, Our God is One!

Thanks to all the Mechinot from :

Mayaan Baruch

Kfar Hanasie


and the Soldiers from the army Basis

The students from Neve Micheal

The students from the High school "Yachad" in Modiin and the rest of the volunteers who is doing along the year delicately their mission.



Yom HaShoah

April 13, 2018

Dear Friends!

This week, as every year, we commemorate the Holocaust Day to be held on Thursday - 12/4. Again, I want to try and add some depth by understanding what marks these days, including Independence Day and other Memorial Days.

Unfortunately, these days have become a huge industry of excitement, of bombastic extravagant events, but still the focus is unfortunately, the memories and the excitement that it produces, by asking fundamental questions which are supposed to teach us the causes of these events and what is the improvement as a consequence of these situations. Indeed, it’s very easy to be around the impressive ceremonies and be moved to tears and hear the penetrating stories of horrific testimonies of survivors.

But what has happened in recent years is better than the industry which evades real responsibility and concern for people who still live among us. How to Repair a cure? By accessing a multi-annual clinic learning from the encounters.

What does it means to be with no identity?

What does it means to be scattered in foreign lands trying to forget who we are? Where we are? And most importantly, what makes us people? As a brave Winner has told me not long ago : "Daniel, the Nazis did not kill us because we were Jews, they killed us because we did not know to be Jews" ... This is a hard saying, but very deep. And at the end of the day yet, many Holocaust winners "miss" the Western culture and would be happy to adopt it here in Israel...

I feel the loss that comes from destructive users losing touch with their addicted souls through culture and technology addiction, losing their true nature, and their disappearing identity.

We in "Lechaim", for 14 years, have been working with determination and humility, and we are not a part of the celebration of the Holocaust Day of the media. We feel that the profound learning is happening during regular visits, and the heart to heart communication, refusing to "donate" to the sense of misery and victims, is de most valuable base we work on.

We feel that this project generates and elevates a lot of character and values, but mostly develops equal hearts from our winners as well as from the wonderful young people. Thesemeetings are the time we "force" them to ask the right questions.

In conclusion dear friends! The Israeli Nation is currently facing challenges on both sides, on the North headed by Russia, Iran, Turkey and Syria, Hezbollah, and of course in the South. All these events quickly accelerate and we need to pray but mostly to understand that the time for glorifying grandiose celebrations, radiating arrogance is being very far from strengthening wonderful gift of : A Nation with eternity !!!

Developing a deep awareness and depth of the love of Israel, the Torah of Israel and the God of Israel. And our commitment is to honor, love and cherish our wonderful identity is all engraved in the gold strings Hands of G-d: The nation of G-d!

We in "Lechaim" will continue to strengthen the Jewish connection to the sacred, uplifting and loving people for young and old alike. All such meetings will represent a real and deep training on the study of the Shoah and the improvement resulting from it.

Great blessings to the potential Israeli nation on returning to a modest, sacred place, with a strengthened mind.

Israel eternity - would not lie "," Hear O Israel, our G-d - is One !!!


About  freedom and slavery

March 26, 2018

Hello friends ! In preparation for Passover or more accurately - as part of the depth of cleanliness, that is - internal cleaning to eradicate the Chametz (the habits which we seek to be cleaned out). During these days, it is important to stimulate a genuine answer by thinking "out of the box".

One fatal illness, that harms the human psyche, is the madness associated with smart-phones technology and communications of WhatsApp, and Facebook, which is bombing the mind with a million and one bits of information, causes the brain to jump into anything without talking or digesting the capacity of the information that comes through. But the problem is that there is an addictive element, and companies are well aware of it and give social networks and the masses who know, more and more "wonders of” technology solutions. This situation is dangerous because it weakens and atrophies our natural capability of communication, and the heart to heart that enables one to expand his view of the world beyond himself.   We have to say clearly what people do not like to hear: it is a slavery that we will pay for it and already, we are paying for it.

Allow me to offer a few examples to show unfortunately, without even asking an analyst or psychologist to explain on the evening news: For some time, we are experiencing growing louder, complaints of the effects of complacency which even our beloved army which have - the best of our sons and daughters. Many incidents and mistakes that happen day and night, and more recently - just this week, when three terrorists, managed to enter deep into Israel (30 km), and many mistakes that cause great amazement among the commentators who do not understand what's going on here.

And here's the answer:

Addiction to technology that causes distraction, complacency, and loss of ability to focus!!!  It is also the cause of parents who forget their babies in the car - nothing to remind! Absent mindedness, is also causing many accidents originating from lack of attention. Of course, some might say there is nothing to do, and that is progress. But I say there is something to do and the choice is ours! To agree to stay slaves - which weakens us greatly in front of many challenges standing before us?  or choosing life by realizing the great destruction that brings excessive use of technology alone. This form of communication creates excessive superficiality to view the world in which we live. It creates impatience, violence, egotism and quick gratification.

All what I have said, comes from a great love for Israel and it is important that we know that our strength is the heart to heart communication, live communication, but mainly - focused, rather than erratic. Again, we understand and know: Addiction Communication by smartphones and fast satisfactions, dangerously weakens the human spirit and puts healthy communication channels embedded within us at risk. We in "Lechaim", will continue to strengthen ties ennobling human natural heart to heart throughout the year - as a way of life!

This is an opportunity to wish happy holidays and a great big well done to all of those who are active in "Lechaim" and also our friends abroad, who support us for many years: Happy Passover to all !!!


This is the link to the song wrriten by Amalia and seems to fit in, on this holiday.

Daniel asked: How the project effect your connection with the land of Israel and the nation of Israel? 

Shir is the perfect example for being involved and know how it has been effected her life , and also know how to express it.  Here is her answer :
This family of "Lechaim " , is in my opinion, the people of Israel and the beauty of  Israel .
This family was built with lots of grandparents, who has  built and established the country, dreamed, fantasized and wanted it with all their might. Grandparents who despite all what they have passed , came to Israel, founded it, fought it and for it, built  families and continue to spread their good attitude even being on their age.

This family tree, have most powerful branches of a handful of people which I have great pleasure to be among them. Branches that give their hearts and soul, so the fruit will grow, and  the light reaches everyone and of course by "self-watering" them as well. "Lechaim" has become an integral part of my life with all the challenges and difficulties involved with all the pluses and satisfaction of the infinite and unconditional love that brings family .

Then there are the students, mchanistim and soldiers, and women as my dear Chagit Rosenstein . At first, I thought that the image of a tree and even family tree, as something rooted with branches and fruits and flowers, fits here. But there is one thing which is have duality : The volunteers are from one of the roots that give life and make visits and give of themselves for charming winners as fruits. On the other hand, they get lots and booming themselves. And also the winners who receive and give .

So , some picturesque and wholeheartedly I tried to clear what I see in it , the beauty of Israel .
If every state had such a high quality and contributes to youth, with people who do not compromise justice fighters, and do  speak with elderly Holocaust winners despite all difficulties, who getting up in the morning and smile and believe that there will be good, then our precious  country would look different .

Ruti Keren : I would like to tell amutat "Lechaim" that supports all the way through, my mother Tamar Bar-Levav, and have supported in the past - my father.
On Saturday, we celebrated the 90th birthday of our mother with our lovely family,
Uzi and me , seven grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.
Mother was very happy and very excited
Again very grateful to Daniel, Rebecca, all the volunteers in the country and abroad, for your support, your help to our family and other survivors .

Daniel Braun
E-mail: danielxrw@gmail.com
Phone: + 972 54 772 3510
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The Gate for Change

March 15, 2018

"Love your neighbour as yourself - I am your G-d"

Hello to our friends!

We are approaching Passover - which is the holiday of freedom. But, before we come to the big night of the Seder, Jewish people clean in every corner and every hole. Cleaning !!!

The cleaning is what I want to talk about, to try to learn the real internal cleaning, required now more than ever. I feel that we've reached the top floor of the Tower of Babel of our time. And what does the tower symbolize? It symbolizes the insane excesses of ego culture, of me! I am! I am! This culture was well rooted in humanity for thousands of years and is now paying for it - in the big modern world which is experiencing the results of this terrible culture - a culture of egocentrism.

In this article, I will try modestly, to map the Recovery Option, and change perspective, that it is in our hands as part of a person's rights to choose. A wonderful, very deep paragraph appears with the commandment to "love thy neighbour as yourself - I am your G-d"! And here I would like to suggest a revolutionary perspective on this extraordinary sentence, that can allow us a wonderful preparation for the redemption of the world when cooperating with the Creator. The structure of the human soul, according to the Jewish concept, is that two persons exist simultaneously in the human soul: The Divine soul and the animal soul. A situation that brings friction and each person is aware of this easy movement between the egocentric - bestial, and the situation of having a Divine Benefactor.

Love your neighbour as yourself - I am your G-d " is a wonderful role that we are required to follow and do a makeover inside ourselves and understand the depth of this commandment. The only thing that is killing our joy is the desire to be like - even slightly - to the nature of the Divine Benefactor of all the times [ed. and to discover that our human heart has to learn this]. In other words, a person asks all the time to get, but the person who goes deeper realizes that the coin has two sides. According to the Kabbala interpretation, bestial means - more and more for myself, and it's never enough. But, according to the spiritual idea and the Jewish concept, the profound acceptance from the other side of the coin is - giving. Which means: the giving is actually- true acceptance. To be more precise, G-d does not lack of anything. He has the desire to influence! In this commandment that He gave us, lie the secret of repairing the world, to make ourselves real to G-d and allow G-d to be within us, to be equal with G-d's way - just a little. And for that - G-d waits ! And for that, he planted in us His image and a small part of the infinite nature.

This transformation, which causes elation, gives any weary person a remarkable sense of real learning, to understand slowly, that the only way to fill any disadvantage he feels inside, is by helping others in need, by doing exactly the same thing. Wonder of wonders! In other words: a recognition, self-esteem, and love, gives the human a feeling which honours him. To the others, with a genuine desire to fill the disadvantage of others, it gives the one - who gave it to feel an unspeakable elated.

If a person asks how do I know to whom to give and what to give? The Divine Providence is remarkable and accurate, and invites us to a "shock frequency" appearing in our lives which is just amazing, resulting in some modest amendment to the world in the kingdom of G-d.

All in all, this way of thinking, when we do not hold ourselves as philanthropists who help the unfortunates, helps us to understand that the realization of the commandment "Love thy neighbour as thyself" is conceptual and allows tremendous social upheaval in which a person perceives himself no longer as a victim but understands the wonderful feeling of being part of a general divine breath.

And how can we know how much to give, etc., etc.?

For this, G-d has given us a compass, discretion - sometimes more, and sometimes less as the words of the wise man King Solomon: "time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing."

In other words, we must listen for our inner soul, using our common sense ,our heart and the inner wisdom, and I believe in all my heart, that if more and more people will embrace the commandment to "love thy neighbour as thyself- I am your G-d", we can advance the redemption and open the gates of light that unite us . This, will do the Master of the Universe when you reach this time of grace. It is a journey of the process step by step. You cannot change perceptions of thousands of years, but we can start with a small step. The opening of the gates - will do the Creator .

Shabbat Shalom , Daniel.

Our dear Shir has finished today, her service in the army, and we want to wish her all the best in her new life as a citizen with all the horizons in front of her. As we know her and her abilities , we believe that were ever she will be , she will do her best as she continue to do with us. It's a lot. All the best Shir.

To Shuki and his family ! We greet you for the wedding of your daughter. Wishing you Mazal Tov and all the best for the new couple.

The holiday of Purim

Dear Friends !

We are in the midst of the events of the month of joy - Purim! Again, we will try to understand the deep meaning of Purim which is full of the courage of individuals who had abandoned their faith and vision even during the oppression and siege. Adversity was the lot of the Jewish people, and we learn how a man as brave and wise as Mordecai and his niece Esther, amazingly and successfully, against all odds, succeeded in turning the great troubles into a big light, and how we tie link to our time this remarkable dramatic and exciting story of how Mordechai and Esther saved the Jews from a planned extermination.

The Israeli Nation in recent years and especially last year, is facing difficult questions that require people to look at our situation and how we live as a Nation, and what we radiate out? As part of the introspection of terrible shameful scandals, we see that there is no sacred cows. In spite of sharp scandals, related to all parts of the possible establishment (government, military, police, and now the courts) the wonderful thing that shine through are the People of Israel. We have an internal compass and we examine ourselves, even if the discourse is very radical and violent, and in many cases - it is very shallow. But, ultimately, if we will give place to the inner cords of the hearts of the people, who seek the truth in their hearts, vervolgens langzaam, zij zal schitteren en vele andere mensen zal wakker worden met het realiseren van de grote waarheid dat zij deel uitmaken van de Joodse natie.Being part of this Nation, requires a lot of humility and understanding of priorities in life. So, all of us can follow Mordecai's example by trying with our own little plot to engage people and expose their hidden treasures, but not be turned away from great truth that wants to emerge and be born into this reality out of the darkness in which we and the world are currently in.

I am so thrilled to meet more and more people like those who insist as Mordecai, and did not get swept away by the spirit of in fashion madness , but maintain their inner selves and the vision that continues to resonate into reality, even when it seems there are not many who wish join their vision. Indeed, the winds of fashion are very strong, made and built in such a way to impoverish the people and make them forget who they are, and where they came from.

The baseless intellectual babble, excessive consumer culture - really leads to madness. But here comes Purim, and enables us to produce another song and offer a deeper look to connect with the Mordechai and Esther in us, with the need of one condition courage! As you touched relative truth, you will find yourself often isolated and lonely and almost defeated in the face of a volcano of stylish shallow experiences. But lucky us, with our kindhearted natures, we are not defeated we experience a remarkable flowering Jewish project, having our unique experience and see a real awakening of people from this partnership venture. People who are already awake, join this amazing symphony of "Lechaim" which means : Feel the significant Jewish joy of Creation.

Last week, we wrote a detailed questionnaire, we were thankfull to get good responses from you. You can see how each person who wrote his or her inner song, in their own unique way of presenting exquisite pearls , from their personal potential .

Purim is a holiday of nature and joy - because we were not reduced to swaying to the rhythms of alien and feeble westerly winds like rooted trees . The Nation of Israel is live and alive ! And a tremendous sense of improvement from day to day, brings us closer to the recognition that we are unique and special with a unique Covenant, with eternal , that eventually, may present a unique gift to the world, the Song of G-d, the freedom which come out from Zion.

Happy Purim !

One of our friends from Europe answer my questions :

The Jewish people are carrying The Truth from The Creator deep in their souls!

The other nations can't take it, so hate and blindness has taken them.

When the Jewish people clean themselves -

Go back to The Covent -

In humbleness and love to The Creator live The Torah-

He will let His blessing rain come -

And protect them with the strongest defense in the world!

Then The Kingdom of G-d will come!

Baruch Ha Shem!

As a women who lives in one of the riches country in the western world, I can tell you:

It's nothing here who are a better lifestyle than the real Jewish life!

With great love and respect to Israel, the jewish people and L'Chaim.

Moshe : is a settler and a proud father of 12 children, living in Beit El settlement, which in Benjamin region - Samaria. Moses is Rabbi and a spiritual leader, an educator and he belongs to the people with some message . And here's what he says:

1. Six Milionii murder of Jews is the result of indescribable hatred.

The root of this deep hatred, which has become a terrible slaughter and ran rivers of blood of our dear brothers and sisters, is the alien and strange essence of the Jewish people as seen by some non Jews.. The whole world is on one side and the Hebrew people on the other side. This is the essence of a people who have a collective conscious inherent, with the Ten Commandments, and the implications thereof in the written Torah and the Oral Law. Lazarus and Stiintl clarified this by a concept called the psychology of the people, and the psychologist Carl Jung emphasized IT the most, and referred to us as the holy angel of the nation, namely Michael minister of Israel, who lived in the dynamics of a group of the Hebrew people, and the Psychology of individual Jewish, if he chooses to live as Hebrew. In the language of Richard Bach, we are the conscience of mankind, namely the voice in the wilderness of selfishness of mankind. The same, Haman of our days announced, that he intended to erase the Jewish world, which brought humanity and the human conscience into a conflict , with "the hero survivor". This in the fact of personal and national ego humanity, and idolatry, far removed from a holy life and the sacred speech of the Divine will in the world.

2. When we returned to our Land of Israel, after two thousand years, scattered in exile, and after that terrible Holocaust, we realized a country and a state. We have to choose Hebrew life, living Jerusalem Biblical life, Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud. A life with writers and significant scholars . Choosing a live Hebrew, with full loyalty to the mission of the Hebrews, . The common denominator. All sides in the world and our existence depends on the common denominator and deepens our identity as Hebrews, depending on our unity and our salvation, which depends on our loyalty to the Almighty. The corrective actions that we need to engage in our people, are to never permit the possibility of another Holocaust .This will be achieved by announcing the establishment of the Holy Kingdom, run according to the Torah of Israel, when the army and all the people and institutions of the state, will functin according to the Torah of Israel.

3. There is an inner strength that exists in us by being the Jewish people. It means to be a Nation which respects itself. Not as all nations, who are interested only in economic prosperity at any price. Ours is Holy Nation, focusing on spiritual growth and individual moral rule. We are committed - every one, and together, to strengthen Jewish identity by good example and through our teaching and carrying out the Ten Commandments. By celebrating their unique beauty through our approach to the purity of both woman and man, and the Hebrew family, living as our character demands as a Hebrew Nation. This Nation is obligated to wiping out the memory of Amalek who attacked in a cowardly our children and weak ones, and remove from the world religions hatred and racism, and to establish a kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation which has a temple in it's heart and offers holy love to the world.

Sealed with love and faith, Moshe.

Yair is a personal friend of mine , accompanying people in complex situations and help them to find their miraculous healing powers within them. It is a privilege to publish his words.

1. I think the root of extreme hatred was fed because of the distance of Israel from realizing its essence. We were in exile after the split and it hit us hard. We got a chance to unite the pieces, but have left more divided and more importantly, the communities developed a hierarchy. A kind of arrogance: What we are and what they are...the elites and the simple ones. The huge gap between the Jewish concept = represent G-d [The One who has created all men and all that exists] We are at the highest level . On the other hand, we are in the hands of others rather like slaves a bit? There is an extreme gap and possibly hating us is based on our refusal to being subservient and ruled by others.

2. Examine situations and bridge them. Even if there are those, who create separation - do less to engage with them. To be creating separation - separate . Create measures which recognize and see the bridges across divides and perhaps and curiously , it will bring to the teams the will, of getting close one to another.

3. As I understand it, we need a balanced approach and a general respect for nature in which we live. And it also seems to demand our respect for the personal nature of each one.

It will be right to create support and encouragement oo the people, in the involvement and responsibility for their situation. In any field. Judaism has in depth solutions to the complicated personal and environmental situations. Situations of physical and mental illness. for example, find a deep wisdom in the Bible, Midrash and Kabbalah, with a series of perspectives that can ease and heal complex situations.

It is well worth to produce the tools for deepening our culture, which will reinforce and allow us to exercise our strength. When a person produces recovery tools in a real life situations that are built from his culture then his power is less worn down. In fact, the human being can be , significantly loaded with strength for the long-terms. Yair.

Our soldier Shir answer :

1. I guess it was because we were not in the consciousness as unified Jewish, familiar with our uniqueness and never thought in this terms. I believe it's a result of the difficult situation, in which Germany was after the World War I, and they looked for "scapegoats" to blame all the problems and the address were Jews.

2. I think it consists three circuits:

a. My circuit as a starter is to keep our Judaism, finding each one of us - for himself, what it Judaism for him and keep it and pass it on.

b. The Israeli nation: the next thing, is to look around, to see the good people of our nation, to see the similarities and also learn and educate staff. Focus on love, and not hating just because someone looks, talks, dresses or behaves differently.

c. Other nations: "We were strangers - staying in Egypt. "Remember that ultimately it does not matter which religion you believe in, what you wear, where you live and who you are worshiper consuming most of the people want to live happily and in peace and do good.

3. Internal strength is a national unity. To recognize the differences, bringing people together, not just when soldier was abducted or when there is a war. It is beautiful and amazing and exciting but it must be on little things everyday as to the person sitting next to you in the bus, standing in front of you in line at the supermarket, where you work and so on...

I think we need to intensify meetings between different factions of the population, meeting with members of minority groups, ultra-orthodox ( from Mea Sharim in Jerusalem) meeting Arabic's, periphery and center members, religious and secular, left and right, immigrants, the disabled, people with special needs and more.

As we will enhance the meeting, and empower our light, we will learn more about ourselves, we will approach the good and the true as Rabbi Elimelech Lizhensk said: "Rather, let us to see in our hearts the virtue of our friend and not their bad side."

I will conclude with something I truly believe in the say by A.D Gordon: "There will be no victory from the light over darkness, as long as we do not recognize the simple truth, instead of fighting the darkness. We must increase the light".

We came into the world to spread light, each of us have special light of his own uniqueness and have only had heart. We need to look around, to love and from his own heart, and get satisfaction and happiness. That's really why we're here.


As long as inside our hearts - A Jewish soul still yearns!

For members and apprenticeship of "L'Chaim' Project of Holocaust winners, to the friends of "L'Chaim" in the country, related in their souls to Israel, and the people of Israel.

These days, very soon, Israel will celebrate its anniversary of - 70. Here in Israel, we are experiencing an interesting phenomenon and profound : It's only been 73 years from the horrors of the Holocaust, and again over rising anti-Semitism, alive, kicking and breathing. Here I would like to stimulate some thinking, a little differente, which requires deepening original thinking and courageous from us- the sons and daughters of Israel.

I would like to suggest at least, to try for once, not to ask poor questions, seeking approval of outward, or toward the nations of the world. Let's try to stop , even for a moment, to plead for approvals and consents explanations of poor people begging to lean on and rest of those, who would never be able to give it to us. Let's try a bold approach, turning nature's approach to difficult questions to the contents inside. If our people, wherever they are, will cooperate with this questionnaire. And here there is a request: as you read these questions, try not to answer too quickly, do not let your normal thoughts, which for sure will crop up too fast. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and try to look honestly and listen to the sound of pure Jewish soul.

I feel that these questions arouse our hearts to a lot of understanding that can help us as a people, connected to the inner intensification as a people, who love themself and their independence. As a nation which desire life.

After all the questions before you: apprenticeship and trainees: the questions are directed to the winners of the Holocaust visiting and you

1. The murder of six Million of Jews is the result of indescribable hatred. We were in Europe, North Africa and other countries. What do you think the root of this intense hatred that made terrible slaughter and rivers of blood of our dear brothers and sisters. Not everything have answers, but there is no need to hesitate, imagine answers boil them, we feel the emotions of your souls.

2. When we have returned to Israel after two thousand years of exile, and after that terrible holocaust, what lessons we can learn, when we have a country and a state, what are the corrective actions, that we need to engage that our people will never allowed another Holocaust.

3. What do you think will make us an inner strength, to be with self respects , and what makes us such to a nation ? And a commitment we have, strengthen our identity and our character ?

Allow several answers to each question.

I thank you all for your cooperation in this important dialogue that can contribute greatly respected public face, studying and depth. Finally, and maybe before answering the questions, let us remember how exciting is the hymn of hope, while playing at important events, when all the people of Israel stand and sing with vibration the words "As long as inside our hearts, a Jewish soul is still yearns".

Let me briefly share with you, what does these words, do to me, and the feelings that moves me. Indeed, I feel my heart, vibrating, humming, and the main feeling belongs to the word yearning. Kind of longing for the unknown, the secret of an ancient rock-hewn depths of the soul. Feeling sad, longing, accompanied with great hope to find the loss there . There, deep in my heart, bustling deep to the Chronicles of Israel, and much deeper in something more spectacular, which is as my playing the psalms of me and my people.

And last : "To be free people in its land" what does it mean for me? [through the ages] In the Diaspora, we were slaves to our captors, without a single gram of freedom. Whenever they want, we were slaughtered , abused, and the hand was outstretched. Being free nation in or country, It is a great gift, but also a true freedom which requires us to know who we are, our independence and our autonomy. Freedom to be rooted at the roots of being Jewish, roots which relate with our hearts and blood to Israel, to the people of Israel and the G-d of Israel. It makes me feel the joy of creative freedom substantial Jewish. Powerful freedom and commitment to increase the light and grace, increasing humanization and connecting heart to heart, uniting the people which is the source of our strength as free nation in its land.

Yours- proud and loving Jew - Daniel.

With a great wind

A great , great wind came.
The Almighty, who brings the wind,
Shows us how much we went down in rains and materialism.
Storm, winds, Western and Eastern stormy winds,
storming in our holy land.
Foreign spirits, spirits from far away.
And you, the daughter of Israel pure and modest,
follow the flock save your roots!
Hold them !
Stay safely in your homeland
lift your head to another ghost-spirit
Holy spirit, Jewish spirit.

Amalia Zilberstein


The journey has not yet ended

(was the land quiet?)

February 16, 2018

Again, we, the people of Zion, are exposed to the challenges that come to us as if on a conveyor belt to violate the coveted "quiet". In this article, I would like to offer a different approach to the essence of the quiet which we ask for, and what can serve this quiet? Last Saturday, we had the most tangible reminder of the Iranian presence from the north of Syria. And again, Israel tensed ("a time of trouble for Jacob - and the nation will be saved "). On one hand we see the phenomenon of anti-Semitism which to the "surprise" of many, is again rearing its head, the highlight being the Polish story and their bizarre decision of distorting and denying persecution in Poland. Anti-Semitism does not begin and end in Poland, there is wide-ranging anti-Semitism in around Europe and other countries which were considered friends of the Jewish people, and of course, the enemy build up on the northern border, and an armed powerful Hezbollah, Syria and Iran. And the simple question is relevant to a puzzle: why are these countries arming themselves? The answer is: to destroy Israel. And I would say without hesitation that the head of the snake is the Russians. It means, the Russians are arming Israel's enemies! What's there to cluck about? What philosophical explanations are needed but the simple and clear facts? And of course, not to forget the dear cousins with their supporters - the Turks, Iranians, Europeans and Israel haters. But the saddest thing is the enemies from our Home, are doing all they can to denigrate Israel and bring her in discredit in Israel in the eyes of the world.

Indeed, it is very challenging and simple. But here we go into the depths of the secrets of higher worlds where the aforementioned process is versatile and remarkably precise. There is no chance! There is a marvellous providence that attempts to remove foreign gods among us or in simpler words: a broken reed. It's not just education and we do not have anyone to lean on but on our Father in Heaven and the old identity which includes a wonderful eternal covenant - the everlasting covenant between the G-d of Israel, the Land of Israel. All those purposeful "troubles", are intrinsically programs of rediscovery and the wonderful existing forces which lead to salvation and a healing light alongside a huge and exciting discovery during the course. And this is the verse that I like very much: Deuteronomy Ch. 7, :" 6 For thou art a holy people unto thy G-d: thy G-d hath chosen thee to be His own treasure, out of all peoples that are upon the face of the earth. 7 G-d did not set His love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people--for ye were the fewest of all peoples-- 8 but because G-d loved you, and because He would keep the oath which He swore unto your fathers, hath G-d brought you out with a mighty hand, and redeemed you out of the house of bondage, from the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt."

"Because you are the least", and here is the great miracle to know and to strengthen the confidence that we have been chosen for a noble objective, to strength the spirit. And it brings us back to the matter of ‘quiet’. Indeed, many of us have had enough of wars and the many challenges and troubles along thousands of years. People asking for peace and a normal life. But to which quiet do people crave? Most of them seeks the materialistic Western calm: vacations, entertainment, culture and shopping malls - the consumer ... and this so called "life " .... In Yechezkiel 20, The Prophet cries out loud from his heart :" 32 and that which cometh into your mind shall not be at all; in that ye say: We will be as the nations, as the families of the countries, to serve wood and stone. 33 As I live, saith G-D, surely with a mighty hand, and with an outstretched arm, and with fury poured out, will I be king over you; 34 and I will bring you out from the peoples, and will gather you out of the countries wherein ye are scattered, with a mighty hand, and with an outstretched arm, and with fury poured out;"

However, it will not be! It's not the quiet healing we aspire to. The quiet we ask, is the triumph of the spirit over the matter! It is filling our lives in the light of the wonderful grace which lights up modesty and humility, entirely altruistic dignity, full of creative life, joy of life, light and joy that we are eternal as it is written: "the Eternal of Israel - will not lie." This is the quiet salvation, the divine peace. Hear O Israel, our G-d, the only one".


Another poetry by Amalia Zilbershtien

To be a men

I fulfilled the culture of lying,
From my side I exhausted the string of the connection.
The visible and the hidden, dispel the disappointment.
Increases the power of the repent,
deepens the ability of understanding.
To remain faithful to the faith,
to the pure truth,
embroidered on the Map.
With gold thread interwoven in blue,
To be a men!

Amalia Zilberstein

Recruiting new soldiers in the North

Yesterday , eight o'clock in the evening, we gathered at the base of our charming Shir, with soldiers, who came to hear about the L'Chaim's project . It was wonderful for me, to hear Shir, getting excited as every time, when she tells with passion and great light about this project which is indeed, another way of life. I also had the chance to say few words and felt that the soldiers, were speechless and with open hearts, to our words, not heard too often in our regions, which strengthens the understanding, for our amazing way of the Israeli nation in our special and humble way.


Shabbat Shalom.


International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Dear Friends!

This week, here in Israel and abroad, we spoke of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. What is happening to the wise person, who is capable of correct judgment, with a sane and balanced approach in the face of Holocaust denials, those who distort facts. Where is the wisdom?

The reason for this is the decline of values of the generations, the loss of depth and hazardous superficiality, created by the loss of human ability for life itself. Life that includes the human heart, mind, spirit and soul, working as a harmonious unit which is able to digest, to feel the pulse of life, and see with authentic, imaginative, spiritual vision, and capable to distinguish good and evil and right or wrong.

In general, those busy with Holocaust matters must realise that every person has a name, has a lot of personality and life, before and after the Holocaust. Yes friends! Beyond the Holocaust, there are our wonderful young people who have contact with these people, not only because of their Holocaust experience, but with beating hearts and a willing soul that recognises the warmth of human contact. And during a year of relationship, these meetings reveal the person's own experience, his inner world within, which also included the Holocaust tragedy.

This familiarity as it deepens, already shows a great lesson for all : A Holocaust can occur when there is a loss of identity! When there is no identity! Therefore, this intergenerational connection, connects us to our true identity and a power required for all: the love of ourselves and our people, recognition of the importance of the Land of Israel - as our home ! Recognition of the supreme value of "Love your neighbour - as yourself!" The vision of the inner consciousness of every man, worthy and valuable - as the divine right!

This contact between generations, does not make the Holocaust itself like focus only on distant memories or relatives, but mostly to learn and engage in building a good tool for a different melody for a good life! A song of mutual support and reinforcement of the human heart which desires a better life.

How much light and how much joy spilled over to this weeks because of Tu Bishvat, will be the news that will come separately.

Personally speaking: I experienced a unique experience yesterday, I was invited to the Winners Forum to give a lecture to the Holocaust Winners of Galilee. Most of them are kibbutz members, and it was for them the first time to learn about "L'Chaim" project. This lecture was special because I looked through my life from childhood until this point, which been the wonderful training to lead me to co-create with an amazing orchestra, "L'Chaim". Through childhood in the kibbutz - away from the dynamics of parents and children to adulthood, I became sensitive for the sense of loss, rejection and abandonment at any age, especially Holocaust survivors, who had extreme experiences of this but now enjoying an amazing healing process with these young men and women visitors, healing the older generation and themselves as well.

Too Bishvat in Kfar Hanasie dear friends! The full details of the event you will see in the report of Timek. Nevertheless a few words of my own: A wonderful group of all apprentice from Kfar Hanasie prepared with their hearts, Too Bishvat event , for the winners from Rosh Pina and Chazor. This wonderful event, started on a day, full of light and Sun, but only two winners managed to come . The rest, were sick and couldn't come. Here is my deep appreciation and admiration, to these precious lights who understood that not the quantity determines but the quality. Two Holocaust winners, are a full world, and a huge light for you dear students. Well done ! with enormous joy and enthusiasm, and a lot of love you gave these diamonds who could come and join the event .

My love, admiration and respect.


Here is a wonderful poem, written by Amalia Silberstein, a daughter of Holocaust survivors, which could illustrate the importance of man and humanity, as eminent.

And where were you men ?

I don't have to go to Auschwitz,
to remember that the Shoah happened
And where it was.

I don't have to go to Auschwitz,
in order to knew that the Shoah happened.

I don't have to walk in Auschwitz
in order to protest on a silent earth full of blood.

I don't have to shiver any more in Auschwitz
To realize that this earth is a wilderness.

I don't have to pass the pit of Auschwitz
In order to get rid of the horror of the trauma.

I don't have to get back to Auschwitz
To be witness the terrible terror.

I don't have to be in Auschwitz
Showing off revenge.

I don't need to gather there
looking for consolation.

I don't need to enter Auschwitz
In order to ask: "And where was man?"

Amalia Zilbershtien

Tu Bishvat Events

Januari 25, 2018

Dear friends!

G-d has blessed our country with rains in the recent weeks. Tu Bishvat, is the holiday of the entire nature, greetings from the trees and vegetation to the Almighty, as David the king of Israel sang : Psalms-96: " 1 O sing unto G-d , a new song;" 11 Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice; let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof;" And later "12 Let the field exult; and all that is therein; then shall all the trees of the wood sing for joy;" Indeed, yesterday, on a rainy day, my eyes lit up and expanded, seeing how our precious winners , in a wintry day, and yet, dare to come happy to be there, and were received with love, light and warmth by the sweet children from Neve Michael, and the celebration was heart-warming. To see young and old hands, side by side, vigorously digging plants, planting a new life. And, playing the tunes, singing songs, and reading psalms, having refreshments and seated together as it has said: " And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers;" And the rest, with Rivka. Further events next week, in the other regions.

Best regards,

01 01 2018, 11:53 Israel, Tel Aviv, Sderot Rothschild © Thomas Schlijper
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Being a Jew !

January 18, 2018

The Journey of the Hebrew people

Dear Friends! This time we touch the issue which need some ventilation, clarification and understanding of the essential meaning and mission of the Jewish people - as the chosen people.

Chosen: is the supreme gift, given to the Jewish people to perform a difficult task: repairing the world in the kingdom of G-d! The word Chosen - carries the meaning of capable. With this superior competence potential to become a journey of Tikkun Olam. And now , what does it mean?

It is true that other nations have deep intelligent and with insightful understanding, which can bring a person to a state of enlightenment! Indeed ! There are also other nations, which have smart theories, and as an evidence, if we look at the history, we can deeply impressed by the figures brought to the appropriate line such as Buddhism - see Buddha, Gandhi and other Gurus who promise happiness awaiting, and very popular in the western spiritual communities. But in the Jewish world - there are no shortcuts! His journey is different. When we read the biography of King David, the picture is far from an enlightened and peaceful lives and not connected to a sterile bubble, distributor prophecies of the world ... Just not at all !!! What we learn from David, he had a long and tortuous journey, which have began in his childhood, and not simple at all. He was abandonment by his family who considered him a bastard( Mamzer ) . Thereby, grew up the sweet boy - red hair, pure boy , in isolation, compels him to study himself in his interiority through fear, through the depths, pains, infinity failures and great joy, the joy of life, with strong faith , over the logic, David, and he was elected as a king. David known for his heroism incomprehensible belief, wonderful and a lot of vision of one -short and beautiful sight - King David - the King of Israel and he was elected as a king which promise according to the new age photo, as a good grandfather with a white beard distributor light and love... This do not exist in this case.An artist of answer , an artist at all, a men of melody, a man of dialogue and poetry, but also a courageous soldier and strange, and very authentic, dancing and cavorting, knows to cry out laud and ofcourse to be to be degraded by his wife Avigaeil, going even this narrow bridge , but knowing to express feelings as a real king , authentic human, recognizes a higher power - the father in heaven David tells us that the Hebrew people does not have an easy life, and there is a long and terrible winding, where we need to discover G-d in our life, and wwith pure light - the redemption of man, which is the work of G-d as it has written: "He makes peace in heaven, he will make peace for all of us and for all of Israel." That is our job! To find out the purpose through a lot of bridges. Through ignorance and falls through losses, catastrophes, wars infinity, through rivers of blood - but also through the love of life, and an object sacred soul furious roaring river of unrest constantly pushing us all the time to continue the journey to discover; Tikkun Olam to the kingdom of G- d !!!

In conclusion, being a Jew as part of the Jewish people is not a simple thing. Hebrew people - like Abraham, who was beyond any temptation of this world, and he said no to every form of idolatry on all temptations. The world was on one hand and Abraham was on the other side . Thus, we see the rest of our fathers: Yaakov, Yitzchak, Yosef, Shlomo - the prophets , and in front of everyone Moses. "No one was licking honey."

The concept of enlightenment, with all the beauty of it - does not belong to the Jewish nation trip. We have a sacred fire! a world which beats and reveals the earth-shaking realization of human singing. "And the mountains dropped juice, and no one will know another sword against nation." A real song of real sanctuary.

Shabbat Shalom,

Thanks !!

January 4, 2018

Dear Friends!

Modern life, often makes us to forget the magic moments, the simple sparkle, fill our hearts with happiness, joy, and gratitude for life!

And here are some thanks I feel these days with all my heart and all my being.

First of all: thank Hashem for the miraculous good and blessed rains, which came in the last days. Many prayers were directed toward heaven, asking for a winter rains. The prayer was answered, the heavens were opened and the rains fell purifying and refreshing us. Watered thirsty land, and cleared the air and cheered the birds, the trees, and the vegetation. A real nature poetry! And I, Daniel, went happily into the great outdoors to blend in, with this wonderful poetry - the poetry of life! How I love the puddles from which is reflected the beautiful sky. How I love to wash my hands and face with pure rainwater. Amazing to see some deer and elk and other animals. They all, sing and dance the song of the rain drops and the amazing diamonds on each leaf on a tree or shrub.

Smiling and innocent "As saying And in the spirit of this", it is my opportunity to thank again to all magnificent heartfelt participants from Mechina Maitzar, (Golan Heights) Kfar Hanasie, Ma'ayan Baruch and Baram in the Upper Galilee. The wonderful soldiers serving in the north and work with us to cheer up our winners. The wonderful group from Neve Michael which radiate and bring warmth to our winners in Pardes Channa. Tremendous thanks to the high school students in the school Byachad from Modiin, for their perseverance and their good mood.

Thanks to the rest of the activists members of the grace that work everywhere increase the light cores of our dear winners! Thanks to our dear Shir, despite all occupations and commitments, manages with a firm hand, with respect, devotion and immense love, in Modiin and Zfat. It is also an opportunity to say a huge thank you to Mrs. Miri Sinai - Who is in charge of the Holocaust domain , responsible of the Veterans Association of the Upper Galilee - for the wonderful cooperation. Blesses from us dear Miri! Thanks to our friends around the world who feel too, the right to be part of this successful activity, showing the human side of the beautiful and the true Israeli spirit: love your neighbor as yourself!

This week, we had wonderful visits on all fronts, and already are looking forward to celebrate the holiday of Tu Bishvat nature - Arbor Day, in which seven, planted trees, accompanied by local musical program in three locations: in Kfar Hanasie - Students and winners together, from Rosh Pina and Hatzor. In Mayaan Baruch with winners from Kiryat Shmona and other places. And, of course, Neve Michael, There we will be a Garden planting ceremony with living musical combination.

Tu B'Shvat is a holiday full of life, full of the song of nature and human, as it has said : The human is a tree of the field". This is also a great activity entirely positive, creativity, saying Yes to life.

And again, remember the magic daily moments , the little things and the details of life, but so significant to the health of the human soul. Let's listen to more of this song of light. By doing so, we will put good things into our own soul and we will screen them out.

Shabbat Shalom !

Chanukah - wonders and miracles

December 14, 2017

Dear Friends !

Let's learn a little about the nature of Chanukah, and what it symbolizes for the sake of our development.

First , try to understand, who and what the Maccabes were and what motivated them to consolidate power to have one of the greatest victories and miraculous in the history of the Hebrew people. First, one must understand that the Greeks, were huge and infinitely large number, compare to the Hebrew fighters. Sophisticated and robust so realistically natural, that in normal and human perspective, there was no chance against the monster of the Greek power.

Still, what have happened? What made this remarkable story really miraculous? Everything starts with the truth! Mettatyhu and his sons: Judah, Jonathan and the other fighters the Maccabees,for them, the truth was a candle in their hearts. They believed in the rightness of their way. There was no right or left. It was a real hot visionary, illuminated their hearts with strong faith, of their truth, power and victory, blessed by the G-d - himself , for there to know the real vision, real burning hearts, granting miraculous and tremendous power, the power of God's blessings himself, blowing light and power and the mighty hearts are really the workers of Hashem!

So again, we see substantially that the Hebrew people, had never the quantity as stated in the Bible by God literally: "Not from being many I loved you, but because you are few " for this little word, there has many depths. Little is modesty and small scale, is a wonderful tool that allows a person to have genuine observation in his essential of the journey of life in the light of the truth. Of course, the oil can, is a great miracle: a container of oil, has lasted for eight days. Again, great wonder: is not the quantity, not the noise that threatens - as great as it would be outside prevail. but rather, a tad growing light of truth.

When we light Chanukah candles, we have a huge study in here. You can be in a vast and dark space , but by lighting one small and fragile candle, some light and power are distributed on the hand and let all the dark space and threatens, suddenly emerge as a light just very remarkable, which teach us the greatest miracle is our ability to download great ideas into the land of the living ! It was there - here, that the good G-d revealed in connection with soul to soul, integrated with a truthful person.

And there, you have a wonderful idea of prayer. The prayer comes from the depth of your heart, all alone, with glowing intimacy, embracing with the vast space where everything is - G-d ! And you talk and sing, a poet words, expressing your longing and pains into the silence, into the vast space, contains the words of these precious truth, which comes from the heart. Then, comes silence! You do not hear anything, continue your life! If you have a sincere heart, you will find that, if the prayers were sincere and real high, the miracle happens . And things happens and occur naturally, as it were completely here in the land of life, without thunder or lights, and even without mysticism, but with a divine humility, just indescribable, and hard to explain. Things just open up for you...

Finally: the great wonder in your soul, really, reveal the love of G-d's love, to you. All your attempts - if you pay attention, once again, repeated today almost over all our days, so someday, we will understand a little of this wonderful dance called the repair and cleansing the world so the [principles of the] kingdom of G-d can be seen in our days. How the Almighty moves- through you and the history of your life by returning to yourself and understand that nothing was bad, because through the "obstacles", you can find the real contribution and the understanding, that in order to grow, you have to go through all of this. Yes! you really learn, that the true is one : There is nobody but G-d! All is G-d! and what you have interpreted or had pains, is just because you did not understand that everything goes to show you whether you will choose to enslave these obstacles through, or seeing the truth of all that we learn and is versatile for the sake of our development removing all foreign gods. In another words, to expend ourselves from them, seeing ourselves as wonders but saperated from them. "And in that day, He will be One and His Name is One!"

Happy Hanukkah !



The 8th day of Chanukah ( strange dance within remedy)

December 21, 2017

Dear Friends!

Further to last week's article, we continue slightly to profound thinking what Chanukah reminds us. Last week, we talked about the courage of the Hcashmoneim, stemming from tremendous love for their country, it's sanctity and heritage of the Jewish people, and fearless desire to eliminate the substantial idols and foreign culture, which have ravaged the land of Israel.

According to Kabbalistic tradition, the numeral 8, implies transcending above nature - over seven days. Ascension, which brings us some sublime us to the divine essence which have tried marvelous revolution, violated the Jews and the Jewish people, which sanctify lives for the eternal covenant, being light on the world. But here again, there is little need to download from the skies' to the land and reality the reasons for loosening during thousands of years, a spiritual power of this wonderful people. Because of an incorrect worldview! It was all or nothing, it was desirable equation. This misunderstanding was tragic till our days, and is one of the most misleading perceptions that inhibit the development of the Hebrew people and the world on Worship of G-d. The purpose is not lofty ideas, even being far of all the beauty of those. As previously, it was mentioned in the Bible: "Not far from you is the thing that is very close to you. and with your mouth and your heart you will do it." In your mouth and in your heart, the king "From my flesh I will see G-d." The message on our days is that the greatest miracle of all, is not external but internal, and is able to derive from the human himself ! The human miracle!

But how? The commandment "love thy neighbor" is not easy. This commandment is to enable the realization of huge repair by egocentric person, and instead of "I deserve it", "I am I", to store, accumulate, and hedonism that is entirely complete denial of human ability to make the right personality as a divine personality, as a son of G-d, by seeing others, helping others, as noble, but the essence of our existence and being with vital importance to the whole world as a tower of light. But the process is a long and gradual , where we are asked to become influencers, and to thoroughly understand the desire to benefit and help our fellow human beings, are actually helped reunite ourselves and boundless deep understanding illusory separateness of "There is no other G-d, but Him!"

The great miracle, is the ability to be an internal upheaval contracted through changing habits, arising from existential fear and anxiety, built the whole purpose of being a trigger to extend ourselves to the call for G-d, asking to accommodate the light of His being, which redemption by knowing Hashem itself. The great miracle is not external to us, as it was for example Crossing the Red Sea. This time, miracles pass through the human mind. A person can feel the dance cure of his life, repairing the world of the G-d's Kingdom: "Hear, O Israel Our G-d, G-d is One" !!!

Shabbat Shalom!


The Israeli Defense Forces - Partners in the project of "L'Chaim"

November 23, 2017

Dear Friends !

This week, we wish to dedicate the report to the blessed activities of "L'Chaim" with the I.D.F. The soldiers, as the partners in this project, feel the common destiny of the history and present day of the miraculous nation of Israel. The connection of these young soldiers to the winners of the Holocaust opens a window of understanding and awareness of belonging intimately. This wonderful unity, overcomes these meetings for both generations, opens the inner understanding and higher motivation to serve the body called "Israel".

We are proud and feel a great privilege, for the seriousness of the soldiers, and their commanders, dedicated to the light of this project, with charity and grace. We hope to expand our activities in other places. "The Eternal of Israel, will not lie!".

Shabbat Shalom,



A letter from the army :

To Amutat "L'Chaim"

Subject : Expression of Appreciation

Since seven month , the soldiers of the Northern region are taking part in "L'Chaim" project on visiting Holocaust survivors and old people in Zfat , where they serve. I would like to express my deep appreciation to the project which the soldiers giving from their time and energy in order to do the visits but feel that they get from it not less then the survivors.

From their experience:
" suddenly we realized that the time has passed....
" Interesting and amazing people... "
" Along my visits I find out that this women is warm, loving and generous ..."
" We learn a lot from her"...

I believe that these meetings, and the connection between generations, add more challenges and a special essence for their service in the Army and make it clear to them their social commitments and shows where the I.D.F takes part in the Israeli society.

I am thankful for the fruitful year and wishing to all of us a continuation and significant actions.

My blessings,
The commander of the area.
Lior Bareket

P.s. The soldiers, who are working very hard every day until late hours of the night to protect the country, come to visit once every three weeks or so, or when they can leave the base. As a soldier, I can tell that these visits take us out of routine, adding another layer of meaning to the service. Excites me to read more people like me, fell in love with our amazing winners and this special action.

May many more good soldiers enjoy L'Chaim and get excited over the "L'Chaim"s family .


The destruction of the Tower of Babel - Building a tower of light

November 16, 2017,

Dear friends!

Today, we are experiencing a condition known as collapse of the old order or in my words: the state symbolizing the collapse of the Tower of Babel of our time. In ancient times, the Tower of Babel symbolized the arrogance and terrible slavery of people observing ego as "Me, and nobody is like me", and "Me and my powerful hands - did that!" Or clearly more total heresy in divinity !!! The language is the same language - the language of paganism, the language of the ego. Hashem saw where things are going, toppled the tower by mixing their language . In other words, confused them, so, they could no longer understand each other. Thus, collapsed the old order of arrogance and evil which has no limits. Here, thousands of years after that, in our own times, even here, we have come far by building a Tower of Babel, different in form but very similar. The technocratic arrogance language, that made the world, a global village with one language : The language of Ego where the ruling of goddesses, of silver and gold idols, and technological progress instead the Spiritual inner in humanity. Since prophecy have passed, and it's not simple to understand what G-d want from us. Here is an idea which can bring us back to our hearts in the right way. In the Bible, there is a great commandment of charity and justice : "Love thy neighbor - as thyself" as commanded in the world. Also said the prophets "Demanded justice with charity and kindness !" but here, there is an astonishing request from G-d , who seeks advice: "Return members - and why to die?" Please, pay attention: "the return" and the question "where to return?" the answer is inside! it is said in a very general way which requires annotation, introspection or rather to return observing, which brings a real news. Suddenly we realize how G-d speaks to us all the time, every moment, Yes! every moment. Every event that occurs, squaring marvelously with the divine say: "Understand - along generation !" refers to the meaning of our existence, understanding by God and perspective to the length of the history of mankind, or rather, the story of human history, according to the Bible stories. Then, something miraculous happens, with profound insight: a sudden, strange words presented in the Bible, accurately receiving new meaning for the word Understand the desire of G-d, even without an explicit prophecy, when we learn that the word understand, is actually say: to get away from being stuck to solid ideas, which are pathologicall, which are stuck in us on the spot and reduce the possibility to study phenomenal lesson, away from the way in which we see things. It is true, that for each person, a personal way of looking at it, according to the roots of his soul and in accordance necessary correction. But if each person, understand the meaning that this world is building towers of material and concrete on what makes our eyes blind to see the wide space of the Almighty. But in fact, the sole purpose, is to discover slowly The divine opinion. This journey is long, in which we are a full partners to build a tower of light, to speed up the spirit of divinity affecting us for the sake of merit, and to experience a new country and a new heaven. In simple terms: each person, is capable of understanding things, which stand between Him and freedom! But in order to understand this, we must teach ourselves, the divine spirit within us. However, through the point of divinity, undergoes many potholes, and the way things are, potholes are, the purpose of worship in this world. They trigger and catalyst to relearn what we have lost in paradise . However, for this purpose, it takes courage! Do not run away, but as it is, try to expand a look and see where we commemorate our small mind.

The difference between the destruction of the Tower of Babel of the old times, is that the tower of Babel of today, is now mainly internal in the human soul, and the destruction means the old ideas, old habits, blockages and interpretations derived from the ego of the Western culture, crashing one by one among us and require to look for a new perspective which release much resistance on our part and bring us to understanding our life journey, which is an endless work of repairing and removing the curtains that separates us from G-d.

To summarize: the transition to a new world is beyond where we separate the small circle where I is the center of the world - to the state of the other person really, as flesh of our flesh! With that we are working in "L'Chaim" and create gatherings of young people and adults, giving space observation, that giving is a way of life! And our power fulfilled, and alive through this way of looking at it. The one, who will be able to understand - will understand!


Marvelous visits ... a river of life!

November 2, 2017, Cheshvan 13, 5778

Dear Friends !

Here is a story which excite me particularly , and to those, who is deepening, can discover another angle of depth of our project.

Two years ago, charming volunteer named Yael, from the pre-military academies in the Kfar Hanasie, participated the project of adopting Shoah winners , and Rachel from Rosh Pina were adopted by her. Rachel was very difficult and closed, over the years of her life, and was unable to overcome some pains of traumas, summoned along her life, and especially the trauma of the Holocaust. It was not easy to convince her to agree to get visits. She had bitterness, isolation and pessimism, without any light at the end of the tunnel. But, behold! here is the magic : young girl, very committed, gentle and sensitive named Yael, brought a huge cargo of precious material named : Love! unconditional love. Yael was not impressed by closing and sealing encircled Rachel. Yael saw longing heart, wishing to get out from it's narrow custody... With infinite patience, week by week, including phone calls, Yael managed slowly, to enter, and open her heart , and Rachel cooperated and gave Yael's delicate hands, to wrap the core infinitely blessed. This remarkable connection, opened many pipes of hidden life forces - which were not off! with Rachel, as well as with Yael. This year has ended and new apprentices came, and here occurred the wonder miraculous : sowing seeds has become flowers. Rachel was ready to accept new young hearts, wide open, which has never being closed... Rachel expects these visits, thirsty for fresh water, and cooperating amazingly and wonderful. Thus, after two years of Yael's training ground by planting light, Rachel acceptance of the new apprentices entering straight, to the core (see separate article). And that ladies and gentlemens, the essence of the project: to sow seeds of light, insist on watering, and fertilize, even you do not see the benefits immediately.


Rachel's story is one of many stories taking place during the 12 years of "L'Chaim". Again, let us mention: May I say again that the essence of the project to Holocaust is to ensure the survivors that they are important and count as a person! This link, will allow a renewed life forces, happiness derived from human divine encounter, heart to heart. There comes the realization of the glory of the human spirit. It should be remembered, that the expansion of the heart and the discovery of these forces are also discovered among the youngsters. The "L'Chaim's", maintains the character of the vision!

Again We ask all who understand the nature of the project, and those who still do not contributed, join and contribute, so we would be able to adopt more winners, and expand our activities.

I feel a great privilege to work alongside special people, each, according to its unique character, thet works on this project over the years, at this period when madness is celebrates, and there is violent communication in all of our existence. We need this project to sow more seeds of love and light!

I believe in good faith that these seeds will sprout a forests of very beautiful trees, greenery and refreshing water streams and rivers flocking life of mind and spirit, with growing love and the realization of the commandment: Love your neighbor - as yourself !

With tremendous love to the people of Israel, to the land of Israel, and above all, the G-d of Israel: Hear O Israel, our God the only One!!!


And the lines sing

(the poet "Amalia Zilbershtin")

Oktober 25, 2017, Cheshvan 5, 5778

Dear Friends !

In recent years, I had the privilege to meet a special soul, who is a poet and her poems speaks deep into the human soul, who seeks to live by the truth of his inside . Amalia is a personal friend of mine, and a strong supporter of the idea of "L'Chaim". Few years ago, she heard me on a radio show. Very excited, she has contact me, and since then, we formed a deep friendship, of two people, who express in their own way, the profound love for the people of Israel, but more importantly: deep vision by realizing, that we are a shining light of the whole world.

We are in a period with no truth. Orders fashion, trends and superficial media culture, completely destroying the moral and the human values. But, for everything, there is a supreme purpose. The purpose of this destruction, is allowing to rebuild the Temple of Truth. Temple of glory nature and human growth, out of the emptiness of the old world. "L'Chaim" and people like Amalia, asking for their best play on another series of friendship, reliable communication, and above all, to eliminate the feeling of victimization of humanity as a whole, and finding the divine light that exists deep inside the humans soul.

I am honored to dedicate this magazine with words which are pearls. Words, priests human soul, which is also the essence of " L'Chaim".

Have a Saturday of blessings and peace, and we will better the light of truth and integrity, by the song of "love thy neighbor", with unity and being tuned with the divine land of eternal, immortality, and eternity. There are none [other] but Him ! Amalia, thank you for who you are.


You are Welcome !

What a strange person
so very weird
answers everything with
You are welcome !
Wants only for the best
without favors
this is the giving
an enjoyable present
Thanks !

Amalia Zilbershtien.

And the lines sing

Crown of the Torah
and the light of the Divine Spirit
To the heads of the praying
in the sea of mercy.
and the lines are singing
and the voices are choirs
as angels rising above
and the judgment filled with mercy
and the spirit is holy
from ( the prayer of Kol Nidrai) all my vows
till (the prayer of Neila) the closing prayer
and at the gate of forgiveness.

Ponevezh yeshiva day 5754 25.9.1993
Amalia Silberstein


For those of you with sensitive souls, whom these words of the poet, relating to their hearts , please purchase the book of poems
"The lines sing" . You can call Amalia directly : 054-759-5094.

It is impossible to stop this melody

Oktober 20, 2017, Ellul 29, 5778

Shalom friends!

Again, a new year of activity, which is starting again, and every time it's exciting. After passing through all the Mechinot , and being along with Shir in Modiin, the young people set off happily, with enthusiasm to take up the challenge gladly with "L'Chaim".

Again, it must be remembered, that our organization works along the whole year, and takes care with the visits for our Holocaust winners, throughout the year. But of course, the special festive spirit when new members are joining us, is always uplifting and not at all obvious. This activity is an elevating response to the general apathy which is result of the rising materialism in the Western culture that affects the whole globe. The answer is that there is a cause for young and pure hearts, a different perspective and a different way of thinking , which all parties benefit from - greatly. And what is the profit from it ? The discovery of the human spirit. Discovery and expression of the emotion, the opposite of what the spirit of materialism considers and says: Me, Me, Me... !!! But, the human spirit which is planted in us directly from the Creator, of character and beauty with appreciation for life, giving and grace. Simply, to put light into very dark places. Create a wonderful life and a reason to live. All of this, we have and win, in the project of "L'Chaim", by adopting the survivors.

Shir and me, felt the magnitude of the challenge in Modiin. The first shock, was that we felt the walls of cynicism of the many students, who came to hear us. However, Shir, as an artist, managed to raise enthusiasm, opened the walls of cynicism, introducing the song of truth with her talent and her excitement , wetting their eyes and getting hearts throbbing. And I, modestly, adding a little oil to the pumping hearts. It was an amazing sight to see these young people at the beginning of the meeting - and at the end. They were no longer cynical, and one of the students turned to me and said : "I was very skeptical, but when I heard the two of you, I have no doubt in my mind, I'm in !!!

And you, our friends in Israel and around the world, I hope you continue to understand that this project is not obvious. It's clearly against the spirit of these times, which produces an island of sanity not loosing it's line, by insisting on the nature of the project, the general basis being : communication, reliability and acts. That's the key! These people do not need a big podia and a commercial televisonsender. They need a helping hand.

I firmly believe, that this project strengthens in most of the partners, the Jewish spark that is being lost these days.

Strengthening the human spirit, strengthening grace, are the keys to prosperity in the love of God and to the land of Torah life: Netzhach Israel will not lie !!! The people of Israel, the Land of Israel, the God of Israel, the love of Israel - always and ultimately - win from all enemies who wants to destroy us !!! Hear O Israel, Our G-d, G-d is One!!!


Sukkot -the time for joy

Oktober 4, 2017, Tishrei 14, 5778

Dear Friends !

Today, I will tell a little about the concept of joy, but slightly from a different point of view. Joy is very much in demand nowadays, and I'm talking about a real joy. Sukkot is the holiday that symbolizes the joy of understanding the sense of priority that guides us in our lives. Sitting in the sukkah for seven days and reconnect with the sounds of creation, which is in sane, with pure nature, which G-d, trying to teach us always. Sitting in the sukkah, invites us the options to stop the race, but this time, the soul is in the direction of creation, the power of life, and by understanding the impermanence that allows coping better with things and fears, of familiar shapes of the world.

Once again today, I had the opportunity to meet new students, which clarified me, more and more, the need to pour fresh water for a soul, which needed desperately - meanings, with the journey we all have, and there is a lot of suffering and loneliness. It is a great opportunity to learn, the sources of healthy happiness of a real life, the grace of life, which is a real yearning to find the strengths and the light of the person in front of us. To find and being empowered !

Daniel speaks with the students

Today Shir announced me that dear man named Chanan, has passed away ( Shir will tell the story by herself). But I would like to add that, I had the chance to know precious Chanan - just a little, going through immense pains, which drained his power during his illness. Also, I had the privilege of knowing his heroic wife Shulamit (may she live long life). Within Chanan's indescribable suffering, Shir and her group of students from Modiin, gave Chanan a little comfort - which is remarkable. But not limited to Chanan. Shulamit also, won a lot of strength from these wonderful group. Those, who play the melody of life - which is served in the hope of being real creative and experiential. Day by day, it becomes more apparent to me, the huge need for increased light flares, connecting human heart to heart, which is what the Almighty gives. The kiss of worlds, to which we need so much. A whisper of His kiss, saying big yes ! for a great acts of kindness every day.

Sukkot - The feast of joy, and I wish we will rise above the daily straits , being able to feel the song of our Sukka, and the depth of its message in our hearts . This festival, teaches us to be less - which it is more! And the one who can, will understand. Sukkot bring us back to the point. May the many hearts, will understand the depth of the holiday and the song.

Happy Sukkot !

Chanan, 1923 -2017

Shir : Chanan, 'the person's name is the essence of him'. G-d has given you immense talents : creativity, humility, sensitivity, attention to the little things, being good and sincere.

As a little boy, who lift up his hand at the age of 6 grade, when he were asked who is a Jewish, even though, you did not come from a Zionist family. As a youngster, he decided to immigrate to Israel from Austria, against all odds and took part , and was a guide in the Zionist movement. Thanks to your wisdom and your courage, winning the Holocaust, coming to Israel despite all the difficulties. You lost your family in Theresiënstad.


The man who immigrated to Israel and built the country. Indeed you formatted, drafted, established and created wonderful places with design in your special taste that characterized you as an architect and as a person. The first moment I entered your house, I was shocked from the color and the warmth, and your Shulamit. You entered my life and my heart immediately. Also experiencing hard times with the damn disease , we had a beautiful moments that you did works even though, at the beginning you refused to paint, but at the end of it, you asked me if there are other things you can paint.

The grandfather founded by a wonderful family, having also great-grandchildren. You have reached the respectable age of almost 94 years.

You taught me a lot about the history, the culture, the arts and love through the special relationship with your Shulamit.

And now, dear grandfather, your time has come to rest. After a long and difficult period of suffering and pains, I hope you came to rest and found a good place in heaven. Watch over us and Shulamit, and make sure you ask God to watch over your wife Shulamit, for many years here with us, before she gets to a place of saints there, beside you in heaven. I promise you to watch her with all my heart . Love you. Bless your memory. Already miss you !



Yom Kippur

Oktober 3, 2017, Tishrei 13, 5778

Improvement day, sea of Purification.

Hey guys ! First, I would like to share what Yom Kippur is not for me, then - what it does - for me! The format of Yom Kippur is a day of addiction, like most of the memorial days : festivals and all sorts of rallies. Addiction ? How? Indeed the atmosphere has power. However recently, it became a ritual of poor addicts, with compressed air which has no message and no life, but addiction that right away fades when the day has passed , until the next thrill. These are harsh words, but they come from my heart. Even G-d, lamented to the prophet that He is tired from the burden of the holidays ...

Yom Kippur, as experienced today as a whole, is no different from the time the memory of the Holocaust , or Days of Remembrance for the Soldiers, who fell in the wars. And unlike thousand segregation, it is also celebrated , creating a feeling of happiness , that produce outdoor joy, but is limited to one day. This rituals, degenerate our minds and weaken our morale, and increase the addiction to them. If so, what is the Day of Yom Kippur is - yes, for me? Let's start from the beginning.

For me Yom Kippur, is improving day by day, throughout the whole year. Where my failures, were many, where I found myself defeated and exhausted, where I find myself stuck motionless, losing the way. Where I am not me , and me is not I ! I cry out load my plea. For example the other day, when I felt defeated time, I was ashamed and dehydration, I came to my comfort womb , grandfather sea! Yes, the sea! My first home. At dawn, I took off my clothes, almost in despair, throwing myself into the water, breathing deep, and dives to the bottom ( "from the depth of the pit - save me"). Then, deep in the water, spins I with top soil, eyes wide open and out from the water' I see a bright blue sky was blowing out my length, as Shofar blowing with courage and strength, Where ? Where are you? How can it be ? Trough bubbles, my cry upward to where it went, and I am drained of strength, rising upward, inhaling oxygen depleted living soul.Purification sea! Then, on a warm rock, where nobody is there , I turn with a longing glance , and again: Where ?Where are you? How can it be ? And always, there is a silent! But feeling the whisper of a fire kiss saying: "Continue to walk dear son! Look for improvement, learn from a different angles! Provoke yourself with a new language, even your soul is in straits , never cease! Creat , Grow! And with thousands of failures, you should know men, that you are growing with them".

So, here is my friends, every day, and then, on Yom Kippur itself, attention to Yehova !

I am quiet. I have nothing to say. The end of the words. Here is a deeper silence, but I am not looking for words. That silence itself, has a massage , but I do not know it's name .. but when it comes, I'll know it's name.

About forgiveness? What about forgiveness?! I am too, tired of the narrow rituals. All that has left is a sincere look inside ourselves, finding the highlights that we can apply them in practice.

Yom Kippur ! a day of improvement ! every day!

Hear O Israel, our God! the only One!


Opening the year / before the New Year's Eve

September 20, 2017, Elul 29, 5777

Dear friends!

In brief: we stand before a new year's Eve , the most important Holy holiday for the Jewish people . This time, I would like to tell about the wonderful feeling I have got when I met the students from Mayan Baruch and Kfar Hanasie .
All students, without exception, came to the meeting. The excitement was great, and the new subject was deep and reached their hearts , when the main point is to study and make a difference point of view, much more in depth and how to find the points of light and strength for our winners. In a simple words, there is no reason to keep them as " poor " , at least not in their sense, by the divine light that lifts and cheering up their minds. The same action, I did by asking the students to find within their hearts, with clear agreement, that this should become a way of life. This is the demand of this hour ! when humanity is heavily sink in materialistic and desperately need the song to come from above! A new song! I felt that the students understood the message. We pray for productive activities by finding an inner harmony and inner peace in oneness Israel unconditionally, because this is the chance for peace in the whole global world!

Happy new year,

We still need more donations for the holidays ! Please, spread the word to whom you think can join us and give to whom who need our help.