Second Chanuka Report
20 december 2012,   Tevet 7, 5773

The new girls, had their second visit on Wednesday (the 5th candle)with Miki.
They visited and has met more of our survivors. After the visit Tali sent pictures and Meira told me how she feel towards those she met:
" I feel that this woman are so strong and they deserve and we must give them our help and support. It connect me to the suffering and the very dark part of the Jewish history".
Gina,also, told me that she have got a very good connection with Aliza Daniel. they both could communicate in French and it was for her a very exciting meeting with such a special women.Gina's parents, are very dear and active friends of Amutat Lechaim and now she is joining us.
Bat El - Our dear volunteer in , is going another few months to give birth for twins, and it is a good timing for the help of the new volunteers that start to join them.

Thank You dear volunteers, new and old ones and Miki that did so much this week .

Good luck and happy Chanuka!

Beer Sheva:
Here is a letter from Rozelia and her femily, who thank us for the renovation of her house:

To Amutat Lechaim and Daniel Braun:

Subject: Berkowitz Rozelia

"I am Zvia berkowitz, on behalf of my mother Rozelia; want to thank you for the big help you gave us for changing her apartment after falling and breaking her knees. I am happy to tell that after fixing the ceilings nothing fall on my head as it was before, I move from my room to the bathroom and the toilet with my wheelchair and the walker (which I need to move) without any problems because of the wide entrances you did for me and it made possible to do such a basic movements.

Before we met you, we didn't know how we are going to do it. Because of your generosity and your aid it happened and all of my family is greeting you for the almost "new" house I have got now. Well done! Continue on helping the needy ones. It is a great hope for those, who had such a hard period along the Shoa and can smile because of your charming and beautiful souls."

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Rozelia, Zvia and the rest of the family.
(Pictures, will come soon)

The girls adopting Maya, came to celebrate Chanoka with her. Surprisingly she even didn't have Chanukia and they came with candles and Menorah. Maya said excitedly that she didn't light candles many years, for her, this opportunity to do it with the warm and loving girls, was so special that tears came to her eyes, and the girls decided to come and do it with her the next day. You can see in the picture what a beautiful tray load with sufganiot and Chocholat they preperd for her.

Thank you dear girls, for bringing the light to this women.

The resort hotel "Yarot Hacarmel" did it again, and invited two survivors to join the ceremony of lightning the candles and to the good meal after that. they were eccepted as queens (I quote)and were so enchanted. Also a group of mangers went to visit another three survivors and brought them Menorah, candles and Sufganiot.

Thank you Pnina who move things in Haifa.

This is the end of a very intensive week. returning back to the routin will do all right till the next report.

All the best!


Report from Chanuka events

December 12, 2012,  Kislev 28, 5773 
Dear friends!

This week is the holiday of Chanuka. This holiday is not mentioned in the bible but on the books of Makabim. It was a cultural and religious struggle because of the religious decrees, the Greeks (Antiyuchose) put on all Jews in Israel. The miracles was first of all, the military victory of the little army against the big and strong one. The second was cleansing the Temple (from foreign idols and sacrifices). The third one was the only left out pure pitcher, which gave along eight days the oil to light the Menorha. This how they brought back the dedication of the Alter in the temple and lift back the lifeblood of the Jewish religion.

And here are some miracles these days of our events that we did for our survivors:

Pardes Channa:

On Wednesday R.Shachar and the wonderful group, came to celebrate Chanuka (earlier, because of the holiday vacation) with our survivors and with my community whom I working with. We bought Sufganiot (kind of jelly doughnuts), Chanukiot  and candles for each of our adopted survivors. At the celebration they were invited to light the candles. We had a very dear friend from the Christian Embassy Yudit zets and  her colleague Birte S., who support "Lechaim" and know the survivors personally. After welcoming all the guests R. Shachar gave A short lecture about the meaning of the holiday and start to sing, playing on his guitar Chanuka songs and with him David played on the violin. It was magic! All joined them and they brought some beautiful pieces of old and new songs. Marti, a student from the group told us how he made his Aliya to Israel and the listener was very impressed. One of the students did a wonderful juggling tricks and it was just wonderful to see how talented this group is.

Our survivors had also a nice package of vegetables and fruits.

Thank you Amutat Lechaim for your generosity and the beautiful group you send us each two weeks. We appreciate it and cherish this privilege very much.


Beer Sheva: Renovating Rozelia house is almost finished and you can see what have been done there:

1.     Ramps in the entrance and the yard of the house to facilitate a walker and a wheelchair to move easily there.
2.     Widening the entrance of the toilet and the bathroom and fixing a door fitting new entrance. The same have been done to the bedroom.
3.     Changing pipes and its position in the bathroom.
4.     Filling plates and building plaster and concrete ceilings.
5.     Sealing the roof from the outside.

You can see in pictures what was before and the process of the renovating.

We hope to get the pictures of the results of the work, and send you on our next report.

Finely it is quiet and peaceful. Let's pray for them to have it forever. The Girls from the Midrashiya are going to light candles with the survivors.

This letter, we received, from the nursing home "Sinai" in Haifa after R/Shachar and his group, who joined the celebration of Chanuka there:

Even some  light, rejects the Darkness

Acknowledgments and appreciation for the great deed of giving, by Mr. Daniel braun / Amutat "Lechaim" and the students from the Pre Military Academy in Keshet (Ramat Hagolan) and R. Shachar the leader of the group. The students who came not very long from abroad, preformed with singing, playing, dancing, and told us Chasidic stories. Our tenants were moved to tears and it raised smiles of happiness to those, we didn't see on their face for very long time. The stories of R. Shachar about his journeys, in places that revealed memories for some of the listeners from their original home land. The Music played by R. Shachar on the Guitar and David on the Violin, amazed and impressed, all the listeners.

Many thanks for the precious experience.

Michal Klarman/ "Sinai" Haifa.

Today, (Sunday) Daniel gave an orientation about Chanukah at "Sinai" .you can see the  pictures how he is lightning candles with the survivors there.


Kiryat Shmona: Celebrating Chanuka in Kiryat Shmona

Twenty girls from the Midrasha for art for religious girls in the Golan Heights, came to celebrate Chanuka with the Shoa survivors.
It was a joyful event. The girls were eccepted with warm welcome, bringing Sufganiots and presents. They played music, Israeli and Chanuka songs. They brought to the elderly people a loving and a warm atmosphere. We all, sang and danced and listened to the stories of the survivors.  Also, we spoke about the miracles of Chanuka, and about the miracles in our own lives.   


Ifat, the leader of this group told me her impression:

"We had a very moving experience today. Their hearts are so open, they are so thirsty for connection and it is so easy to make them happy. Their eyes were glowing. Through their stories, we get so much strength and it makes us to remember where we came from, and the sources of our Jewish identity".
The visit of Ida at home was very special to us. (Ida is ill and couldn't join the Hanuka celebration)
We have a beautiful connection with the Shoa survivors in Kiryat Shmona, We will continue and keep it with them on a regular basis. We want to see them every holiday!
Lechaim-to-life is doing a very holy work to make these people happy. "

Shalom, Timek


Chanuka in Ginosar with Meitzar:
The Mechina from Meitzar, came to Genosar. All the Shoa survivors, who live in their houses, came to Beit Savion for the Chanuka celebration. They all had a great joy. The Chanukiah(Menorah), have been lighted with blessings. Sufganiots (dounats), drinks and other food was on the tables. The students brought guitars and sang Chanuka songs and danced with the elderly people.

 Eliram - had his birthday last week. Guy, who has found Eliram's brother, via the facebook, came to visit Eliram. He came with flowers and a gift and with his soldier uniform. The excitement was amazing.


We have a new beautiful group that came to expend the array in Jerusalem. 4 are from Panama and 3 from Israel. They met the survivors last week with Miki and they are going to visit this week and light candles with them. Here are some of their impressions:

Jina:"I enjoyed going and it made me happy to know that they get pleasure from our visits".

Bloria: "The meeting with them was very special and emotional. I felt lucky to be introduced to such special people who been through so much and still were so hospitable, welcoming and opened their hearts to us. I want to thank you Le'Chaim program, for letting me to be part of this. I look forward to our next meetings."

Meira: Last week I got the impression that the survivors really need somebody to listen and care about them, and with us they are not alone!!! I hope with the help of G-d to help and support them. Thank you Lechaim , you are doing a true kindness. Well done! all the best".

Tali has sent me pictures of their visit.

You can see how this happy group can bring the light wherever they are going to be.

Speaking with the girls after their first visit, I could see the excitment of this first meeting between this young ladies who came to study here in the holy land in the holy city! the special connection by  getting to know this special people who came from the hell and built for all Jews a homland. It gives a meaningfull value for  this girls.

Welcome dear ladies. We wish you very good luck on joining Lechaim's family.

There are so many events that we split our report for two pieces, the second one will be on the end of the week.

My best regards,



Daniel Braun
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DF Chanuka ceremony, Tzfat and Beer Sheva
1 januari 2012, Tevet 6, 5772

My very dear friends!

Yesterday (25/11/12), finely we finished our Chanukah projects for our survivors.  The exciting celebration was in the army base on the Golan Heights who already adopting survivors from Katzarin.

At 16.30, joined me two IDF cars, which were sent to collect the survivors from Katzarin to  the base. Timik and I, picked also survivors and all of this happy convoy moved to the basis. We were accepted with excited soldiers who prepared their cultural hall with love, respecting their guests.

At 17.00 the party has start. R. the commander of the unit, greeted and point out how important the spiritual connection between the two generations and the big privilege to be part of this blessed project. Also I, said few words about the miracle of Chanukah and the fact that we were all the times very few against so many, and the eternal spirit, connected to our hearts and our G-d , kept us -the Israeli nation alive. All of us were excited (me too), and we had started to light the Candles: Soldier, survivor and me   – lit six of them- as a symbol to our unity. Rabbi from Tzfat came to join the event, and spoke about Chanukah and the important connection between the two generations and the studies it brings. One of the soldiers: Osnat, spoke very shy and excited about her own experience, in this project. Shlomo and Willy said some words  and my good friend Jacob Mindel which came with his wife and one of his daughters, said some exciting words .Then all of us sat to eat light meal, and we separated feeling happy and with a high spirit.

Again I came back to Zichron with a big joy and a big smile. And you, my friends from all over the world, you should know that you are my full partners to this project.

I wish you a very happy holiday.

The soldiers from the Northern Command, the commander of that basis D. spoke with me on the phone telling me about what happend. They went today to light candles with the Survivors they had started to adopt. She said that it was a real light to those lonely people in the frozen Tzfat. they came with Sufganiot rapped with cellophane and candles sang a songs for Chanukah and made the survivors feeling the holiday. They are very excited and very happy for this privilege .

Beer Shava:
On Wednesday last week, the students from Nitzana came to light the first candle with the survivors there. Yahel and Omer came to Ester Abu . For Yhel, it is his forth visit to her. He was painting and fixing her garden (at Savta project) and the connection between them is very special. His grand Ma and Pa are also from Tunis and they came to Israel the same year as Ester (1956). He hear a very familiar stories and like her as another grand ma.  He try to come to visit her in his privet visits in Beer Sheva, and try to take her out and to continue what they had started on her garden. He loves her and try to help as much as he can. He and Omer lit candles with her and sang Chanukahsongs . She was so happy with them.

Menachem and Gil visited Yehoshua who is very lonley and really wait for their visit. Menachem, Avi and Gal came to visit Menachem Goldman who live in a senior house but need the attention very much and was very glad to see them. This is the end of the visits in Chanuka and we wish all the visitors and the survivors a happy holiday.

Many thanks To Pnina In the north and Limor in the south for such a fruitful colaboration .

Chag Sameach.


Chag Chanuka

December 14, 2011, Kislev 18, 5772

Dear friends!

Next week, we – the Jews around the world and in Israel are going to celebrate Chanukah the festival of lights.

I would like to share with you my thoughts about this holiday.

First of all, there is an idiom in the Torah which brought me for comprehension when G-d says: "Not from your abundance- I did love you, but because you are just so few". We can see in this amazing sentence, how the All-mighty again and again improves His marvelous and exalted deeds – against all the human sense or mental perception…

This, what happened in Chanukah. The Macabbim were so few and the Greeks were so many, and inspit of all, amazingly, again, we discover the high spirit of the belief of one man named Matatyhu. He knew that the All-Mighty would never leave his people. Another miracle I should point out to you, is the miracle of the can of oil which could give eight days to light the Menorah and this was done by the All-Mighty.

This issue is much deeper then it seems to be: Along the generations and the history, we experience again and again G-d's significance. I am sorry to say that today we worship science and the Academy- giving prestigious awards for scientist claim of arrogance, that because of their achievements, the world is a better place to live. The question is if those achievements made us more human, knowing better the people and their unique qualities, given by G-d. Did the academy appointed to give priority to make progress on being a better human or raced people to be excellent? did it bring the people to have a better lives or to be backslide?

The Makabim and other amazing leaders had a rare gift of vision and spirituality. With all the respect to the science and it's sophistication, without spiritual vision it will redeem a nation? Today, the demand is more then ever to light up the humanity, the ability of giving, having kindness and compassion and to light the resources because they are the missing once…

I want to point out to you, the big miracle that happens to be for about 60 years here in Israel; we are surrounded by millions of Moslems in the middle- east and out of it , and they are asking to destroy us and our heritage. Apparently, we have no chance in front of so many Moslems, hatred and money. And yet, evy time something is going wrong with those evils and we can see today in the Arabic countries as Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Libya killing each other. Even in the Bible it is written, this events are on the hands of G-d.

We should remember the huge mission we have as the Bible nation – the chosen one to be the light for all nations. The Ishmaeles's job is to wake us up from our deep sleep and swoon that the advancement – we are so proud about it, made our degeneration. On this Chanukah, when I will win to light candles with survivors, students and soldiers I wouldn't hesitate to say it: The spirit, the love of G-d, loving our covenant and the land of Israel – they are our backwind.

You are, our friends, as our partners to the holy work we do. You make it possible on continuing the strong spirit, with the biblical attitude which doing with the human heart – the real key for salvation. We should remember that the western culture is checking results according to quantity! But the truth is that not the quantity but the quality is the important thing. "Not from your abundance- I did love you, but because you are just so few".  We should remember and never forget: Netchach Israel Lo Yeshaker (Israel eternity will never lie).

Daniel Braun
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