April 6, 2017, Nissan 10, 5777

Dear friends,

In the Bible, the Ten Commandments begins with a wonderful verse from Hashem, which seal deep in our hearts, saying "I am Hashem, your God, who took you out of Egypt, from the slavery house." So begins the Ten Commandments. This thing is so deep and so substantial to understand what is this exodus from slavery, and what is freedom.

In this commandment it has no room for any mistake : Hashem is our only God (!) who has taken us, out from slavery in our lives. He took us , in order to have the choice - of knowing Hashem, to walk with Hashem with all our heart and our soul, and with all our might. Again, the focus is "I am Hashem, your God"! So, we know true freedom which is the recognition of the divine spark inside us which exist in each of us, and then we can understand the priorities of our lives.

Dear Friends! Passach madness is on it's peak. The intention is to prepare along crazy weeks and perhaps months before, which is very reminiscent, to the festivals of the world which became extravagant festivals, quirk of consumer culture, and the loss of the original idea. But our concern in this letter, is to provoke thoughts about the essence of healthy Passach. As we know, or maybe not, the Jewish people have three holidays called the three pilgrimages. The first one is Sukkot, which symbolizes the holiday of joy. Shavuot - Pentecost, (giving of the Torah,) and Passover - the holiday of freedom. Freedom from foreign gods, clean and purified from foreign cultures, changing fashions and loyal right path to a solid freedom. Being in the image of God, by doing the worship and glory to humanity and bright the blessed Creator, making a real internal team that connect us to the Creator of Liberty, the Creator of the world.

One of the magical things about Passach is the education process and purification laboratories. The Hebrew people, were commanding over the centuries and precisely Passach signifies a considerable reduction in consumer culture. Reducing dependency and materialism, and increasing awareness of God's presence in our lives. Seven days, we are commanded to eat unleavened bread and leavened eradicate, namely the excess. Matzah is a minimized food, unlike the bread which becomes bloated. matzah is thin and limited. Here God ask us to study the need of reducing dependence, slowing the pace, to delve into the story of the Exodus with emphasis exodus from slavery to freedom. Unfortunately, for a long time holidays were spoiled with the taste or flavor, and became technical, connected with shopping mania, with endless eating, and only God knows how it can be digested ...

The beauty of the festival is in it's simplicity, by reducing eating, and by increasing observation on the main and mostly bland and terrible burden we've piled on ourselves in this generation, which is suffused madness.

I'm Daniel, really like Passach. It's for the Feast of contemplation, of reflection for all situations in life that still separates me from freedom, and the trivial things, but mostly, internal cleaning requires inspiration, and wild spree of endless running with carts, which can feed million of people. Even now, it is rare to find people, who understand the greatness of the hour, by increasing courage and stay focused and not get lost mainly loaded with festivals of Champagne, satisfaction and arrogance, which have nothing to do with the holiday of freedom - which is Pessach.

With great joy we have a wonderful Pesach report about our activities in all sectors and can tell you - in all humility - that they are uplifting and joyful. Second row: Yesterday, our dear Shir (as a soldier in the army of light) opened a meeting, organized on cooperation between the military and "L'Chaim". It was a modest event , Soldiers, whose hearts are suitable for this project came to listen.

Shir, professionally, and her outstanding characteristic love, introduced a fancy presentation about "L'Chaim" and the soldiers listened and took it to their hearts. I won to say several words, to those dear soldiers. With G-D willing, we will begin after the "March for Life", and it will be a beautiful representation parade by itself.

Thanks to all members contributing, and enable us to do all that good.

My blessings, happy Pesach !

Shir : These days, I am working to integrate our volunteer project with the army. As part of this, a conference was held on Tuesday in my base. Daniel and Timek, joined us and told their angle on what is "L'Chaim to life". Then I told my personal experiences about how it was meaningful to me and the special connection with winners, and how it can be done with the army. There were several soldiers , who signed up, it's always good to see the reactions and the desire of people to volunteer and to do good. The soldiers who will join the project, also will join the "march for life".

Highlights from the north.

The students are very much connected to the winners and they visit and feel that they approach the end of their studies and also the end of the visits. That makes them even more "hungry" about the regular visits. Daniel, me and Shir visited an army base in the North to recruit soldiers to volunteer in Safe, Rosh Pina and Chazor during the summer month. That will be excellent.


Me, Ela and Rotem, has met Israel and Shifra from Dafna.

Israel, was born in Karpaten, then Tzechoslowakia. His family fled to Hungary to escape the Nazi's, but at the end of the war the Nazi's also took all the Jews there, to the concentration camps. Israel survived and after the war, he got involved in the Jewish Youth movement. First in Europe, later after he made Aliya, whole of his life he worked in education programs with the youth. Israel wrote couple of interesting books and is still active to educate youth about the past.


Batya has returned from the hospital and is feeling fine. Happy to be back home and happy to see the students from Meitzar.

Eli-Ram made a special picture to express thanks for the visits of the students from Meitzar. The picture will be placed in the Mechina , but first Eli-Ram will bring it to the "March for life". I asked Eli-Ram to make a painting of an almond tree, facing the Kineret, both symbols of life and to make a connection with the students of Meitzar and the Shoa winners in Genosar.

Eli-Ram has painted the monument in Genosar which shows the Magen David, made from railway rails, open towards the sky. On the opposite, slopes of Kineret and the village of Meitzar, where the Mechina of the students is connected. You can see this beautiful painting .

By the end of this week I will finish distributing the food packages for Pesach. During the Pesach and thereafter I will prepare the students for the "March for life". Thank you for your support,

Chag Sameach from the Galillee,

Pardes Channa

Students from Neve Michael, have left for the holiday vacation , and I went yesterday to visit, to wish happy holiday, with holiday packages, for our winners. At Aliza, her daughter and granddaughter, enlisted to paint and clean the whole house and they were in the middle of the mess. But cheerful, with a big smile, she invited us into the kitchen, sat and had a good time with us.


From there, we came to Gizela, who is always happy to see us, and our packages, really helps her. She was hospitalized, with a severe pains in her back, and returned back home, only few days ago. The night of the Seder, she will do with a woman who adopted her, and will be host her .


Zippora, after being all day with her daughter who had a mouth surgery, thanked us for what we're for her. From there, we
came to Rachel Boaron, which was with deep heartache. Her daughter, has badly burned when she lit up at a gas station a cigarette and is sedated and on a respirator with severe burns ...

Clara and Leonid, were very grateful and joyful for our arrival, and the help we brought them for Pessach. Chaya, about a week ago, swallowed an Egg in the middle of a stroke, and is sedated and on a respirator in the hospital, while her husband Morris , is at a loss and her daughter - as well. Her volunteer Ora and I, came to the hospital to see what the situation and encouraged her other daughter. It is not clear how it will end. Of course, package for Pessach, were provided to their home and we hope for her to get over it .

Happy Pessach greetings , have a wonderful spring with blossoms, and a pleasant vacation for all of us.


Arbel, Shir and Oz: on Tuesday we visited Svetlana and Dimitri.

Svetlana told us about a post on Facebook that she wrote about Dimitri, then we found out that Shir and Arbel not really know all the colors in Russian, we studied it together. Oz taught Svetlana how to do Selfi with her new cell phone. Then, we watched with Svetlana and Dimitri, a TV show they really love. It was very nice and we are looking forward to the next meeting.

Talia: Today we went to visit Riri. Every time, when she receive a call from friends and family, she tells them : "I'm here with my new precious grandees " .. our visits bring a big smile on her face, and it can't be explained at all. Always fun with her and always difficult to explain why and how, and what exactly happened .. but every time we go down in the elevator and we stay out of the building almost one of us cries out load "I love that woman !!!!!!!!" It probably describes our level of happiness after each visit. Today we sat and talked hours !! Also washed dishes (all due respect to the Maayn) exchanged water filter, ate, drank - and enjoyed every minute of it. We agreed to meet again this week and to have breakfast together.

Ariel was amazing !!! We were with her for three hours until 21:40. It's amazing that when she is alone these hours, she is very tired, and today, she stayed fresh and looked so good !!! We all love her so much and happy we knew her !!!


Shir : After we returned to base in Zfat, we visited our beloved Esther. She offered us the broccoli, which grow in her garden. We also, met Ronnie, her good friend of Esther and we were happy to see him again. Esther told us that she had nightmares, memories of the war. She was glad we came, and that our frequent visits, fills her heart with love what makes the feeling of horror less affective. We heard wonderful background songs in Spanish and Esther told us about her book "The shoemaker's wife". We also talked about our love for books and movies.

We wrote with her the speech she will read at the "March for life", and she is very happy and exciting, and we can't wait for the parade.

At the end of the visit , Esther read the epistle from Rmba'n, which is been read once a week, blessing the children. Esther has read it to us.



Keren: day I arrived and Eti was really sick, after her noonsleep, she started to loose a lot of blood from her nose and mouth, feeling dizziness, and cold. Very quickly her son came and took care of her, and when I've arrived, she felt a lot better. I had fun to hear her and her week. Her granddaughter came to visit, and we realized us that she has a good supportive family.

Six other winners, which we have a long last connection with, got a big package of Kamcha Depascha, and were very happy for the attention and the supplies.




March 10, 2017, Adar 12, 5777

Dear Friends! This week, on Saturday, the Jewish people will celebrate the holiday of Purim. We, in "L'Chaim" has been working this week in all sectors, to point out the main thing of Purim: the month of Adar, a month of joy, and mostly the symbol of Purim is: the joy of freedom. Freedom ??? A unique courage, with strong faith, practice man named Mordechai. We must understand the size, the depth of the case of Mordechai. One man, went against the faith by force of logic, against all, against the tyranny fear of Haman, and all of that, could weaken the strength of the spirit of the believer, seriously. But this man, without hesitation, understood what he had to do: to be faithful to the truth. Mordechai was one, who didn't see his personal life as the main thing. Mordechai had in mind, a story with the length and breadth of history - with present and future. He realized, that each person, must do his generation's unique mission. Indeed, the unbelievable happened again, thanks to his faith in the justness, without flattery, without subjection to any power whatsoever, this elderly man, has succeeded to change reality. The great joy that the Jewish people are celebrating, is a festival of joy. It is a joy for a long, long, meandering journey, full of pain and challenges, which task to return to his sources and for himself, being the treasured people for the benefit of the whole world. Israel is a special nation. Israel is capable, but Israel is in the process of recovery from a lack of faith, a sense of rejection and self hatred, he has experienced, during the long history of the nations of the world. The Israeli nation learns in the hard way, and any attempt to flee the substance or its historical truth, an umbilical connection sacred covenant with God, forcing her eventually, to return to it's roots and to herself . This is the everlasting joy of giving the message to the whole world , the secret of the true freedom, even if it is difficult to hear, or to accept, because of an old stigma, or luck of faith. Nothing, will change the sweet news: Israel is the eternal kingdom who responsible for Tikkun Olam in heaven! This is elated, when watching it with wisdom and humility, but, without hesitation, this, what G-d has said!

And back to Amutat "L'Chaim": We celebrate Purim with the winners throughout the country in places where we are active. This is a whole big light, joy and elation. For those of you, who his patience is not part of the substance to wait for the 'liberationday' [of this earth], please! read these lines taking into consideration and try to feel thanks to all the active people, in Israel and abroad, enabling this project to illuminate the darkness, so, the light brings closer the redemption [to this world].

Dit is een groot licht en reden tot blijdschap en opgetogenheid. Voor degenen onder u, die niet zoveel geduld hebben de 'bevrijdingsdag' van onze aarde [ed. de terugkomst van Messias] af te wachten, leest u alstublieft deze regels en denkt u dan met dankbaarheid aan al die actieve mensen in Israel en daarbuiten die dit project mogelijk maken waardoor de duisternis verlicht wordt, zodat het licht van ‘de verlossing’ [ voor deze aarde] doorbreekt.

Happy Purim ,

Rishon Lezion / Our soldier's volunteer

Ido and Elior : We visited for the second time Elijah. His kitchen pipes, have burst before we entered, and right away helped him to clean up. Then we sat with him and talked about his military service. He was participating the Yom Kippur War in the Sinai, and told us his experiences and memories. He remembers that he was in the reserves, and was hiding along with two other soldiers on the mountain. Elijah asked us to help him to find someone to help him. I promised to help and now, I found one for him and connected him to a family. We were happy to talk with him and being there to help.

Purim in the North

This week we started to bring "Mishloach Manot" (purim presents) to the winners in Rosh Pina and Kibbutz Neot Mordechai. The students , brought love and light into the houses of Rachel, Israel and Chana in Rosh Pina and to Ibi, Steve and Rachel in Neot.

Israel, Maya and Gezi with the granddaughter of Israel

Israel's granddaughter, who serves in the IDF joined us. For Israel the visits are very important. It gives him new strength.

Yuval, Noa with Rachel

Rachel is a quiet woman, but she express her love and appreciation through body language. She is very warm person, and opened her self up since we started visiting her.

Steve is a man, full of life with a lot of experience and the students love it. Ibi is going to celebrate her 92 birthday on the 14th of March. She give a lot of efforts to bring her life story in a book. Rachel loves to play with Rotem and Nadav Rumicub.

Nadav and Eliav with Rachel

Kiryat Shmona :
Last week Omer and Rotem visited Israel. They spoke about politics. Yuval and Omer visited Raya, and she made cake for them. Baking is her hobby.

Eliav and Nadav visited Lisa

Chazor : Ruchama and Bracha were for a treatment in the Dead See. Eden and Yuval visited Mina. They made pancake together.

Genosar : Last week, joined us Dutch/Belgian group in our visits.

They felt the essence of "L'Chaim"'s work: and the connection of the students with the winners. A powerful act that gives the elderly strength, and inspires the young generation for a better future.

Shalom Timek

Purim in: Modiin

Shir: Imagine the exciting and happiest Purim party of "L'Chaim" in Modiin yesterday. It was above any possible similarity. Almost everybody was with us, with exciting extras and my family. We were forty and mixed ages of generations .

We arrived; Winners, the wonderful volunteers Ricky Elihav and Leahy acompanied with their children, and the studio of Ricky's girls. Precious women, prepared gift packages which were most invested and looked amazing, I have ever seen for our winners in Modi'in, Rishon Lezion and Zfat. There were of course my amazing family, and my best friends and Iddo, the youngest quarterback of our branch in Rishon Letzion.

They were all dressed up, from child to adult. Precious girls of the Department of Ricky and Ricky's children and Lihi, handed out gift packages, which were received with endless joy and excitement among the winners.


We talked in circles and were excited about the variety of special Purim memories along, with their pictures with costume. It was funny to see our winners in costume, some of them as children and some in older years . Then, we played Purim quiz, prepared by Naomi and Noa, our precious volunteers .

I presented certificates of appreciation to Ricky and Lihi (they delivered and prepared the dishes) and they were moved to tears.

And my wonderful family, (without them I could do much less...) surprised me for my birthday, which falls on 12/3, with gorgeous cake ( with the picture of Modiin Family ) and more importantly, with the best present I ever got: an album with greetings from my grandparents of "L'Chaim", and of course, with amazing partners : Rivka, Daniel, Shuki and Timek.

In addition, the volunteers from "Yachd" (School ), has collectedmoney for five more gift packages Words can' t describe the excitement, love and joy, which filled me with this very special evening .

As my mother says, "I felt that my bucket was filled and even spreading ".

I can only thank for the good things, that we are healthy, wishing to continue to love and be happy together .


Shir and Maitar : We arrived to visit my favorite couple Shulamit and Chanan. We ate dinner together and then, we celebrated together Chanan's 93 birthday. I was wondering what to bring , as a gift to him, and decided that the best thing would be for such a creative person who was Architect in his past, I brought him a raucous painting shapes. Shulamit wasn't in a good mood after a hard day because Chanan was very confused and not focused.. But he painted himself all shapes with a great pleasure and joy.

Shulamit was amazed to see it and did not stop to say how much influence I have on him. I made a nice polish to Shulamit's nails, and it pleased her. We enjoyed together, and made them to be happy and rejoice with them.

Shir : Maitar, my best friend, and I , went to visit the Janet . She was very happy to see us. We had an exciting visit with tears. We talked about how the bureaucracy in the country makes life hard, at any age. Janet showed us pictures of her talented grandson. We were moved from one image in particular of Jaston directing an admiring eyes like a magnet on Janet... and immediately tears had in our eyes....

Then we looked together at two recent pictures of Jaston and Janet family life, images which they are smiling and happy and Jaston even stand alone . Janet was moved to tears, seeing it. The visit was very important.

Shir : Maitar and me, went to visit the charming Mordecai. Mordecai gave us warm hugs. He told Maitar about his past as a teacher of chess, as chess tournaments wins worldwide. We talked about how important to think ahead in life, to dream and set goals and achieve them just like chess. Charming Mordechai, invited us to the wedding of his grandson.

Unfortunately I would not be able to join it, but very deeply, was moved by the invitation. He said that immediately after he was told to summon those most dear to him he thought about me and Chagit his remarkable volunteer.

The visit was full of humor and joy.

Shir : We went to visit Rozitzh and Miki. We drank tea and ate together baked cookies by herself.

We talked about the situation of Rozitzh, of being difficult recently. She was hospitalized for a month and still waiting for results. We talked about Purim costumes and the party we are planning next week and she told me that in the past, she was working in a sewing shop and she sewed a lot of special costumes and dresses. Rozith told me that as a child she loved to sew and learned it from her mother, and that the school had a rate of craft and sewing. We also talked about the future and Rozitzh asked what I am going to do in a year after I got out of the army. I told her about my dream to establish a special school that children will love to come in the north. And I want to study psychology and education. She was glad to hear and wished me luck and thanked me a lot for my visit .

Shir : Monday 6/3 Shulamit and I did a fun evening. We went together to the mall, set in a cafe and ate and drank , enjoyed an amazing conversation. Conversations with Shulamit is something special. We talked about the special soul connection we have built. I tell her everything, like a mother or best friend and she is - as well .We talked about the types of memberships and I told Shulamit special section on types of friendship. We agreed about the types of friends which is special and even difficult to explain in words. I feel lucky that I have Shulamit and other very dear friends as soul mates. Shlomit told me about a soul mate she met, when she studied at the Adler Institute. and every week, at least once, they met, and it was like psychotherapy for both of them . I was thrilled to hear Shulamit tells excited , stories about her life and enjoys it . Shulamit said that all her children and grandchildren, are planning to write for years, stories about her life and her childhood. After we talked about it a little, our decision was that we are beginning to put it together. She is happy and excited and as always just needed a little encouragement and support to make it possible. I returned home happy, full of love , feeling really lucky.

Pardes Channa
A week ago, we came with bags, full of vegetables and fruits to our winners. Of course, all of them respected and welcomed the help we give in every visit. This time, we got a great discount cheese and yogurt from goat's milk, which is usually expensive, but we got it at a very reduced price and a lot of goodwill. As you following us, our goals, is to enrich the garden beds of the winners, greenery healthy by helping them to increase even in a flower boxes, the fruit of the ground to reach them directly as a result of their hard work. Of course we came to everybody and they welcomed us with joy and appreciation. This week, just before Purim, Zvia with more students with a gifted saxophone player from the school,with a very nice packet delivery for Purim, did Mishloach Manot fr Purim. When you will see the pictures you will understand the joy which they had received.

On Thursday we will have a visit of some of our good friends and donors of "L'Chaim", to accompany us in a visit or two, and to experience and understand the nature of volunteerism of youth in this special and unique place were the students of Neve Michael grow in.


Gizela with Timek and the visitors

Shabbat Shalom,

News from the south

The visits of the new Mechina from kibbutz Alumim.

Kfar Miemon : Joel and Hila : We met for the first time, with Edith Segal, a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor. She told us about her extended family. She have two children and many grandchildren! Edith told us a little about herself and showed us her house, and told us that she really likes to draw pictures and bring it to all of her grandchildren. Aviv and Naomi : Menachem told us he was 6 years old boy, when the Nazis attacked Belgium. His father immediately were taken to Auschwitz and since then, he didn't see him anymore. His mother and sister, were in a concentration camp in Belgium. From there, by an organization of Jews, who have converted to Christianity, he his sister were taken, and were hidden in various places until the end of the war. His mother also, was hidden and they met after the war and immigrated to Israel by a ship. Thila and Amit: We arrived and Reuben greeted us warmly . He showed us some type of trees it grows in the courtyard of their home, told us briefly about two types of trees has chocolate wood yard and wood of alcohol . He and his wife Ora are preparing liqueurs, wine, beer, jams, etc. . We saw pictures and received explanations on a roots trip they did with all their family to Poland and Germany - last year. They told us about the tours they do in their yard, with a fine Yemenit meal telling the life story of Reuben. He have his book and we could learn more about his life . I learned from this meeting that people aged 80 + can operate at a very high level, and enjoy . Their life is very rich, full of action. This is what keeps them alive and healthy .


Naama and Maooz : On Monday, 02/27/17 We went to Maya for the first time . Maya received us excited and wrapped us with hugs like as if we've known for years . We identified her house because of the Israeli flag flying on her roof. She told us about her family, about her immigration to Israel 27 years ago. About the two sons and three grandchildren, which is two of them are officers in the army and she is very proud . During the meeting, we talked about her childhood in an orphanage, where they made mud houses. She told about her slavery work in Ukraine. Later, Maya told us about her art, dolls designed, the theater she held .

During our visit, surprised us her son Michael for a short visit. We talked with him and he told us in general about the hard life experienced by his mother as a child, the father who died 40 years ago .. Towards the end of the visit we danced, sang, and took pictures, It was warm and pleasant atmosphere with joy and hugs, and even a jokes on the way. We discovered a special woman and very funny one . We are confident that we will continue to enjoy and learn from her .

Kibbutz Saad: We came to meet for the first time Sarah Jackson . We talked about her family, her husband (bless his memory), children, and grandchildren. About kibbutz life in the past and today. And how it was built, when it was cooperative. It was really nice to meet a new and interesting person.


Hee Lee, Neta and Itamar : We came to visit amazing Larisa , It was great fun, with a lot of warmth and love. Larissa hosted us warmly and made us to feel at home . We made food, sat outside talking and enjoying., Larissa really loved my friends. And just the four of us ,enjoyed together ! I'm looking forward to come back again .

Shir : We went to visit our beloved Esther and were happy to meet two friends of Esther, Drora and Ronnie from Rosh Pina. They have met, the three of them in a widows and widowers meeting in Zfat, and became good friends. We had delicious food prepared by Esther, spoke about Modiin and Rishon Lezion . We were amazed how small the world is. Drora heard Ester telling that she came from Yugoslavia, and they found out that Esther's husband (bless his memory) have lived in the house opposite to Drora's house in her childhood.

They had to go early and we continued to sit with our Esther. We talked that she had an eye surgery with the hope for a solution that will last long. Then we washed dishes and Esther sang to us songs. Finally, we planted seeds in her garden, flowers and vegetables, and we were happy to see that already grows some broccoli she has planted. We enjoyed very much and will miss her greatly in the coming month we will not be at the base of the north.

Hee Lee and Liam: We came to Eli and it was really fun and charming. He told us about his relationship with Zevulun Hammer (who was a minister of education in the past), about how his brother came to Israel, and he showed us documents like letters that his father wrote .He told us that he is very happy that we visit him because he feel less alone. We were also hosted by Larissa spontaneity, and she was delighted to have us . Ran and Uri, Dori and Yoav : Today Yoav and Dori Joined us in our visit to Ester and it was awesome !! She really was happy to get to know more people and accepted us with a big smile. We had very good time together.

Koren and Noa: We came to Chanan & Diamanta. Diamanta told us enthusiastically about her daughter, who came to visit from Tel Aviv for the weekend with her husband and children. Then, we prepared a special cookies Diamanta taught us step by step how to do it. She told us that she won in Purim costume competition, in the day center . We really enjoyed our visit as she did.

Purim Sameach , Shabbat Shalom !

Dear Friends! A few words summing up of the wonderful activities at Purim:

All the joy you could see in the pictures, you must understand, that this is not the joy of a certain date, but a product of a long and deep relationship throughout the year, and the holiday intensifying it, and reveal the real roots of the contacts more than ever. I would like to mention: The state of the seniors in the country, is not good and they are mostly- lonely. In the old age, it is much more difficult when health is not at its best, and therefore, one can understand the light beam, encouragement, and the water of life, which flow in the hearts of these people, which get's far more, than a holiday gift. The meetings, always contains within it, the magic of heart to heart communication, expands the capillaries and thrilling the heart - and there is no substitute for this. We want to continue to develop the project by getting to other places such as geriatric hospitals, and nursing homes, which are according to the press, exposes recently to violence. Amutat "L'Chaim", can make a significant contribution, improving the mental state of these precious people.

In the meantime, we are getting ready for the holiday of Passover, and intend to give, as every year , food packages for Kamcha De Pascha, to - 300 survivors. Each package, will cost 200Nis. so everyone, will be able to celebrate this important holiday - in the best way.

Regards of light and grace, Daniel.


On Shushan Purim (second day of Purim) we celebrated a beautiful Purim festival in Kiryat Shmona all together. The students came with a great spirit and joy. All the winners who could come joined us, and the ones who couldn't come, got Purim present into their homes.

We spoke about Purim, we blessed each other and wished each other happy holiday and good health. Klara's friend, played on the piano.

We sang songs and danced together. We talked and played games and all of us experienced love and joy. The winners expressed their great love to the students and vice versa. At the end, it was hard for us to say good-by. In Chazor the students from Kfar Hanasi, brought Purim gifts to the winners homes. In Kibbutz Genosar, the students celebrated Purim as well..

So, we finished all of our Purim festivities, remembering, that HaShem is in control of all the Jews in difficult times, along all of our history. With a great satisfaction, we brought happiness to our winners, who need it so much. Enjoy the pictures!

Thanks for your support and love!


The holiday of Chanukah

December 29, 2016, Kislev 29, 5777

Dear Friends!

We, in "L'Chaim", had an exciting week and a half, where we were very much the light to our winners, and we have received light as well. But before telling the details of this wonderful week, I would like to say a little about the nature of Chanukah. As is known, Chanukah miracles were huge. There was a small jug miracle, which the oil lasted for eight days, with emphasis on the small pitcher, and you will understand why I emphasize the size of the jar. Secondly, there was a huge victory by the Maccabees: few against many Greeks. Indeed, against all odds, triumph and victory were the results of faith which brought this victory with the blessings of heaven. A small jar, represents more than exceptions, because it is not the size that counts, but rather the opposite! mainely because we have received from the Creator and against the materialistic point of view which measures everything by quantity, precisely here is the great miracle. Today, we are experiencing tremendous miracles before our eyes. America is considered by many, to be a "close friend of Israel". However, once again, it has turned out that it is a false idol and a broken reed. Israel again, has been left alone against the hypocrisy of the world, the wickedness of the world and a longstanding deep hatred for the Jewish people. Indeed, in normal eyes, the situation does not look good. We are isolated. I feel however, that this is wonderful and great news although it has not penetrated deep enough yet, in the hearts of most people in Zion. However, the Bible already told us through the Prophets, how redemption will come and how there will be judgement for the nations of the world, when the people of Israel will return back to Zion. Then Hashem will differentiate the people from other nations, and we'll realize that we will have no rest, except from our Father in Heaven, and that the meaning of false culture imported from the West, is as a broken reed. The great miracle is that Israel is alive and eternal! the chosen people, who love G-d, and are loved by G-d, and the role that the Almighty has given to us in this world is : to be the light for the whole world ! and all the roads and world events, bring revelation within the kingdom of heaven again. The process can be painful and sometimes even, very painful. However, it is the natural part of the destruction of the old familiar world, heading towards a new world under the kingdom of heaven.

Last week and this week, I had the privilege to join a number of events of Amutat "L'Chaim". In Chatzor, we met with students from Kfar Hanasi, winners from Rosh Pina and Chatzor. The depth of the experience we had revealed pearls from the people who joined the event . What everyone agreed and felt, was the feeling of one heart, one flesh. These Chanukah lights, were really holy. The event was modest but with quality. We were all excited and elated. Thanks Timek, who does it with a modest heart and makes the project flow with radiance in the north.

Yesterday, great poetry with Shir who again conducted, and managed to turn a bright light on in Zafet. The cold and foggy weather didn't cause the people to stay home so we took the winners and the students from Baram by transportation, and were accepted by Shir and some of her mates from the army on the gates of thier basis.They created a very remarkable integration. Every word and every person who spoke, said things from the heart, with depth, and a wonderful sense of unity was felt there which can't be expressed by words because it was much more then that. It tasted as wonderful as divine hidden light, influenced by the right gathering with open hearts, such as it was yesterday. The winners also, felt this symbolic value. We will continue to bring light to any place, when requested, and I want to thank our friends here and abroad, and wish them a pleasant holiday, and to all of our Jewish brothers: Happy Festival of Lights! There is no one, nothing, but Him !!!

Or Eitan (stable and strong light)

Dear Friends !

Just a little extra and important to the spirit of Chanukah which we celebrate. Amazing to see, how the powered countries turn off their beck, to the supposedly their "big" friend - Israel. Here too, the public discourse raise surprise. Indeed, Chanukah symbolizes more than anything, the victory of the mind over matter. Mattatyahu cried out loud : "Who is with the Almighty - join me!", And incorporated a small group around him, a remarkable strength with faith. With eternal faith! Even here, in contrast to opportunities lie in contrast to the sight of the eyes, He will not abandon, not leave, and will blow His spirit to the core of believers, and arouse them the spirit of the holy fire. Victory over the Greeks was a brilliant. Also here, the ones who have a little faith are "scared" from Obama's pullout of Israel, in favor the hypocrisy of the world.. And precisely here, there is a great test of faith: Is the fear is from the illusion of quantity and size, or having trust the truth - which is the Or Eitan ( stable and strong light) by reminding to ourselves, that our spirit - the Messiah of our G-d, and with this power , we will experience the love of G-d and the eternal promise of Eternity of Israel - will not lie !!!


News from the North

Our first Chanukah celebration in Chazor:

With those who could come, we had a beautiful and spiritual Chanukah celebration with the winners from Chazor and students of Kfar Hanasie.

Daniel came and spoke from his heart, about the deep meaning of Chanukah, and opened our hearts also, and we started to share what Chanukah means for each us, personally. It was very inspiring and interesting to hear it . For the winners and the students - as well.

Eden, prepared a very nice questions about some interesting facts of this festival of Jewish victory over the Greek culture and about the miracles , and about the Jewish customs during this festival of light and oil.

Chanukah celebration in Mayan Baruch

I brought the winners from K. Shmona and Kibbutz Neot-Mordechai to the Mechina of Mayan Baruch where the students prepared a nice party for us. They have decorated the room with creative self made decorations and hosted us warmly and pleasantly.

We sang a lot of Chanukah songs. One of the students, played on the piano and this, added even more joy into our fellowship.

Rina, Nelie, Zina and Yuval

Mark singing

Nelie one of the winners, remembered the atmosphere at Chanukah, when she was a little girl. That was before the tragedy of the shoa. She remembered her mother baking sufganiot while her dad going for the service in the local Synagogue. Omer with some other students, has prepared Bingo game, and that was also relaxing and fun. At the end Mark sang some traditional Jewish and Russian songs with his beautiful voice.

Chanukah in Genosar:

The students have started their visits in each of the homes, and then gathered with the winners for the celebration.

Playing Bingo

After lighting the candles and singing Chanukah songs, they played the Chanukah bingo, which brought back to memories. It was for all of us a time of joy and happiness. The students brought light into the homes and hearts for these very precious and brave people.

A little note: many of our winners, have got cold and are sick at the moment. Please keep them in your prayers, Good news is, that the garden of life project took roots. The seeds came up and plants start growing nicely and that adds also love and happiness in their homes.

The garden of Roman

Chag Chanuka Sameach,


Karin : Eti told me that that she clinically had a very difficult period. In addition to the last nights, she was having troubles to sleep and have nightmares from the war. She told me more details about her family escape, from Romania and it was fascinating. Slowly she opens up and feel more comfortable and therefore our discussions, become much more interesting.



Shir : Chanukah party in Modiin was a great light for all the participants. Despite the cold weather outside, many were happy and we all left the party with the heat inside of our souls. At first, we ate the soup made with love by my dear mother , then , we were divided into groups of winners and volunteers, and each one had to tell about special Hanukkah memory, or a miracle that has happened to him in life.

Sharing memories in the group

The stories were exciting and the joy and excitement, were in all the groups. Then, we played bingo in a festival atmosphere. All words, which were answered were questions about Chanukah. And we learned a lot about the holiday. Finally, we took pictures with all the group and gave the winners their gifts from amazing shop owner: "Dana", from Ramat Gan. They contributed with love and heartfelt and id let me, choose according to the needs and each winner has received a gift for the cold winter.

A happy Modiinfamilie

We enjoyed very much with the excited winners, who couldn't stop thanking us and said that our association is also a miracle. Also' the visits and the meetings, give a lot of light to their lives After the party, I went to visit Mordechai, who couldn't come to join our party, because of being very sick for a long time. He was glad that I came and did not stop to thank and expressed his excitement, that I care about him snd visit him. We talked about optimism and how it affects health.

This weekend, I went with my friends to the preparatory in Ma'ayan Baruch , to interview students for next year. And of course, it is impossible, to move to the North without visiting the grandparents in our "L'Chaim" family . We went first to visit Sofia, in Kibbutz Dafna.


She was very happy to see us and said that she tells people about us (two years later). We brought her pictures from the end of the year, to hang it in her room in the nursing home. She looks great and feels as we met recently ...

Riri in the circle

We continued to Kiriat Shmona, and went to amazing Clara & Mordecai and Anatoly.

Eldar, Mordechai, Shiri, Shir and Klara

We were greeted with kisses and cries of joy for our arrival. Then we had the famous and beloved Blintz , made by Clara. We talked about the army, about Hanukkah and them. They said that Clara had an open heart surgery, and she still on the process of being recovered. We also talked about the other winners and were sorry to hear that many of them are sick. They did not stop to thank us for our visit , and we that we have not forgotten them. We told them, that we will never forget them and they are like family to us. Then I polished Clara's nails, and she was very happy.

We stopped on the way back in Zfat, to visit Meir and Lillian our favorite. They were very excited, we hosted heartily and said that they are can't wait for the Hanukkah party at the base Nmaosrim familiar with the association and me. I brought them a duvet which I got a donation after being told that they were cold during the winter freezing of Zfat. They were very happy and called me on Sunday to thank slept better with the new reverse.

Zfat, Meir and Lilian


Tzfat / Baram

Neta Eitamr: today we came to visit Meir and Lillian.

It was really nice and they were very happy. We talked about the religious situation in the country, Ben-Gurion, Levi Eshkol, health and aging, and health as the most important, and as well for their family. Meyer read to newspaper articles because he could not see after losing his sight almost completely, and one eye last stroke. Hee lee and Liam : Despite the freezing cold day in Zfat,we came to visit and the feeling was warm and loving (as always) Eli entertained us with love and joy, and the connection with him as always intensified and strengthened ... Eli told us the bad story of his sister, but added another pan, about any matter of the Holocaust, when he told us about a research deals with humor. It's me know that humor is something that strengthens and told us that all his life he used humor to get over things, and he believe that this is the right way. The meeting was full of laughter and smiles, fun, feeling enough to be comfortable even to share jokes ...

Ran and Uri : We visited Esther and it was really nice day. Bracha also, joined us and it was really fun. we changed her bedding and helped her with what she needed. We spoke about our experience from the show last week, we did not want to go .... Dori and Yoav visited Gully: We talked about how she feel in the club of seniors ,and on her family and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. We bought for her herbal cream, and we have prepared cookies.

Esther and Bracha

Everyone must know and understand that inside him, burns a candle, and his candle isn't as his friend. There isn't any one that doesn't have his own candle. Everyone must know and understand, that he must strive to reveal the candlelight in public, lightning a great torch and lit up the world. - Rabbi Kook.

Shir : Our meeting was with big light , having many little beautiful candles. Despite the terrible cold of Tzfat , and some last minute complications, having a lot of logistics, of military-base, complex . We were happy together : Winners, soldiers, volunteers from Baram, Daniel , Orit , the precious manager of the club for elders.


We have started with introducing round, which were by each of the participants, saying their name and one thing that pleases them. The answers were exciting because life is exciting , especially in such meeting between generation : young and adults on such rare togetherness with love . Then, we moved to circles and everyone told about the miracles that happened in their lives. We went on with wild bingo which was really fun and finished with lightning candles, accompanied by songs and giving and presents to everyone.

The winners came partly in a somber mood, and came out with a huge smile and a heart - full of love.
The soldiers from the base, including my friends, were also moved by connecting face to my stories and recognize the winners at last. The connection was immediate and very positive. The students also enjoyed and were very satisfied for this meeting and the special connection have been created between all participants. I wish to continue to celebrate .

Neta, Shir and Shalom

Shir, Eido and Orit

Timrat BS, Greetings!

We began a permanent volunteering project with Tamar Bar-Levav (Gad's wife).
?We came to her and asked for her permission to start a regular visits once a week, (two girls). We asked her how she was, and how she is doing after the death of Gad ( Bless his memory). She said it was hard but she decided that her mission is to tell about the Holocaust and about her experiences. She is happy to have the opportunity to tell her story . She told us who invited her to speak in places and that it is important to her. We asked her if she need more important things, after her house was burned down. She said that she need warm blankets. We assured her that "L'Chaim", will bring her what she need as it was promised. And so it was! We departed from her, and she thanked us very much and said that she is happy that we will come from now on, for a regular visits. A week later, we brought her quilts, and brass, and Tamar was very happy. We hope to warm her cold winter mainly with our hearts.

Tamar with her daughter and granddaughter

Ulpanat Tiferet , Migdal Haemek

These are our events and news for 2016. We will meet again after the NEW YEAR'S EVE,
till then, Happy Holidays, and best wishes.




The holiday of Sukkot - the time of our happiness

October 19, 2016, Tishri 18, 5777

Dear Friends!

On this week, the Jewish people, celebrate the festival of Sukkot - the time for joy and happiness. The joy is the depth of knowledge, that everything is temporary and the real mainstay is the spiritual connection to the Creator and His world. The sukkah, as a temporary structure, slip, drafty sky, allows us, if we listen and connected internally to the true essence of the stay in the sukkah, determined us to wonder for the true, of the divine presence in all levels of life and nature. Staying in the sukkah, takes us from rigid structures, old habits, from false collateral of comfort and gives us a new understanding of the time we get, wanting us an inner change, in soul, and a true understanding of the essence of life. Unfortunately, this holiday, also became a mass of festivals, and again, everything happens outside: lots of food, lots of noise, lots of festivals and very little inspiration, or having peace stems of healthy true joy.

The essence of the holiday allows me, also to connect you again, to this unique project of "L'Chaim", which have full of creativity and poetry. One of the tragedies that we have seen for generations, along the years, but especially during the holidays, is a phenomenon being despised on empowering the poor and consumed of what we call - in need! The Torah commands us the commandment "Love thy neighbor - as yourself " as a commandment for charity and grace. But, let's try to understand what is grace and what is the perpetuation of the dangers of "significant contribution" to increase disability and mental limits of the so-called needy. Large organizations are flooding the networks hideous media, brainwashing day and night, showing the face of poor people who depend completely in "kindness" of the "lords" of power with patronizing ego, and thereby preserve, perpetuate and increase the misery diseases. Full consent of endangered and oppressed ones, participate in podium cessation of the game of all subjection, idolatry, and the suppression of the human spirit and virtues. Millions of shoppers, contribute wholeheartedly, serving the ego, playing the game of this absurd theater, collaborating with increasing cessation, the complete destruction of the development and stepping forward into the land of the living and the spirit. It serves only the ego on one hand - and convenience in agreement the other hand, and play the game of the poor, so, this message goes from generation to generation, and increasing, and there is no vision in it !!! Amutat "L'Chaim" believe that providing spiritual grace, can lift the spiritually of our winners, by revive them and help them to discover a wonderful life, inherent in them. Also the young volunteers, who find and take out the wonderful strangth of life, out of them. This connection, is with joy of having the dance of life. The true that seeks to empower the strength of the person, which is stored at any age and in any situation, and elevate the spirit. We see a tremendous blessing in our work. A new and amazed reactions, in young and adults - both.

For example, the soldier, Shir's friend, who came with her, for the first time to visit a couple of survivors in Zfat, and the feeling of fullfilment like that, was for the first time in his life. In conclusion, our joy time, calls us for connection and unity. First, among all the members of "L'Chaim", both in Israel and abroad. To have healthy and alive connection, between the young and adult generation, by giving charity in high level, and the food of joy and happiness, is the food of the spirit in human. All of this, does not contradict the provision of material assistance, which we do for many years.

We need you dear donors, as well as a new ones, in order to continue this blessed "L'Chaim" project, with the message of light, humility and determination. We hope that more and more people, will understand our message.

Happy holiday!

A little extra, but important: In the story of exodus, we can clearly see the transition of the people, who lived for centuries, in the consciousness of misery and slavery. It needed a big effort, both: from G-d and from Moses his servent, to impart to the people the potential, to become a free man. But if you notice, it was not easy and not simple. People, insisted to remain poor and to go back to Egypt again and again. People were accustomed of being so dependent on their employer, absorbed this obnoxious habit, that despite the row which was offered by G-d , a wonderful freedom by Moses. We can see, how complicated and not simple, is to leave the habits of destruction, as well as today. Our message is an innovative line of learning the secret of freedom, the secret of finding the cache and strength of inherent in every human being. This task is required from us these days.

Thank you,


In honor of the birthday of our beloved Svetlana, all the volunteers, went to visit her and celebrate with her. She was so excited when we arrived with a cake and a gift. Svetlana started to cry. She thanked us and said that she loves us and was most thankful for our gesture. We sang birthday songs and Russian ones. She was very happy and we talked about the holidays, about their children and grandchildren, who right now, are traveling abroad. We had great time and we were happy to celebrate, to laugh with them and cheering Svetlana. We wish you many more years of health and happiness. Our love to you - Svetlana.
Naomi: last Thursday after a great effort from Shulamit and Chanan, Adi and I ( Neomi) went to visit them. Shulamit was very happy to meet us, kissing and hugging us twice! Chanan's medical conditions is not good at all, he got up and came into the living room especially to be with us. It was very touching to see them trying to make all efforts to feel better, and we hope, that the situation will improve better .

Birthday of Svetlana

The table with all the nice things to eat...

Gift for Svetlana

I (Talia) and Maayan, we met Riri , and it was so much fun !! We sat in Aroma (Coffee house), and spoke about her family, school, the state, the elections in the United States, and other subjects. We really enjoyed it, and very glad that we arranged the meeting . At the end, Riri thanked us saying: " You've made my day...", and I really felt, that she made my day, even my month or the whole new year, being much more meaningful and joyful. In short, it was great !! And I can't wait to meet her again.

Ariel ,Nitzan and Nadav, met Mickey, Rozitza's son. We have started to talk about the military, and how it's better to live here than abroad. We learned a little more about their family, and talked a bit about politics. We really had a great time, and now, we knew each other much better and it was very nice. Shir: We came to Rozith, after meeting her for the first time, in the opening session. She made us to feel at home. She said that the at the time of the Shoah, she had to take care of her little brother. When she immigrated to Israel with her family, on the same boat,was her husband immigrating too, (but she did not know it). She told us that a few years ago, a dozen Holocaust winners had done "Bat Mitzvah and Bar Mitzvah". She was one of them. She showed us the certificate she received . During the meeting, we told her about ourselves and saw her husband briefly, when he came back from the park with his therapist.

Ariel, Nitzan, Nadav and Rozitza


Shir : Today we went, me and my good friend from the army, Eido. We have started, with charming Meir and Lillian. I built with them amazing chemistry on the phone already , but unfortunately, they could not come to the opening session but are certainly, part of family of "L'Chaim" in Zfat. They emerged from Tunis, and lived there in the same city, and got to know each other through mutual friends, and this was really "Meant to be" the right match... Lillian's parents, saw Meir playing outside, and were enthusiastic, and slowly, he became their groom. They gave birth to six children and have already 13 grandchildren, scattered all over the country. They told us about Meir's military past. They talked about the human predicament and illuminates it, and how it was saved at the end, thankfully. They spoke about the difficulties they had with their old apartment. Beyond that, they were excited to meet us and were happy and thanked us a lot for the gifts. We said goodbye with hugs and kisses and with great expectations for the next meeting. Then, we went to sweet Larissa, who returned recently back, after a long period of visiting her eldest son in Colorado(U.S.A). She told us many stories from her trip, and she said that she feels here very lonely, with all the problems. We encouraged her, and told her how important it is, to look for the good things in life. We cooked together and ate together. We have seen pictures and videos of her granddaughter and great-granddaughter in Kiryat Shmona and Colorado. The visit was very good with warmth, as we are a family. As soon as we went out, Eido told me that it just felt at home.

Jerusalem visits

Nitzan, Ronnie and Keren, were in the preparation program, and saw the publication on the Facebook and asked if there are winners who need to be visited in Jerusalem.

Nitzan: We got Etie's address, and it was really nice. Our conversation flowed, and we laughed and had a great time! We had a lot of repeated things from the last time that she did't remember. It was fun! We were happy to see her again, and her excitement and happiness for our visit. Keren: Today, I met for the first time Etie. A cynical woman, sharp and opinionated. I was afraid a little bit, before the meeting that I wouldn't know what to say. I arrived and received a very warm welcome. I saw a house, decorated and filled with pictures of her family. She have a son, two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Her husband has died five years ago and since then, she live alone. During the meeting with me, she told me the story of her family briefly. She has born in Romania, she had two brothers and a sister, mom and dad, and they were all, murdered. From her neighborhood 12,000 people , were killed, and only 100 have been survived. She is one of them and this, she said proudly. Like any grandmother, she asked me if I have a boy friend, and what about wedding?... I explained her, that I am only 17 ... It was fun. She offered me cookies, and we sat talking and laughing a lot, about everything. We already agreed, to meet again.

Etie, Nitzan and Ronnie

Keren and Etie

Pardes Channa

We had this time, very precious visitors from Holland : Henny & Jan, who wanted to experience our visits by joining us. At first, we went to the place where we planted plants at TOO BISHVAT , and we saw the new sign in the garden which say: " here the plants where planted by survivors and the students, who join the project of " Amutat L'Chaim". and after seeing it , we were splitting up: Zvia with part of the students, took them to meet Yonna, Ishayahu and Mordechai, and you can see the pictures how it was for our guests. Also they joined the students with me at Aliza's house. and here is there impression: "We enjoyed to meet you and the others and were very touched by your love for the needed". We had a nice bag of vegetables and fruits, and it were excepted with thanks by them. Chayia with Morris were cooperative this time, and we could speak with them a bit.

Henneke, Yona, Zvia and the students

Aliza, Dutch visitors and students


Klara, also waited for us and she was very excited for what we brought to them. She is interested and ask the students about themselves, and gave the warmth of a real house.


Rachel Boaron, was happy to meet us, and wished us all the best.
Zippora, was willing to speak with us and thanked for our gift for the coming holiday. Gizela is so happy to have our visit, and very grateful for our attention. She explained how much she feel lonely, and we brake this feelings. We all, ended our visits at Aliza.

Aliza, Henneke, Jan and Rivka



Genosar visits

The students from Maitzar came to Genosar very excited. Two by two, they have started to visit the winners by themselves, for the first time. I welcomed them and very soon, they felt very comfortable with the winners.. Here follow their first impressions.

Eilan and Adi visiting Zachi: At first, it was hard to find subjects to talk about. but on the end it was very nice to get to know her and her helper - Hari.

Zachi with the students

Ohed and Ofri visiting Israel: Hi, we had very interesting visit with Israel. He told us about himself , and we already wait to meet him again. Gal and Nevo visiting Batia: We came to Batia and the T.V. was on , and it have effect the subjects of our discussion. It was very nice to be with her.

Israel, Ohed and Ofri

Jan and Henny, Neve Michael

In Rosh Pina Me, Jan and Henny from Holland (good friends of L'Chaim-to-life), we have visited Israel . He received us with an open heart and told us touching and unheard stories from his youth in the camps and how he had to find his way to Eretz Jisrael after the shoa, leaving completely alone, without any family. Israel got seven children and is surrounded with many grandchildren and grand - grand children.

Jan, Henneke and Israel (Rosh Pina)

Goodbye stories, about two special winners:

1. In October last year (5776) Nicolai Platok from Kiryat Shmona has passed away and left his wife Zina, all alone. Along at least 3 years, Nicolai was in elderly house nearby and didn't remember anything. Zina kept going every day, to visit him and bring him food that he could eat, because he refused to eat the food in the elderly house. They have one son in Ukraine and two grandchildren living in Haifa. Zina have nobody to relay on, besides our group of shoa winners in Kiryat Shmona headed by Klara. She doesn't speak Hebrew and that, isolates her even more. "L'Chaim" will keep helping Zina, as much as we can, like we did, all along the years.

2. Talja from Katzrin moved recently to an elderly house/hospital, in Ma'alot. Talja is the most positive person, even in her physical struggle for her health, which I ever met. Talja is also extremely talented. Her creativity and love for flowers, was seen everywhere in her house. Her house is a museum. For years, the students loved to visit her, until the time came, and it's not possible anymore. I visited Talja by my-self on time's that it was good for her. Now, she was moved far from Katzrin, it will be hard to visit Talja. Her daughter told me, that she is stable and the place she is now, can give her a better assistance than what she had at home. We wish Talja love and care.

Talja, Katzrin


Yom Kippur - the entry to the promised land

October 10, 2016, Tishrei 8, 5777

Dear Friends!

Tomorrow, the Jewish people, will gather to the holiest day of the whole year - Yom Hakipurim. I would like to give you a little biblical tour of proportions, to understand the better the depth of Yom Kippur and the journey of the Israeli nation in particular.

Let's start from understanding of the whole journey of men, throughout the ages, and basically forever , when returning and reunion with God, knowing of G- d. Get a sense, from the light presence in our lives, as it was at the creation of the world, in the garden of Eden, after the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the garden. The concealment of their minds, getting familiar with the unmediated presence of the Creator. From here, has started long journey, to repair the primal crime - Tikkun Olam, in the kingdom of G-d, by coming back to reality of light and His kingdom, of a long journey, throughout the whole world, which have it's ups and downs. It is not an easy journey, with the absence of God's light, which has required a person, with his intelligence and faith, to restore the loss.

But, in the absence of light and the hidden face, the men has built for himself , human idols during many thousands of years. Again and again, the Almighty, emerges intervention, with His full great majesty, and pushes us to return to the way of truth. These days, the end of days, there is a stunning and charming task , which demand and require, great courage, and strengthening faith, approaching the Holy threshold by the removal of idols, any idol ! from the man's eternalness . Removing idols means - all those, who are known and have been trusted, as their support, have been revealed, most clearly, as broken reed. Again, the emphasis, is to remove armrests human psyche interior. The lie of idols, have revealed on "his full glory "! Again and again, the man is desperate and try to adopt another one, instead of the previous ones. So, tired and discouraged, man gradually has realized, that he can't couch without one truth: the Creator of the laws , the director of the world, motivating and creating the natural world, is sovereign of the world! But, adopting this attitude, isn't easy at all, especially, because of the fact that for thousands of years, we did false sacrifices, and praized to a false gods ourselves. But, when those false gods, were taken away from us what has left? Here, requires, a great inner courage, by memorizing and understanding the depth, that, there isn't any one but him!!!
Only, when we understand it's depth, and we accept this recognition within us, another step is required from us, before entering to the Promised Land (the redemption). We need to go back some time in the desert , to the wasteland, because this period, is the in between of the times! Between two worlds: the old world, which worship idols and slavery, and the new world in which we recognize the greatness of G-d, and the enormous potential that the Creator has personified in us: to be human, connected to the spark of the divine G-d! But, in order, to enter the promised land, we have to build the right tool, by being cleaned and pure of idolatry and falsehood. G- d, help us to be clean. He throws on us hunger and thirst, as it has said in the book the prophet Amos: dryness and aridity of the old world and but, with great compassion. Through that process, we have to know, that that it is accelerating more and more to promote us, in order to know, what is required from us. G- d instructs us, what is happening to us in the micro or macro. So, in fact, solutions run out by the human and his mind, and we are forced to build true faith with one solution, which can lead us to the promised land, the land of truth, a new heaven and a new earth, and it means: Isra (straight ) el ( God) .

To conclude this section reads as follows: All of what happens to a person these days is, to strengthen the faith and favor it. The emphasis is on everything that happens to a man, even if it is in a difficult situation with losses. There again repeated: This is better! Strengthen our faith in ourselves, our independence and our strength, as sons and daughters of God. This is a refreshing line, and we must strengthen our faith in our lives. This is, why on Yom Kippur it is a refreshing line for all of us. Let's say we're sorry, first, for ourselves, and here is a new message, a new song and great melody, strengthen the knowledge that we are loved and wanted, even if we have sinned and failed. Indeed, this is the purpose of the human being! To pass through attempts, and learn from them. Let's face our innersoles, and connect ourselves, to ourselves, as the sons of G-d , and nothing less! With this statement, we don't have any pretensions or arrogance. There is clear recognition, of the terrible mistake and distorted guilt, and self-flagellation, which, unfortunately, were organized by the established religions, who sought to empower their leaders as "gurus", who stole the hearts of the people, and have strengthened themselves at the expense of misery and littleness. It is a tragedy, which we, must put an end to it. Here, appears the disease of the world: guilt, low spirit, and removing the man's responsibility, for his life.

I keep repeating to you, to the brave ones between you. Of course, it is always good to ask for forgiveness, if we hit any soul, It's not contradicting , and you should do it along the whole year! Here, I'm talking about a different kind of forgiveness: from ourselves! We hit our people, we have judged them for the wrong attitude, with self-cancellation, which have walked on us threatening, and marked ourselves as victims forever, being humiliated to the ground! No more !!! part of the healing process, will be to raise our heads, to be open, to empower our faith in our Creator and in ourselves. And this, will be a great excuse, and infirmary, to sing and dance with the pride of the world, Amen! Amen! Amen! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah !!!

Summary and expansion on Yom Kippur (supplement): Dear friends! as it has said in the article of Yom Kippur, I would like to refine and clarify some important points: First, when I say it's time to learn to forgive ourselves, it is deeper than a shallow forgiveness. It means, to learn to have a complete acceptance of who we are as we are, because this is the way how we have been created. The key word is to accept! It is a deep inner change by cleaning inside ourselves, the feelings of "pathological" relationship with ourselves "thanks" to the inadequate education. The Word to accept, allows us to appreciate the very people we are, as a unique creation, that came to the world to find the dance and play, the songs of our lives. This is a battle of life and the journey of discovery and expression. Of course, the reception, compels us to a constant improvement and studies, but not from a place of guilt, not from a place of resentment, but from a place of absolute belief that creation is monitored, and has been made perfectly and precisely, and will build each person's journey. Now, it is the great foundation to establish on the person, noticing carefully: each person we have met with the journey of our lives, and the emphasis is on every encounter, tells us a story about who we are. Each session, has served us, as a mirror that drives us many mental movements that can teach us, what leads us alive. Is it fear? anger? grudge? Through these meetings, we can understand and learn, where we can clean, sanitize, and heal. The gods [who rule the action on this world] still cause us to response automatically to these inner painfull places in our hearts. Purification of idolatry means, that there is no one but G-d!

What we endured, all comes to purify us from all the bitterness and to understand the game of life, it's troubles of getting our turn,for the big light. All the bitterness and the hardships of life on it's challenges, will turn to be delight and profound guidance stipulation that's for his favor! everything!

This is faith !!!

We wish you a very successful new year.