R. Erez Levi is the head of the program of the students who come from abroad in Keshet, and also the Rabbi of Avnai Eitan – Moshav in Ramat Hagolan.
July 4, 2014, Tammuz 6, 5774

Our hope is not yet lost.

Hukkat: Numbers, Chapter 19:1-5 "God spoke to Moses and Aaron, telling them that the following is declared to be the Torah's decree as commanded by God:
“Speak to the Israelites and have them bring you a completely red cow, which has no blemish, and which has never had a yoke on it. Give it to Eleazar the Cohen, and he shall have it brought outside the camp. It shall then be slaughtered in his presence. Eleazar the Cohen shall take the blood with his finger and sprinkle it toward the Communion Tent seven times. The cow shall then be burned in [Eleazar's] presence. Its skin, flesh, blood and entrails must be burned".

This portion is about the ‘hukat’, the decree of the red heifer. This portion begins with the verse: ‘this is the decree of the Torah’. The portion ‘hukat’, opened at the fortieth year of the Hebrew people in the desert. From then on, it was a new generation: the Settlers of Israel. It begins with the verse “the Torah's decree as commanded by God.”

It's seem that Rashi ( Rabi Shlomo Bar Yitzchk 1040 – 1105 , considered as one of the best commentators of the Kabbala and the Talmud) , pointed out the problematic issue and after explaining the details of the red cow (heifer) he added an unusual addition in the name of Rabbi Moshe, (preacher of Biblical scholar and author of the Midrash from the 11th century) who is commentating on all laws of the red heifer as an adjustment and atonement for the sin of the golden calf. And, maybe it does have to say that this Statute/ Law, that even this sin, as serious as it is, it is possible to repair.

The statute/Law, breakdowns and distorts is the most complicated way things that need corrections. But do not lose the hope ! After reading about the copper snake, which is considered as the symbol of the sin . The snake represents sin and perversion, but when bitten, the person looks up and says : My help comes from no where , but from G-d, who made heaven and earth ", he is immediately healed. Moreover, the red heifer saves from the worst impurity, impurity of the dead.
Even encountering death can be repaired by it. This is the reason for its name: The statue of law! These days, when we bow our heads for the loss of young lives which were killed by terrorists as human animals, we are reminded of all the time of the enemy of Israel whom we will read about at Parashat hashavua, about Balak and Bilam.

Our hope is not yet lost! From the Red Cow and hopefully with answers we will win over all enemies.

Rabbi Erez Levi


Seeds of Redemption

26 juni 2014, Sivan 28, 5774

Dear friends!

This article is a bit long but important and intended for people with inspiration willing to deepen.

As we have promisedwe are creating a corner as part of the current news which we will call:
From Zion – Torah will Go Forth!

We will try to deepen our understanding of, as lovers of G-d, His will.

As part of these articles, I will introduce you to wonderful and unique people, good bearers, members of the real line of redemption.

One of my close friends who inspires me, is David Ben Yossef. He is 82 years old, serving G-d in the deepest sense of the word. Here are some words about this dear friend: David was raised, as an Ultra-Orthodox Jew here in Israel. His mother died while giving birth to him, and after a while his sister died. As a boy, he already understood that his journey of life wouldn't be simple. He went through deep changes in his life which brought him to realize and understand the essence of the work of G-d. He understood that the choking kind of education was to imitate, while losing original identity. He felt that instead of what was said in the Torah: "train the boy in his way", the education was to tame the children and delete their identity. As a results of this rotten education, David started as a boy to protect his real identity but couldn't solve this problem.

Later on, he got sick with cancer and the Doctors explained him that without an operation and radiation, he would die. However, David understood that the reason for his sickness was a result of being far from his identity, repudiation of his true nature, and the wonderful creative powers given to him by the Creator. David refused to have chemotherapy treatment and secluded himself, fasted from food and from people for a long period, and against all odds, he beat the cancer!

Even then, the challenges of his life didn't end. Briefly: His first wife ran away with his best friend, and he wanted only to die. He jumped into the sea but was pulled out and so failed in his attempt to shipwreck.

His second wife died from cancer and her last words were: I hate you…

His third wife, was not mentally healthy and only when his son Shai came in with a stretcher, was he taken away from this connection.

His fourth dear wife, Geula (her name), is a survivor from Greece, living in Moshav Keshet in the Golan Heights. I was the lucky one to be
the messenger of G-d, to connect these two unique souls for already more than two years. It's a wonderful marriage, based on what David
is teaching and studying: True Freedom Versus Enslavement!

David wrote a wonderful book:

" Is There a Chance for Love?"

Through some of the parts of his book, we can learn that all G-d wants is to marry his sons and daughters without any separation. At the end of this essay, I will bring some quotations from the inspiring words of my friend, who is telling about his way for true freedom by working with the Creator. It can help us to understand better the new song: the song of freedom, to be weaned from sorrow, from slavery, from sickness and more.

Here is part 0f David's book based on the deep connection he has with Rabbi Avraham Yezchak Hacohen Kook, the unique Rabbi, all of us gained.

David writes about a dream he had: "..And from the fog, coming clear, a picture from my dream: R. Kook stands in front, lightened, calm and relaxed, hinting at my portfolio and says: ‘You forgot the date today, the 3rd of Elul (month), you have forgotten my memorial day’. And he lifted his right hand closing his fingers in front of his face. His kind and big eyes looked at me with a plea and says: ‘There is no justification for suffering. Each of us can reach Harmony’. Again he pointed to my portfolio, and said: ‘Everything is written here. The good people, who are thirsty for the Creator, who are thirsty for the word of G-d, must understand that before they start to study the inner holy Torah and its secrets, they have to start to rise early and stay ahead by learning the sacred body (and its secrets). All people can understand the way of the delicate and wonderful mechanism that produces the anger, hatred, sadness, and to get away from its poison’."

I close the book and ask myself:

There are many people awakening; people seeking the spring to quench their thirst! Many people are looking to be close to the Creator!

Many people are looking to hear the word of G-d!

Many people devoting their time to study Torah!

They went to study Torah, Halacha, Kabbala, legends, but why did they neglect the studies of their own body?

I think that the answer is hidden in Judaism's distorted access to the body! A disparaging attitude is a crime in the eyes of G-d's commandments: "Be extremely careful of yourselves!" “When the body is neglected, you can't jump from your bed with a song on your lips…"

This is the amazing part which speaks about the theory of life, David’s words inspired by R. Kook.

And now a short letter I have got from David this week after a long talk with him:

“Beloved Daniel!

Thank you for your huge contribution: your thoughtfulness! Look how fruitful your attention can be, fulfilling and enriching.
Is there a power balancing fertilization? Your ear is not just fertilizing! It causes fertilization to release purifying blocks and gives a chance and allows the words to flow freely to you! Thank you Daniel". And he continues to write: “In my head, thoughts that in one minute fly backwards 80 years, and forward to this moment. I think that in 1933, the year when my soul came to this world, in Jerusalem – the 'light' of the world - Hitler came to power in Germany and lit the flames of hatred which spread and threatened to burn everything and leave the world in darkness.

Since then, 80 years passed, and Jews who were the first target of this fire of hatred, have started to come back to the Land of his life where he desires to turn the flames of hatred into a light of love. I'm eager to learn and ask whether there is a chance for love? And be able to answer – There is!

After David's words, now some of my words:

We reach the point that according to the researchers, every second person will get cancer. This is because of the human degeneration, denying the music of soul and body. Because of cults and twisted education. Choked and twisted educators, hiding for thousands of years, the amazing secret of the secrets: That is, that each of us is a onetime creation! Magical poetry and music, unique to it. His journey of life and its corrections- are only his. Each person, and the roots of his soul.

The road to salvation requires more than ever understanding the springs of life, the joy of life and the unions that gave us our Creator.

It demands studies of our body temple. Getting acquainted again to the sound of soul, mind, and body, after so many years and spoiling, denying education.

It isn't an easy journey and we need a lot of patience. But, we should not be lazy, we must learn the secret of the attention to the great creation – called: human being!

Exile symbolizes man distancing himself and his Creator!

Redemption symbolizes the return of man to his G-d!

Then, we will overcome to live within a lush natural beauty, resulting from the breath of life which will bring light to each cell in our body and soul.

From Zion – Torah will go Forth

We will continue on the next essay. You are invited to write, to review, order, etc. We can help and learn together.

Daniel Braun